July 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 34min 25sec

Black Mamba knows what’s going down. He and Edward James are hanging out at the office suite waiting for Blaine to arrive. Blaine is interested in becoming a model and has already signed all the paperwork for this day’s session. He didn’t read it very carefully or he’d realize this is no ordinary entertainment company and no ordinary photo shoot. Mamba is the bait and Blaine’s about to get schooled!

Mamba shows Blaine around a little to get him comfortable with the surroundings. Edward James starts snapping pics and giving direction. First, fully clothed, then off come the shirts. More snaps, then off come the pants. Tasteful underwear shots as far as Blaine is concerned. Then the moment of truth, “take the underwear off.” Blaine is surprised; this is more than he’d expected. Black Mamba puts him at ease and reminds him that Blaine’s already signed off on full nudity and sex. Not that Blaine put up much of a fight!

Mamba takes Blaine’s ...[Read more]

Mamba takes Blaine’s dick into his hand then into his mouth. This BBC ain’t playing! Mamba bobs up and down on it, taking it deep into his happy, happy throat. Blaine’s loving it too; it might not be what he expected but he’s not complaining! Mamba switches places with him and Blaine starts swallowing Mamba’s mamba! It fills his mouth and, more importantly, his thrussy! Mamba’s got a deep itch and Blaine’s hard cock is scratching it!

Mamba laps at Blaine’s hot hole for a hot minute then lines his big dick up and plunges deep into Blaine's ready-and-willing cavern of wonders! Blaine gasps out loud and the gasps turn into moans as Mamba pounds that horny hole over and over. Blaine can’t get enough!

When both are ready to blow, Mamba pulls out and the two jerk themselves. Two creamy creamy loads, coming right up!

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