May 19, 2022 | Full Length Video : 34min 18sec

You can immediately tell Blackberry and KLuv know how to have a good time. They’re both laughing and joking with each other. Friends. With definite benefits!

Blackberry pushes KLuv back onto the coach, lifts his buddy’s shirt and dives right in on KLuv’s dark nipples. Licking and sucking while KLuv moans with pleasure. Those are some seriously sensitive nipples!

KLuv gets so ...[Read more]

KLuv gets so hard so fast that he has to get his bulging cock out of his pants and pronto. Blackberry quickly realizes he has a new target now and takes KLuv’s love meat deep into his throat. KLuv’s eyes roll back into his head as his dick slides in and out of Blackberry’s talented mouth.

That mouth can do more things than that, though! Blackberry swings KLuv around and spreads his buddy’s cheeks open wide. He wants to taste that hole and dives right in. KLuv loves getting rimmed and the electric shockwaves this sends through his body have him shaking with pleasure!

Once that hole is properly spit-lubed Blackberry lines his rock-hard BBC up and drives it home. KLuv is living for this long-dicking and all that comes with it. Blackberry is a limber guy, he can suck KLuv’s dick while pile-driving KLuv’s hole! OMG, it feels so good!

But Kluv has a trick up his sleeve. He’s going to give Blackberry a taste of his own medicine, and Blackberry is going to love it! Blackberry lays back onto the couch and now it’s KLuv’s turn to plow the depths of Blackberry’s hot ass!

KLuv spit-lubes and drives his own BBC deep into the bussy of the man who was fucking him just seconds ago. Blackberry really enjoys the bottoming and lets KLuv go to town on his hole - plunging, pounding, plowing!

KLuv gets a rhythm going and Blackberry is there for it. The fever-pitch is getting higher and higher. Blackberry intensifies the action by grabbing hold of his own monster and jerking it for all he’s got. Two shots of man juice are on their way!

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