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Dr Wolf and his son Jonathan Wolf
February 13, 2020 | Full Length Video : 19min 41sec

The good doctor enjoys his morning coffee, listening to the sounds of the morning forest and the quiet slumber of his well-fucked boy. He can’t think of a better way to start a day! And when Jonathan wakes up, feeling his body stretch and come alive, he can feel that his hole, still a little sensitive from the pounding it received the previous night...

Dad meets his boy with a kiss, proud of his son and happy that he’s enjoying himself on their little getaway. It’s so hard to have such quality time together back at home. Here in the cabin, it seemed like all they needed was each other to be happy and whole.

That passion stirs ...[Read more]

That passion stirs up not just emotions, but their loins as well. Jonathan can hardly get close to Legrand without popping a full erection, something his daddy appreciates every time he feels it. Legrand touches his boy’s body, caressing his smooth skin and buttocks before sliding down to grip Jonathan’s cock. He knows what his boy needs and is more than happy to give it to him!

Legrand strips off Jonathan’s clothes and places him on the breakfast table, putting his naked body on display. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have such a perfect boy to call his own! As Jonathan strokes his cock, Legrand pulls out his own. Jonathan’s mouth waters seeing the huge monster cock fully aroused next to his.

Legrand leans Jonathan on his back, spreading his legs apart to get a glimpse of his tight hole. His heart is full of pride when he sees Jonathan splayed out, eagerly anticipating his big daddy cock...

Slowly, taking his time and watching the look in his boy’s face, Legrand presses his cock up to his boy’s hole, feeling Johnathan tense, relax, and take him little by little, inch by inch. Seeing his boy take his bareback cock was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, making his balls swell with cum, destined to fill Johnathan up!


Jonathan has had a crush on his old man for years. The sweet, young guy admires Dr. Wolf for his good looks, intelligence, profession, but more than anything, he worships his massive cock. He's been sneaking glances of him whenever he can, even stealing his underwear and imagining how his manhood would feel on his face. He's never said anything, but he's starting to suspect that Dr. Wolf is aware of his feelings. In fact, he wonders if maybe the feeling is mutual! He's never been with a man before, only ever jerking off and watching porn, endlessly fantasizing about being fucked. And nothing would mean more to him than for his first time to be between the man he respects and admires the most: his old man.

Played by Felix Maze

Dr. Wolf loves his boy. Spending all day in the office, seeing patients of all kinds, he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. He's always had the desire to be with him more intimately, but never quite knowing how to broach that subject. He sees the glances at the dinner table, coming out of the shower, and in the gym, but still not sure that he can make the first move. He's met some patients with similar inclinations, giving him a little more courage to explore his relationship. The tall, handsome, hung man can and has been able to sleep with almost anyone he wants, but the ultimate prize is own boy, Jonathan.

Played by Legrand Wolf
The Doctor's Son series cover
Dr. Wolf loves his boy! Spending all day in the office and seeing patients of all kinds; he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. [Read More]
1. Unwrapping My Boy's Package 20mn
Dr. Wolf doesn’t get too many free weekends alone with just him and his boy. Between work and school, it’s almost impossible to sneak off for a little fun! But luckily the two managed to find a weekend to drive out to the woods for a little outdoor bonding…
The long walk to the cabin was part of the appeal. No people driving by and no neighbors checking in… No one around for miles! As they walked deeper and deeper into the lush wilderness, their primal urges rise to the surface. Jonathan had been dying to seize on his feelings for his old man, but there had never been the right moment with his mom around. The years of lingering looks and stolen, caressing touches became too much to suppress. And now, far away from their regular life, Jonathan and Dr. Wolf were free to play! Dr. Wolf pulled Jonathan to the side of the trail, grabbing him by the face to kiss him softly. The trees rustled in the breeze, trickling raindrops down on them. Despite the cold and damp weather, the two felt like they were on fire! As soon their lips touched, every part of their bodies grew hot, turned on by their privacy and the sinfulness of their desires. Dr. Wolf could hardly keep his hands off of Jonathan’s body, sneaking his hands under his waistband to feel his soft, smooth buttocks. The tiny boy was absolutely beautiful and perfectly compact. Dr. Wolf's big hands could practically contain both his cheeks in one palm. The idea was enough to make the older man’s dick practically burst through his jeans. They could have fucked right there, but they carried on, knowing the real fun was yet to come! Approaching the cabin, Jonathan’s heart pounded in his tiny chest, knowing that beyond that threshold was a point of no return. He’d wanted to get fucked by his old man for so long, he would often fantasize about how it would happen. Now that he was this close, he could feel anxiety take him over.
