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Straight Man Fucks Me Episode 2

May 06, 2009 | Full Length Video : 22min 39sec

Hooking up online just for the sake of animalistic sex is something that always turned me on. One minute you are horny with your dick rock hard in one hand and the mouse on the other, and few minutes away a stranger shows up at your door, no "Hi" no nothing, pulls his cock out and you go right at it. Primal sex. Now if you add the factor of the boy being almost "straight" and wanting to "use" you for his own selfish needs you then have my full attention. There you have it, naked and blindfolded, a man waiting to please. An anonymous fuck flick stolen with a hidden cam. Stag Homme as usual twisted and psychologically intriguing.

When we published our original "Straight Man Fucks Me" video we had no idea that such a simple concept would be reaching over half million views alone in its first 2 weeks. The video has been then stolen from our site and published on several XXX free tube style sites and filled our inbox with hundreds of emails from willing people wanting to participate in a sequel of this video. This is where the idea for this series is born.

Remember that if you wish to participate in this kind of anonymous videos, which means not having to show your face (including the 30 Loads of Facials mini-series), fill out our model application form. Ideally we are looking for hung guys living in Western Europe but because we travel all around the globe who knows we'll end up in your city one day or another.

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