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November 02, 2023 | Full Length Video : 33min 29sec

After a behind-the-scenes meet-cute facilitated by famed porn producer Edward James, Robbie Dash and Blain Porter play a game of rock-paper-scissors to see who tops. After losing, Blaine is faced with the exciting and daunting task of taking on Robbie’s thick eight-inch shaft!

Robbie shucks his shorts off right there on the casting couch and Blaine, eager to prove that he’s up to the task, pounces on Robbie’s growing erection. Only half of Robbie’s huge meat fits in Blaine’s mouth—he has to take the rest in hand. His efforts are rewarded, though, by appreciative moans and hip thrusts.

Before things go ...[Read more]

Before things go too far, Robbie pushes Blaine off and has him stand up. The smaller top pulls Blaine’s shorts down and has a taste of his new friend’s own nice-sized meat. After he’s satisfied with the suck, Robbie spins Blaine around, drapes him over the back of the sofa, and eats his hole until Blaine is begging for more cock!

Robbie stands up, sticks it in, and goes to town. Blaine moans and curses, but he takes everything Robbie has got to give down to the root. After getting Blaine’s hole wide open and well-fucked, Robbie switches things up by moving to the loveseat and laying back.

Blaine gives couch surfing a new meaning by riding and bouncing up and down on Robbie’s juicy dick! To finish things off, Robbie moves Blaine onto his back, legs spread wide, while he pounds Blaine’s tight hole into the home stretch—and given the size of Robbie’s cock, we mean stretch.

He pulls out just in time to shoot a nice load on Blaine’s cock and balls before he shoves his cum-slicked rod back in for some more. Blaine jerks off while Robbie fingers his bottom’s sweet spot to a happy ending that leaves these two sexy boys, and the couch, in desperate need of cleaning.

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