Dr. Wolf could see the boy shaking, not sure whether it was the cold air or nerves. Either way, he brought the boy in close and held him tightly. He whispered to him that it was okay and that he was there for him — a sentiment that made Jonathan’s heart swell. He knew why they were there and how special it was. It meant the world to Jonathan that he could share the secret getaway with his dad.
As soon as they got inside, their lips met again, charged with a palpable sexual energy that was only exacerbated by the long walk. Dr. Wolf wanted to take his time in order to let the boy settle in and relax before doing anything more, but he found himself unable to control his urges, prompting him to take bolder actions than he anticipated… He placed the boy on a chair, pulling down his pants slightly to exposed his tight hole, lifting his legs upright. Jonathan was stunned to see such commanding direction from the otherwise quiet and even tempered doctor. He trembled even more now that his hole was exposed, feeling his cock slip out as well as he settled into his position. Dr. Wolf was ravenous, feeling up the boy’s cock and balls, while placing his thumb on Jonathan’s hole. Jonathan couldn’t believe Dr. Wolf was touching him there! Despite all the fantasies and wishes, it always seemed impossible. Now, he could feel the pad of his old man’s thumb tickle his insides as it passed over his tight sphincter, as he spread his cheeks to expose his delicate hole.
Dr. Wolf looked into Jonathan’s eyes, sensing his nervousness, but he could also tell by his hardening cock that his excitement was stronger than his fear. He looked at his cock and then back at Jonathan, inviting his son to make the next move…
Jonathan knew this was a test — a chance to show this was something he wanted just as badly. He swallowed his fear, lifting himself up and quickly pulling out Dr. Wolf’s massive cock. It was huge… Bigger than he expected! As he took it in his hands, it only seemed to get longer and harder. Jonathan pulled it onto his tongue, getting his first taste of the man’s member. It was like a new kind of fruit, subtle, sweet, and delicious. He swallowed it down again and again, never wanting to take it out of his mouth. He moaned into it, feeling it vibrate between his lips as he did. As it throbbed on his tongue, Jonathan could taste his father’s pre-cum as it slid down his throat. Dr. Wolf wants to take his time and make the moment last, but his own desires are too strong! Pulling his slicked up cock from his boy’s mouth, he slides himself between Jonathan’s cheeks. With a gentle push, he punctures the boy’s virgin hole, feeling him tremble as he moves his way in inch by inch…
2. Father Son Retreat 19mn
There’s not a lot to do in the woods. There’s no internet, no TV, no phones… And that’s just how Dr. Legrand Wolf likes it! With the cozy fire crackling and the cool air blowing, nothing much to do but talk, play games, and spend some quality time with his boy. Jonathan was surprised how it felt to have his old man inside him, fucking him and breeding him. He’d imagined it for years, but nothing prepared him for how it would feel to have his father’s monster cock deep in his gut. It hurt a little as his big dick went in, and even more as it plunged into the depths of this body. But once he got used to it, he found himself riding a wave of pleasure unlike any he’d ever known! It only made it even better that it was his own father who was doing it. The tall daddy was proud of his boy and how well he took his manhood, but knew he needed a break. After all, they both went through a lot! But despite his efforts, Dr. Wolf couldn’t resist putting his hands on his beautiful boy. Legrand plays with his cheeks, watching them shift and move under his finger tips. As he did, he could see his pink hole, still sore and raw from the earlier fucking. He got into bed beside him, rubbing his hole and calming it with soft caresses. He held his boy close, kissing him as he nursed his buttocks. He loved him dearly and didn’t want to hurt him. He treasured him above all else. However, as much as he wanted to protect him and let him rest, he could feel his cock growing yet again...
