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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Theo Sartera and Greg Century

August 11, 2022 | Full Length Video : 20min 7sec

Theo responds to a friend’s request to help with his erection and thinks he’s going over to build a patio set. He learns quickly once he arrives that “erection” can have more than one meaning! Greg Century actually meant both: he needs help with the gazebo and his aching cock!

The twinks make out outdoors on the patio. Greg makes no bones about which “erection” he wants to focus on first! Theo takes Greg hard dick and pulls it into his mouth. Between tonguing the tip and guiding the shaft down his throat, Theo shows all the signs of a master!

He bobs ...More

He bobs on it long and hard. Greg even reaches up and grabs the unfinished gazebo to steady himself because this blowjob is so good! Theo drops his drawers showing off his uncut cock, which he strokes while swallowing Greg’s.

Greg’s dick is wet and ready. He bends Theo over the picnic table and shoves his hard cock deep into Theo’s pale ass. The bottom twink lets out a combo gasp and moan; this feels great!

Greg is getting into it as well, pumping hard and fast. He’s a pro at this, pounding and pounding until Theo finally has to have him stop. He needed a break from this ass assault! Both boys are ready to bust: Greg shoots all over Theo’s chest and Theo spurts out the tip of his uncut cock!

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