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Daddy's little boy Tape 7: father son doctor's visit

Mr Armstrong and his son Austin
December 19, 2019 | Full Length Video : 32min 42sec

Austin and his dad are due for a physical, leading them to head back to their friendly neighborhood doctor, Dr. Wolf. With the week being a bit crazy, Dr. Wolf suggests they save some time by sharing an appointment. After all, the older man and his boy aren’t exactly shy about their naked bodies…

Dr. Wolf loves having fun with his patients. Suppressing his desire to fuck the two of them when they walked into his office right then and there, he gives Austin his routine check up, examining his entire body while Mr. Armstrong looks on. He loves touching the boy's body while his dad watches, knowing it is turning him on. And he isn't wrong. Mr Armstrong grows hard as he observes his boy being examined by the doctor. Mr Armstrong is excited by the idea of his boy's reaction to watching his dad when he takes his turn on the doctor’s table.

Mr Armstrong ...More

Mr Armstrong has never had a physical with his boy in the room, stripping down and going through the paces that his trusted doctor dictates for him. He watches as Austin looks on with curiosity, seemingly getting harder every time his cock and hole are played with.

Dr. Wolf notices this as well, keenly aware that the young boy would be mesmerized seeing his old man touched and examined. As it turns out, Austin’s growing and getting more curious about his body. Not just what it can take, but what it can give as well!

Dr. Wolf and Mr. Armstrong are pleasantly surprised, knowing full well that Austin has had a lot of fun bottoming, taking both of their cocks and loads again and again. Understandably, the young boy doesn’t know many people who he could have sex with outside of his old man and doctor, prompting him to turn to them for options.

Mr. Armstrong is happy to help his young boy learn the other side of the boys and the bees… How lucky for Austin that he has two men so willing to show him how to fuck!

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Mr. Armstrong wants to help his little guy out as much as possible. He knows that Austin might be small and look young for his age; and that that can be hard as a young man growing up in the world! At the same time, he can't help but be incredibly attracted to his boy. His boyishness is absolutely adorable. When he looks at him, he can't help but find his appearance unexpectedly appealing. He wants to touch him, to taste him... To be inside of him. It's like his boy's body was made for him. He loves his little guy more than anything else and would do anything for him... Popping his boy's cherry with the cock that made him, and filling his boy with his daddy batter is his his way of making a man out of his handsome son!

Played by Alex Killian

Little Austin Armstrong is a tiny little twink who has just started to fully understand his sexuality, and more importantly the effect he has on others. In other words, the appeal he has for the handsome older men he lusts after. He's always loved being small and getting attention from bigger men...his dad, his dad's buddies, uncles, bigger male friends in school. Now that he is able to explore his sex and sexuality, he returns the glances of the men he catches staring at him. Ever since he turned 18 he finds himself getting all kind of looks from handsome, older men...even complete strangers who have taken a liking to him. He's turned to his dad because he's been unsure of what to do with that attention, but he's eager to start experiencing grown up fun.

Played by Austin L. Young

Dr. Wolf loves his boy. Spending all day in the office, seeing patients of all kinds, he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. He's always had the desire to be with him more intimately, but never quite knowing how to broach that subject. He sees the glances at the dinner table, coming out of the shower, and in the gym, but still not sure that he can make the first move. He's met some patients with similar inclinations, giving him a little more courage to explore his relationship. The tall, handsome, hung man can and has been able to sleep with almost anyone he wants, but the ultimate prize is own boy, Jonathan.

Played by Legrand Wolf
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Daddy's Little Boy