3. Unwrapping My Boy & His Buddy for Christmas 24mn
Jonathan sits by the fire stroking his cock as he thought of the cum still sitting inside his hole when his young friend Austin came in. Austin had been invited to come along for the trip, giving them the chance to have a little fun under the supervision of Jonathan’s very understanding daddy. Seeing Jonathan’s cock out and fully hard, Austin’s jumped into action, instantly hard and ready to play! The two boys begin to touch each other, massaging each other’s shafts when daddy Wolf walks in. They’re used to having to be a little secretive at home, but here, they’re greeted with a big smile… And even an extra hand! Legrand kisses his two boys, caressing their necks and backs as they hungrily pull out his swollen cock. Jonathan is hungry for more of what he’s feasted on all trip, taking his daddy’s dick deep in his mouth and massaging it with his tonsils! Austin joins in, assisting by sucking on his low-hanging balls. Legrand hardly knows where to begin, massaging their smooth cheeks as they service his thick dick. Austin moves to suck on Jonathan’s cock, eager to taste the daddy’s boy. Jonathan’s overwhelmed with pleasure, feeling his friend taking him down while his old man massages his body and fills his mouth. The cabin gets hotter as they pull off their clothes, cocks hard and ready to fuck. Jonathan bends over, taking Legrand’s raw cock with ease, still relaxed and primed from his last breeding. Austin watches on, leaking precum at the thought of a daddy fucking his boy. He can’t wait for a chance to slide himself in there was well. He’s not sure how whose load he wants more, but he hopes that he doesn’t have to make that choice for himself!
4. Cabin Breakfast 20mn
The good doctor enjoys his morning coffee, listening to the sounds of the morning forest and the quiet slumber of his well-fucked boy. He can’t think of a better way to start a day! And when Jonathan wakes up, feeling his body stretch and come alive, he can feel that his hole, still a little sensitive from the pounding it received the previous night... Dad meets his boy with a kiss, proud of his son and happy that he’s enjoying himself on their little getaway. It’s so hard to have such quality time together back at home. Here in the cabin, it seemed like all they needed was each other to be happy and whole. That passion stirs up not just emotions, but their loins as well. Jonathan can hardly get close to Legrand without popping a full erection, something his daddy appreciates every time he feels it. Legrand touches his boy’s body, caressing his smooth skin and buttocks before sliding down to grip Jonathan’s cock. He knows what his boy needs and is more than happy to give it to him! Legrand strips off Jonathan’s clothes and places him on the breakfast table, putting his naked body on display. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have such a perfect boy to call his own! As Jonathan strokes his cock, Legrand pulls out his own. Jonathan’s mouth waters seeing the huge monster cock fully aroused next to his. Legrand leans Jonathan on his back, spreading his legs apart to get a glimpse of his tight hole. His heart is full of pride when he sees Jonathan splayed out, eagerly anticipating his big daddy cock... Slowly, taking his time and watching the look in his boy’s face, Legrand presses his cock up to his boy’s hole, feeling Johnathan tense, relax, and take him little by little, inch by inch. Seeing his boy take his bareback cock was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, making his balls swell with cum, destined to fill Johnathan up!
5. Family Cabin Loft 25mn
Jonathan woke up early, bounding with energy. The sun shone through the window, beckoning him and his dad to get up. Unfortunately, his old man was too cozy and comfortable to throw off the covers and join his eager boy. And as much as Jonathan wanted to let Dr. Wolf sleep in, he wanted attention and affection as well as his daddy’s big dick... Jonathan crawled under the covers, cuddling up to Legrand and tempting him with every trick he had. He kissed him repeatedly on the lips, forcing the older man to crack a smile as he tried his best to keep his eyes closed from the light. When he peeked, Jonathan was quick to flash him his sweet smile right back. The young guy knew how irresistible he was to his daddy, letting no opportunity to entice go missed! Dr. Wolf knew he couldn’t resist anymore when Jonathan pressed his cute little butt up against his monster morning wood. The tall doctor daddy couldn’t control himself when he felt his boy’s cheeks brush past the head of his cock! He didn’t want to concede defeat, but he knew the battle of wills was lost the moment his boy pressed his lips to his own. Legrand pulled down the covers, giving Jonathan the chance to open up his pajamas and pull out his massive cock. The boy was quick to free it from its soft cotton containment, watching as it rose up from his loins like a tower. His thick, veiny shaft throbbed from its early rise. His balls hung low beneath it, churning up a fresh morning load that Jonathan was eager to take. Jonathan took his daddy in his mouth, tasting him on his tongue as Legrand let out a soft, satisfied breath. As Jonathen worked his daddy’s cock, Legrand felt his muscles come alive, catching up to his heart and his loins. He could sense Jonathan’s hunger to be bred and his body’s response to acquiesce. Jonathan took Legrand’s lead, obeying as his daddy told him to straddle his wet cock. The boy could feel the hard, smooth knob of his old man between his soft cheeks. It was no stranger to his hole, but every time he mounted his father, he felt his heart race with excitement and hesitation. The giant shaft was always a challenge for him to take, but one that he wouldn’t shy away from.
