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January 18, 2024 | Full Length Video : 20min 20sec

Lexian’s one of those boys who likes to get up to mischief when his folks are away for the weekend.

This evening he’s headed straight to his favorite sex club. To be honest, the place is always a bit hit and miss, but tonight Lexian’s in luck. Literally the first person he sees is Stef, a roasting hot, sporty guy who Lexian’s been wanting to hook up with for weeks. Fortunately, Stef is horny as hell tonight, and up for a bit of fresh flesh. He pulls Lexian into a dusty corner and makes out with him aggressively on a leather-clad, spunk-stained couch.

Lexian immediately becomes ...[Read more]

Lexian immediately becomes obsessed with Stef’s swollen dick, which is tenting in his sweats like a wild animal ready to pounce. It’s soon inside the boy’s mouth, being sucked and then deep-throated so vigorously that his eyes start to water. Lexian begins to strip. His long, smooth, bony body appeals greatly to Stef, whose ten-inch weapon is now standing proudly to attention and looking very dangerous.

A bit of spit is all it takes to lube up the kinky twink. Stef lines himself up behind the boy and sinks his dizzyingly-large dick deep into Lexian’s tight throbbing ass. The horny bottom grits his teeth, desperately trying to regulate his breathing.

Stef bangs hard. Real hard. Lexian yells and grunts; a mixture of shock and deep carnal pleasure. It would be hard to imagine him ever taking a dick this size again, unless, of course, these two start to hook up regularly. It would be surprising if they didn’t.

Lexian rolls off Stef and lies back on the couch, jerking himself before spurting an impressive load onto his stomach. Stef immediately appears above him, jerking his junk into the twink’s pretty face and firing a load which hits the boy’s eye and rolls down his cheek.

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