Mr. Armstrong wants to help his little guy out as much as possible. Read more...
Daddy's Little Boy: Tapes
1. Big Boy Underwear 33mn
Austin’s small for his age! People think he’s much younger than he is. I try to help him dress and act more grown up, but it’s a constant struggle! Not just for him, but for me as well. Given his size, he can’t always shop in the adult’s section. I know Austin still enjoys many things from his childhood like video games, cartoons, and comics, so it’s not uncommon for him to be wearing a boy’s shirt with a superhero on it… He’s at an age where he should dress older, but I admit, I think it’s cute! Seeing the little guy in his little clothes with his favorite characters all over it — it brings a smile to my face, too. Besides, he does look great in them… But what kind of role model would I be if I didn’t try to help my boy become a man? It knew it would be hard, but I decided one morning to talk with him and give him some new underwear to try. We had to start small. Little steps… And — if I’m being completely honest — I wanted to see him in them! Austin seemed to balk when I told him to change in front of me. The little guy has always been somewhat shy and self-conscious given his stature, but when I look at him, I always only see my perfect little boy… And funnily enough, a little boy with a grown man’s dick! As he tried them on, I found myself seeing him in a different way. The underwear style fit him perfectly, making him so much more handsome than I expected. It caught me off-guard, but I started to get a little aroused. Seeing him filled me with pride and joy, and suddenly, my dick started to move! I could see he was uncomfortable, so I thought that maybe by undressing as well, it would prove that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I sat him down and pulled down my pants, giving him a view of my underwear and how a grown man’s looks in adult briefs. He seemed curious. He could see the large, growing bulge and I could tell he wanted more. My heart raced, excited by the moment, but also unsure of what exactly to do. My ears were deafened by the thud of my pulse, preventing me from thinking clearly. In a moment of bravery — or possibly stupidity — I offered to let him touch it. I felt his little fingers trail against the curve of my growing shaft, covered only by a thin layer of cotton and spandex. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Austin seemed to like it… I kept getting harder, and he didn’t stop.
I couldn’t resist… I pulled down my underwear, giving him the first look at my cock he’d ever had. His eyes were focused and his hands gripped it gently, stroking it as it became hard. As I looked down, I could see my boy’s cock in his new underwear. His package was cupped perfectly to reveal a growing bulge as well! I smiled and stood him up, wanting to feel for myself…
“You’re starting to get hard, too,” I said playfully, running my hand over his hardening cock. I’d never seen him in this state. My boy was literally growing before my eyes! I held him close to me, his hands on my shaft as I played with him. When I put my hands under the waistband of his underwear, I could feel the soft, smooth skin before the tips of my fingers hit the base of his shaft. So thick, so hard… I couldn’t help but be proud! “Big boy… You’ve got a great dick.” He let out a soft chuckle. Feeling his body open up to me, I pulled down his underwear, seeing his smooth cheeks pop out. “Cute little ass, too!” I bent him over the bed, placing him on all fours. I could feel his body shaking. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but his eyes implored me to continue. Looking at his beautiful butt, I couldn’t help but feel my mouth water. It was so perfect… Like a soft, pink peach! I needed to taste it. I slowly moved my mouth forward, not sure if I would have the guts to do what I wanted.
Building courage, my tongue escaped my mouth and made contact with my boy’s beautiful hole. I felt this incredible pleasure growing inside me as if something had awakened in me that hadn’t been there before… Meanwhile, Austin let out the most precious moan I’d ever heard him make. Once I realized what it was, I knew I had to keep going!
It was a pleasure… A deep carnal pleasure! Unlike anything he’d ever known. I couldn’t believe that I was the one to give it to him. At that moment, I knew I was going to truly make a man out of my boy…
2. Sleepy Movie Time 24mn
Austin was a little quiet after we’d had sex. For the next few days our interactions were a little awkward, limited to dinner-time conversations and one word responses. I knew it was a big moment for him. Not only did he lose his virginity, but he’d experienced an intimacy with me that was pretty heavy. I worried for days if I’d gone too far or pushed him too hard. I thought maybe I’d fucked up and had done something I shouldn’t have. Maybe he was angry with me. I decided to give him some space and let him make the next move… Whatever move that would be. It was late one night when Austin came out of his room and asked if he could watch tv with me. I was a little restless and everyone in the house, but us, had gone to bed. I was certainly happy for the company, especially from my little boy! He came out in his little union suit and snuggled up next to me on the couch. As he rested his head on my chest, I placed a hand on his side. It was soft and warm and reminded me of how things used to be. My heart swelled as I felt him slumber off. As much as I may have fucked up, my little boy still felt at home with me. I knew I should just sit and watch TV, letting the moment sit as it was… But as my hands passed over his body, I felt my cock begin to swell again. Christ! Here I was, sitting on the couch with a boner in my briefs while Austin’s head was only a couple inches away! I didn’t want to wake him up, so I kept caressing his little body. My fingers passed over his little butt, feeling the back of his suit. It had two little buttons that kept it up. I held out as long as I could, but I knew I had to undo them! I carefully fiddled with the buttons and opened up my boy’s suit to expose his smooth, soft buttocks. My hands then returned to their caressing movements, feeling the soft skin that I had tasted just a few days before. God, it was heavenly… My cock practically hurt from the arousal, swollen from the touch of my boy’s body. With my free hand, I pulled out my cock, hoping to stroke it softly and enjoy the moment a little bit more. With one finger teasing his hole and my dominant hand on my shaft. I sat in the blue glow of the television, thinking of how it felt to be inside my boy’s hole. “Dad?” My heart stopped. Austin raised his head, looking up at me. From my vantage point, I could see my cock standing at full attention, Austin’s face about 3 inches away, staring up at me. I didn’t have words. My hand was on his ass and my exposed cock was right in front of his mouth! It felt like an eternity passed before he let me off the hook… “Can I?” As much as I wanted it, I could see he wanted it, too. I nodded my head, swallowing down the bundle of nerves that had lumped in my throat. My boy was hungry and needed a snack… And I was happy to give it to him! He took my erection in his little hand, taking it in his mouth and running his tongue over it. I was amazed at how well he handled it, considering he’d only ever seen it once before. I continued to finger his hole, teasing the rim before gently pressing further inside. As I did, I could feel his mouth vibrate on my shaft as he moaned into my manhood.