Legrand guided the boy down on his massive tool, feeling his boy’s tight hole break apart and take him in slowly and gently. Jonathan was so eager before, but now he trembled as he felt the fullness of his old man enter him. He wanted it, but he was still in awe of his daddy’s size and power... Legrand could see Jonathan’s eyes roll back in his head as he moved further inside him. His heavy, measured breathing and soft moans only made him harder and more eager to breed! He knew he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful boy on the end of his cock, and he would never take for granted how special he was. And to show his love and affection, he knew he was going to fill his hole full of his seed!
6. Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel 28mn
Jonathan loved spending time with daddy as he shaved. Something about seeing him lather up and clean himself was powerfully erotic and exciting! Perhaps it was envy from his masculine facial hair or the smell of the lotion, but seeing him like this made him feel very sexual. In the past, he would brush his teeth in silence, not acting on his feelings or impulses. But Dr. Wolf has insisted that if he ever has these feelings, he shouldn’t be afraid to act on them. Especially with him! Wanting to follow his dad’s instructions, Jonathan reached a hand into his old man’s robe, pulling at this cock inside. Even soft, the older man’s shaft was massive to hold. His heavy nuts beneath them, reminded Jonathan of his virility. Jonathan couldn't help but think about his own origins as he held the man’s egg-sized nuts. Seeing Jonathan’s boldness and curiosity made Dr. Wolf, himself, aroused. With his cock in the boy’s hands, he felt himself getting turned on, proud and pleased with his boy taking his words to heart. Even though they’d just gotten up, Dr. Wolf felt the situation might warrant a return to bed. After all, he wasn’t going to be able to do anything else until he’d fucked his sweet, brave boy. Why else did they come to the Forbidden Boy Hotel? Jonathan loved being in his old man’s arms and Dr. Wolf loved almost nothing more than the feeling of his boy on his chest. With his long arm, Dr. Wolf managed to reach down and caress Jonathan’s genitals. He could feel the boy’s cock warming to his touch and becoming more aroused...
Running his hand back to the boy’s soft buttocks, he could feel his smooth, tight hole between his cheeks, open and eager to be loved by him. Dr. Wolf’s cock grew large between his legs, something Jonathan was obsessed with. He loved how his daddy’s dick was almost as thick as his wrist, and how it felt filling his mouth and body! Jonathan stroked it, feeling it swell it up until it was large enough to be sucked liked a giant lollipop. He ran his tongue over the length of the shaft, moving over its many inches down to his heavy balls. He worshipped them, thankful for their life-giving potential, taking them into his mouth as the older man’s monster cock rested on his face.
Jonathan could have sucked it for hours, worshipping the big tool and making his daddy feel good. But his old man wasn’t going to be satisfied with a simple blowjob! Bending him over, Dr. Wolf spread his boy’s ass apart, staring into his hole to admire its beauty. He sighed as he felt his heart pound in his chest. He loved his boy so much!
With his cock still lubed from his hungry boy’s mouth, he pushed the tip of his cock up to his hole. Jonathan trembled as he had the first time, eagerly anticipating its entry into his tiny hole. With the older man’s massive cock, it took time for it to fill him completely, and each inch was harder than the one that came before it. But it was all he wanted! It was important to him. It made him feel loved and reminded him that he was his daddy’s boy.
Dr. Wolf watched as Jonathan took him in, slowly and patiently enduring each inch of penetration like a champ. Such a good boy, Dr. Wolf thought. Such a beautiful, sexy boy...
