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Dr. Wolf and Tom
February 13, 2020 | Full Length Video : 19min 18sec

Tom’s feet practically lift off the ground when he tries to reach up and kiss Dr. Wolf. The handsome man is well over a foot taller than himself, prompting him to stand on his toes to feel Dr. Wolf’s lips press against his own! Dr. Wolf smiles, amused by the little guy’s enthusiasm and dedication to make their connection. He loves how the tiny boy makes him feel and would do anything to return the favor…

Taking off their clothes, the two men toss around, feeling their cocks swell up in their pants. Dr. Wolf removes Tom’s underwear, freeing his shaft to achieve it’s full erection. Tom is well hung in his own right, but his manhood isn't the handsome doctor’s monster cock!

Dr. Wolf puts ...[Read more]

Dr. Wolf puts the little guy on the bed, stroking his cock as his heavy nuts swing between his legs, drawing the attention of his young guest. Tom plays with his hole, thinking of the massive cock stretching his little pink asshole open and pummeling his prostate hard and deep.

It doesn’t take much more than the boy’s heavy moans to excite Dr. Wolf, getting him ready to pound his tiny bottom with his hard, raw cock. Seeing the little guy take his monster meat, he’s amazed by just how tiny he looks with it inside him! A fact that only drives him harder, building his climax as he prepares to pour his seed all inside Tom’s tiny body…

Series: Tom
Tom series cover
In the past, Tom has struggled to find guys interested him because of his height. The guys he meets online all seem to want a guy closer to their height, and not interested in the height disparity at all. [Read More]
1. Little Guy, Big Package 21mn
Dr. Wolf opened up his home to his new patient, Tom, for a little holiday cheer. The short, young man didn’t know what to bring to show his gratitude, but the tall man insisted his presence alone would be enough… And as soon as he crossed the threshold, it was clear that there were still gifts to be unwrapped! The doctor daddy and his young partner stripped down, taking off their clothes while kissing and showing off their toned, lean bodies. Tom’s neck strained to continually look up at his host, but every time he did, he couldn’t help but smile. Ever since they met in his office, there was an instant connection of chemistry and passion that he was excited to continue growing in the privacy of the doctor’s home! As Tom pulled out Dr. Wolf’s cock, Dr. Wolf couldn’t get enough of the young man’s ass, seeing it pour out of his jock and into the palms of his hands. He kissed him gently as he played with his hole, feeling his package grow harder as he thought about slipping his raw cock inside. Tom took the big guy’s cock into his hand, feeling its warmth and size fill his grip before taking it into his mouth. He worked hard to take it down, gagging on it as he inched his way closer to his low-hanging balls. He worshipped his shaft and wanted to feel it as deep inside as he could. With it good and wet, he turned around, cozying up to a giant teddy bear for support as Dr. Wolf pushed his meat past his tight sphincter. Dr. Wolf could feel Tom’s tiny body clamp down on him, squeezing his manhood as it slid slowly inside. Dr. Wolf was careful not to hurt him with his massive cock, taking his time to give Tom the full length of his bareback member… But once he could feel Tom’s body begging for more, he grabbed him tightly and kissed his neck before pounding hard into his guts!
