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Agent Robles and Cole Blue
May 15, 2020 | Full Length Video : 19min 7sec

Agent Robles knows talent when he sees it. And Cole is an absolute catch! The handsome, fit young man is eager as hell to show what he’s got and wants to impress the older man. Cole has shown he can be a team player, but Robles wants to see all he can offer.

Cole comes prepared with his resume and stats, but it is clear that Robles prefers a more hands-on evaluation. Robles runs a hand up Cole’s back, feeling the length and strength of his spine. The boy’s neck stands erect, arching as if in offering. Robles leans in and kisses him, smelling his youthful, masculine musk as he comes close...

Cole can’t help ...[Read more]

Cole can’t help but close his eyes and moan, completely enamored with the handsome recruiter.

His cock swells hard in his shorts, pleased that he can not only use his best assets, but also knowing that he can have a little fun!

Robles removes Cole’s clothes, getting a look at his beautiful body, thick cock, and round ass. Taking off his clothes as well, Robles gives Cole the chance to take the older man’s cock into his mouth. The young jock enthusiastically swallows it down, devouring the recruiter’s cock as Roble’s plays with the boy’s hole.
He knows he needs to fuck him. But just as much as he wants to feel Cole’s ass wrap around his manhood, he knows the value of versatility. Even as Cole straddles his body and gears up to ride his cock, he can see Cole’s massive member pointing toward him, dripping pre-cum and throbbing. The agent wants to feel the young man breed him as well! Only then will he fully know exactly what Cole can offer...

Series: Cole Blue
Cole Blue series cover
Cole is a little bigger than most of his peers. He's tall, muscular, and blessed with a big, meaty cock! Not only is he a solid athlete, but he's also completely gorgeous. [Read More]
1. New Recruit 20mn
Agent Robles knows talent when he sees it. And Cole is an absolute catch! The handsome, fit young man is eager as hell to show what he’s got and wants to impress the older man. Cole has shown he can be a team player, but Robles wants to see all he can offer. Cole comes prepared with his resume and stats, but it is clear that Robles prefers a more hands-on evaluation. Robles runs a hand up Cole’s back, feeling the length and strength of his spine. The boy’s neck stands erect, arching as if in offering. Robles leans in and kisses him, smelling his youthful, masculine musk as he comes close... Cole can’t help but close his eyes and moan, completely enamored with the handsome recruiter. His cock swells hard in his shorts, pleased that he can not only use his best assets, but also knowing that he can have a little fun! Robles removes Cole’s clothes, getting a look at his beautiful body, thick cock, and round ass. Taking off his clothes as well, Robles gives Cole the chance to take the older man’s cock into his mouth. The young jock enthusiastically swallows it down, devouring the recruiter’s cock as Roble’s plays with the boy’s hole.
He knows he needs to fuck him. But just as much as he wants to feel Cole’s ass wrap around his manhood, he knows the value of versatility. Even as Cole straddles his body and gears up to ride his cock, he can see Cole’s massive member pointing toward him, dripping pre-cum and throbbing. The agent wants to feel the young man breed him as well! Only then will he fully know exactly what Cole can offer...
2. Top Training 18mn
Cole couldn’t wait to spend more time with Trainer Dolf. The handsome man was not only stunningly good looking and fit, but he had an amazing ass that Cole was eager to breed! As soon as he walked into the room, his cock was rock hard inside his pants. And seeing Dolf’s warm smile greeting made him all the more aroused... Dolf was quick to take off Cole’s clothes. The beautiful young man had a perfectly toned body to match his sweet, boyish face. His long, lean muscles were truly a gift for the eyes. But nothing was more perfect to him than his thick, meaty shaft. Taking it into his mouth, Dolf worshiped the young man’s cock, watching how his heavy nuts perfectly held it up and in place, presented for him to devour. Cole watched as the tattooed daddy swallowed his big cock down. His throat was so tight and velvety smooth that he could have lost his nut right there, but Dolf knew how to pace himself. He could tell Cole thoroughly enjoyed his oral worship, but he was far from done enjoying what he had to offer! Stripping off their underwear, Cole watched as Dolf’s smooth, muscular ass revealed itself. The older man lost no time in bending over, giving the young athlete a chance to bury his face between his cheeks. And with every lap of Cole’s tongue, Dolf can’t help but crack a proud smile, encouraged by the boy’s sexual prowess and fervor. Each flick of his tongue was like a special tease, making him hornier and hungrier to be filled with Cole’s cock... Cole mounted up behind his trainer; watching as his long, tall body stretched out to brace his own while he pressed his cock up against the older man’s hole. It didn’t take more than a gentle push for Cole to completely sheath his member in Dolf’s hole, feeling the intense heat of Dolf’s body envelop him. He thrusted back and forth, plunging deeper with each rhythmic penetration. Dolf let out a soft moan that turned into a grunt as the hilt of Cole’s cock hit his tailbone. He was so deep in that the older daddy couldn’t resist crying out for more. All the while, Dolf’s cock leaked pre-cum like a runny faucet. A detail that only drove Cole even more wild!
The young man wanted to feel his load burst out inside him and to see it drip from his smooth, hungry hole. And as Dolf clenched down around him, he could feel that moment coming close!