I let him suckle on me a little longer, wanting him to feel good about acting on his own desires. More importantly, I wanted him to feel safe and protected. I knew I was going to have to breed him again. I had to shove my cock into his perfect, little hole and spill my seed inside! I wanted to take it slow, take it easy, and make this a special moment for the two of us to share. We had the whole night to ourselves! As long as we could keep quiet…
3. Doctor's Visit 39mn
With summer ending, I knew something had slipped my mind! I had to rush to get my boy a physical exam before he returned to school. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to do the activities he enjoys. A lot has changed since his last exam. He’s grown up, become more of a man, and even lost his virginity. It’s crazy to think how fast time slips away... And not just summers! I knew he was going to be asked questions about sex. Every other time it never crossed my mind to be worried or nervous, but by now, Austin had been fucked many times. I should know... I was the one doing it! I know my boy understands the need to be discreet about our arrangement, but when it comes to the doctor, I’ve always told him to be completely honest. After all, his job is to help. Dr. Wolf has always been careful, thorough, and attentive. That’s why we keep going back. At first, I hoped he could just move through it quickly so we could get back home. I watched as he went through the usual routine: taking measurements, height, weight, checking breathing, etc. Austin was calm and cool as the doctor probed his tiny body. Even when he checked his genitals and groin for hernias, he behaved like any other boy his age would: awkward, uncomfortable, and exposed. Strangely, as much as I was nervous, it was also incredibly exciting! Seeing another man — a handsome man — run his hands over my boy’s body was very arousing. I’d never thought about it before, but sitting there, watching him get inspected and touched… Deep down, I wanted to see more! Watching Austin’s cock handled by him got my own rising in my jeans. Dr. Wolf bent Austin over the table, having him lift his ass up as he inspected it. That seemed unusual to me, but who was I to question a doctor? As he looked over his beautiful, perfect ass, I could see my boy’s cock growing hard. The doctor disregarded it as a normal reaction. I could tell Austin was beginning to enjoy being touched and fondled. Little did he know that I was sporting my own raging hard-on too! Dr. Wolf excused Austin after his exam to have a delicate discussion with me. He tried to carefully let me know that Austin may be playing with his hole — a fact I could have told him myself. Feeling the need to unburden myself, I confessed to him that he was in fact sexually active... With me. Dr. Wolf’s expression was hard to read, but he did not seem angry or upset. He asked me questions about consent and who was prompting the sessions. I was honest and told him that it started with me, but now it’s Austin who can’t get enough. I was amazed when he smiled and seemed to suggest that if he wants it, there’s nothing to stress about. He even said it was arousing for him... I couldn’t believe my luck! It was when he asked to see what it was that we were doing that I started to get really excited! I wanted to see more, and this was my chance. He called Austin back in and gave him another exam, this time, spending more time looking at his body and genitals; not as a doctor, but as an aroused man. Dr. Wolf unzipped his pants and showed Austin his massive cock. I couldn’t believe the man was hiding all of that in his underwear. I spread Austin’s cheeks apart, feasting on his ass and getting it ready to be fucked while my boy played with the doctor’s massive meat. It was so hot to think of him about to be bred by another man, and I wanted to make sure his hole was warm, wet, and ready to take it...
4. Don't Want to Go to School 27mn
Austin is enjoying a pleasant, deep sleep when his old man comes into his room to wake him up to start his day. Austin wants nothing more than to stay in bed a little longer, especially if he can tempt his old man to join him. Wearing his cute, onesie pajamas, Mr. Armstrong can’t resist his little boy! Austin feels his daddy snuggle up behind him, holding him close and kissing him tenderly. Mr. Armstrong runs his hands over his hips, his ass, and in between his legs, teasing his boy’s cock as he gets lost in the warm, comfortable surroundings. Austin smiles, hoping to get out of having to go to school, but also hoping his daddy takes full advantage of his amorous state. Mr. Armstrong’s cock grows harder in his dress pants, horned up by feeling his boy pressed against him. He runs his hands over his smooth butt, feeling his mouth water with hunger. He can’t help but take a taste, pushing his face between his cheeks; kissing and licking his cute little button, thinking of how good it looks with his cock inside. Mr. Armstrong yields, thinking he can stand to be a little late in his morning to get a load out in his insatiable boy. He pulls out his cock, giving Austin the chance to stroke it as it gets harder and harder in his hand. Mr. Armstrong slides a wet finger in his hole, getting it warmed and ready for his thick cock. Austin barely needs more than the sight of his old man’s member to get him ready, thoroughly devoted to taking his load as often as possible! Mr. Armstrong lays back on his boy’s tiny bed, watching with delight as Austin mounts his cock and takes his raw piece deep in his hole. Austin moves down each inch with ease, tightening his hole as he gets closer to the older man’s heavy testicles; not stopping until they press up against his ass. His old man tries to takes it easy for a moment, but within a couple passionate pumps, he cannot hold back from aggressively fucking his sweet bottom boy!
5. Trick or Treat 22mn
Halloween is a special day for daddies like Mr. Armstrong. He loves seeing his little guy get dressed up and parade around town. As much as he enjoys the fun costumes, he loves seeing the attention Austin gets from everyone. At his height, people don’t question giving him candy when he goes door-to-door. Through the night’s journey, Mr. Armstrong brings Austin to their doctor’s place for a little trick-or-treat fun. It had been a while since the older man brought his boy to the tall doctor and he hadn’t been able to get the image of his little boy getting fucked out of his head. He loves feeling his cock inside Austin’s tight hole, but there’s something special about seeing his sweet, smooth boy fucked and filled by another handsome man! When they arrive, Dr. Wolf greets them warmly, offering them inside and requesting they get comfortable. It doesn’t take long for the doctor to help Austin out of his costume, stripping him down to just his underwear as he watches Mr. Armstrong caress and kiss his boy. In the privacy of the doctor’s home, the two can embrace in ways that wouldn’t have been appropriate on the doorsteps of strangers. Austin gets down on his knees, feeling the two daddies’ cocks in his hands as they take off their pants and show off their massive bulges. The little boy can’t believe his luck in having two beautiful older men eager to give him their huge cocks! Austin swallows down Dr. Wolf’s cock, gobbling it up like a delicious piece of Halloween candy. As he takes him deep in his throat, his old man sneaks up behind his bare ass. Mr. Armstrong plants his lips against his hole, kissing and licking Austin’s most sensitive area. Mr. Armstrong can’t resist giving his sexy boy a taste, especially after seeing him looking so cute all night.