7. Boy Massage 21mn
Dr. Wolf was so proud of his son! He’d put him through quite a lot, but he never complained or resisted. The tall daddy had a very large cock that was challenging for even the most experienced of adults. For Jonathan, it was a struggle every time... But Jonathan didn’t mind. He loved seeing his daddy’s big cock! It made him proud to be his boy, and it always left him feeling amazing, albeit a little sore for a day or two. But Dr. Wolf knew he couldn’t always be so selfish. Sometimes, he had to give his boy time to recover. After all, when he was inside him, he found it impossible to hold back or be gentle. He wanted to devour his boy, take him over completely, and fill him up with his manhood! It wasn’t until he pulled out and saw his cum-covered cock that he fully appreciated what Jonathan had to endure. As a sign of gratitude, he lovingly and delicately followed the instructions on his Forbidden Boy Hotel guide, giving Jonathan a massage to make him feel more relaxed with his touch. Dr. Wolf started by stripping the boy down to his jock. As he ran his hands over his smooth body gently, he felt his boy’s firm stomach and chest before running his hands around to his soft, exposed ass. Dr. Wolf held back as much as he could, but he couldn’t resist pulling him closer, kissing him and caressing his genitals. A hand found its way between his cheeks, teasing at his delicate hole, but still, he found the strength to give Jonathan a gentle massage... Sprinkling some oil on his back, Dr. Wolf rubbed it into his boy’s flesh, feeling it warm up and relax as he worked his muscles with his big hands. He softly smoothed out the top layer of skin and tissue, letting his boy’s body know that it was okay to be calm and receive him. He turned him over, running his hands up his legs and into his groin, all while Jonathan closed his eyes and enjoyed the soft, loving touch of his daddy. Dr. Wolf’s cock was rock hard, concealed away in his robe as he observed his boy’s beautiful body. He knew he couldn’t fuck him yet, but he could tell that his boy was desperate for more. His soft hole was still a bit raw, but he had a clever idea on how to give his boy what he wanted. Pulling out a clear, glass toy, Dr. Wolf ran it up against the boy’s cock and hole, holding it gently up against him, letting him feel it and get used to its size. It was significantly smaller than his own cock, but still big enough to hit his boy where it counted! Sliding it in, Dr. Wolf watched as his boy got even harder, leaking precum in response to the well placed probe. Jonathan was still a little sensitive, but he loved the feeling of his daddy’s penetrating touch! He looked into his old man’s eyes, as if looking for permission to enjoy it even more. Dr. Wolf nodded, pleased to see his boy riding the edge of pleasure as he began to stroke his cock...
8. Making My Boy Cum 24mn
The air in the sauna was thick. Every breath that Jonathan took felt heavy and long. He could feel his lungs expanding and contracting inside his chest, pulling in the heat and filling his torso with warmth. It had a woody, natural scent to it, due in no small part to the pine walls. But as he continued to inhale deeply, he caught the fragrance of something else. Something more unique. He sat on the floor between his old man’s legs, resting his back against the towel that covered his lap. Dr. Wolf’s spread thighs opened up his loins to the heat and the steam, filling the air with his manly, mature musk. Jonathan closed his eyes and luxuriated in the aroma of his daddy’s genitals, feeling his own cock rise beneath his towel. From his vantage point, Dr. Wolf could see the young man getting aroused. From his high height, he felt like a giant, holding his precious prize close. He couldn’t get over how lucky he felt to be sitting there, undressed and unburdened, feeling the intimacy and connection he now had with his boy. He leaned toward him, kissing him on the lips before running his hands over his smooth body. The massage and the heat made the boy melt against him, putting all of his weight into his care. Jonathan held nothing back from him, not even his lips. And as they pressed together, their tongues tickled one another, making the small, hot room feel even hotter. Dr. Wolf couldn’t help but tease his boy’s nipples, feeling them get hard as his cock began to swell. He could feel the tip of his cock begin to press against