3. Job Well Done 23mn
Having his bathroom fixed had certainly turned out to be an unexpected trial for Tom. The building work went on way longer than anticipated and the relentless hammering and banging did nothing but set his teeth on edge. He got into a routine of heading to his bedroom the moment he returned from work, donning a pair of noise-canceling headphones and doing everything and anything he could - from watching crappy soap operas on TV to jerking off to porn like a crazy person - to take his mind off the madness-inducing racket. Tom’s always been a believer in the manifestation of positive thought, however. He genuinely feels there’s something good to be found in every terrible situation. And the positive outcome of three weeks of relentless noise? Totally unexpected, utterly mind-blowing sex with one of the contractors! Cain is almost exactly what Tom would describe if asked to define his perfect man! He’s stocky, silver-haired, hung like a donkey, with a face like a cute teddy bear. Even his dusty, cruddy boiler suit seemed to get Tom’s pulse racing. And it’s everyone’s fantasy, right? You’re lying in bed watching porn on your computer when a real life daddy bear wanders into your room and nails you within an inch of your life? Then, of course, when the same hunky plumber turns up in your room the following night to tell you he’s clocking off unless you need anything else from him… Well, what’s a boy gonna do? A few seconds later, Cain’s giant hands are on a tour of Tom’s pint-sized body and his hungry tongue is painting the back of the boy’s throat! Cain loves the sensation of being with a guy that he could snap in half if he chose to and Tom is utterly turned on by that very same element of danger. Deep down he knows Cain’s a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but there’s always that horny seed of doubt which sets in when you’re forced to accept and embrace your powerlessness in the mighty arms of a Titan! Cain rapidly unzips his boiler suit and slides it down, exposing his beautiful, beefy body and that well-defined chest of his, covered in that light coating of copper hair. Sexy, skinny-boy Tom suddenly seems half his size; a toy in the arms of a juggernaut! They strip naked and Tom gets his soft lips wrapped around the older man’s ever-thickening shaft. Cain is soon thrusting his rock solid dick deep into Tom’s throat. The helpless boy chokes. His eyes water. His cock throbs… Tom dives down onto all fours and presents his hungry hole to the mammoth man. Cain gets his tongue lodged just about as far inside it as he can, to get it good and wet for the hard, rough pounding he’s in the mood for giving. And then it’s game on… Cain drives his raw dick deep into Tom’s peachy ass and starts aggressively thrusting it in and out. The feeling is sensational. It’s skin on skin. The gasping boy’s tight butt muscles squeeze the older man’s dick as he fucks with increasing speed and power. This is banging at its most brutal. Cain throws Tom onto his back and continues his destructive mission. Tom’s eyes bulge. He yells, almost starting to panic. A man’s meat has never been that far inside him before. He attempts to regulate his breathing and tries to relax his anal muscles, willing Cain’s dick to slide in and out without entirely wrecking him. Cain pulls out and pushes Tom to his feet before penetrating him from behind, lifting one of the sexily flexible boy’s legs up in the process. It’s in this position that the huge difference in their size becomes most apparent. Both guys are in a state of intense, erotic ecstasy. Neither wants this ride to end. Tom suddenly finds himself pushed against a wall, being skewered so hard, his feet almost leave the ground. Cain engages the full power of his huge, muscular thighs and the results are spectacular. Tom is rendered utterly silent by the savageness of the relentless pounding. Cain’s heavy balls crack against the boy’s ass with the same rhythmic precision as the hammer blows which sent Tom rushing to his bedroom in the first place! Tom’s dick literally explodes. Huge jets of pure, white semen fly uncontrollably from its tip. Dripping with sweat, Cain smiles smugly to himself.
4. Talent Scouting 19mn
Dolf prides himself on his gut. Not his flat, washboard abs, but his instincts and keen perception. As a trainer, he needs to be able to size up his clients’ character as well as their physicality. Knowing who he can push harder helps him achieve their goals, but also gives him the satisfaction of seeing someone transform under his direction. Most of it is professional drive, but there is certainly a part of him that enjoys the thrill of having someone submit to him. What he’s learned more than anything else is that size and strength are not always hand in hand. He’s worked with big, muscle bound adonises who are total wimps when it comes to his regimens. And he’s also known quite a few smaller twinks who never quit. Deep down, he’s more interested in working with the latter, knowing that he can push them to do anything without