Dr. Wolf watches the boy work his giant cock, turned on by seeing someone so young and small handle the challenge of his thick, long shaft. He knows just how good a boy Austin can be, especially when he’s taking a giant daddy dick deep in his body! Mr. Armstrong helps his boy up onto the doctor’s raw member, watching closely as it slides inside his tight hole. He couldn’t be prouder of his little guy for taking it all in his ass, feeling his heart and cock swell as Austin rides their host’s big dick!
6. Thanksgiving Family Fun 25mn
The Armstrongs and Dr. Wolf have become a little family of sorts, enjoying each other’s company for festivities and holidays as well as intimate, bedroom fun. Austin loves to spend time with his new adopted “uncle” and Mr. Armstrong is glad to see his boy connect with another man. Arriving to Dr. Wolf’s home for Thanksgiving, the Armstrongs find themselves a little earlier than expected.
Dr. Wolf leaves them to take care of some things in the kitchen, only to find the two mischievous guests more focused on their bodies than the stove. Mr. Armstrong’s mind can’t stop thinking of how the two older men last tag teamed his boy, filling him with Halloween candy and raw cock… Now, in the same house as their previous debauchery, all Mr. Armstrong wants to do is strip his boy down and feast on his delicious ass! Their handsome host is mildly surprised to find Mr. Armstrong practically fucking his boy over the stove. He can’t be too upset, he knows just how irresistable Austin’s little butt can be! With little time to spare before more guests arrive, the three men scurry up to the master bedroom to work up a little pre-dinner appetite. Dr. Wolf pulls off Austin’s clothes as Mr. Armstrong continues to tease his loins. Austin’s cock gets fully erect as he’s pressed between his tall daddies, eager to be fucked by his two favorite men. As they strip him down, their hands navigate between his legs as if they were preparing a Thanksgiving bird. Trussed up and primed, Dr. Wolf slides himself between Austin’s cheeks, making the small boy whimper and moan. Austin muffles his sounds on his old man’s cock, swallowing his excited shaft down his gullet. With the food still cooking and the table set downstairs, the three men forget all about their wholesome, traditional feast and get lost in their sinful delights. Dr. Wolf’s massive cock stretches Austin’s smooth hole open, wrapping around his meat tightly as he plunges deep inside Austin’s body. Mr. Armstrong watches as his little boy gets bred hard by their host, feeling his nuts fill with cum at the thought of Austin getting the handsome man’s seed. Dr. Wolf, however, knows he can’t hog the boy’s hole. They may be fucking and breeding, but it’s still the holidays! He kindly passes his bottom back to his daddy, watching as his old man fills Austin’s hole with his raw cock. He’s happy to let him get a few good thrusts into him. Afterall, there’s plenty of room for both their loads in Austin’s tight hole…
7. Father Son Doctor's Visit 33mn
Austin and his dad are due for a physical, leading them to head back to their friendly neighborhood doctor, Dr. Wolf. With the week being a bit crazy, Dr. Wolf suggests they save some time by sharing an appointment. After all, the older man and his boy aren’t exactly shy about their naked bodies… Dr. Wolf loves having fun with his patients. Suppressing his desire to fuck the two of them when they walked into his office right then and there, he gives Austin his routine check up, examining his entire body while Mr. Armstrong looks on. He loves touching the boy's body while his dad watches, knowing it is turning him on. And he isn't wrong. Mr Armstrong grows hard as he observes his boy being examined by the doctor. Mr Armstrong is excited by the idea of his boy's reaction to watching his dad when he takes his turn on the doctor’s table. Mr Armstrong has never had a physical with his boy in the room, stripping down and going through the paces that his trusted doctor dictates for him. He watches as Austin looks on with curiosity, seemingly getting harder every time his cock and hole are played with. Dr. Wolf notices this as well, keenly aware that the young boy would be mesmerized seeing his old man touched and examined. As it turns out, Austin’s growing and getting more curious about his body. Not just what it can take, but what it can give as well! Dr. Wolf and Mr. Armstrong are pleasantly surprised, knowing full well that Austin has had a lot of fun bottoming, taking both of their cocks and loads again and again. Understandably, the young boy doesn’t know many people who he could have sex with outside of his old man and doctor, prompting him to turn to them for options. Mr. Armstrong is happy to help his young boy learn the other side of the boys and the bees… How lucky for Austin that he has two men so willing to show him how to fuck!
8. Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel 22mn
Mr. Armstrong and Austin are always looking for ways to be together and get close. After their visit to Dr. Wolf’s office, the two were informed about the “Forbidden Boy Hotel,” a special getaway program meant to help men and their boys really connect. Usually the program is for those who have yet to form the intimate bonds that the Armstrongs have, but the two were happy to take a vacation and see what the trip could do for them. As soon as they arrived, Mr. Armstrong looked around at their cozy rental, imagining all the ways and places he could breed Austin! The horny bottom, too, was eager to get started, but agreed to hold off and follow the directions they were provided. Looking at the welcome kit, Mr. Armstrong saw a series of events, clearly geared for breaking down barriers and promoting physical intimacy. They all looked exciting, but the first involved changing and preparing for bed. They had gotten in late, so they proceeded to change out of their street clothes and into the jockstraps and bathrobes provided. According to the instructions, it was important that they change in front of each other and stay in their guest attire for the entire duration of their trip. Austin had changed in front of his old man plenty of times, showing off his boy butt in different underwear and bathing suits even when he wasn’t taking his father’s raw cock. The instructions seemed simple enough, but it definitely reminded Austin of the first time he saw Mr. Armstrong naked. He was curious and nervous, wanting to touch him, but unsure of how to ask. Austin was amazed how far they’d come that he was able to reach out and caress the older man’s member as it settled into the pouch of his underwear. He knew he was lucky and he wished that more boys could have this experience! As they got into bed, Mr. Armstrong wondered if Austin would be too tired for any activity. The instructions said nothing about what they should do now, except for laying next to each other and enjoying