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Special Sales Carnal+
January 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 36min 12sec

Deep within the catacombs of the sleazy Paris underworld there lives a vast population of rabidly horny, shameless sexual deviants.

It is ...

It is here in this carnal underground where we find lascivious, kinky sex dominator Tahar. He’s tongue-deep within the fuck-entrance of his slave-hunk bottom, Dog Ryan. In the abandoned-basement-turned-sex-chamber, Dog Ryan was happy to fill the role of obedient fuck-slave to his favorite Master.

The toy is subject to frequent abuse, the kind that he loves, needs. Dog Ryan can’t get his cock-hungry mouth around Tahar’s dick fast enough for his Master’s liking. As a result, Tahar has no choice but to spit a large wad of saliva onto Dog Ryan’s panting tongue. Repeatedly.

Tahar loves this game of punishment—almost as much as his dog does—but what he loves even more is for Dog Ryan to obey. His pet is eager to follow Tahar’s commands, no matter how depraved they may be. Tahar insists that Dog Ryan drool over his dirty sneakers and lick them clean—and the well-trained Dog responds immediately by falling to the floor and burying his face against his shoes, tongue first.

For his next trick, Master Tahar commands his pet to suck on his dom’s bull-sized testicles. Dog Ryan does this with relish bordering on hypnosis. Tahar occasionally grinds his musky sneakers into the dog’s face—reinforcement is important, after all, in dog training.

After a long, slobbering blow job, Tahar decides that his pet deserves some special attention. He’s well aware that Dog loves it when the Master buries his face into the pup’s butt crack. Tahar devastates his bottom’s hole with a thorough rimming. Once the Master is satisfied that the hole is moist enough, he greases his big cock up and stuffs it inside. Dog Ryan howls with pleasure.

Master Tahar rides his horny pup in the only position that doggies do it in—and Dog Ryan grunts in animal lust with every inch that Tahar sunk into him. Soon Tahar finds a bouncy, pounding rhythm that drives his pet into a wild, yelping frenzy.

All too soon, both Master and slave need to cum. As they lay next to one another, frantically stroking their aching cocks, Tahar erupts, spurting his thick, warm load all over his own abs. This sight excites Dog Ryan to the core, and he, too, blasts everywhere.

No longer Dog and Master, the two panting, spent studs collapse together in a sticky mess of post-climax satisfaction. Just another beautiful night in Paris.

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