3. Principal's Office 16mn
The fact that Mr. Figata was married didn’t curb the rumors. The principal’s wandering eyes were proof enough for those who knew to look. The older man had a thing for hot, fit younger guys, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t deny it. Cole and few others knew this. At first it was kind of funny, thinking of the horny administrator beating off in his office to the idea of sucking young, jock cock. But it soon became something of a permission slip for Cole to do as he pleased. Cole wasn’t a rebel by nature, but as he got older, he began to question the rules that governed his day-to-day life. Some things made sense and he went along without issue. But things that seemed like a waste of time or a useless practice, he just didn’t see the point in following through. Of course, this landed him in hot water with some of his teachers, but he knew that the worst that could happen would be him being sent to see none other than Principal Horndog himself. Sure enough, the day came when he found himself in the older man’s office, face to face with the rumored admirer of boys just like Cole. Mr. Figata was strict and tough when he had to be, but he tried to use his bright smile and winning personality to level with his students. He found connecting with them was more effective than simply yelling. So this was his approach with Cole. Cole sat in a chair facing the principal, listening to him recount the list of grievances his teachers had with him. Cole was a little surprised that he’d managed to tick off so many people, but in his mind, his only crime was seeing the fault in the system. Why did he need to do dumb things that wouldn’t help him or anyone else in any way? Mr. Figata could see he was having a hard time getting through to Cole, but he also knew from seeing him around that he was a good kid deep down. Perhaps a little big for his britches now that he was no longer a juvenile. It was natural for him to test out his independence and want to go against the grain, but the older man hoped he would play along while he was still a student. Cole, however, had a different idea in mind. The older man was saying all the right, professional things, but Cole could tell he was enjoying his company. Not only did he lean in further than he had to, but the older man kept flashing him flirty smiles. Cole knew what he wanted, and he thought he could seize the opportunity to get what he wanted in return. Cole suggested that Mr. Figata suck his dick. But not in an empty, meaningless come back. The offer was clear and real. Mr. Figata couldn’t believe what he heard, so he asked Cole to repeat himself. “I know what you want,” Cole continued. “All day you see young guys like me come in here. I know you check us out, thinking of our big, young, sweaty cocks, desperate for a taste. I’ve got a big one that I know you’d love… and I’m happy to give it to you. All I want in return is a little slack.” Mr. Figata’s face was beet red. He didn’t know whether to throw Cole out of his office or take the offer. The boy was right. Mr. Figata loved nothing more than the idea of sucking a young guy’s cock. He spent so much time wrangling and hollering and trying to discipline the cocky troublemakers that come to see him. When deep down all he wanted is to submit to them and get the fuck of his life. “No, that’s not appropriate. I’m your principal and you can’t talk to me like that.” “Oh no?” Cole grabbed his bulge, holding onto a thick, concealed piece of cock that Mr. Figata’s gaze quickly fell to. “I won’t tell anyone… besides, I think you’d enjoy sucking it.” Mr. Figata’s mouth watered. He felt dizzy and confused, but the hunger deep inside him rose to the surface. It seemed crazy, but he couldn’t pass up the chance. “Oh… I’m going to do more than that…” Cole smiled and stood up, giving Mr. Figata a glimpse of the raging hard-on in his shorts. Mr. Figata stood up and met Cole, standing inches from him. He could smell his youthful musk, flooding his senses with powerful pheromones that only made him even hungrier. Dropping to his knees, Mr. Figata’s heart raced. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he didn’t want to stop. Cole pulled his cock out of his shorts, practically smacking Mr. Figata’s face as it swung out of the waistband. Cole’s nine inch tool was bigger than Mr. Figata imagined… absolutely perfect. Fearing his nerves would get the better of him, Mr. Figata dove in head first, swallowing Cole’s member before he could come to his senses and walk away. Just as the young man’s cock pressed between his lips and passed his tongue, he let out a deep exhale of relief. Fuck, this was what he needed. Cole’s cock tasted so good. It was a little sweaty from his full day of classes, but that only made it even sweeter. Mr. Figata moved it further to the back of his throat, feeling the satisfying fullness of taking Cole completely, feeling the light brushing of the young man’s soft pubes against his nose. Cole couldn’t believe how well Mr. Figata could suck. He played with his nipples as he looked down at the salt and pepper daddy, dressed well in his work appropriate polo and pants, worshipping him and submitting to his manhood. It was a bit wild and weird, but he felt a rush of power surge through him that he didn’t expect. At that moment, he was in charge. He was the boss. He was the dominant one in the room. And Principal Figata would do absolutely anything for more of his cock. It didn’t take long before the older man was desperate to take off his pants and offer his hole to the young man. Cole felt himself getting closer to climax from the principal’s amazing sucking skills. Frantically, Mr. Figata pulled off his shoes and socks, sliding off his trousers and revealing his naked body to his student. Mr. Figata hid an incredibly muscular body, well tanned and toned and smooth as fine leather. Cole was impressed with how well the older man took care of himself. He thought at first that his wife must love it, but then it clicked. This wasn’t for her. This was for him. For the young guys he no doubt tried to get whenever he could. The idea made him even harder. This older, professional, respected man was deep down a cock-hungry pig for young, virile tops. And he prepared himself for the chance to be fucked. Mr. Figata bent his ass over his desk, breathlessly awaiting the moment Cole would take what was his. Cole spit on the tip of his meat, looking at the smooth, muscular globes of his principal’s ass. So many times he’d seen it and thought it was just well shaped. Now, looking at it bare and poised to be fucked, it was one of the hottest things Cole had ever seen. He pressed the tip of his cock to the warm, tight sphincter of the