backing down… truly, anything. When Tom came in for his assessment, Dolf was immediately impressed with his spirit. His can-do attitude practically glowed, filling the room with a big, cheerful personality. He couldn’t have been taller than 5’5”, but Dolf could see he had the heart of a champion. He asked the smaller guy to strip down to give him a look at what he was working with. Tom complied, not questioning his sudden disrobement for a second. Dolf felt up his body, grabbing at his back, muscles, and butt. Tom looked up at him with a smile. He was clearly enjoying being touched by the handsome man. Dolf stood well over a foot taller, possessing both great size and dominant, daddy energy. Tom showed every feeling he had on his boyish face, making it clear he was open for whatever Dolf wanted with him. How could Dolf resist? Seeing a little guy so willing to be his made him lose all professional boundaries. He played with the smaller guy’s cheeks, shaking them to see how they moved in his underwear. He even gave them a little spank to watch it bounce. When he put his hand down inside to feel his warm, inviting crack, he felt his cock swell up inside his pants, making it clear he was going to need to pull it out. First, he brought Tom close to him, feeling his body against his own, leaning down to kiss him as he did. Tom was thrilled. Dolf was like a giant! Well built, tattooed, handsome, friendly, and incredibly passionate. Their first kiss practically knocked him on his feet, but luckily Dolf held him close. Tom’s hands found their way to Dolf’s cock, feeling it as it protruded inside his pants. Dolf continued to kiss him as he unbuckled his belt, slowly opening his loins to give Tom a proper view of his manhood. Dolf watched Tom as the young man gazed on his cock for the first time. Tom’s expressive face showed just how much he worshipped it. He wanted to kiss it and taste it, taking it deep into his mouth. Dolf didn’t hold back. As Tom opened his hungry mouth, Dolf fed him his hot, throbbing cock, feeling it slide between the boy’s lips. He didn’t push him too hard at first. He was still assessing his capabilities, observing him and letting him dictate the speed. To his delight, Tom ravenously took his 8-inch cock further back into his skull than Dolf would have thought possible. He watched as Tom filled his cheeks with his thick shaft, feeling his smooth mouth make love to his meat. While he looked down, he couldn’t help but notice Tom’s cock was almost as big as his own! Seeing a little guy with such a huge tool made the trainer horny in the most intense way. Something about that size difference on one body made him fall to his knees, desperate to take it in his mouth. Dolf salivated over Tom’s cock, feeling it pulse on his tongue and swell up with each move he made. Tom moaned, loving every second of it, wanting to make Dolf happy. He thought of nothing else but pleasing his sexy giant, hoping he would get to experience his deep, hard fuck. He didn’t have to wait long for Dolf to turn him around and suck on his hole, puckering it up in his mouth as his tongue ravaged his sphincter. It hurt at first, but Tom braced himself against the wall and relaxed his hole for the big man to dominate. Dolf knew this would be intense, but he wanted to see how Tom would take it. His cock dripped pre-cum as he felt the little guy arch his back up to meet his mouth, making sure he was getting what he wanted. It was so hot that Dolf had to take him right then and there. Standing the boy up and bending him over a stool, Dolf rose to bring his cock to the reddened, wet lips of Tom’s ass. It was still a little tender from his deep rimming, but he could see the look in Tom’s eyes beginning him for his cock. He gently pressed it up to his hole, feeling the warmth begin to engulf the tip. It was absolute heaven. Dolf leaned forward a little more, allowing his firm shaft to puncture through Tom’s ass, forcing out a deep moan from his throat. Dolf continued to slide forward, filling Tom up with every inch of his cock, feeling Tom’s inside stretch to receive him. Tom couldn’t believe how good it felt, not knowing when the penetration would end. It seemed like minutes passed before he felt the soft, warm sack of Dolf’s balls meet his own, letting him know he was completely inside him. Dolf held on to Tom’s hips, holding him in place to make sure his thrusts didn’t send him flying off into the wall! The little guy was a total champ, taking his fucking however he gave it. Soft, shallow, deep, or hard, Tom managed to withstand whatever intensity Dolf could give. The bigger man didn’t want to stop, loving the feeling he had dominating his new, tiny friend. But the urge to cum built up inside his big nuts, making him edge closer and closer to the moment he would have to burst inside Tom’s eager hole...
5. Dr. Wolf's Office 32mn
