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May 17, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 7sec

It’s amazing to discover what goes on in the attic of semi-derelict Bordeaux farmhouses!

Kevin Sportwear ...

Kevin Sportwear is kneeling in front of a handsome Catholic priest, who’s wearing his religious robes and holding an ornate crucifix. The priest’s name is Sunny. He has smooth, olive skin, blue eyes and dark hair. Kevin’s a pretty hot-looking guy as well—chiseled and handsome. Heaven only knows what kind of quasi-religious, sado-erotic ceremony is taking place between these two studs.

Kevin lifts the skirts of the priest’s robes and discovers a semi-erect penis underneath, which he instantly gets to work on. Within seconds, Sunny’s thick dick is rock-hard and ready for any sin Kevin’s willing to commit. After some time, the two men switch positions; this priest is plainly more than experienced when it comes to kneeling in front of deities. It’s a good thing, because Kevin’s massive, uncut dick is very much a gift from God.

They’re soon in a frenzy of lustful sucking, taking it in turns to hungrily pleasure one other in oral worship. Kevin squats down and presents his peachy ass to the pervy priest, before turning onto his back and allowing Sunny to penetrate him, appropriately, in missionary position.

Sunny’s thrusts are slow and deep to begin with but, as passion takes over, he speeds up and is soon rutting Kevin with profound power and force. His religious robes are thrown back behind his neck. It turns out that there’s a beautifully-sculpted body underneath all of that fabric of God.

Sunny pulls out and lies on his back, jerking his big fat dick until it anoints Kevin’s cheek with the seed of the Lord!

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