older man. Mr. Figata let out a groan of pleasure as his face made a big, satisfied smile. It was happening. It was really happening. Cole pushed in a little more, feeling the older man’s hole open to take him. It was hot and tight, wrapping around him like a wet velvet blanket. It felt so good that Cole could hardly pace his penetration. Moving in further and deeper, Cole felt Mr. Figata’s insides massaging him, tightening and releasing as he invaded him inch by inch. Mr. Figata’s finger clenched to the edge of the desk, gripping it for support as he took the massive cock, feeling the slight sting of the size but not wanting it to stop for a moment. Once Cole was in most of the way, he pulled back, beginning to slowly thrust his unwrapped cock inside his principal’s body. He wanted to take it easy, giving Mr. Figata a chance to get used to him, but the older man seemed keen on taking even more. Feeling a bit charged up from his power, Cole picked up the pace, looking to see the older man wince or whimper. Instead, he reached back and held onto Cole’s body, inviting him to fuck him even harder and deeper. Cole decided if he could take it, he wasn’t going to hold back. He let loose and began to breed his principal with full force. It was so hot to be able to just think about his own pleasure and not worry about the delicacy of his bottom. Mr. Figata was clearly no virgin when it came to taking young meat and was grateful for every deep pounding he received. Cole wondered how many other students had found themselves similarly positioned in the office, a thought that made his balls tighten and his cock thicken up with desire. He gripped onto the older man’s hips, feeling himself get close to cumming, but held off. He wanted to really enjoy the older man’s body, and wasn’t going to blow his load too soon...
4. Blowing Off Steam 19mn
Cole is an exceptional athlete. Not only is he gifted with speed, strength, and agility, he’s also clear headed and focused whenever a challenge comes his way. He’s a model for the other players and well on his way to varsity! Unfortunately, spots are limited and it takes more than just a winning attitude to make it on the team. During one of his guided exercises with Coach Knox, he was surprised to see the handsome Principal Figata come into the weight room. It was very rare to have anyone from the administration show up during practices or workouts, especially given their busy schedules and demanding jobs. But the principal had taken a special interest in the athletic department… Cole in particular. Coach Knox let Cole know that the older man was eyeing for a spot on the varsity team, but he’d have to be able to vouch for him from first-hand experience. Cole and Figata weren’t at all strangers to one another, having shared sweaty group action with a few of the other players. But Figata only got a sample of what Cole was capable of before. Now, he wanted to see just what a star athlete he could be. Coach Knox was clear that Cole was representing both the coach and the team, not just himself. Cole understood he was supposed to make a good impression, hiding excitement, nerves, and growing erection. As much as he wanted to make varsity, he couldn’t forget how good the principal’s mouth felt on his cock. And after the workout coach had put him through, he was ready to blow off some steam. Principal Figata remarked how good Cole looked, feeling his chest and muscles as he complimented the coach’s regimine. It was true that Knox pushed all his athletes hard, but few took to it like Cole. The principal asked Cole to take off his shirt and pants, hoping to see more of how he’d been developing. Cole was a little embarrassed, feeling like a piece of meat being inspected by his two clothed superiors. They’d both seen him in various states of nakedness, but never together, and never in their team’s gym! As Cole removed his sweatpants, his throbbing cock became too hard to hide. It practically broke through his tight, blue jockstrap. Figata was very pleased, feeling his smooth, athletic frame, urging him to remove the last bits of cover he had. Cole complied, stripping completely naked and standing for the two men to grope him. He didn’t really know how to respond, but he began to love the attention they gave him. The two muscle daddies dropped to their knees, impressed with Cole’s appearance and the massive cock that pushed forward from his hips. As if he wasn’t there to hear it, they talked about him, saying how well suited he was for the varsity team… and how much they loved his big meat. They took turns taking it in their mouths, slobbering over his manhood as they began to strip down as well. Cole loved seeing the handsome daddies worship him, eager to taste his shaft, swapping it back and forth and moaning on the end of his cock. It had been so long since he’d gotten a good blowjob, and these men were experts in the field! Cole felt himself gaining more power with each gag of their throats. They were hungry for him. Horny to be dirty little slut bottoms for their star athlete. And all Cole had to do was give them all he had! Before Cole knew it, all three of them were naked, smelling of fresh sweat and sex as they felated his member to the point of leaking. Cole could have cum right there in his principal’s mouth, filling his throat with his strong, jock load. Instead, he bent the man over the weight bench, letting him find his grip on the soft platform as he teased his hole with the tip of his dick. Principal Figata let out a desperate moan. He loved the smooth feeling of Cole’s cock head sliding over his hole. It puckered open and closed, as if trying to suck the big shaft inside. Cole looked down at the hungry hole, horny as hell to see himself disappear inside his smooth, muscular cheeks. As he spit down on the tip of his dick, Coach Knox stood beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Make your coach proud,” he whispered, giving Cole the okay to begin breeding the older man. With that, Cole slid his veiny, throbbing cock deep into the velvety guts of his principal. Figata let out a moan from deep in his belly, clenching his teeth and gripping the bench as he felt every one of Cole’s nine inches pushed inside. Figata was no first-timer. He could take it. And, boy, did he love it. “That’s it, son. Show me you’re varsity!” Cole pounded away, massaging his cock with Figata’s sphincter, trying to meet his demands for a harder and more intense fuck. He loved it. He loved being the object of desire for these two horny daddies. And what’s more, he found them beyond sexy! As Coach Knox cheered him on, all Cole could think was that he had to hold out his load long enough to give the handsome man a ride on his cock as well!