With the summer keeping him busy with travel, Tom Bentley hadn’t been able to make time for his favorite daddy doctor, Legrand Wolf. He knew with all the chaos of the season, the only way he’d be able to see him would be to make an appointment! He figured the older man wouldn’t mind and he could get a check-up out of the way as well. Dr. Wolf smiled when he saw Tom sitting on his exam table, remembering how he’d last seen him tucked into his bed, freshly fucked. The young man was a delight for the overworked physician, happy to take a break from the usual sick patients. Despite their history, Dr. Wolf wasn’t going to let him leave without a proper examination. He took Tom’s height and weight as well as the standard vitals. He remembered their first visit and the way Tom’s nervousness almost prevented him from being able to touch him. Now, Tom was practically begging to be handled. It wasn’t Dr. Wolf’s intention to get Tom aroused, but the young man’s cock was firmly standing at attention when it came time for the boy to take off his pants. The older man’s hands continued to explore his flesh, careful to work his loins with finesse. As he finished up the palpations, it was hard to ignore the beads of pre-cum dripping from Tom’s cock. Not only was he aroused, but his body was preparing to cum. Dr. Wolf was amazed. He hadn’t seen a patient leak just from his exam before. The idea that his touch alone could bring a tiny patient to this point stirred arousal in his own loins. He thought he could keep it under wraps and maintain his professionalism, but when Tom laid back on the exam table, the young man’s gaze went immediately to the rise in his pants. “Can I see it?” Tom asked, timidly begging to be reunited with the doc’s monster cock. Dr. Wolf couldn’t deny him. It was clear the boy was plenty healthy and not needing any special attention, save perhaps a deep pounding. Pulling out his cock, Dr. Wolf watched as the little guy took it in his hands, gripping it and pulling it to get it even more erect. It seemed to extend out like a telescope between his fingers, revealing more of itself as it was manipulated. Tom took it in his mouth, feeling the smooth surface of Dr. Wolf’s penis slid past his mouth and his tongue. He loved how it tasted as it moved further toward his throat, trying with all his might not to tear up or gag. Dr. Wolf just stood still, letting the tiny patient control how much he took, impressed by how much he could. Dr. Wolf felt his enormous balls begin to tingle with anticipation. Just like Tom’s precum, they, too, were preparing for a burst of cum. He held out for a little while, giving Tom time to enjoy his manhood, but his need to breed soon became too much to ignore. Turning Tom around on all fours, he positioned the young man at the perfect height for his shaft. Even with the tall table and the boy’s body, Dr. Wolf had to come down slightly to get the tip of his cock between Tom’s cheeks, making sure he made a successful penetration. Most young men are nervous to take Dr. Wolf’s cock when they’re in his office. But for Tom, he had the benefit of experience. He knew he could take it, so the nerves that rattled others were overtaken by a deep desire to be fucked. His palms sweated and his heart raced as he waited for the moment when their bodies would be one. And with a gentle, careful, precise push, Tom’s mouth fell open at the feeling of being opened up. Dr. Wolf’s cock eased its way inside Tom’s hole with the same delicacy it had his mouth. Not wanting to rush or hurt his bottom, Dr. Wolf carefully followed Tom’s waning resistance, feeling his body take him in slowly but surely. Tom moaned as he relaxed his insides, allowing the older man to come inside his hole. Patiently, he felt every inch of him move deeper and deeper until it could go no further. Still only about half way inside, Dr. Wolf told Tom to turn over onto his back. He knew this would be more comfortable for Tom and allow him to open up even more. As Tom did as he was asked and turned his body around, Dr. Wolf was quick to slip his throbbing erection back inside, not wanting to lose his place in Tom’s hole. Tom felt the pressure deep inside his gut, but sure enough, looking into Dr. Wolf’s eyes, he managed to take a few more inches of the handsome daddy. Dr. Wolf was in absolute heaven. Tom was a sweet, beautiful young man, wrapped around him and begging to be fucked. What could be better? Picking up intensity, Dr. Wolf knew he was just moments from cumming. He held onto Tom’s hips, holding him in place and thrusting himself deeper and deeper, at times getting all the way down to the base of his shaft. Tom was struggling to take it all, but he wasn’t going to say anything to make it stop. He loved seeing Dr. Wolf get close to climax and he wanted to walk away with his seed in his hole. With just enough ferocity in his moans to sound almost like a wolf himself, the older man gripped Tom’s legs with his hands and pushed himself in as deep as he could go. Along with the intense pounding feeling in Tom’s hole came jets of semen, bursting like fireworks inside. The young man swore he could feel the velocity and volume of each explosion, filling him up and leaving him totally satiated.
