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Marcus Chapter 10: afternoon delight

March 31, 2022 | Full Length Video : 38min 40sec

Something changes when the days start to get longer. The extra bit of sunshine makes its way into the muscles and flesh, bringing out an extra bit of enthusiasm and energy that is often lacking in the winter months.

Dr. Wolf is keenly aware of this and he takes full advantage of it when it comes to his house guests. He and Marcus were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day of watching movies and TV when the bright sun had filled him up with a particularly potent amount of sexual energy.

He couldn’t ...More

He couldn’t keep his hands off Marcus’ little body, feeling it resting beside him and generating a pleasant degree of heat. Dr. Wolf’s feet stretched out far past Marcus’ making it all the more apparent just how tiny Marcus was next to him. That alone would have been enough to get his loins stirring, but the warm, radiant light of the day made it all the more intoxicating.

Dr. Wolf removed Marcus’s shorts, giving him a look at his soft, smooth butt. The round little cheeks filled his hands as Marcus moved on top of him, meeting the moment with a passionate kiss. Marcus couldn’t get enough of how Dr. Wolf touched him and teased, knowing that what was coming was an amazing midday fuck.

Dr. Wolf fingers Marcus’ hole, tugging at his nuts and really playing with his body. The tall giant could feel his boy getting worked up more and more with each passing moment, and his own cock was beginning to crave some attention.

Standing up, Dr. Wolf dropped his shorts and allowed Marcus to explore him similar to how he’d done. Marcus was no stranger to the massive bulge of his host, admiring it through his tight underwear before releasing it from its entrapment.

The monster cock fell out like a falling tree, hard as a rock and rigid from tip to base. Marcus looked up at his giant daddy, eager to see his expression as Marcus attempted to take it all down. Dr. Wolf knew this was no easy task, but he always loved seeing his little guys go for it.

Marcus slobbered up and down, gagging and struggling as his throat stretched to take more. He did as much as he could, but the challenge was difficult for anyone, especially a fun size guy like him.

Dr. Wolf leaned back on the couch, cock drenched in slick saliva and still pulsing hard. He carefully brough Marcus down on it, letting him work his way onto his shaft with his tight, tiny hole.

Marcus did all he could to position himself for it, even placing his feet on Dr. Wolf’s long legs. The tall man supported Marcus as his hole took him down, feeling his insides shift and make room for him. Marcus let out a delightful moan, thrilled to get the giant doc’s bare cock deep in his hole, waiting for him to warm up and be ready to get thoroughly pounded!

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Height: 6'6"
Weight: 210 lbs

Dr. Wolf is an endocrinologist who specializes in helping young men monitor their growth. And in some cases, their lack thereof. But he understands that nothing about a short or small guy is necessarily unhealthy. In fact, it can be quite desirable. Towering over his patients at an impressive 6'6", he loves seeing the look in their eyes as they look up at him in his suit and tie. Professionally, he wants everyone to feel safe and secure in his office. Personally, he fantasizes about seeing each little guy mount up on his big cock! And when he gets the chance, he loves to make them whimper as he stretches their tiny little holes, and then completely submit under him as he pushes into their much smaller bodies.

Played by Legrand Wolf

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 107lbs
Build: swimmer

Marcus loves being a "pocket gay." He loves being tiny, skinny, and cute and getting the attention of much bigger, taller men. Every since he was young, he loved being the small one in school, very aware that his short stature could be an asset in certain scenarios. When he sees a bigger guy looking at him lustfully, he knows exactly what they're fantasizing about: seeing his tiny body sliding down on their big dick.

He loves nothing more than being mounted by a giant, feeling his ass stretch to take every inch.When he hears about tall men with a fetish for shorter guys, he eagerly seeks them out, hoping for a chance to play with the big boys.