5. Getting Pumped 25mn
Coach Thirio only takes the most select athletes. He has personal training clients from all over the world who come to him to improve their performance, getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Because of that, he expects his athletes to really push themselves. His time is valuable, and the one thing he can’t stand for is wasted potential. Cole has proven himself more than capable in many areas to his coaching team. They see that potential in him. And as such, Cole has begun a rigorous exercise program with the no-nonsense coach, eager to see how his body develops. Coach Thirio is beautifully sculpted. He’d seem carved from marble were it not for his sexy caramel tan. Every contour and curve of his body is expertly crafted and shaped to deliver not only peak performance but perfect aesthetics. And that’s all before he puts on the whistle and puts his athletes to work. Cole had never spent so much time in the gym. Leg day, arm day, core, squats, HIT, again and again. He started to become accustomed to being short of breath around the handsome man. Despite Thirio saying they can break whenever he needs it, Cole was determined to impress his teacher. That effort didn’t go unnoticed. Coach Thirio was keenly aware of just how hard Cole was pushing himself. He would never let him go too hard too fast, but he was very pleased with his attitude and stamina. Of course, he loved seeing a handsome young guy working out his body. Especially when they had the package that Cole was trying his best to conceal. It doesn’t matter how tight a jockstrap can be, Coach Thirio has seen hundreds of men’s crotches in the gym and is very aware when they’re as well endowed as Cole. Occasionally, he even got a whiff of the boy’s muskiness when he was in close proximity to his sweaty nuts, making the older man’s mouth water. It took a few weeks before they’d developed a close rapport, but Thirio was quickly seeing Cole as his favorite athlete. He put him through the usual routine of curls and squats, impressed with the rate of progress. But it was at the end of the session that Coach Thirio couldn’t hide his desire anymore. As he was stretching out Cole, feeling his muscles and extending his body, he got another whiff of that aromatic man scent. It was enough to make the nipples on his smooth pecs stand up and his sphincter clench. He swallowed down saliva as he continued to give encouraging feedback, all the while thinking of the young man’s massive cock beneath his shorts. It was clear Cole was becoming more comfortable with him, smiling at his jocks and taking to his touch without reservation. He welcomed the intimacy. And Coach Thirio could tell it was his moment. Seeing a rise in Cole’s shorts, he gave it a friendly pat. Cole didn’t shy away, seemingly comfortable with his junk being handled by the older muscle daddy. Coach Thirio slowly pulled down the band of his shorts, seeing the white mesh cup of the jockstrap practically overflowing with Cole’s manhood. The coach took out the boy’s shaft, seeing it extend out even further than he’d imagined it would. It was long, thick, veiny, and pink, glistening in a light sheen of earned sweat. Coach Thirio immediately brought it to his mouth, tasting the delicious nectar of his body, savoring the feel and flavor of his member. Cole couldn’t believe that such a handsome, muscular man would be swallowing up his cock like that. He’d admired the coach's smooth, round ass for weeks in his tight lycra shorts, catching a glimpse of just how perfectly it was shaped. Cole moved the older man to the couch, pulling off his training shorts and getting a close up look at the tan, buttery globes. He tugged on the older man’s cock before dipping his tongue deep between the cheeks. They had a sweaty taste as well, enough to drive the young hung stud wild. With a little bit of spit on the sphincter, Cole lined his cock up with the coach’s hole, feeling it’s warmth radiate out, as if calling him to go in further. Coach Thirio arched his back, presenting his beautiful ass to the young top, eagerly anticipating the moment he would break through. His mouth watered, his breath heavy, and suddenly, he felt the smooth, blunt end of Cole’s cock...
