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Blaine Porter & Hot Rod

August 24, 2023 | Full Length Video : 29min 28sec

Hot Rod thinks he might be having a meet-cute with the soft spoken Blaine Porter on the Edward James couch, but once conversation turns to sex, their polite conversation gets rowdy real fast. It only takes one look at the surprising size of Blaine's dick to get Hot Rod's eyes rolling into the back of his head—he can't believe what he's seeing, and he can't wait to wrap his lips around it!

Normally, once Blaine shows his cock, the sheer size of it guarantees he'll be on top. But once Hot Rod takes his shorts off, Blaine can't help but get down and submissively suck, too. Despite how shy and sweet he seemed at the beginning, it turns out Hot Rod's appropriately named, after all. Dude is huge!

Still, Blaine ...More

Still, Blaine remembers exactly what he looks about men once he sees the huge size of Hot Rod's rear. After a cheeky spank, Blaine dives in, rimming , eating out, and motorboating the hole. It's the best chocolate cake he's ever tasted. He licks and sucks at the flesh, and Hot Rod's jaw goes slack in mind-blowing ecstasy.

After getting the stud's hole nice and wet, Blaine bends Hot Rod over the couch and slips inch-by-inch inside him. As the thrusts become harder, Hot Rod can barely keep his eyes open. Blaine is relentless in his pleasure, fucking Hot Rod like it's the last time he'll ever get to have sex. Blaine's left drooling on the couch, moaning, crying out, and thanking Blaine and the stars for how lucky he is to be taking such a huge, perfect dick!

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