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October 19, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 0sec

Robbie Dash has had his eye on twink boy Zae for quite some time. The blonde-dyed boy was always a tease, what with his cute ass always being on display no matter what he ends up wearing. So, Robbie came up with a plan to show off some of his own assets.

He offered ...

He offered to play basketball with the boy early in the morning so they could have the court to themselves. He knew full-well that his gym shorts would leave little to the imagination. He could admire Zae’s bubble butt while allowing his monster cock to show itself off—unsurprisingly, it worked like a charm.

The two had gotten all hot and sweaty on the court, and with Zae wiggling that ass of his right towards Robbie’s groin in an attempt to keep the ball away, the boy felt just how excited his long-loc’d friend was. An innocent grin splashed across his face, but it hid not so innocent thoughts.

When Robbie suggested they run to the shower, the copper-skinned twink fled with him. They stripped in the locker room, where their sweat was replaced by the warm running water. Robbie grabbed Zae’s blonde hair and launched his tongue into the boy’s mouth as the showers got steamier. With Robbie’s big black cock coming to full attention, the boy didn’t get nervous like most do.

The tattooed stud laughed and said, “I knew you liked ‘em big.”

Zae felt himself drawn to the huge cock before him, dropping down to his knees in the locker room where he got his first taste. He felt Robbie’s hand come up to grab his top-knot to encourage his deep throating. The twink boy opened his throat, forcing Robbie’s eyes to roll back in his skull.

But Robbie didn’t just want for Zae’s mouth, he came here for his hole. He pulled them both up and bent the boy over the lockers, Robbie’s giant cock acting like a third leg as it probed the boy’s ass. The young twink who had been moaning throughout the blowjob now grew silent; stunned by the size of the cock invading his guts.

“So, you ready for this?” Robbie asked. He knew how big he was.

The tattooed man sat back and watched the ass that had teased him bounced itself up and down on his hard black cock. The boy rolled his hips and groaned as he lost himself in the sensation.

But soon, Robbie could no longer help himself. He jerked his cock over top of the boy’s freshly fucked ass and shot his load to mark his territory.

“You made my hole all juicy,” Zae gasped. “Not… that it wasn’t wet for you already…”

Robbie pulled out and smiled, "Well, you know we gotta get back in the shower, now...”

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