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January 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 33sec

Phoenix sure has been taking a lot of breaks lately, Adonis thought.

He has no idea how right he is. It's not even 10 minutes into the first move of the day, and Phoenix has his coworker, Debonair, bent over the very furniture they're supposed to be moving into the van. Phoenix can't help but stare at his buddy's round, bouncing ass as he works his tongue through its crack, teasing the pucker with just enough pressure to make it tingle.

Their boss, Adonis ...[Read more]

Their boss, Adonis Couverture, hears a slapping sound from inside the van, and goes to investigate. He walks in just as Phoenix is in the middle of spanking Debonair's ass. The two obviously in heat—and not at work!

Adonis approaches them. Phoenix and Debonair freeze like deer in headlights when they see their boss walk in; Adonis is a broad-shouldered man, as ruggedly handsome as he is intimidating. He looms over his employees. For a brief moment, the two raunchy employees think, for sure, this is the end of their employment.

Which is why it's such an incredible surprise when the big boss whips out his big black cock and joins in on the fun! Adonis smacks Debonair's ass and stuffs his dick in Phoenix's mouth. If his two hot employees are going to be fucking on the clock, then god damn, he's going to supervise them.

Big boss Adonis lines himself up behind Debonair and slowly pushes his fat cock inside of him. Adonis starts pumping away, his hands roaming up over Debonair's body, ripping his tank top off and leaving him nude against the leather sofa they lifted into the van earlier. Adonis absolutely ravages the blonde, dark twink, leaving bubble-butt beauty gasping and whimpering from uncontrollable pleasure. The van practically rocks from how hard his beefy, hairy boss is pounding him.

When Adonis takes charge, he really takes charge. Tiring of the piece of furniture he's fucking Debonair against, he pulls over a bench and lays down on it, ordering his bubble butt employee to ride him. When he needs a break, tattooed Phoenix straddles above them, taking over the duties of fucking the insatiable, slutty twink.

Adonis and Phoenix tag each other in and out, working themselves into a frenzy on Debonair. The van rocks back and forth as Debonair's body is wracked by Adonis' monster cock. Phoenix strokes his meat against Debonair's face, and the combo of the two BBCs plowing at each of Debonair's ends males the young bottom squeak in pleasure. Eventually, It rains cum; Debonair gets soaked in their juices. It splashes all over his chest, and taint. The collection of orgasms chills all three men, their breathes recover, and they realize, together, just how much they love their job.

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