the night. For these two, alone time in a bed could only mean one thing; morning, noon, or night! Austin was quick to grab at Mr. Armstrong’s cock, feeling it rise in his tiny grip. His old man couldn’t help but get instantly hard, excited to have this special time, but always eager to feel his little boy’s body on his. The older man pulled his boy up on his knees to face him so that his crotch was right at mouth level. Austin could feel the horny man’s hot breath on his groin through the thin jockstrap, exciting his cock as it warmed his balls. Mr. Amstrong pulled his pouch to the side, freeing his hard erection so he could take it into his mouth. Letting out an exhale through his nose and onto the boy’s shaft, Mr. Armstrong passionately devoured his little boy’s cock, loving how silky and smooth it felt on his tongue. He needed to fuck him! Something about the moment felt special and new. He was reminded of their first time and how nervous and exciting it was. He imagined the other daddies and how they must feel taking their boys for the first time in this place. It all rushed to his head and his cock, making him hornier than he’d been in a long time! Putting Austin on his side, he pressed his hard, leaking cock up against his smooth, tight hole. He could feel the heat coming off of it as it pressed close. He was just wet enough on the tip to pierce through his son’s cute, little cheeks, making Austin moan as it inched deeper inside him. Austin wanted him badly and he couldn’t be more turned on by his desire! Fucking him deeper, he picked up speed, massaging his manhood with his little boy’s hole. He was going to make love to him, breed him, and fuck him. It was just what the doctor ordered…
9. Boy Massage 23mn
Austin and Mr. Armstrong are very familiar with each other. They’ve been fucking for a long time, enjoying the pleasure of each other’s bodies… Even when they know it’s wrong! But one thing they never get to do is slow down and really appreciate each other. With all the secret sex, it’s rare to just stop and savor the moment... But thanks to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, they have just the opportunity! As part of their program, Mr. Armstrong brings Austin into a special, peaceful room with a large bed for a massage. He runs his hands over Austin in passion and hunger, but now he gets to experience a different kind of touch. Slow. Intentional. Nurturing. Austin lies on the soft surface, waiting with baited breath for his old man to eat his ass and begin fucking him. But to his surprise, he feels a careful hand on his butt, caressing his skin and gently moving his cheeks apart. Relaxing and peaceful, it calms his entire body as it moves over his backside. With Austin’s youthful energy, he’s never really thought of how it could feel to be quiet and still, but as Mr. Armstrong massages his body, he feels himself lulled into a seductive, meditative state, focused on nothing else but each point of contact between him and his daddy... Mr. Armstrong’s cock grows in his jockstrap as he sees his boy react to his touch. He’s always been able to turn him on, but for the first time, he can see his boy truly melt! His heart swells as he feels Austin’s muscles relax; watching Austin open up to him like never before, trusting him, and giving himself over to his daddy. He has to fight every urge to slide his bare cock in him right then and there, but settles for running his fingers over Austin’s smooth, tight hole, feeling it relax just as much as his back and buttocks. As his hands move down to his legs, the skilled daddy continues to reapply oil as he needed, slicking up Austin’s flesh, and giving him a beautiful glow. Turned on by his boy, Mr. Armstrong leaked pre-cum from the top of his raging hard erection... He knew he was going to have to breed his boy! There was no helping it at this point. But he wanted to give Austin this new feeling first, allowing him to be still and peaceful before taking his old man’s cock deep and hard!
10. Breeding Your Boy 25mn
Mr. Armstrong got out of the shower, drying himself off, feeling the steam of the bathroom keeping his skin warm. Austin wanted some time to play his video games and relax, so the older man opted for a solo shower instead of their usual shared bathing. He wasn’t super keen on the young man staring into a screen on their getaway, but he knew he couldn’t entertain him all the time! As he walked into the living room, he saw Austin lying on a stool, legs up and ass adorably lifted. He looked like a beautiful sculpture! Mr. Armstrong sat behind him in an armchair, watching him as he perked up with each thrilling moment of his game. As he did, his butt would clench and relax, driving the older man wild. He couldn’t resist going in for a touch, horned up from the sight of his sweet cheeks exposed in his jockstrap. Mr. Armstrong would do anything for his handsome boy, but right now he needed to take him! Austin pushed back a little, trying hard to focus on his game, but Mr. Armstrong was determined to have a little fun of his own. Stroking his boy’s cock, he watched as it slowly built up in size and girth. Even though Austin had his eyes locked on the TV, Mr. Armstrong knew his daddy’s touch would stir up his desire to be fucked...
He leaned his face in, pushing it between Austin’s cheeks and licking his hole. Austin’s eye’s closed, unable to ignore how good it felt. Mr. Armstrong knew he was creating a sinister distraction, but his own cock ached to be swallowed up by the boy’s soft, smooth hole!
Taking off his robe, Mr. Armstrong stroked his shaft, now fully engorged with desire for his precious boy. Seeing his boy’s hole glisten from his rimming, he gently pushed the head of his manhood between his cheeks, giving it only the slightest pressure against Austin's sphincter. Feeling Austin’s insides plunge down over him, Mr. Armstrong gripped the boy’s hips as he fucked him deeper and harder. It’s not until he gets a fatal game over that he resigns himself to being the good boy his daddy needs him to be. Legs spread, hole open, and gripping onto the stool, Austin feels his prostate get pummelled by his daddy’s giant meat!
11. Sauna Play 19mn
Austin has seen his old man sweaty many times before. Whether it was from a hot summer day, doing yard work, working out, or just being busy around the house, he often enjoyed the way his smooth, mature body glistened when coated in his man juices. But nothing compared to being side by side with him in the sauna of their vacation home... The Forbidden Boy Hotel was full of surprises, not least of them being the constant contact and the sex they were encouraged to engage in. But the more subtle moments of sensuality quickly became Austin’s favorite! Sitting in the sauna, they relaxed in the heat, listening to each other’s deep, labored breaths, and watching each other sweat. Austin’s hand reached over to Mr. Armstrong’s lap, sneaking under his towel to feel his heavy, sweaty balls. They seemed to hang lower than usual, which made Austin’s face smile with delight. He loved thinking of his dad’s big nuts, full of his seed just waiting to be set free! Austin’s daddy loved how free his boy felt to tug at his cock. It only took a moment of contact for it to grow fully erect, turned on by his beautiful boy’s bravery and desire. They weren’t strangers to each other in any way, but Austin still found ways to surprise and amuse him. He brought his hand over to Austin, feeling his smooth, slick skin. As he travelled further down his body, he could feel Austin’s excitement as well, compelling him to break his relaxation and give Austin what he needed. Mr. Armstrong removed his towel, letting his big dick hang heavily between his legs. The light made it seem almost metallic with a shiny, sweaty quality. Austin loved how it looked, how it smelled, and as he pressed his lips to it, even how it tasted! He swallowed it down to the back of his throat in a smooth, steady motion, feeling the muscles of his throat relax from the intense heat. Mr. Armstrong let out a moan into the air, feeling the wood absorb the sounds of his pleasure. He was in heaven, relaxed and warm with his boy worshipping his manhood between his legs...