Played by Marcus Ryder
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Marcus adores being a "pocket gay." He loves being tiny, skinny, and cute. Read more...
Marcus: Chapters
1. Dr. Wolf's Office 30mn
Marcus had heard about Dr. Wolf from some of his other short friends. The handsome doctor was known for specializing in young men with smaller bodies. Any search on local endocrinologists would have helped, but the word on the street was that he was a lot more “hands-on” than other medical professionals. Marcus was curious to check him out, leading him to make an appointment to see just how thorough the doctor could be. As he sat in the waiting room, his mind raced about what he would be like. He’d seen his photo and knew what he looked like, but a lot was still a mystery. He also couldn’t be sure that the rumors would be true. It was his first time with him and he wasn’t sure what he could do or say. Before he could devise a plan, he was told to go into Dr. Wolf’s exam room. When he entered the room, he was stunned by just how attractive the doctor was! The pictures didn’t do him justice; and seeing him in person, he was amazed just how tall he was too! He couldn’t be sure, but he seemed to be at least a foot taller than himself! He tried to stay calm and cool, but his heart raced as the doctor proceeded to take off his clothes and listen to his heart, but he knew it was just excitement from being near the handsome giant. Marcus was compliant and passive during the exam, standing where he was told, sitting when he was told, measured up and down, all the usual trappings of a full exam. Marcus did note that Dr. Wolf’s expression seemed to become more and more pleased as each measurement was taken. He was somehow impressed and excited at just how tiny Marcus was. He couldn’t be sure what it meant; but as he was being weighed, he was surprised to find Dr. Wolf caressing his back as he stood on the scale. His hands stayed in place at first, as if to keep him steady on the platform; but they quickly made their way down to his buttocks, slipping beneath the waistband of his jeans, and feeling his bare ass. Marcus felt his face flush. He couldn’t believe it… The rumors had to be true! The tall, hot, and handsome Dr. Wolf was getting a little frisky! Marcus didn’t know what to do, thinking that he misinterpreted the touch. Just as quickly as it slid in there, the doctor pulled his hand out and ordered him to lie down on the bench. Marcus took his pants off at the doctor’s request, lying down as Dr. Wolf ran his hands over the boy’s stomach. Marcus was getting aroused and loving every moment the man’s fingers pressed into his flesh. He was only in his briefs and was very aware that any excitement would show. He tried to stay cool, but once Dr. Wolf’s hands went over his thighs, the game was over! His cock started to twitch in his underwear as it swelled from excitement. With his arousal unable to hide, he bravely reached out his hand to touch the doctor’s crotch. This was the moment of truth. The doctor looked at him knowingly; with a slight smile, he silently communicated his awareness of the situation. Dr. Wolf continued to examine the boy’s genitals, pulling his cock out of underwear as he began to gently stroke it. He watched as it got harder, palpated by his large, skilled hands. The boy’s cock was beautiful and full in his palm, held up by two full testicles. He was exactly what the doctor loved to see… A handsome, tiny boy with a big dick! Dr. Wolf continued the exam as his teasing became less and less professional; and the boy couldn’t help but moan at his touch. Marcus pressed his body against the doctor, leaning on him slightly as he responded to each sensitive sensation. Dr. Wolf felt his own cock hard in his pants, poking out a bulge that stood at the same level as the boy’s stomach. Their height difference was more than he could stand, and he knew he had to pull it out. Marcus watched as the man unzipped his pants and released his massive cock from the white briefs within. Before he could reach for it, Dr. Wolf put the boy back on the table and pulled out the feet of the stirrups. Marcus lifted his legs up, spreading his cheeks apart as Dr. Wolf gently teased his hole. Marcus stroked his cock, excited and breathy with anticipation. It was going to happen. It was really going to happen. He was going to get fucked by Dr. Wolf, and he wanted it more than anything else in the world!
2. The Tailor 26mn
Marcus arrives at the tailor’s studio, ready to be fitted for a suit tux for his formal. He’s never worn anything specially made before, but given his size and the fancy occasion; he knows his only option is to get something custom. It can be awkward to get measured, but when he meets Mr. Steele, he sees the potential for some fun... Mr. Steele stands about 6’4”, well above Marcus’s diminutive 5’3”! His chiseled features, square jaw, and silver hair scream “daddy” when he stands in front of Marcus. He immediately begins fantasizing about kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock, seeing him stand tall above him. Marcus strips down to his underwear to help his handsome tailor get an accurate inseam measurement. Mr. Steele’s hands graze against the inside of his leg, arousing his cock as he gets closer to his groin. He presents his genitals more forward, hoping to elicit a response from the silver-haired giant. Mr. Steele can tell the boy is getting harder — something that only makes him eager to take more measurements! As Mr. Steele stands beside him, Marcus sees that he only reaches up to his broad, muscular shoulders. Steele runs his hands over his body, seeing just how tiny he is overall. Hearing that he wears extra small clothing gets him excited, making him unable to resist his size and cute, flirty demeanor. Mr. Steele leans in to kiss the boy, having to arch his back down to meet his mouth. Marcus is beyond horny when the big man’s hands grab his back and hold him tightly, feeling the muscular man’s strength and power. As Mr. Steele finds his way inside the boy’s underwear, all Marcus wants is to be his tiny plaything! Mr. Steele knows how to make a tiny boy squirm with pleasure, by stroking his cock and getting him warmed up for an intense fucking with his huge daddy dick. Mr. Steele pulls off his pants, unleashing his massive hard-on for his small guest to suck. Marcus eagerly drops to his knees, taking Mr. Steele’s cock in his tiny hand, feeling it swell larger and larger in his grip. He brings it to his lips, tasting it as it makes its way over his tongue...
3. The Fitting 22mn
