August 31, 2023 | Full Length Video : 17min 26sec

Tim is having terrible problems with his bathroom sink. It keeps clogging and it’s driving him crazy! Fortunately, his friend Stef is known to be a pretty decent handyman and, as luck would have it, he’s on his way over to the apartment to chill out, anyways.

As soon as Stef enters, he heads into the bathroom. He can see that Tim is desperate to fix the problem, and he knows it’ll be easy enough… but he’s here to relax, not to unblock sinks. That said, he knows from a previous encounter that Tim’s a pretty awesome lay, so if Tim wants a plumber, there’s an easy enough way for him to pay for one!

Tim loves this ...[Read more]

Tim loves this idea. He’s been into Stef since way before they hooked up, and has had fantasies about a second shot ever since. He’s on his knees in seconds, hungrily sucking and slurping on Stef’s giant pole, which is soon rock-hard and leaking.

Stef is aggressive and dominant—he grabs the back of Tim’s head and violently thrusts deep into his throat before kicking this new sub to the ground and spitting in his hole. Stef’s fucking is as merciless as it is ferocious.

This plumber certainly knows how to lay a good pipe! He athletically squats over Tim and slams deep into the slutty boy’s hole with a force which makes it perfectly clear that he doesn’t give a shit about Tim’s comfort or dignity. Stef shoves his sneaker in Tim’s face and spits huge loads of creamy saliva repeatedly onto Tim’s back.

Once they’ve had their fun fucking each other’s brains out, the two men stand and furiously jerk themselves off over the troublesome sink, spurting huge jets of cum into the water which refuses to drain away. Rest assured, Stef will be forcing Tim to clean that up before he fixes the problem.

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