February 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 58sec

Water falls from the soap-lathered skin of Savage Moore. It splashes against his tattoo covered chest, and trails down his sleek, smooth front. He hears the door open, then close, and he doesn't say anything. He just turns his head, expectantly, and finds his lips parted by the tongue of the new, nude man that just joined him in the shower.

That's Unasti. The one who took Savage to the club last night. They've been hooking up for a few weeks now, and it was obvious to both men afterwards that they'd found something special between them. They don’t need words when they’re together.Unasti, taller, thicker, and in control, has free reign over his small companion—a reign that he's happy to take anytime he wants.

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The first thing he likes to take is Savage Moore's mouth. And Savage Moore is more than happy to be taken; he's down on his knees, swirling his tongue slowly around Unasti's cockhead, the sounds of his top lost in the echoes of the stall and under the running water.

The next thing Unasti likes to take is Savage Moore's rear. He bends his black twink over against the wall, gives his soap-soaked booty a few slaps , and pushes his dick home, splitting Savage open. Savage Moore gives a pitiful whimper—Unasti's length is never something he can totally prepare for—and arches with overwhelmed passion as his tall, muscled partner begins a slow rhythm into him.

This slow, passionate fuck spills over from the shower and into the bedroom. Other tricks may come and go in and out of Unasti's house, and may even briefly join in on worshiping his impressive cock size. But the only thing that matters to him is plowing and spanking his very special bottom in a fuck that lasts so long that the water from their shower has long evaporated into the air, lost among their hot breath and warm bodies. When Unasti finishes and smears his orgasm across the cheeks of his bottom, that's not even enough—he props his boy up on the bed and smothers Savage Moore with kisses until he, too, finishes...

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