Mr. Steele felt himself get hard as he was dialing up Marcus for his follow-up visit. Knowing that the cute, tiny guy was going to be coming back for a fitting was a special bonus to his job. And when Marcus walked in, he felt the bulge in his pants get a little bigger! Mr. Steele smiles as Marcus tries on his jacket, reveling in just how the boy gets swallowed up by his clothing. He could practically fit the small boy in his pocket! But putting on his proper suits, he can’t help but appreciate his little client’s handsomeness. Marcus stands firm as Steele runs his hands over his chest and arms, feeling for fit and ease while exciting the boy’s loins. Just as quickly as it comes on, Mr. Steele proceeds to take it off, giving himself access to the young man’s beautiful, fuckable body! Marcus moans as the older man’s big hands grope his crotch, pulling down his pants to get a peek at his overstuffed underwear! Marcus’ bulge gets even fuller as Mr. Steele plays with his hole and teases him with thoughts of his big, giant daddy dick! The tall man works his boy into a frenzy before dropping him to his knees! Marcus swallows Mr. Steele’s cock, gagging on it as it stretches out his tiny mouth and throat. The older man watches as Marcus gets his shaft drenched with saliva; getting it hard and ready to fuck his tight hole. Marcus forgets all about his suit and bends over to take his tops huge meat in his round boy ass! Mr. Steele grips onto Marcus’ hips, holding him in place as he puts the full power of his size into his thrusts, fucking his bottom deep and hard! Marcus shakes as he withstands Mr. Steele’s pounding, eager and hungry to feel his load fill him up.
4. Hunky Personal Trainer 21mn
Dallas can’t get enough of his little friend, Marcus. The older man can’t help but smile at seeing how bold and proud the boyish bottom stands despite his stature. Marcus is enamored with the muscle giant’s physique, impressed by his size and strength. Taking him out of the tailor’s shop, Dallas offers to give Marcus some special training sessions. Dallas wouldn’t change a thing about his little buddy, but he’ll do anything if it means getting him alone and seeing him sweat! As they start their workout, Dallas is proud of Marcus’ hard work, but also amused by their difference in size. Dallas’ knows his arms extend the entirety of Marcus’ height and his legs are a good foot longer than the tiny boy’s. The daddy’s muscles are broad and developed, making his body dwarf his young guest’s. Dallas can’t help but to show off for his little friend, flexing his big muscles and allowing Marcus to swing from them, barely working hard to keep his little body aloft. Their playful exchanges get more sexual as Marcus sees Dallas’ cock growing hard in his tight, red, coach’s shorts. They try their best to focus on exercises, but it’s not long before the two want to strip off their clothes and fuck! Marcus pulls out Dallas’ cock, filling his tiny mouth with the big tool, and taking it to the back of his throat, while the muscle daddy stands tall above him. Dallas fucks the boy’s mouth, feeling like a giant being serviced by his hungry, loyal servant. Dallas moves to have Marcus practice his push ups, cleverly getting on top of him and teasing his hole with his cock! The horny boy works Dallas’ shaft with this tight hole until the big man slides himself fully inside, giving Marcus a good stretch and insisting he keep up his drills. Marcus lifts himself up and down, working his muscles as his body massages Dallas’ cock. As the boy gets weaker and collapses to the floor, Dallas takes over, doing his own sets of push ups, plunging himself back into the boy’s body, and feeling his massive shaft split the boy’s cheeks! Their rigorous fucking continues, taking on a decidedly atheltic performance, keeping their heart rates up and sweating as they get closer to Dallas’ ultimate goal; a hot bareback breeding of the tiny bottom!
5. Principal's Office 17mn
Young Marcus doesn’t know what to expect when he’s called into Principal Kamp’s office. Was it his chronic tardiness that got him in trouble? His habit of daydreaming about dick during class? Or his sexual exploits across the campus? When he enters the office, he’s surprised at how sexy he finds the older man. And his arousal only deepens when Principal Kamp calmly informs Marcus that he knows the boy has been having “a lot” of sex, both with students and with faculty. He doesn’t know how to respond at first. “Am I going to be expelled?” he asks nervously. Principal Kamp laughs. No, Marcus won’t be expelled. But he needs to bend over the desk and arch his back to prove he knows how to behave. Principal Kamp starts slowly, firmly spanking the student, whose moans and groans quickly turn from pain to pleasure as he feels the older man’s hand linger on his firm buttocks with each slap. He’s writhing in a combination of fear, pain, and ecstasy as Principal Kamp removed his pants, spanking Marcus through his thin boxer briefs. Each slap is slow, methodical, and deliberate. But once the boxer briefs are yanked off the trembling boy, Principal Kamp’s slaps get harder and faster. Satisfied that Marcus knows how to obey, Principal Kamp turns him around and sets him on the desk. Stroking the boy’s cock, Principal Kamp reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo and lube. “Something for you,” he tells Marcus, who eagerly takes the lubed dildo and fucks himself with it on the principal’s desk, as the older man strokes his cock. The eroticism of being fully naked in his principal’s office, fucking himself with a dildo while being jerked off, makes Marcus leak and whimper harder than he ever has before. As his moans get louder the closer he comes to climax, Principal Kamp suddenly leans down and takes the boy cock into his mouth just as Marcus starts shooting. Pulled up from the desk, a still-shaking Marcus looks up at Principal Kamp. “Stop having sex with my faculty,” he tells the boy. “If you’re horny, come see me.”
6. Dr. Wolf’s Kingsize Nurse Cole 22mn
Marcus couldn’t wait to schedule his next doctor’s appointment. It had been a while since he saw the tall, handsome Dr. Wolf, and when he got his reminder card in the mail, he was quick to get something on the books. When Marcus went in, he felt his heart race, eager to see the smiling face of the ginger daddy and to possibly get his massive cock in his mouth again. Then, unexpectedly, another doctor walked in! As it turned out, Dr. Wolf was on vacation! Marcus went through the normal procedure of getting weighed, measured, and all the rest, but never once got the thrill he had of being touched by Dr. Wolf. Disappointed, Marcus immediately scheduled a follow up appointment, hoping to get time on the tall doc’s schedule. The nurse thought it was a little strange, but was happy to make the appointment. A few weeks later, Marcus was back! Sitting on the medical table with his short legs dangling in the air, he waited patiently for the door to open. And once it did, it was hard to mistake the beaming glow on his face. Dr. Wolf was back! The older man was happy to see Marcus, recalling their previous session together. Before Dr. Wolf could get too personal, he had to get through his professional responsibilities. He raised an eyebrow when Marcus’ file showed he’d been in for the same purpose a month before, and that a month before he appeared to be in perfect health. Seeing the playful smirk on the young man’s face, Dr. Wolf knew there might be a non-medical purpose for the visit, but he proceeded to check him out all the same. Marcus stood still, trying to conceal his glee at the personal attention he was getting from the handsome physician. As Dr. Wolf moved around his body, stripping him down and poking and prodding him, Marcus felt a rise in his shorts that he didn’t even bother to obscure. He