Jonathan’s back, bringing his manhood even more to the boy’s attention. Jonathan turned around, dropping his towel and kneeling between his daddy’s legs. Dr. Wolf lifted his own to give his boy what he wanted. The older man loved seeing the once-shy boy now reach for him, eager to take his breeding tool in his tiny hands and bring it to his mouth. Wolf sat back and watched as Jonathan worked the head of his cock with his mouth, trying to take as much as he could. Playing with his soft, short hair, Dr. Wolf filled up with pride as he saw his sweet boy worship his shaft and balls, lapping up his sweat as he explored every inch of his cock. Jonathan was like a hungry puppy, looking up at his daddy with his eager eyes, savoring the hard bone he was given. Jonathan did his best to take every inch of the handsome, older man, but Dr. Wolf was more than a challenge even for the most experienced cock sucker. Feeling his throat struggle, he pulled his mouth off the massive member, taking deep breaths to recover from his efforts. A smile spread across Wolf’s face, so happy and proud of his boy for pushing himself to his limits. Not wanting to stay off his old man’s member, he dropped down to his giant, egg-sized balls, hanging heavy and low in the hot, steamy air. He licked them, playing with them in his mouth and lips as he continued to stroke Wolf’s giant cock. With every stroke of his hand, Jonathan could feel the pendulous nuts jump up, reacting to Wolf’s pleasure and his rising arousal. Jonathan took this as a sign of approval, eager to see his old man spill his seed. He wouldn’t stop until he saw the monster cock burst with cum, something that had become one of the most exciting things he’d ever seen. Dr. Wolf could have sat in the steam for hours getting sucked by his son, but his urge to cum was growing too strong to ignore. As his nuts became full and his cock dripped with saliva, he knew it was a matter of time before he was going to need to feed his boy his thick, creamy daddy load. Dr. Wolf looked deep into his eyes, and without saying a word, Jonathan knew this to be true as well...
9. My Boy's Beautiful Butt 21mn
Dr. Wolf loves his son. He always has. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have Jonathan so close to him, just within reach. Men would do anything to have a boy like him. And Dr. Wolf gets to be with him practically whenever he wants. As much as it’s a blessing, it can also be a challenge. With the walls of the taboo broken down, Dr. Wolf wants his boy all the time. And as much as he would love to have Jonathan wrapped around his tall daddy manhood every minute of every day, he knows the boy needs his own time. Jonathan, though, understands what it means to be a “good boy.” Not only is he respectful and obedient with his old man, he knows that it’s a father’s prerogative to take his boy when he needs to. It’s his right--his claim to his flesh. Jonathan gets that sometimes a father just needs to breed his boy, and he needs to let him. Not that he’s complaining. Dr. Wolf is a handsome man with a beautiful body and a cock the size of summer corn! He feels lucky to have him as a dad as well! He’d do anything for him, even if it’s hard or even a little painful. He knows his old man loves him and cares for him. From that cornerstone of their connection, all things are possible. When Jonathan was playing one of his games, Dr. Wolf couldn’t help but notice just how perky his boy’s smooth, soft cheeks were. Dr. Wolf was sitting in a chair, relaxing with a book while his son was engaged in his console. Jonathan was laying down on an ottoman, his small frame able to practically stretch out over the entire surface. With his legs up and moving back and forth playfully, the meat of his ass made the most enticing shapes. He wanted to leave the boy alone to enjoy his down time, but when his cock poked up in his jock, Dr. Wolf couldn’t stop himself. Leaning forward, Dr. Wolf spread the boy’s legs apart, separating the cheeks slightly to see that smooth, pink hole. His heart swelled. God, it was beautiful. So tight, so precious. It was like a delicate button between two round cushions. He ran a finger across it, feeling its warmth along his digit. Jonathan knew what this meant. He knew well that his old man was going to fuck him, so he tried his best to get to a spot to save his game. He couldn’t say no to him. He was his dad! But the older man