12. Father Son Bonding 22mn
The relationship between Austin and Mr. Armstrong just keeps getting better. Neither of them talk about their mutual involvement in the Buyer’s Group (See Boy For Sale’s The Boy Austin: Chapters 14-16). But it’s there in the glances between the two as they silently recall their power dynamic in the warehouses and private rooms of the club. Now, back in their quiet home together, father and son get cozy in the den. The proposition of hot cocoa makes Austin grin excitedly in his fire-truck pajamas. He’s grown a lot since he was given the set and now they fit him like a second skin. But these are his favorite, and always make him think of his father. Mr. Armstrong hands the boy a steaming mug and wraps a warm blanket around Austin’s shoulders before lighting the fireplace and leaving to change into his own pajamas. Mr. Armstrong joins Austin on the floor, now wearing a thick bathrobe. Austin snuggles closer to him, thinking how he loves that the robe doesn’t quite close across his dad’s tattooed chest. They make him seem strong and adventurous, and Austin imagines his dad wouldn’t be the same man without them. Mr. Armstrong’s knees hug Austin from either side and his arms fold around the boy’s torso, completely containing his small frame. Breathing deeply of his son’s hair, fresh from bath time but mixed with a scent that is purely Austin, he kisses the boy’s head. Austin turns, and kisses his dad’s lips. The sensation of his father’s kiss always makes Austin tingle from head to toe, no matter how frequent they have become. When his dad shrugs out of the robe and wraps the blanket around both of them, Austin’s breath catches at the sight of his father’s cock. He always feels lightheaded when he sees the dick responsible for creating him. When he leans back against Mr. Armstrong, Austin can feel his erection. His own penis is rock hard from the combination of kisses and touches and the gentle way his dad removes each layer of his pajamas. Mr. Armstrong reaches for his boy’s bulging groin. Austin has such a perfect, beautiful body and Mr. Armstrong’s lips and fingers know every inch of it. As his fingertips tease the pink opening of his boy’s hole, he knows what they have together is special. He’s always marveled at how completely the boy trusts him, and is honored to be the one to bring him into adulthood. That awe is coupled with an overwhelming lust. Every time he sees Austin, he wants to breed his boy’s hole with the seed that made him. But he remains gentle. Mr. Armstrong knows it’s up to him to teach his son how to have a satisfying sex life, and that includes making sure his boy’s needs are met as well. It's a fine line to tread, especially when Austin turns to take his old man’s cock into his mouth. It’s all Mr. Armstrong can do to not to shove his full length into the boy’s throat. Austin knows what the tension in his dad’s body means. Taking the massive cock past into his mouth, Austin concentrates on relaxing the muscles of his throat, and pushes down to the man’s balls in one practiced motion. If he could smile, he would. His dad gasps loudly and throws his head back. Then Austin is pulled up for a kiss and his dad looks deep into his eyes. Something unspoken and profound passes between them. When Austin lowers his head again, he once more takes his dad’s cock to the base. It must be halfway to my tummy, Austin thinks, and then gasps as his dad’s fingers press into his tiny hole. Austin sits up and straddles his dad’s hips, pulling his smooth butt cheeks apart to let his dad press against his hole. Austin’s mouth got his dad’s cock slippery enough to slide right in, inch by rock hard inch, and soon he’s happily bouncing up and down on the huge pole. Mr. Armstrong snakes his arms under the boy’s thighs and lifts Austin so that his feet are off the ground, and the only thing holding him in place is the boy’s arms around his neck. His dad’s cock plunges even deeper and Austin whimpers an audible, “Yes” as he is lifted and dropped repeatedly on the full length of his dad’s cock. Only his dad knows just how to do it. When Mr. Armstrong lets him back down, the strokes are deep, long, and slow, and Austin can feel his swollen prostate being moved by the man’s large cock. With a shuddering moan, Mr. Armstrong pulls out and shoots a massive load up his boy’s back and all over his round ass before popping right back in. The feeling of his dad’s hot cum all over his skin and the added lubrication in his hole makes Austin bounce hard and fast on the cock, punching the pleasure button inside him that his own dad revealed. Austin’s balls contract, and he sends ropes of cum up his dad’s abs and chest before leaning down to kiss him breathlessly.
13. Dad & Son Plow Cousin Cole 21mn
For Mr. Armstrong, nothing is more important than family. He adores his boy Austin and wants to shower him with every bit of love and affection he can. The two have been practically inseparable since the first time he bred Austin’s hole. Still, every good dad knows that boys are going to want more than just their old man’s attention. Mr. Armstrong loves that Austin is discovering more about himself and experimenting with different guys, but he can’t help but want his boy close to him and the rest of the clan. After all, who else is going to know what Austin needs better than his daddy? When the two went away to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, they found themselves free to explore each other’s desires in a way that felt different from being at home. Even when it was just the two of them the familiar trappings of life at the house made it hard to always do the things they wanted. Such as bringing cousin Cole into the mix. Cole is a handsome, friendly, bright young man. Not only does he have a tall, athletic body, but he’s sporting a cock that makes both father and son weak. Each of them have had a chance to experience the cousin’s body, but never together as a family. It was always Mr. Armstrong’s dream to have the two of them together, and now, thanks to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, that has become a reality. Cole enters the wood-paneled bedroom of his uncle and cousin, seeing them relaxing in their white, cloth bathrobes and casually feeling each other’s bodies. It would have been weird for him to see them so intimate in the past, but after his own experiences with his and Austin’s grandfather, he’s come around to the idea of seeing the men in his family fully aroused and fucking. Mr. Armstrong invites the tall boy onto the bed, offering