wanted Dr. Wolf to see he was getting excited, and Dr. Wolf was visibly aroused as well. Once Dr. Wolf saw that Marcus was clearly in good health and eager to fool around, he put away his stethoscope and measuring tape and leaned down to kiss his horny patient. Given that it was the last appointment of the day, Dr. Wolf knew he could take his time and enjoy the feel of the shorter, young man, pressing his lips against him and feeling the smoothness of his skin. Dr. Wolf got an idea that made him even harder as he began to think out loud. “If you want, I could have my nurse come in… maybe he could have a little fun with us.” Marcus smiled. He remembered the handsome stud that let him into his room, well built with model good looks and beautiful eyes. Marcus said yes, practically in disbelief at his good fortune. He was so happy he scheduled another appointment! Dr. Wolf stepped out for a moment, leaving Marcus to play with his hard cock. As he leaned back on the table and stroked his cock, Dr. Wolf returned with his nurse, Cole. Cole saw the young man playing with himself and immediately greeted him with a devious smile in return. Cole began to remove his clothes, revealing his smooth athletic body and massive bulging underwear. It was clear Cole was nearly as hung as the older doctor! Marcus pulled it out, feeling the thick, warm meat in his hand as it continued to grow. He took it in his mouth, trying his best to take the massive member to the back of his throat. To his surprise and delight, he struggled to get much further past the head, wrapping his fingers around Cole’s heavy nuts. Dr. Wolf led Cole to stand at the exam table, placing Marcus on his back with his legs spread wide and up. Marcus’ hole was beautifully tight and slightly hairy. Cole stood almost a full foot taller than him, but with Marcus on his back, he was at the perfect height to slide his wet cock inside. Marcus let out a moan of desire as Cole pierced into his sphincter, pushing further into his body and filling him up with his unwrapped cock. It was firm and powerful, throbbing as each inch disappeared in the tiny bottom’s hole. Dr. Wolf watched, taking off his clothes piece by piece until he stood naked behind them. His monster cock hung between his long legs, growing in strength at the sight of his employee and his patient locked in passionate fornication. Cole’s smooth ass moved back and forth, looking beyond tempting to the older man. Dr. Wolf stroked himself for a while, not wanting to disturb what he saw, but soon became unable to resist his own urges. Moving forward, Dr. Wolf pressed his giant shaft between Cole’s cheeks, teasing his hole with his daddy dick as the young nurse continued to breed Marcus. Cole kept himself inside as he arched his back, presenting himself to his boss for penetration. Dr. Wolf masterfully slid himself inside, pushing into Cole’s body until he was balls deep. The feeling of Cole’s hole being invaded combined with his cock deep in Marcus’ body was too much to bear. Suddenly, he felt the intense rush of fluid from his loins, resulting in a massive explosion of cum from his nuts. Marcus and Dr. Wolf watched on with excitement as his load poured out of him like a fountain, splattering on the floor with the delightful sound of rainfall. Cole looked at his boss, assuring him he could cum again, and Dr. Wolf gave him a proud smile. Marcus’s hole was eager for more, and Dr. Wolf was going to make sure he had his fill of cock and cum before his session was over!
7. Dr. Wolf's Workout 30mn
Marcus can handle himself very well. Despite his size, he has enough personality and charm to fill up a room. And while he enjoys being a smaller guy, he appreciates the value of staying strong and in shape. He’s been fortunate enough to not need to work that hard at keeping his lean frame and perfect six pack. But with winter approaching, he knows it’s better to have a solid routine established now. As he works his way around the equipment, he does his best to intuitively use the equipment as he sees fit, not always knowing the best form to follow. He’s just happy to be doing something! Luckily, his good friend, Dr. Wolf, happens to be starting a workout at the same time and is happy to show him a few pointers. Dr. Wolf smiles as he sees Marcus following his advice, putting his body into proper position and really feeling the burn of the exercises he’s put through. Marcus laughs and says that Wolf’s way is harder, but seeing the tall, fit daddy, he knows he’s very familiar with putting on muscle. Ever the physician, Dr. Wolf is focused and helpful at providing Marcus thorough direction, but playful Marcus is more excited just to see the handsome man out of his office and working up a sweat. There’s no doubt that the little guy misses the attention of a bigger guy, and there aren’t many bigger than Dr. Wolf. As Marcus follows Wolf’s guidance and gets down on the bench, he can’t help but look up at the massive bulge between his legs. Even without a full erection, Dr. Wolf boasts a monster cock that’s hard to ignore. Especially when it’s resting inches above Marcus’ face. Seeing this temptation gets the better of the young man and his motivation for exercise quickly pivots to something a little steamier. With nobody around and Dr. Wolf clearly getting aroused, the two take advantage of their increased heart rates and sweaty bodies. Dr. Wolf leans in and gives Marcus a passionate kiss up his neck, leading to his mouth. He’s able to stretch his long arm right into Marcus’ shorts, feeling his swelling cock and hot hole as he towers over him. Marcus instinctually arches his ass into Wolf’s hand, practically begging for his fingers to tease his sphincter. The tall doc instead pulls off his shorts and shirt, leaving him with just a pair of cute blue undies and a prominent bulge. He stands the boy up on the weight bench, amused that doing so brings Marcus just eye to eye with himself. He tugs on his loins, feeling the intensity of his erection, and relieves him from briefs to have full access to his heavy, cum-full nuts. Dr. Wolf kisses up and down his body, taking his cock in his mouth before turning him around to devour his tight hole. Marcus leans up against the heavy equipment, seeking support from the steel structures as the older man warms him up and readies him for his cock. The horny giant pulls off his shorts, letting his monster member hang free between his legs. It’s so wide, long, and rigid, it could practically be a third leg. Marcus gets down on the ground to look up at it, loving the feeling of being beneath the older man’s cock. He looks up as he takes it in his mouth, struggling to bring it to the back of his throat. When he feels himself gag, he’s got the handsome daddy’s huge balls to worship and savor. Dr. Wolf feels himself growing even more aroused with every satisfied moan the young man makes. Leaning back on the weight bench, he keeps himself still as Marcus moves into position to take his bare cock. With Wolf’s legs spread wide, Marcus stands up against his cock, feeling it prop him up like it could take his entire weight. Instead, Marcus gingerly coaxes his hole up onto the rigid knob, taking it into his hole slowly and steadily. Dr. Wolf feels Marcus lowering himself onto his member, squeezing it tight in his hole as he gets more securely mounted on his end. Once Marcus is able to maneuver himself more, he lifts up his legs, resting on a bar of the bench. From there, he’s able to fully lower himself down, taking the massive member into his hole with ease. The older man lets out a soft, satisfied moan as he sees Marcus expertly engulf his cock. It’s not easy for most, regardless of size, and this little guy takes it like a champ. Marcus controls the pace of the action, moving himself up and down as he sees fit, working Dr. Wolf’s cock deep into his gut. That is until the older man’s dominant energy rises to the surface, bouncing Marcus up and down like a little toy on the end of his cock...