6. Workout 18mn
Not every coach has the natural familiarity and friendliness of Coach Charger. He can push young men to their limits, helping them achieve their full potential, all while giving them a smile and a pat on the back that makes them feel like champions. He never shows disappointment or frustration. He’s in it for every young man he encounters. Cole is exactly the kind of athlete he loves to coach. Tall, naturally gifted, but doesn’t let that cheapen his exercises. Just like anyone else, Cole works hard for his body, and Coach Charger can see his efforts. The sweat equity of his time means more than any natural physique or genetics, and Cole doesn’t shy away from a hard workout. When the young man’s routine was done, Charger was quick to check in on his muscles, wanting to make sure they’re well stretched and worked. Things can tighten up over time and Coach Charger doesn’t want any of his athletes getting injured. Of course, this meant removing the boy’s shorts to massage his legs. Getting himself on all fours, Coach Charger began by massaging Cole’s thighs, just above the knee and working upward. The heat coming off of the young man’s body was impressive, indicative of a good pump. As he moved up closer, he could see Cole’s testicles practically hanging out of jockstrap, unable to be contained by the stretchy knit fabric. A heady fragrance came off of Cole’s crotch, filling the older man’s nostrils and lungs with the potent scent of the sweaty jock. Coach Charger knew it well. It was the scent of excellence. Of perseverance. Of championship. When a young man pushes himself just right, he leaves a pheromonal trail of his accomplishment, starting from his loins and cascading through the air. He was mere inches from the source, driving the silver daddy wild. He couldn’t help but run his hand over Cole’s balls, seeing them continue to fall from their pouch. Coach Charger complimented him on his impressive nuts, noting their size and weight. When Cole gave him a blushing smile, he took that as his opportunity to move in for a closer look. He cradled them in his fingers delicately, feeling their mass in his hands. Then, overcome by the fragrance, he leaned in to give them a kiss. Cole’s cock shot up in his jock as Coach Charger’s warm, smooth lips made contact with his balls. The breath that he released tickled the hairs, exciting him from his taint to the tip. Cole watched with wide eyes, dying to see what his coach would do next. And then, with a hungry, ravenous approach, the bearded man took his balls in his mouth and began to lap at them, sucking them into his mouth as if he were trying to drink up every drop of his sweat. Cole loved every second of it. He watched as the coach looked up at him, as if waiting for Cole to protest, pleased to see the young man’s mouth fall open with pleasure and his eyes beginning for more. Charger took the boy’s cock out of his jockstrap, stroking it in his hand before taking it all in his mouth. It was as musky and sweaty as his balls, but somehow all the more delicious. Beads of precum began to appear on the tip, immediately sucked down by the older man. Cole could have sat there all day getting his cock sucked by the handsome, furry, silver fox, but Coach Charger was keen on getting more than just a mouthful. Standing up and removing his clothes, the older man presented his beautiful, muscular body to his well-worked athlete. He knew he deserved a reward for his workout and he had the perfect thing to give his well-hung jock: his bare, hairy, tight hole…
7. Sports Massage 25mn
I’ve been a sports physio for the last 18 years. I’ll confess; I haven’t come across a great number of promising sportsmen in these parts. That said, this kid called Cole limped into my office last week and I could immediately tell that he had plenty to offer. He had a sporty build. He was lithe and tall, with powerful legs. But he also had that steely arrogance you only find in decent young players. I guess he reminded me a little of myself. I sat him on the massage table and immediately got to work. The pain seemed to be in his groin. It’s the sort of thing which is usually quite easy to fix, but always brings with it a fair amount of sensitivity and embarrassment. I find it’s best not to make a big deal about it. The sooner you get your hands in there, the less time they have to think about whether their closely-guarded masculinity is being compromised or not! So, I perched on the end of the table, pulled Cole’s leg up and started prodding about to get a sense of what was causing the problem. I instantly deduced it was nothing serious; just a touch of tightness in the muscle, no doubt caused by a failure to warm-down properly. A bit of deep tissue massage would soon have him sorted. Normally, I don’t even think twice about doing it, but, for some ungodly reason, I found myself looking at Cole and suddenly flushing bright red. Cole, of course, had a huge packet in his jock, which I basically couldn’t take my eyes off. I kept wondering how it might look if it got hard. Fuck, I even started to wonder how it might feel! And before I’d had a chance to activate any form of reason, I heard myself telling him I was gonna give him a general massage and that he’d need to strip naked. He didn’t need to do anything of the sort, but in the heat of the moment, it was all I could think about! And then he dropped his underpants… And there it was. A big fat, juicy erection, dripping with pre-cum. I instantly felt the blood rushing to my face. I was embarrassed, nervous, turned on, excited… He didn’t seem at all phased by it. I told him to lie on his front and covered his peachy little ass with a towel. Force of habit, really. I usually do it for modesty purposes but that ship had plainly already sailed! I started to massage his back, still attempting to dismiss any impure thoughts that were bouncing through my mind, and then climbed up onto the table to work his glutes, trying at all costs to remain professional, but feeling hornier the more I ran my hands over his tight, sexy body. He groaned a fair amount as well; deep sexy groans which made it pretty clear I was hitting all the right spots. Then he turned over, and there it was again; over 8-inches of solid meat, right in my face, glistening with precum. He had this big grin on his lips like the cat that got the cream, and the cheeky bastard even started tweaking his nipples, plainly to get some sort of a rise out of me. My professional voice kicked in. I told him it was natural to get hard, then started to work my hands into his groin like what was happening was an everyday occurrence! And then our eyes sort of met. It was like a bolt of electricity was passing between us. He gave me this sleazy little smile which basically made me want to cum, and I grinned back at him in a way which must have told him that I wanted him real bad, and he just mumbled “go ahead…” So I brought my hand up to his penis and started to touch it real gently. Savoring every moment. It should have felt so weird, but it just felt quite natural. And man, was he turned on! These great strands of sticky pre-cum were gushing from the tip of his meat and I could feel it growing in my hand. It felt incredible to be pleasuring another man like that. Then he just looked at me, real casual, and told me to suck it. I mean I wanted to. I just didn’t have a clue how it would feel or taste, and whether I’d do it right. In the end, I just sort of took a dive down there and got it in my mouth. My instinct was to get as much of it in as possible. I was pretty surprised by how natural it felt. I thought I’d instantly gag, or vomit, or do something humiliating, but it all seemed to go rather well. And that beautiful boy was gritting his teeth, licking his lips and making the kinds of noises which suggested I was doing okay! And then he told me he wanted to fuck me. And there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted that as well. So before I could say, “I don’t know about that, this is all new to me…” I was stripping my clothes off at top speed, unbelievably scared, but desperate to do as he’d ordered…
