June 16, 2022 | Full Length Video : 39min 4sec

Savage is bored with small-town life in Georgia. The gay scene isn’t anything like it is in the bigger cities. And that’s really too bad because Savage has got such a great big black dick that everyone could enjoy!

When he fills out his model application, he checks that he’d be willing to do “everything” on camera… and that’s where Black Mamba comes in.

The director’s assistant ...[Read more]

The director’s assistant gets his first task: get Savage hard. But suddenly Savage is shy, and doesn’t want to remove his underwear. Black Mamba guides him through and soon Savage is naked.

Mamba has his orders, so he gently strokes Savage's big cock to get him going. Soon, Savage is into it too, rubbing Mamba’s mamba through his pants. A huge gasp of pleasure rings out as Mamba takes Savage’s hard-on into his mouth. The more Mamba sucks the harder Savage gets!

Mamba can’t take his eyes off of Savage’s hot ass and decides he wants a taste. Spinning Savage around, Mamba dives deep into Savage’s hole with his hot, wet tongue. Savage buries his face into his hands - so much sensation coming at him all at once!

Mamba keeps his eyes on the prize, literally. Once he has Savage’s hole wet and spit-slippery, his BBC slips into Savage’s hole with no trouble. Savage cries out in pleasure as Mamba starts to piston the very hole he was eating out just seconds ago! Savage’s hole stretches to take in the monster dick, and swallows it whole!

Mamba pumps harder and deeper, moaning with every pump; moans that match those coming from Savage. It’s hard to tell who’s more into it, the bottom or the top!

Mamba’s getting close! He’s got a surprise for Savage. He’s been saving his cum up for this very purpose! Get ready for gallons of cum!

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