up his free side as Austin cuddles close on the other. It feels great to have the two boys flanking him, with both pawing at his jockstrap eager to take out his daddy dick. He can’t deny them that satisfaction. Pulling out his cock, the two boys begin taking turns kissing it and sucking it. Austin loves seeing his cousin take his old man’s meat in his mouth, knowing well what it feels like in his. The two boys are so close, and this is sure to make them even closer. As much as Mr. Armstrong loves to have his boys devour his cock, he’s really interested in one thing: Cole’s sweet ass. The boy is a champion cocksucker, but it’s his amazing ass that Mr. Armstrong wanted to take for a spin. The thought of sharing Cole’s hole with his boy was everything to him. It was so rare for the two of them to top together, and Cole was the only one Mr. Armstrong wanted in that moment. Putting Cole on his side, the older man lifted up his long legs to give his cock room to slide between his cheeks. Cole was distracted as Austin moved between his thighs to start sucking his cousin’s throbbing cock. The handsome young man was getting it from both ends as Mr. Armstrong filled his ass with his bare cock, pushing it in balls deep before beginning his steadily increasing pace of fucking. Cole moaned with intense pleasure as he felt himself between his uncle and cousin. The two were expertly using him, fucking and sucking so well that he didn’t know who was bringing him closer to cumming. He clenched his tight hole on his uncle’s cock as his cousin slurped down his pre-cum, feeling it run to the back of his throat as he took him deep. Mr. Armstrong knew he couldn’t be selfish. As much as he loved the feeling of Cole’s hole, he wanted to see Austin rise to the occasion as well. Placing Cole on his back, Mr. Armstrong held up Cole’s legs, telling the young guy to get behind Cole and give him a try. Cole looked into Austin’s eyes, ready for his buddy to drive deep into his well opened hole. Austin barely had to push the tip of his cock against his sphincter before his cousin’s ass swallowed him up. Austin made his old man proud as he began to fuck his cousin with the same pace as his old man. Cole could tell he’d learned to fuck from his dad, making the experience all the hotter as his prostate got pounded by the little guy’s cock. Cole could see his uncle stroking his cock behind Austin, getting turned on by the sight of them going at it. But what really got Cole hot was seeing Mr. Armstrong mount up behind Austin, filling his tight hole as he continued to breed his cousin. The three were locked in a chain of fucking as they stirred up each other’s loins, coming closer to climaxing with each connected push. It was an open question as to who would burst first, spilling their familial seed all over their shared bed. Cole tried to hold out as long as he could, not wanting the special moment between father, son, and cousin to end.
14. Father Son Campout 19mn
Mr. Armstrong loves being able to take his boy out in the world. Every time they go out to dinner or to the movies, he can see the way other men get jealous of him. They see his beautiful, young, happy little guy and wish they could be so lucky. Mr. Armstrong is proud of his boy and he loves knowing that Austin is his. But as much as he loves to go out, he also can’t get enough of spending quality, one on one time with his son. Camping has always been a favorite pastime of theirs, and ever since they forged their beautiful bond, it’s become even more special. They drove for hours to get to their secluded spot, only making a few stops along the way before they reached their destination. Despite making good time, it was well after dark when they got to their site. No time to make a fire - the two quickly set up their tent and settled in for the night. They knew they’d be there for a few days, and the s’mores could wait until they were well-rested. Austin felt the cold air bite at his face as they finished propping up the tent. Even once they got inside, it wasn’t much better. Mr. Armstrong told him to strip down and get in the tent, assuring him that he’d be warm once he was inside his sleeping bag. Austin shivered as he pulled down his pants and took off his shirt, leaving just his pair of briefs. The little guy slipped into his sleeping bag, rustling around to try and get warm. A few minutes went by and he still felt the chill. He looked over to his old man, similarly stripped and wrapped in his sleeping bag. He looked so warm and still, ready to sleep after a long drive. Austin didn’t want to disturb him, but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep. Letting Mr. Armstrong know he was cold, the older man offered to sleep in the bag with him. Austin nodded, sheepishly accepting his daddy’s suggestion. The bag wasn’t really made for two, so he knew they’d have to get pretty close. This wasn’t a problem, of course. The two were used to being pretty intimate. Austin felt the older man’s warm skin press against his. The smooth surface practically wrapped around him, holding him tightly and firmly in place. Austin loved feeling his old man holding him as he fell asleep. It was the most comforting sensation he could think of. The older man rested his loins up against Austin’s buttocks, big-spooning him close in the sleeping bag, feeling the boy’s body stop shivering as he warmed up their shared bag. The two were poised to fall asleep, but it was now Mr. Armstrong who struggled to rest. Austin’s little body was absolutely perfect. His gentle breaths made his daddy heart swell, and the way he could hold Austin and touch him was still unbelievable. Armstrong felt his manhood begin to swell up inside his underwear with barely anywhere to hide it inside their sleeping bag. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep with his growing erection. Running his hands over the boy’s body he tried to warm him up, but deep down he knew his desires were more than just paternal. He ran his hands down Austin’s torso, down to his legs and inside his underwear. He could feel his boy’s little cock in his briefs, growing harder as he touched the smooth balls and buttocks. Mr. Armstrong couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Austin began to breathe deeper and heavier. His exhales became moans as Mr. Armstrong played with his young body, arousing him and stirring up his lust. Austin was plenty warmed up now, and hungry for his daddy to love him and fuck him. The two pulled off their underwear, their cocks fully hard and pressed against one another. They slipped off the top of the sleeping bag, giving them a chance to stretch out and take advantage of their private campout space. Mr. Armstrong turned Austin on his belly, leaving his smooth, precious butt on display. He couldn’t resist giving it a kiss, pressing his lips between the cheeks and giving the smooth hole a taste. His tongue was in love with this hole more than anything else, eager to be back between those round mounds to lap at his boy. The daddy loved how it felt and how it made Austin tremble. Austin knew what was to follow, and was ready. Mr. Armstrong got on his side, his cock leaking precum as he turned Austin’s butt toward him. Austin did as he was taught to do. He moved his hole toward his old man and breathed steadily as the rock-hard shaft began to enter his body. It was so firm and