leaned forward and said, “it’s okay… keep playing.” Jonathan smiled. His old man was in a frisky mood and he was happy to play along. Literally. As Jonathan tried to focus, Dr. Wolf pulled out his cock and began stroking it. With one hand he played with the boy’s hole while getting himself worked up with the other. It didn’t take long for his massive member to reach full strength, throbbing in his grip and begging to be satiated with his son’s insides. Dr. Wolf rose up to meet Jonathan’s ass, pressing his cock between his cheeks. It looked so small next to him. Wolf’s cock seemed to go deeper than Jonathan’s ass would allow. The horny daddy’s hands touched when he wrapped his hands around his son’s waist, only making it more apparent just how delicate and tiny Jonathan was. Dr. Wolf wondered if he should stop, give the little guy a break and let him enjoy his game. But seeing the pre-cum begin to bead out of the tip of his shaft, he knew he wasn't going to be able to stop what was already in motion. He slid himself into Jonathan’s hole, feeling it struggle to open to take him. Jonathan let out a pained moan, feeling the pressure on his sex. He didn’t resist, but it wasn’t easy. Dr. Wolf didn’t want to hurt his son, so he went very slowly. Pacing himself off of Jonathan’s body, Dr. Wolf worked his way inside, going in a fraction of an inch every few seconds. It was excruciating not being able to go in further and faster, but Dr. Wolf knew it was his boy needed. He was being so good by letting him take him right then and there, he wasn’t going to betray that trust. Jonathan’s body was slower to react than normal, focused on his game as well as his own relaxation. But sure enough, after a good amount of patience and consideration, Dr. Wolf felt his boy warm up and welcome him in. It felt incredible. Jonathan’s hole was like no one else’s. Something about it seemed like he was born to take this specific cock. It wrapped around Dr. Wolf perfectly as he made his way balls-deep. Jonathan let out a little yelp when Dr. Wolf skewered deep into his guts, but he did not shy away. Such a good boy. Dr. Wolf began to move his hips back and forth, feeling the head of his cock massaged by the smooth insides of his son. He pictured it in his mind--skin to skin, body to body, closely connected like nothing else. He was sad that so many other fathers would never know this intimacy, but the throbbing cock was enough for all of them! Jonathan tried his best not to show any discomfort. He wanted to be a good boy and take this cock without issue. He was a little pained at first, but as his old man began to pump into him, he felt the deep pleasure that only the doctor had been able to give him. Soon, he wanted it harder, deeper, faster! He asked Dr. Wolf to keep fucking him, and with a proud, loving, appreciative smile, his old man gave him what he wanted. Jonathan dropped his game. He wasn’t able to focus on anything else but the intense pounding he was getting from his daddy. His body shook intensely from the thrusting, held in place firmly by his strong father’s hands. He felt both protected and used all at once. It was epic. Suddenly, Dr. Wolf’s fucking became even more aggressive. Jonathan knew what this meant. When it came time for his old man to cum, he maxxed out his pacing, practically using him more as a toy than a son. He knew his daddy needed this. He knew it was what made his old man cum. And as hard as it was to take, he knew it was his place as his son to give it. Dr. Wolf let out a loud groan as his nuts tightened. The moment had come and there was no turning back, he pulled out just before eruption, wanting to see his load shoot on his son’s flesh. The creamy white liquid pooled up on the small of his back, caught on the band of his jockstrap as well as his milky, smooth skin. Dr. Wolf looked down, catching his breath, in disbelief at how good it felt. As he settled down, he could see Jonathan’s hungry hole wanting him back inside. As rough as it was, Jonathan couldn’t get enough of his old man once he had a taste. To satiate his hole, Wolf put a little bit of his load on his finger and pushed it inside his sphincter, watching it disappear into his well-worn cavity. Jonathan smiled, knowing that he’d been given a little favor from his old man. He reached to the floor, picking up his game, and resumed where he left off, happy to have been able to help his old man relax...
