September 01, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 8sec

Will enters a sleazy, seedy, basement sex club in Paris. It’s a quiet afternoon and he’s wearing a suit. He’s ducked out of work and slipped into the club in the hope of satisfying his restless dick, which is preventing him from writing up an overdue report!

The club is empty apart from the sexy, semi-naked barman, Killian. Will sits at the bar, unable to stop himself from playing with his dick. Killian, turned on and curious, peers over the bar to see what Will’s packing. Liking what’s there, he suggests that the handsome suited man follow him to one of the lock ups.

They’re instantly all ...[Read more]

They’re instantly all over each other. Killian impatiently pulls Will’s beautiful 9-inch rod out of his pants and gets to work on it with his hungry mouth. Will is instantly in ecstasy. He grabs the back of Killian’s head and thrust his dick deep into his throat. This barman sure knows how to satisfy!

Will removes his jacket and undoes his shirt, revealing a beautiful six pack, heavily-tattooed pecs, and a hairy, closely-clippered chest. Killian can’t quite believe his luck!

The barman gets on all fours on the floor, thrusting his muscular ass into the air and inviting Will to enter with force…

Will bangs Killian from behind, long-dicking the barman with deep, intense, powerful strokes, slapping his ass cheeks and thighs like a jockey controlling a wayward race horse. The barman groans in a state of deep pleasure.

Will suddenly pulls out and barely has the time to remove his condom before impressively thick beads of semen begin to burst from his dick, coating a spent Killian’s porcelain-white ass in a transparent blanket of creamy cum.

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