8. FunSize Boy Workout 17mn
I’ve been wanting to get my hands all over young Marcus ever since I became his coach a year ago. Marcus is the very definition of a pocket-rocket and, at 6’6”, I get very excited by that size difference! Especially when it comes to sex; I love the feeling of a young guy riding my dick! But with these young guys, it’s always hard to know what they’re interested in. Even when they’re looking up at me wide-eyed and excited, I can’t tell whether they’re interested in me sexually or just enamored with the idea of former basketball player showing them how to handle their balls! Marcus was especially difficult to read in that department. Sometimes I’d catch him looking over at me with such intensity that I assumed he’d be up for taking my dick hard and raw there and then! Other times, he’d seem more shy and reserved. My only option was to keep the charm turned on at all times and feel it out slowly… I finally got to have a moment of clarity one evening when he asked if he could have a one-on-one training session at his folk’s house. It would have been an outright “no” had he not told me in the same breath that his parents were out of town and that he had the place to himself. How could I have turned down such an enticing offer? I got him out on the deck doing sit ups and push ups. He was working up a good sweat and we were getting along great. Then I managed to get him into a pretty compromising position for more situps, with his legs wrapped around my waist. I love it when I can get a boy in that position! It instantly showed him how big I am next to him and gave him a little flavor of how hot things might get if we decide to move things to the next level… I put him down, got him to take his top off, and started feeling him up as I complimented him on his tight little body. I could tell he was getting turned on, so I took my own top off and planted my lips rather squarely on his. It was a fairly outrageous gesture but he responded well. Within seconds, we were kissing like a pair of horny school kids! His cute little hands were instantly all over me. He grabbed my rock solid cock through my shorts and started to tug at it. I pulled it out of its underwear cage and he dutifully dropped to his knees and started to suck. This boy was certainly no stranger to the concept of giving a blow job! He knew exactly what he was doing–and it felt so good! I stood him up and pulled his shorts down so the two of us were completely naked. I tried to forget that we were at his parent’s place and just went with the moment. I just hoped they didn't have hidden security cameras! I laid on my back and got young Marcus in a 69 position, him sucking me as I got my lips around his surprisingly large dick. These pocket gays often have surprisingly big packages. Then I told him we were gonna do some special pushups I’d been eager to show him. He laid face down on a mat with his ass in the air and I hovered my body over him. He was so small I practically covered him completely! Then, with him in the right position, I lowered myself down until my cock slid right into his tight, hungry hole! After that, he was back to doing pushups with my tool sliding in and out of his body! After getting ten bareback reps in, he collapsed down on the mat, trembling with exhaustion, but I was still inside him. I dropped on top of him and he suddenly felt the true size of my meat penetrating his guts. I don’t think he could quite believe how big I was. He started squealing and whimpering as I slowly started to thrust myself into his tight little hole. Man, it felt good. As he got more used to my size, I was able to go a little harder and deeper. It’s even more fun when they start to open up a little. I was completely in charge. Dominating him. Making him my little fuck toy. I picked up the pace, pushed his legs apart, and started to bang him hard. Judging by the noises he was making, I don’t think he’d ever been fucked like that. It was a real privilege to introduce him to proper sport fucking! Then I laid on my back and made him get on top of me, feet on my giant thighs, riding me like a jockey rides a thoroughbred horse. And he did a pretty good job! All that push-up training has given him great stamina and very good core strength. And I could feel my pre-cum going all foamy at the base of my cock. I knew I was gonna bust my nut and decided he was riding me well enough for me to blast inside him. Cumming inside is a special treat I reserve for the best boys. I started banging my dick into him, faster and faster, until I suddenly exploded. And I shot BIG! He must have felt my dick throbbing so hard and the creamy juices literally gushing into him. It was a spectacular orgasm which I won’t be forgetting for a long, long while!
9. Afternoon Delight 39mn
Something changes when the days start to get longer. The extra bit of sunshine makes its way into the muscles and flesh, bringing out an extra bit of enthusiasm and energy that is often lacking in the winter months. Dr. Wolf is keenly aware of this and he takes full advantage of it when it comes to his house guests. He and Marcus were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day of watching movies and TV when the bright sun had filled him up with a particularly potent amount of sexual energy. He couldn’t keep his hands off Marcus’ little body, feeling it resting beside him and generating a pleasant degree of heat. Dr. Wolf’s feet stretched out far past Marcus’ making it all the more apparent just how tiny Marcus was next to him. That alone would have been enough to get his loins stirring, but the warm, radiant light of the day made it all the more intoxicating. Dr. Wolf removed Marcus’s shorts, giving him a look at his soft, smooth butt. The round little cheeks filled his hands as Marcus moved on top of him, meeting the moment with a passionate kiss. Marcus couldn’t get enough of how Dr. Wolf touched him and teased, knowing that what was coming was an amazing midday fuck. Dr. Wolf fingers Marcus’ hole, tugging at his nuts and really playing with his body. The tall giant could feel his boy getting worked up more and more with each passing moment, and his own cock was beginning to crave some attention. Standing up, Dr. Wolf dropped his shorts and allowed Marcus to explore him similar to how he’d done. Marcus was no stranger to the massive bulge of his host, admiring it through his tight underwear before releasing it from its entrapment. The monster cock fell out like a falling tree, hard as a rock and rigid from tip to base. Marcus looked up at his giant daddy, eager to see his expression as Marcus attempted to take it all down. Dr. Wolf knew this was no easy task, but he always loved seeing his little guys go for it. Marcus slobbered up and down, gagging and struggling as his throat stretched to take more. He did as much as he could, but the challenge was difficult for anyone, especially a fun size guy like him. Dr. Wolf leaned back on the couch, cock drenched in slick saliva and still pulsing hard. He carefully brough Marcus down on it, letting him work his way onto his shaft with his tight, tiny hole. Marcus did all he could to position himself for it, even placing his feet on Dr. Wolf’s long legs. The tall man supported Marcus as his hole took him down, feeling his insides shift and make room for him. Marcus let out a delightful moan, thrilled to get the giant doc’s bare cock deep in his hole, waiting for him to warm up and be ready to get thoroughly pounded!
