November 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 49sec

Romeo Courtois doesn’t usually take work home with him, but a major project’s deadline has nearly arrived and there’s still so much to do! The diligent Parisian picks up the phone and calls his work comrade, Will Helm, asking if he would be willing to come over to his place and help him finish. Will replies that he just so happens to be leaving the office and will arrive soon!

Romeo gives the young professional a quick tour which ends in Romeo’s bedroom. The conversation quickly gets flirtatious as both men have had an interest in one another, but never did anything about it. Now they find themselves uniquely alone and increasingly more interested in one another than the looming work deadline!

Will takes the ...[Read more]

Will takes the reins; he finds it very difficult to concentrate on work when his cock is rock hard. He asks if Romeo would be interested in helping him out with that? Of course the handsome Frenchman certainly would!

It takes less than two seconds for Romeo to get on his knees and start peeling off Will’s pants and boxers. The sensation of the smoking-hot co-worker’s eager and hungry mouth on Will’s swelling cock feels incredible! Will quickly throws his shirt off and smiles as Romeo sucks and slurps with a rabid vigor.

Romeo takes his mouth off of Will’s powerful erection just long enough to tear off his shirt and unbutton his jeans. Will takes the opportunity to play with Romeo’s nipples, getting them erect as well! Romeo loves this kind of erotic touch and goes back to town on Will’s hardon.

Now both hunks are completely naked and revved up! They take the action to the bed and start kissing and touching one another everywhere. Will motions for Romeo to get face down and ass up- which he does immediately, eager for what might be coming next! With Romeo’s ass and tight hole exposed, Will gives it a quick, erotic slap and spits on the sexy rosebud.

Romeo’s hungry bottom is tight! Getting Will’s long horsecock into such a narrow fuck tunnel is no small feat, but with patience and determination, Will finally does just that! He sighs with lust-filled satisfaction as he finds himself as deep inside Romeo’s awesome bottom as he can take!

The ensuing doggy-style ride couldn’t be any hotter. Will quickly gets into a fine fucking rhythm and really lets his co-worker crush have it! Romeo grips onto the bed sheets and thoroughly enjoys the feeling of having his ass completely filled by his gorgeous, ultra-horny friend. As Romeo moans and grunts with each passionate thrust, he truly wishes that this amazing fuck could last all night–-work be damned!

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