8. Time With Coach 26mn
Over the years, Coach Savage found himself developing a genuine liking for some of his young athletes. He would take the time to ask about their home life, interests outside of sports, and just get to know the young men’s personalities. As a coach and mentor, he found that the athletes tended to gravitate towards him in general, as most of them grew to trust him. Sometimes, one of the young men would request a private meeting with Coach Savage in his office. Mostly, the boy would try to sweet talk him into giving them more playing time on the court or, alternatively, ask for advice regarding things going on in their personal lives. The coach really enjoyed these one-on-ones and occasionally he would develop a bit of a crush, but they were typically short-lived and fleeting. And then one day, a stunning and otherwise gorgeous young athlete named Cole Blue joined. To Coach Savage’s surprise, he was immediately smitten. He loved the outgoing but unassuming way in which the young man carried himself. Cole was well-mannered and very respectful of not just him and the other coaches, but to the other athletes as well. Coach Savage’s feelings and attraction grew stronger as time went by. He’d find himself distracted in team meetings, his mind wandering thinking about something Cole had said to him or the way in which he moved on the playing field, the young athlete’s perfect form and fitness driving him secretly wild. It was becoming more and more difficult not to stare as Cole would enter a room. Somehow the boy seemed to magically get increasingly more appealing as time went by. One afternoon after practice, Cole stayed behind after the other athletes had gone to the showers in the rec facility. Uncharacteristically, he seemed a bit nervous and uncertain. Intrigued, Coach Savage approached the young man and inquired about his health and general well-being. Cole, usually not this modest and shy around others, blushed a healthy pink hue when he asked his coach if they could meet in private the next day. Apparently, Cole had been wanting to make this request for a long time, but hadn’t built up the courage to do so until now. Later that evening, while Coach Savage was taking a long, hot shower, he fantasized about Cole. Now, this certainly wasn’t the first time that he’d thought about the boy in a sexual way, but the knowledge that he was going to finally be alone with him really got his excitement and arousal level to maximum heights. As he leisurely, sensuously massaged his thick, meaty erection, he imagined how he hoped this long awaited one-on-one would go…. Meeting in his office, Coach Savage was plenty aware of how casually Cole checked him out as he walked into the room and sat right next to him. Unfazed by the boy’s subtly straight-forward approach, the simmering, tantalized coach laid his hand on Cole’s knee and gently stroked his silky smooth inner thigh. The coach unabashedly confessed to the young athlete how much he had been hoping for this private meeting. Cole seemed relieved by this information and smiled brightly as he had been thinking a lot about this moment as well. Coach Savage suddenly leaned in, placed his hands on Cole’s broad, athletic shoulders and kissed him. Just that awesome moment alone felt like a dream come true for the impassioned older gentleman. And when Cole slipped his tongue inside of Coach Savage’s mouth, it might have been the sexiest moment either one of them had experienced in quite some time. The natural erotic chemistry was for real and Coach Savage could feel it without a doubt. If there were any lingering inhibitions before, they were certainly gone now. The coach explored Cole’s exquisitely toned chest and abs, as the young athlete smiled and enjoyed the intimate attention. Coach Savage smiled as well, for his new-found jock loverboy’s cock was already at full mast and bulging in his shorts. Cole leaned back and let his coach and mentor’s hands go anywhere and everywhere they pleased. Coach Savage gave the boy’s erection a firm, but gentle squeeze. The young athlete responded with a big smile and a gasp of pleasure. The coach was well versed in administering erotic touch and play with several previous jock lovers, but this first time with Cole felt thrillingly unique and special. He desperately wanted to tear the boy’s clothes off and spend all day and night pleasuring him in every way the young jock commanded. It seemed to Coach Savage that Cole loved the way that he kissed and licked all over the boy’s chest and nipples. And when the lascivious older man massaged Cole’s balls through his underwear while kissing and licking him all over his body, the young jock’s breathing became more ragged and ornery. This excited Coach Savage like nothing had in a long time. The only question was who was going to be the one to remove Cole’s precum laced undies? As though they could read each other’s minds, both of them finally simultaneously moved to take Cole’s boxers off. Coach Savage was delighted to discover that the boy was wearing a skimpy white jock strap beneath his underwear! He couldn’t think of anything hotter in that moment as it appeared as though Cole’s throbbing erection was about to tear through the cloth, he was so turned on and horny. Coach Savage stroked, kissed and nibbled on the young jock’s steel hard erection as the boy moaned and gasped with excitement. Finally, unable to resist Cole’s delectable package any longer, Coach Savage yanked the young athlete’s jockstrap off completely and marveled at the boy’s enormous cock and melon-sized testes. And the precum continued to ooze steadily from the massive cockhead. Coach couldn’t help but enjoy the sweet flavor of the sticky treat, and took his time enjoying it, getting it all over his lips and tongue. Coach Savage was in absolute heaven and by all accounts, his favorite jock fantasy boy was as well. The older man almost couldn’t decide how exactly he wanted to take the young man’s first load– in his mouth or deep inside his ass? However, it wasn’t long before Cole made the decision for both of them. The young jock gently guided his sexy, horny coach back onto the couch, laid him down, and pushed his thick hairy legs back, exposing his juicy, hungry hole. Cole was just as ready as his coach was. Now was the perfect time to consummate their lust. The young jock clearly needed to fuck and Coach Savage most definitely needed to be fucked. As if on cue, Cole lined his erection up to his hungry entrance and slowly began the hot, sexy journey inside…!
