January 12, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 41sec

A gloomy, Parisian basement club. Men stand around casually checking each other out. Tyron, a tall, aggressive-looking guy with ice-blue eyes walks into the space and arrogantly wanders between the cruising men, getting a sense of what each of them has to offer.

He particularly likes Emilien, a dark-haired, brooding scally lad skulking in a dark corner. The two men start to kiss and, within seconds, are all over each other, groping furiously, tearing their clothes off.

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A cute boy in sports gear watches them with interest. Ptit likes what he sees and it makes him hard. He walks across to the now-naked couple…

Emilien and Tyron like Ptit and the three men are soon embroiled in a frenzied threesome, instantly becoming a sexy, sleazy, sweaty mass of sucking, slurping, and rimming.

Tyron squats on all fours and sucks Ptit’s huge, upward-curving meat while Emilien bangs him from behind, ramming his thick dick into Tyron’s whore-hole with super-human speed and power.

It’s Ptit’s turn to top and he lies on the bench so that Tyron can sit down on him and ride his giant, throbbing cock.

Moments later, Emilien sidles round to the business end and pushes his hard rod inside Tyron’s dick-filled, gaping ass, doubling the amount of meat in there. It’s a hugely intense moment; the two tops wrap their legs around each so they can coordinate their thrusts like a powerful, two-headed, sexy-crazed monster.

They pull out and jerk themselves off in a tangled heap of flesh. Ptit is the first to shoot, followed by Emilien who sprays an impressive load all over Tyron’s thigh and then, finally, Tyron, who’s so horny, his cum flies all the way up to his face!