Cole Blue

Cole is a little bigger than most of his peers. He's tall, muscular, and blessed with a big, meaty cock! Not only is he a solid athlete, but he's also completely gorgeous. Both boys and girls have been trying to sleep with him his whole life, and he has no complaints about it. The more he spends time with the boys at his camp, the more he feels himself hungry for something more. As a counselor, he's used to being in charge and getting his cock sucked by anyone he wants. But being around young, twinky guys all day, he can't help watching them; imagining their legs thrusting their bulging meat into his ass, filling him up, and dominating his hole. He jerks off thinking about it all the time, ready for a little guy to take control and fuck him good!

Agent Robles knows talent when he sees it. And Cole is an absolute catch! The handsome, fit young man is eager as hell to show... [read more]

Cole couldn’t wait to spend more time with Trainer Dolf. The handsome man was not only stunningly good looking and fit, but... [read more]

Coach Knox, Principal Figata and Cole Blue

Cole is an exceptional athlete. Not only is he gifted with speed, strength, and agility, he’s also clear headed and focused... [read more]

The fact that Mr. Figata was married didn’t curb the rumors. The principal’s wandering eyes were proof enough for those who... [read more]

Coach Thirio only takes the most select athletes. He has personal training clients from all over the world who come to him to... [read more]

Coach Charger and Cole Blue

Not every coach has the natural familiarity and friendliness of Coach Charger. He can push young men to their limits, helping... [read more]

I’ve been a sports physio for the last 18 years. I’ll confess; I haven’t come across a great number of promising sportsmen... [read more]

Over the years, Coach Savage found himself developing a genuine liking for some of his young athletes. He would take the time... [read more]

I guess I’m pretty confident when it comes to making moves on men. I used to be painfully shy, but then I realized that if you... [read more]

It’s been a few weeks since my last training session with Coach Marko. But when he called me up to work on a new exercise, I... [read more]


Coach Navarro and Cole Blue

Cole Blue has gained a reputation as one of our team’s star players. He’s also one of our most experienced club members; he’s... [read more]

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