9. High Intensity Training 24mn
I guess I’m pretty confident when it comes to making moves on men. I used to be painfully shy, but then I realized that if you feel sexy, you are sexy, regardless of who you are or what you look like. This particular revelation changed every aspect of my life and I’ve never looked back. I’ve had my eye on Coach Marko for some time now. He’s everything I find attractive in an older man; he’s tall, hairy, and bearded… and that stocky body! His ass is like a boulder! I was more than a little excited when I learned that he’s into dudes. Once I’d set my sights on Coach Marko, things went according to plan: I asked for his advice on improving my fitness levels, and told him I’d love to have a one-on-one training session with him. The next thing I knew, we were in his office, leaping about like a pair of insane kangaroos, sweating through hardcore, high-intensity workouts: all the while taking every opportunity to check each other out. I don’t really remember how it all kicked off. But suddenly, our blood-pumping workout pushed us together — we were kissing and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He had my dick out of my shorts in no time at all, and he seemed pretty impressed by what he found stuffed inside my jock. I guess the one thing I’ve always known is that my dick is considerably above average size. If a guy likes the way I look and kiss, then I know he’s gonna love my dick! I could tell that Coach was trying to figure out if he could take it. I gave his firm, muscular butt a little squeeze, just to make it clear that I understood the direction we were heading… and what I wanted. I love the crazy power-reversal which kicks in when I get to top one of my coaches. Suddenly, I’m calling the shots and putting him through his paces! It’s a pretty awesome feeling. Marko dropped to his knees and started to give me head. His lips were soft, he sucked like a pro — Coach has had some practice, for sure. It was all I could do to prevent myself from nutting there and then. I threw him onto the couch and pushed his legs up. His entrance opened before me, and I gave it the once-over with my tongue, alternating between his full balls and enticing hole. I squatted between his legs, lined myself up and pushed my rock-hard tool into him. I fucked him mercilessly. It became something of a game, I guess, to see how fast I could thrust into him before he started howling. But he took me like a man, gritting his teeth and daring me to pummel him with even more aggression. I was quite surprised (but secretly pleased) when he suddenly threw me onto the couch and pushed my legs back. It turns out that there’s a limit for how long a big, hulking guy like Coach Marko is prepared to take the bottom bunk. Within minutes, he was fucking me, pushing that massive, thick rod of his deep inside my ass. He thrusted it in and out of me like some kind of machine until I was cross-eyed and gasping for mercy. We flip-flopped like a pair of horny bucks. I banged him. He banged me. We took it in turns to prove who was the most virile in a visceral, carnal, lust-filled fight for supremacy. I don’t know what came over me. Competition consumed us—I completely lost control. I’m not sure I could have stopped if I’d wanted to. He closed his eyes in pure ecstasy, breathlessly murmuring words of encouragement while jerking himself into oblivion. I pulled out and wrapped my lips around his dick. He shuddered, then exploded into my mouth. I swallowed his thick, salty load—protein for our post workout…
10. Getting Pumped 28mn
It’s been a few weeks since my last training session with Coach Marko. But when he called me up to work on a new exercise, I knew I had to clear my schedule for him. I’ve spent many nights in bed jerking off to the memory of when we last fucked. It was after our gym session; I think that day, we were sweating more during our flip-fuck than we did during our workout. Coach Marko informed me that we would be doing a new kind of workout which focused on just one muscle of the body. As I approached our private workout space, I couldn’t help but wonder which muscle he’d be paying special attention to—and whether it was a metaphor or not. After all, last time I talked to the Coach, I mentioned that the boys and I got together in the locker room and ended up having a circle jerk. Naturally, we compared cock sizes. We even compared how low our balls hung, before busting our thick loads onto the floor of the locker room showers. Although a positive experience, it left me wondering if my cock was enough. Am I thick enough for our Coaches? Am I able to get hard enough to pump our Coaches into pleasure? That’s why when Coach Marko called me, I jumped at the opportunity for his guiding hand. Coach and I sat and I told him what’s been on my mind lately. He was understanding and quick to give positive feedback, telling me that my cock is perfect. I was hesitant to believe it—I had seen the other boys—but his tone was genuine enough that I was starting to believe him. I guess that pep talk gave me back my confidence. He asked me if I wanted to try something. He pulled out a device I had only seen in porn videos I jerk off to late at night—a cock pump! I smiled and agreed immediately as I followed his directions. I pulled off my shorts and presented my already hardening cock for him to try his new device on. My cock was so hard just from seeing the Coach that it could barely fit into the pump. As the device lowered on my dick, I could feel the blood rushing from my body to the base and finally to the cockhead where a sparkle of precum