June 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 13min 38sec

Debonair was in the middle of his barbell squats when he felt someone else's eyes on him. Those were the eyes of a man that calls himself Mr. CEO Longstroke. And before his name is explained, it should be underlined why his eyes were wandering in the gym.

After all, how could they not? Debonair—a beautiful black man with a chiseled, lean build and short blonde hair—had chosen this day to wear a shimmering pair of particularly low cut athletic shorts, and little else. Eyes were inevitably going to be drawn to his sweating, labored body, and the way that those shorts hugged thick glutes that had very clearly worked through barbell squats many times before.

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The man that called himself Mr. CEO Longstroke asked Debonair if they could work something out. Debonair hooked the barbell back onto the smith machine and shot this stranger a look of some incredulity. He mistook the man's question as related to working on the machine, at first. Then, with realization that this was an entirely different proposition, he squinted. Handsome as this stranger was, Debonair knew his worth.

He asked Mr. CEO a reasonable question, "Work what out?"

Mr. CEO pulled down his own shorts to reveal a veritable python of a dick. Long and thick even in it's flaccid state, far larger than what most men would have when erect.

Debonair exhaled. "Yeah, we can work something out."

Mr. CEO Longstroke's moniker, certainly the last part, was well earned. Debonair doesn't just put out for anyone, but just the sight of the longstroke made him fall to his knees in oral worship. Mr. CEO made sure to watch with interest as his new gym buddy began to lick up and down the entire length of his cock, tongue stroking over the head while taking the shaft deep into his mouth.

Debonair, who had just been working out his glutes, had them really put to the test. Mr. CEO rimmed, and spanked, and eventually fucked the living daylights out of Debonair. He brought the blonde beauty into his lap and bounced him up and down on his cock until Debonair's eyes rolled back into his head.

It was a different type of workout than either of them had imagined they'd have when they went to the gym that day. But Debonair was happy to take the load Mr. CEO gave him, and he hoped there might be more work to come. After all, Debonair's glutes were his favorite body part to work out... and he was getting tired of barbell squats, anyways.

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