10. Jerking Off with Dad 18mn
These last few months have been quite a ride! If anyone had told me at the start of the year that I was on the cusp of entering into a whirlwind relationship with my own son, I’d almost certainly have thought they were joking, but here we are! It developed very slowly. For the longest time, we were both fighting feelings that we just didn’t understand. I guess there’s always a pretty massive hurdle to jump over when you’re dealing with what most people would define as taboo, but the more we denied the way we felt, the more obsessed we became about acting on those feelings. Then I guess it just exploded… Jonathan is such a special boy. I am so proud of the way that he’s developed. He’s kind, conscientious, a great sportsman and his grades are off the scale good. He’s everything I could have asked for in a son. He’s also an insanely sexy and sensual lover and I live for every second that we spend together! To begin with, it was hard to get away from everyone else to spend time alone together, but as things developed sexually and we started to crave time together, the father-son trips out to the log cabin in the woods became increasingly regular. It’s so nice to be able to lock a door on the outside world and just be together, as lovers, for a few days. Most people would probably look at us and think how great it is that we enjoy each other’s company so much. It always astonishes me how much you can get away with right under other people’s noses! We were back at the cabin last weekend. Jonathan’s started doing weights. It’s sweet - ever since we’ve been together, he’s been working on his body. I think he might be a bit conscious about the slightness of his frame. He may have inherited charm, wit and devastatingly handsome looks from his old man, but I don’t think he’s gonna end up being anything like as tall as me. Of course, that’s all part of his appeal. I love that I’m so much taller and broader. He’ll always be my son and I’ll always want to look after him. When I scoop him up in my arms, I want him to feel safe and protected… Seeing him in a T-shirt and jock, covered in sweat, lying on his back, lifting dumbbells is a sight which makes me feel very very horny. We were chilling out in the sauna at the cabin. I was in my robe and for a while I just sat and watched him, feeling vaguely proud. Then, of course, the blood suddenly started pumping in my ears. I get this insuppressible rush with Jonathan where all I can think about is sex. It’s a sort of deep, powerful, carnal instinct which kinda engulfs me and makes me need to get the spunk that made him back inside his body again. I walked over to him and gently ran my finger over the bulge in his jock while he continued to lift the weights. His technique with the dumbbells was all wrong and despite feeling horny, I had to fix that before anything else happened! Once a doctor, always a doctor, and I didn’t want my own son to end up damaging himself! I decided to show him how to lift a kettlebell for maximum impact on his glutes. Yeah, yeah, I know: I’ve a vested interest in his ass being as tight and firm as possible but it suddenly struck me as I watched him squatting and lifting the weight that he has the most perfect ass. And in that jock it looked more enticing than ever… It had been my plan to get a big old dildo inside Jonathan for some time. We’ve tried a few sex toys in the past which have always made for some pretty intense experiences, but I saw this giant toy online and instantly knew I wanted to try it out! First off, I needed to get him relaxed. He got naked and we kissed for a while. I doubt I’ll ever grow tired of kissing my son. He always smells so clean and tastes so good and it’s almost certainly the most intimate thing a dad can do with his lad. For me it’s way more erotic than actual penetration. I dunno why that should be. I guess there’s a closeness, an at-one-ness you get when your lips are touching and your tongues are exploring each other. Jonathan, of course, was hard within seconds. Oh to have a teenaged cock again! He carefully parted my robe and pulled my dick out of my jock. He’s turned into a fantastic little sucker. Well, he’s had a good teacher! I took over and sucked him. That’s another one of those sensations which never ceases to be a little strange; getting your lips and mouth around your offspring’s dick. It was crazy weird to begin with - I guess for us both - but it seems pretty natural these days, if you don’t think about it too much! He lay back with his hands on his head, enjoying the sensation - talking it in his stride. I got the dildo good and lubed up and stroked Jonathan’s dick as I slowly pushed it into his ass. It took a bit of work, but there was a moment when I felt it beginning to sink into him. His dick stiffened and he let out a low, deep moan. It was intensely erotic to see him on his back entering this sort of sexed-up trance as the rubber dildo made its way inside him, first stretching his hole and then systematically forcing his sphincter apart. It wasn’t by any means an easy ride for him. I pushed it into him a quarter inch at a time, but every slight motion caused him to yelp, his face contorting in a compelling mixture of pain and deep pleasure, while his young, smooth body shook and shivered. It took every inch of the young boy’s concentration to get the dildo all the way inside. I was impressed by the focus and tenancy he showed. He was desperate to take it. With the final push, his body went still, his eyes narrowed and his mouth flickered with a smile. I let go of the dildo and worked Jonathan’s dick before playing with his nipples. I encouraged him to jerk himself while I gripped his balls hard in my hand. His eyes instantly glazed over. He was in a reverie of absolute pleasure. His beautiful dick was bulging and ready to blow. I started to jerk him. His hands were splayed on his stomach. I wondered if he was trying to feel the dildo inside him. He stuttered out the words, “that feels so good…” As jets of semen sprayed out of his dick, I pushed the dildo further inside him. I don’t think he’d ever experienced such intensity. But that’s the nature of our relationship. We’re pushing boundaries all the time and I feel so deeply proud to be his instructor as he learns to embrace the concept of pure pleasure.
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