10. Ripped and Ready 22mn
Marcus thinks he’s so sneaky. When he first laid eyes on king-size daddy and local tailor, Mr. Steele, Marcus knew he needed to come up with a reason to visit that shop more and more. Tearing holes in an old pair of pants seemed like an easy way in! Mr. Steele saw right through that and told Marcus that the fun-size boy doesn’t need a reason to come in for a “fitting.” Marcus felt his dick swelling immediately! A quick glance downward showed Marcus that Mr. Steele was ready for some big/small action! Mr. Steele strips Marcus down while they kiss passionately. Marcus feels Mr. Steele’s hard cock rub against him through layers of clothing and decides he wants to free that monster dick for a taste. Mr. Steele’s rock-hard and ready for Marcus and his mouth. Marcus may be small, but his throat happily opens wide for Mr. Steele and the giant daddy moans his approval. The boy’s got a talented tongue and throat combo going! The tailor could take this throat-swabbing for hours but he’s got a different hole in mind for his big tool. Mr. Steel is able to pick Marcus up with ease, showing off his incredible strength, turning him around to give Mr. Steele’s tongue a turn! The silver fox dives deep in Marcus’ hot hole, probing his tender spots that can give such pleasure. Marcus is feeling the intense sensations and can’t help groaning in ecstasy each time Mr. Steele’s tongue plunges into his hungry hole. But this rimming is not just for Marcus’ pleasure. Mr. Steele is very experienced with fun-sized boys and knows Marcus’ hole needs to get prepped for what’s to come. The tailor knows the sewing table is the perfect place to bend Marcus over and shove his raw, rigid dick into that little hole. He enters slowly at first, giving the boy a chance to get used to having such a big dick probing inside. A smile pops onto Mr. Steele’s face as the boy’s hole opens up and pulls his hard cock deeper and deeper inside. Marcus can’t help but moan in pleasure as the monster dick pushes further and further in. That’s Mr. Steele’s cue that he can pick up the pace! Mr. Steele picks Marcus up and moves him into another position, barebacking him doggy-style on the floor. Marcus’ moans fill the room. You can tell Mr. Steele is also loving it because his low-pitched grunts match up with the boy’s higher-pitched sounds. They both get louder and louder as the pounding intensifies! Mr. Steele is getting close and that turns Marcus on even more. He’s begging for that dick to go deeper, faster, harder! This king-size daddy is ready to bust a king-size nut!
11. Double Stuffed 21mn
Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Steele regularly train together. They pride themselves on being in great shape. Both are well over six feet tall and there’s not an ounce of fat on either of them. Their bodies literally ripple with well-defined muscles. They know they look good, and these quintessential DILFs always get what they want. Both men have a taste for younger, shorter guys. Obviously when you’re 6’5", the whole world is short, but Dietrich and Steele like their boys in fun-sized packages. Mr. Steele has been fooling around with Marcus, a cute, pint-sized, local boy who can’t get enough of men who are twice his age, and preferably, also, nearly twice his height! It turns out that the boy has also caught Dietrich’s eye and, after a bit of lusty banter in the changing rooms, the two older dudes decide to give him a call and invite him over. Naturally, Marcus is quick to arrive. The idea of spending time with a pair of giant DILFs is the core of his fantasies. Additionally, he’s had his eye on Dietrich for some time now. The two older men can barely disguise the epic bulges in their tight shorts as the diminutive boy walks into the room. Within seconds of the door closing, they’re all over Marcus, towering above him like a pair of skyscrapers, running their huge, manly hands over his tiny body. Dietrich thrusts his tongue deep into Marcus’ mouth before grabbing the boy’s crotch. Mr. Steele pulls Marcus’ top off and pushes his shorts down before passionately kissing the boy. Dietrich casually taps Marcus’ shoulder, gives him a devilish smirk, and orders him to his knees. The boy dutifully drops to the ground and gets his mouth frenziedly wrapped around the older man’s mammoth meat. Marcus certainly knows how to give good head. And on these hung studs, he’s working real hard to impress. He gags and chokes as streams of saliva pour from his mouth. The older men exchange appreciative glances before starting to make out themselves. Dietrich and Steele have known each other for ages and they’ve often enjoyed some fun together. They have a mutual respect for each other; a deep, kinky bond. And they’re never happier than when they get to share a horny, submissive boy together. They roll out a yoga mat. Marcus is stripped naked and told to get on all fours while the older men eat him out, slipping their probing tongues into his tight-yet-eager ass, and sucking his neat little balls. Marcus moans appreciatively. Their three bodies are soon so intertwined it’s hard to know who's doing what to whom. Steele crawls under Marcus and starts to suck his dick while Dietrich continues to prepare the boy’s quivering hole for a hard, wild ride. Dietrich is the first one in. He pushes Marcus onto his side, and guides the boy’s mouth towards Mr. Steel’s throbbing dick. Dietrich kicks things off with a slow, deep grind, his cock gently sliding in and out of Marcus’ intestines. Marcus whimpers like a wounded animal, unable to comprehend the size and girth of Dietrich’s plus-sized monster. Dietrich is soon nut-deep in the boy, using his long, powerful thighs to thrust every inch of himself into Marcus’ soon-to-be gaping hole. Mr. Steele becomes impatient, so the well-behaved boy does a 180 on the yoga mat, presenting his ass to the sexy, silver fox who immediately slides his large, firm dick deep into him. The older man’s rod enters the compliant boy like a hot knife running through butter. Within seconds, Steele is pounding hard, using every part of his long, muscular body to skewer the boy like a powerful machine. Steele fucks harder and faster until his balls are screaming for mercy. He explodes hard, busting his nut deep in Marcus. With Steele still inside, Marcus turns his hungry attention to Dietrich’s dick, which is just about ready to blow. The boy slides his lips repeatedly up and down the older man’s shaft until he’s grunting and groaning with orgasmic pleasure. Dietrich’s spunk flies into the boy’s mouth and gushes straight down his throat. Marcus swallows the load like a good boy. But as the two older DILFs pull their giant dicks out of the tiny boy, you know from the sexy glints in their eyes that they’re by no means done with him…
