November 16, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 26sec

Hot dudes Sunny and Damian find themselves sharing a cabin in a sauna on the outskirts of Paris. They’re boned up and feeling pretty frisky, and as both are naked but for a pair of flimsy towels, there's a little to hide how hot they are for each other.

The raunch fest gets going pretty quickly. The kisses are passionate and super sloppy and within seconds, the heavily-tattooed Damian has his hungry mouth and tight throat wrapped firmly around Sunny’s enormous, throbbing member.

They're clearly into ...[Read more]

They're clearly into each other, and know what they want. There’s plenty of spitting, plenty of kink and a truckload of aggressive sleaze. These guys don’t hold back. Sunny gobs messily on Damian’s ass and thrusts two fingers deep into the gaping hole before Sunny adds his dirty tongue, stretching and lubricating the bottom hunk’s ass in preparation for a rough and messy ride.

Sunny bangs with brutal relentlessness. He has an unbelievable amount of stamina and he doesn’t want his new sub to forget this encounter. Damian’s ass will be stinging for weeks—he gasps and grunts, entirely overwhelmed by the power of Sunny’s never-ending thrusting.

Sunny cums like a cannon, firing an obscene amount of semen all over Damian’s smooth, well-defined stomach. The perfect climax to a perfect encounter.

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