Fulfillment Through Submission

MasonicBoys captures the stories and experiences of young men, inductees as they are brought into a secret organization known as the Order. Through character-driven narratives, each boy’s story follows their journey from initiation to ordination as they are inducted into the elusive sex cult. The handsome, older men of the priesthood expect nothing less than complete submission and devotion, pushing the boundaries of what’s appropriate between priest and patron. Updated weekly, msb sets a standard in quality daddy son bareback sex, releasing chapter after chapter of young men being ritually insemination, bringing them closer and closer to the highest order of priesthood!

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Master St. Michael and Apprentice Tyler

When I entered The Order I thought I knew everything there was to know about, well, everything. I was confident to the point of... [read more]


Grandmaster Figata and Apprentice Monroe

It had not been that long since Apprentice Monroe's disciplinary rituals at the hands of Grandmaster Wolf. The Apprentice had... [read more]


Grandmaster Figata and Apprentice Tyler

"Do you like men?" I know you shouldn't lie, and I know it's not terribly smart to lie to an imposing figure like Master Figata.... [read more]


Grandmaster Wolf and Apprentice Foster

Shortly before midnight, a chamber servant presented me with an anointing cloak - which is really nothing more than a long, thin... [read more]


Master Kamp and Apprentice Tyler

I’ll confess, I was terrified. I remember looking at myself in the mirror before I entered the temple and trying to straighten... [read more]


Grandmaster Wolf and Apprentice Monroe

Discipline is both a noun and a verb. It is the act of training someone physically or mentally, either someone else or yourself.... [read more]

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