12. Kingsize Rubdown 41mn
When Marcus first met top-rated masseur Mr. Stone, it took everything the young twink had not to openly stare. Now, at this point in his life, Marcus had been in the presence of tall, broad-chested men before, of course, but Mr. Stone was in a league of his own. The older gentleman’s giant, dinner-plate sized hands alone were remarkable enough, but Marcus had never seen a man so powerfully built. And yet, after the first time Marcus got a massage from Mr. Stone a week or so ago, he was delighted by how gentle and careful the rugged-looking elder could be. On the other side of this equation, Mr. Stone was also charmed by the shy, soft spoken tiny twink. And it didn’t get past the burly masseur the way in which Marcus casually eyed him from head to toe. After their first massage session was complete, Marcus had a challenging time trying to hide his excitement when Mr. Stone suggested a second—different—more exploratory type of therapy. Young Marcus agreed to this immediately. And now, a week later, they've arrived. Marcus laid bare on the massage table, relaxed, a towel covering his lower body and growing anticipation. In all honesty, Marcus was sure that this time around he was going to be unable to hide how turned on he was. Mr. Stone was used to clients having natural, spontaneous erections during a massage. This was normal, and the experienced masseur would never draw attention to it, as most times a client’s erection faded as he got used to his touch. However, during their first encounter, Mr. Stone couldn’t ignore that Marcus was erect for the entire session. The coy little guy even made hard eye contact with him at several intervals during the appointment. As Mr. Stone began the second, more intensive deep tissue massage, he silently thrilled at the sound of the petite twink’s soft sighs.He observed that Marcus had already closed his eyes in deep relaxation. Mr. Stone took the opportunity to admire the boy’s fit, trim little body as he went to work on the young man’s neck, shoulders, and back. Marcus was in heaven, but still cognizant of something quite different about Mr. Stone’s approach this time around. The boy had his eyes mostly closed, but he could tell that the beefy masseur wasn’t wearing pants. Just a skimpy pair of boxer briefs and a thin, white tank top. And the older gentleman was sporting an enormous hard on! Mr. Stone directed young Marcus to remove the towel and flip over onto his back. The tiny twink did so in an instant. Unsurprisingly, the boy was rock-hard and drooling precum. Mr. Stone wanted nothing more than to lick Marcus’s dick clean, but there were still so many other parts of the boy’s anatomy for the masseur to tend to, first. First, he kneaded Marcus’s incredible little chest, torso, and abs. It greatly pleased the older gentleman to hear the extra small twink’s purrs of pleasure as Mr. Stone slowly, methodically explored and massaged every inch. It was clear by now that both men were warmed up and ready to take the massage to the next level. No words were spoken, yet they communicated between themselves an electric, indisputable carnal desire for one another. Before he knew it, Marcus was off the massage table and on his knees, pulling down Mr. Stone’s underwear and taking the entirety of the elder’s giant member into his small mouth with one hungry swallow. The tall, burly muscle daddy crooned with deep yearning as he thoroughly worked the boy’s hot, wet mouth. Marcus hopped back up onto the massage table and gave access to what he knew Mr. Stone ultimately wanted—his tight little bottom. Mr. Stone’s deep tissue talents went far beyond the typical full-body massage. He spread the boy’s cheeks and pressed his giant digits inwards. Marcus sunk into hypnotic pleasure as the hunky masseur was able to press and knead spots he had never had worked over before. After a few minutes of this, Mr. Stone was sure, both professionally and erotically, that he’d gotten the tiny twink’s tight hole loosened up just enough to take him. At the same time, however, as Marcus looked back and gaped at the sight of Mr. Stone’s impossibly massive tool, he wondered if the boy’s small body could manage to take it. But the sex gods knew just how badly the petite twink wanted the hulking daddy inside of him; they granted access, and the waves of pleasure afforded by it. And as if Mr. Stone could feel the hungry, steamy anticipation of his entry, he aimed his enormous cock head and pressed it gently, but firmly up against the boy’s super tight, puckered hole. He drilled into him far beyond their appointment time limit, and far beyond the limits their bodies normally afforded them…
13. Working Up a Sweat 23mn
On a whim, Marcus decided it was high time to invest in some home gym equipment. He was initially pretty stoked—but once the delivery men came and installed the giant apparatus in his basement, the boy nearly had buyer’s remorse. The equipment was great, for sure! He just didn’t know exactly how to use it. Marcus recalled an advert in the local paper featuring a former body-building champion named Mr. Steele, who could be hired to be a personal trainer. When Marcus saw the accompanying picture of Mr. Steele next to the ad, his jaw nearly hit the floor. The hulking heavyweight wasn’t just huge, Marcus thought. He was sexy as fuck! After a series of email correspondence, Mr. Steele agreed to come to Marcus’ home and help him become acclimated with the new gym equipment. Upon arrival, Mr. Steele could barely fit through the front door, he was so tall and broad. Marcus awed at the size of Mr. Steele—he could barely contain his excitement at seeing the man in the flesh. Mr. Steele wondered if the itty-bitty guy in front of him might have bitten off more than he could chew. Although in his twenties, Marcus was the size of a very young teen. If not extremely careful and adeptly instructed on how to safely utilize the equipment, there was real danger that this pint-sized pup could hurt himself. So, the elder giant offered to help Marcus learn how to handle and lift the various bars, pulleys and weights safely and responsibly. They began with some basic squat exercises. The lithe-bodied boy immediately impressed his towering trainer. Marcus caught on very quickly how to lift and move his body with near-perfect form and technique. As he practiced, Mr. Steele couldn’t help but notice the near-perfect shape and fitness of the lad’s rock-solid twink ass. After Marcus had finished the final few squats, Mr. Steele helped him place the bar back on the rack. Instead of panting