formed. I’ve never felt so hard before, my cock was throbbing so much I thought the cock pump would explode if he pumped any more air into it. The blood rushed from my brain down to my cock and now my only instinct was to get inside my coach’s hole. After he removed the pump, I felt like I had the biggest cock on the team. And it ached—Coach Marko was going to take the hardest pounding of his life. As the big, beefy coach got up and stripped into his jock, all I could do was stare and lust for that hole of his. He was tight. I filled every inch of his hole. I worried for a second that my cock was going to tear him in two, frankly. His face twisted with both pleasure and pain as I pumped into him with no thought, just pure carnal instinct. My head was in a haze as I thrusted into my Coach, pumping and pumping until the cum swirling in me could no longer be contained. I needed release. Now. I pulled out and jerked myself over his hairy chest, blowing my load past his stomach in thick ropes. I used the rest of my cum to stroke over my cock, as if it were lube, and pushed back into him. I fucked him deeper, savoring each pump. I was in such a daze I think I even pumped another load into his hole, but I could barely keep track. What I do remember is that, as I pulled out of him, I had no more qualms about the size of my cock. I honestly think my cock will stay this hard until our next session together… and if not maybe we’ll just get the pump out again.
11. Inner Work 28mn
Cole Blue has gained a reputation as one of our team’s star players. He’s also one of our most experienced club members; he’s trained with the best of the best here at the facilities. So, when it was suggested that I take him under my wing, I genuinely wondered why I, Coach Navarro, hadn’t been asked sooner. Before taking him in I did my standard evaluation. He revealed to me that he had had some trouble focusing as of late; he claimed he’d been pushed to his physical limit and there wasn’t much left for him to learn when it came to the field. Now this gave me an idea—if Cole felt that his physical limits had peaked, then perhaps we could start training his mental state. He did not reject the suggestion of my unorthodox approach for his next training session. We set up an appointment for that very afternoon. My excitement of our meeting didn’t hit me until I had started to undress for a shower before starting our training session; my mind lingered to all the times I'd passed him in the shower, wishing to inspect his body at a closer and more intimate level. Cole had a slightly thicker build that set him apart from all the other boys. He towered over them, and looked like an alpha among the boys. I pictured his dick slowly bouncing as he walked over to the changing room. In my fantasy, the water dripping off his flaccid cock left a trail to his locker. The thought of the water even touching his cock made me thirsty; I would consider scooping up some of those drops just for a taste of him. Suddenly, the clang of a locker snapped me out of my fantasy. I found myself standing in a cloud of steam with my cock throbbing harder than it had ever throbbed. I grabbed the head for a little relief. I knew if I were to stroke myself a few more times in that locker room I would’ve alerted the whole gym with my moans. I decided to quickly get dressed as my throbbing cock settled back into its soft state. I pulled into my home to see Cole standing outside on my porch. He had a big grin on his face, like he had somehow known that just the idea of him almost sent me into a climax earlier. Once we were settled inside, though, that smile was tampered by a sort of nervousness when I told him the full details of this session. I would employ a type of gentle hypnosis—but assured him that I would be taking good care of him and there was nothing to worry about. His hesitance faded as soon as he laid back on the couch. He nestled his large form until he was comfortable and I directed him with my voice. He took to my words instantaneously, like he needed them. He sunk into my hypnosis and revealed what was on his subconscious mind; his hands rubbed under his shorts with his eyes closed. His face grew red as his cock started to rise in his shorts. I found my own hands also going towards my groin, as if his hypnosis was my own. I directed him out of his shorts so I could finally get the intimate view of him that I had fantasized about. His hard-on was everything I had pictured it to be—huge, throbbing, the masterpiece of an alpha athlete. I was almost drooling as precum started dripping off the side of his cock. I scooped off a little bit for a taste. From that first moment that salty sweetness hit my tongue, any former state of mind I’d had shifted into pure carnal instinct. The attention I was giving to his cock snapped him out of his hypnosis and he found himself half naked, his throbbing cock out, and his head in a haze of confusion and desire. The next moments were a blur of pleasure for us both. We took turns tasting each other's cocks, which must’ve lit some wildfire in him. He put himself inside me and pounded with power I was unprepared for. I felt like each plunge deep inside me was a dream reawakened. I knew he was approaching his orgasm. He started to thrust himself harder into me, and eventually, he pulled out, moaned, and shot his hot load over my stomach. It felt sobering as he put his slick cock back inside my throbbing hole just to squeeze a few more pumps inside me. Dreams really could come true, I thought. All we needed to do is go deeper.
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