rigid, pressing against his soft sphincter before pushing its way inside. He’d gotten used to being fucked by his daddy, but that initial penetration was always an intense feeling. He knew it would quickly become pleasure, but he was willing to endure the moment of pain to make his daddy proud. Austin’s heart raced as his dad slid himself deeper inside. The old man might have been exhausted, but he had enough energy to show his little guy how much he loved him. How much he needed him. How much he turned him on. Austin stroked his own cock as Mr. Armstrong picked up the pace, burying his massive cock deep inside, pounding harder and harder as he got close to cumming. Austin felt the heavy balls slapping against his ass, getting ready to fire-hose out a big load. Austin was ready for it, eager to feel his old man burst inside him. And then, just as quickly as it began, Mr. Armstrong let out a loud, grunting, bestial sound, erupting from his loins as cum flowed out of his cock. Austin could feel it spraying into his hole and out on his ass. It was intense and powerful, and just what Mr. Armstrong needed. Austin felt the hot jizz fill his body, warming him from the inside as he thought about his daddy’s DNA swimming inside him. It made him feel special and loved. The two kissed and clung to each other once more, slipping into the sleeping bag to get a good night’s sleep, ready for the rest of their trip.
15. My Dad's Brother Is Hung! 24mn
Mr. Divino has always loved spending time with his brother and his boy, Austin. Even when he was younger, Austin would always greet him with a big smile and a tight hug. The tiny boy barely came up to his chest, but managed to wrap his arms around him so snugly that he could hardly breathe. Austin’s affections were certainly returned by his uncle, but there was always a distance he tried to maintain. Mr. Divino wasn’t blind to how Austin had developed. Even as a young adult, Austin still had his sweet, innocent face and boyish features, but he had grown strong, mature shoulders and a toned, slim body. Mr. Divino and his brother were also a bit wiry and lean, impressed at the strength of their genes. Of course, Mr. Divino wasn’t skinny everywhere. Concealed in Mr. Divino’s white brief underwear was a massive, thick cock that was about as thick as his wrist. He’d been self-conscious of it when he was younger, but now as a grown man, he loved seeing the look on another man’s face when they saw his monster manhood. It gave him a special thrill to see someone try to take it. And just recently, he’d given the opportunity to someone he never thought possible… his own son. Mr. Divino didn’t think he’d ever get comfortable with the idea of his own boy sucking his shaft and taking his load, but the more it happened, the more he came to crave it. He found it all the more sweet to share his body with his family, and he found himself starting to set his eyes on his nephew, Austin. It happened without much thought. Mr. Divino came to spend the night, passing through town on a work trip and needing a place to crash. After a shower and a quick bite to eat, Mr. Divino settled into his room with his laptop, queuing up some porn to get off and get some rest. Just before he pulled out his cock to start stroking, a knock came at his bedroom door: Austin. The older man was ready to send the young man away, telling him he was indecent, but his dirty mind was too far gone to retreat. Letting the boy in, he didn’t close his screen or hide from his nephew just what it was he was doing. Austin didn’t shy away, curious to see what it was his uncle was doing. Austin saw the massive bulge in his uncle’s underwear, sending blood directly from his flushed cheeks to his loins. It was bigger than he ever imagined, and he spent many nights picturing what his uncle’s cock would look like. Even in the tighty whities, it was clear it was thicker and heavier than most he’d ever encountered. Inviting Austin to sit closer, Mr. Divino opened up his body for him to get a better look, aware that he was in nothing more than his underwear and a robe. It was more naked than he’d ever been with Austin, but he found the boy to be more comfortable than he expected. Boldly, he gave the boy a kiss, half-expecting him to turn away. Instead, Austin kissed him back, meeting the moment and matching his desire. It was unreal. What was happening? Could he really do this? It was one thing to make love to his own boy, but his nephew? Was this too far? Should he stop? Before he could come to his senses, Austin’s hand made its way to his groin, gripping his bulge with a hungry passion that could not be ignored. Mr. Divino smiled. He wanted this. He really wanted this. Looking into his eyes, seeing the little boy who’d always shown him such love and devotion, he knew he couldn’t deny him. And fortunately, it meant he didn’t have to deny his own urges. Pulling out his cock, Austin’s eyes widened, seeing the fullness of his uncle’s manhood for the first time. The look on his face was enough to make Mr. Divino even harder, proud of his size and happy with Austin’s reaction. Austin began to stroke it, teasing him and feeling its rigidity between his fingers and desperate to taste it. Giving the boy a smile and nod, Mr. Divino gave the boy permission to suck it. Austin tried his best to savor the taste. He knew what many of the men in his family tasted like, but he came to appreciate the unique differences between them. Their subtle pheromones filled his nostrils as their cocks filled his mouth, and he swore he could identify them blindfolded if need be. He loved knowing that he was experiencing something special with each of them, knowing that many would see what they were doing as wrong. But as he sucked on his uncle’s cock, his heart swelled with love and appreciation… and his cock swelled with mounting arousal. Mr. Divino could hardly contain his excitement, however. Shortly after Austin’s saliva coated his member in its warm wetness, the older man knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop at just a blowjob from his sweet nephew. Stripping Austin down and pulling off his underwear, he gazed at his smooth, milky backside, seeing his tight hole presented up toward him. It reminded him of his own boy’s, making his cock leak with precum. Mounting Austin, the older man tried to go slow, knowing that his enormous size might be a struggle for the little boy’s hole. Even the most experienced men had trouble taking his meat, and he didn’t want to do anything to harm his sweet little guy. Austin held onto the covers of the bed, gripping them as he grit his teeth, trying to brace for the moment of penetration. He was no stranger to a deep dicking, but Mr. Divino’s cock was a formidable challenge. The first feeling of stretching was a bit intense, eased by his own saliva and hungry hole. Achingly slowly, Mr. Divino pushed in, feeling the elastic knot widen around him until the head of his cock made its way inside. Austin didn’t know if he was going to be able to take it all, but he was determined not to stop. He wanted to show his uncle he was a grown man and could handle whatever he gave. Mr. Divino could feel Austin tremble and see his hands cling to the bedding, but he persisted. He needed to give the boy his full cock, fucking him deep and leaving him filled and satisfied…
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