with exertion, like most of the clients that Mr. Steele worked with after such a workout, the energetic boy seemed like he was ready for more. Sure, Marcus might be a little guy, but he was quick to demonstrate that he was tough. Mr. Steele really liked the twink’s feisty, good-natured personality, and he also really liked Marcus’ sexy smile and gorgeous little body. As he had these thoughts, Mr. Steele noticed that the boy couldn’t keep his eyes off of the DILF’s quickly tenting gym shorts. He liked that, too. In the next moment, Mr. Steele and Marcus were all over each other. The super-ripped trainer couldn’t believe his luck as the boy leaned into him and allowed Mr. Steele’s enormous hands to explore every inch of him. The darling boy would have absolutely let this sexy giant touch him all over, wherever and however and for as long as he wanted. But Marcus was aching to reciprocate all this tender attention back to Mr. Steele’s own shoulders, pecs, abs, and…elsewhere. Marcus and Mr. Steele examined and groped one another’s uniquely built and massively contrasting forms. The considerable size difference was such a turn on for them both--Marcus adored the fact that his entire pocket-sized frame could be completely enfolded into Mr. Steele’s mountainous mass. Marcus felt the throbbing of Mr. Steele’s jockstrap against him, and it was starting to drive him a little wild. In a sort of hypnosis, he rubbed his gentle face against the soft, thin fabric of the bodybuilder’s musky jockeys. Mr. Steele rumbled as the eager boy got to work peeling off his underwear and swallowing the shaft beneath. Marcus’ tiny mouth somehow engulfed the entirety of Mr. Steele’s engorged cock. And after several sublime minutes of mind-blowing twink head, the impassioned Mr. Steele suggested that they take their workout to another level. He suggested that Marcus grind his dime-sized anus against the thick iron bar of the powerful personal trainer. Then, to Marcus’ delight, Mr. Steele spun the heated youngster around and impaled him in the reverse-cowboy position. The bright-eyed boy cried out with joy as he managed the DILF’s submarine-sized schlong all the way inside of him. Marcus marveled at how full and satisfying the waves of ecstasy felt rippling through his shivering waif frame. Soon, Mr. Steele instructed Marcus to hoist his little body up against his large frame and practice his newly acquired squat exercises… only, to also do so while riding up and down on the giant’s dick. If the boy were being honest, this was the type of sweaty workout that he had secretly fantasized about when inviting Mr. Steele over in the first place. Mr. Steele had quite athletic stamina, but he knew at any moment he was going to erupt. With one massive hand, the handsome hulk simply lifted his twink client and stood him up for one last set of fuck reps. Marcus barely had time to grab onto the weight rack and hold on as Mr. Steele drove his cock up and impossibly deep into the boy’s tender insides. Marcus shook and wailed as he begged the DILF colossus to pump a big load into him. Seconds later, he got what he screamed for. Mr. Steele wrapped his massive, muscular arms around his new boy-toy and blasted like a warship cannon. Marcus wailed with each massive volley of semen that shot up inside of his tiny rectum, easily filling him up well beyond capacity. After Mr. Steele finally pulled out, the cheeky cherub asked his new personal trainer if he would show him another exercise! The heaving hulk shot Marcus a grin—he was sure he had one more long, sweaty workout in him.
14. Size Comparison 41mn
Dr. Legrand Wolf and his patient—and now frequent sex playmate—Marcus Rivers were enjoying a peaceful, rainy afternoon together indoors. As the rain poured down and beat against the large windows of Legrand’s living room, the two lovers snuggled together on the couch. It was unseasonably chilly for an early spring afternoon, but as Legrand and Marcus cuddled together, they generated more than enough body heat to keep each other sublimely warm. They couldn’t help but gaze upon one another with genuine adoration. This is nice, they thought. As Marcus cooed and purred against Legrand’s massive, gorgeous body, the gentle giant reveled in the young twink’s soft little hand roaming over his chest and torso. Legrand could have sworn he felt a subtle twitch coming from the boy’s crotch as the two lovers pressed up against one another. Finally, they kissed. Legrand smiled down at the dark-haired boy with eyes of light hazelnut. Marcus was like porcelain, soft skin, small, just enough body fat to shape his cupid-like aura. His smile was also soft, with lips that curl upwards slightly when he does anything even remotely exciting or enjoyable for him. They had curled after the kiss; the little twink was getting horny. Might as well get naked, Legrand thought. He knew what Marcus ultimately wanted, and not just because of the fact that it was also what he wanted. But first, as Legrand removed the boy’s clothing, they playfully enjoyed one of their favorite shared intimate moments: comparing the vast size difference between their physical bodies. The good doctor’s enormous hands were longer than Marcus’ feet. Marcus giggled; he loved this kind of play. Soon, the puppy dog-eyed Marcus found himself gasping for air. He cried out with the intense sensations of Legrand fingering his extra-sensitive and smooth anus. The expert physician knew just how to finesse and finger that sweet entrance so that it felt nice for the boy. And as Marcus emitted long, loud moans of wonder and delight, Legrand’s own animal desires began to rise quickly. As though Marcus could read this horny daddy’s mind, he slid off the couch and yanked Dr. Wolf’s jockeys right off. He grabbed the doctor by the dick and began to kiss, lick and suck its massive length. Legrand was in heaven, especially when the boy would look up at him with those puppy-dog eyes as he licked and sucked his massive cock. The rest of that afternoon was consumed by an erotic state of bliss. The masterful doctor guided small Marcus through position after position of sweet, passionate love-making. Their bodies intertwined in ways the doctor only came to know from his years of experience, and in ways that made his young companion wail with rapture. Any thought of the chilly rain outside was forgotten. As Marcus sat impaled in reverse-cowboy style on Legrand’s lap, the heat of their sex caused both lovers to sweat. The delicate-looking twink rode up and down on the gargantuan daddy’s large tool, leaving the boy shaking with an imminent orgasm. The sweet-faced twink sang the devoted doctor’s praises. Legrand stroked his boy’s penis sensing, as all good doctors should, what was happening in his patient’s body. Marcus twisted, and shouted, and came in the DILF doctor’s loving grip. Legrand wrapped his other arm around the boy and pulled him down hard onto his dick. The doctor blasted volleys of seemingly endless cum into the impossibly-tight tunnel of his miniature twink lover. As the rain continued to pour down outside, Marcus held tightly to his big daddy and showered him with passionate, sweet kisses...
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