6. Guest Bathroom 37mn
Tom wasn’t a big fan of the loud noises and constant banging. While he appreciated that the contractors were going to make his kitchen beautiful and new, he was definitely a bit put out while they were going. Tom couldn’t use the kitchen when he needed it, he couldn’t watch TV in peace, he couldn’t even use the bathroom when he wanted! Attached to the kitchen was a bathroom normally used by guests, but with all the work being done, it was temporarily disconnected, leaving the contractors to need to use his personal bathroom. For the most part, this was no big deal. They seemed to be very clean and careful and Tom spent most of his day away from the sounds of drilling and hammering. But one evening one of the contractors was working late while Tom was relaxing in bed. Being on the top floor, Tom was far enough away from the work that with his noise-canceling headphones he could sit in peace and watch things on his phone or bedroom TV. Of course, Tom’s way of relaxing didn’t always involve just watching TV. Tom felt the urge to cum building, something he’d put off for hours because of the presence of strangers in his home. He didn’t know when someone might need to come in, so he just held off whenever the work was being done. As he heard the sounds stopping and the usual indications of people leaving, Tom saw his opportunity and pulled out his cock to stroke out a satisfying load. Thinking he was alone, he got very into what he was watching. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum. And with his headphones on, he had a fully immersive sound, feeling like he was right there in the scene he was watching. Fully immersed, he didn’t hear Cain walking up the stairs. Cain knew to knock before entering, but got used to Tom simply being going. So as he stepped into the room, he felt a flush of guilt as he saw Tom sitting up in bed, working his cock like a well-oiled pipe. Cain looked away politely as Tom quickly stuffed his hard-on into his underwear, continuing to explain that he needed to use the bathroom. Tom, slightly embarrassed, told Cain he could use his bathroom and tried to sit like maybe he wasn’t clearly stroking his cock. It seemed for the moment both of them were just going to pretend that what happened didn’t just happen. Cain made his way into the bathroom and Tom sat still, flushed and flustered, but still rock hard. When Cain re-entered the room, Tom got a good look at him for the first time. He’d not checked in with every single contractor, but was somehow surprised to have missed Cain in the lot. He was a tall man who practically came up to the door height! And he was about as wide as well. Cain’s shoulders were massive, even under the blue work suit he was wearing. Even without a form fitting outfit, it was clear from Cain’s size that he was a giant, well-muscled ginger daddy. And it was hard for Tom to think about his porn when looking at such a Titan. Tom and Cain locked eyes for a second. Tom thought Cain was just going to apologize for the intrusion and head on out, but he seemed to linger for a second or two longer than expected. Tom was intrigued, curious what Cain was going to do or say. It took a moment for Cain to break the silence, suggesting he interrupted something fun. Tom was amused, picking up clearly that Cain was aware of what he was doing… even enjoyed seeing it. The idea alone was enough to get Tom back in full erection. Tom invited Cain into his bed, something the big man was more than eager to do. Tom struggled to reach up to Cain’s shoulders, desperate to feel his size and strength. Close up, Tom felt absolutely miniscule. Cain’s thick neck pointed down to enjoy the look in Tom’s eyes, watching him size him up and get excited by his frame. Cain works hard to be as big as possible, all for that hungry look…
7. Dr. Wolf’s Kitchen 39mn
Tom woke up in the doctor’s arms, and, as usual, put on some clothes and made his way down to the kitchen to scavenge for vast quantities of food. It’s amazing how a night of passion can make a young boy hungry! Dr. Wolf woke up to the sound of the fridge being obsessively opened and closed and figured he ought to go help the boy find some food. He staggered a little bleary-eyed into the kitchen to find Tom standing at the sink, shirt off, tiny tight ass like a ripe little peach in his pants. It was a sight the doctor wasn’t quite ready for, and the result was powerful! As he walked across to the boy, he could feel his super-sized cock rapidly stiffening in his pants. It was terrible timing. He looked at his watch and realized he was already running late for work, but he couldn’t stop himself. Seconds later, they were kissing insatiably and the doctor was pulling down Tom’s pants and exposing the beautiful butt that he’d filled with load after load throughout the night… And before either of them could be rational and resist, they were all over each other again, hard as fuck and ready for yet another round! Tom unzipped the doctor’s pants and immediately started to coax his rock solid dick out of his tight underwear. The gesture was immediately reciprocated and, within minutes, both men were naked and highly aroused, leaking vast quantities of precum and gagging for a fuck. Dr. Wolf got Tom leaning over the marble-topped work service, one leg up to fully expose his ripe hole, which was still glistening with semen from the previous night’s exertions. Dr. Wolf’s dick ought to have slid right up there without any particular effort, but Tom’s ass is as tight as anything, even when it’s spent the entire night being boned ragged! Tom will never grow tired of the feeling of the doctor’s dick, especially the eye-watering moment it first pushes through his sphincter, sending overwhelming waves of almost magical excitement crashing around his body. As usual, Dr. Wolf kicked things off real slow, gently getting the boy used to the feel of his member before picking up the pace and speed. Before long, he was thrusting every inch of his double-sized dick deep into the gasping boy’s guts!
8. X-Ray 22mn
Dr. Wolf is known for fairly unorthodox practices. This tall DILF-of-a-dude has single-handedly developed cutting-edge and highly-successful treatment regimes which focus almost exclusively on the importance of sexual contact and release. His own dick, of course, plays a critical role in his work. It’s a beast of almost biblical proportions and he certainly knows how to use it for the greater good. As might be expected, most of his work-related sexual encounters remain in the strictly professional category, but every-so-often, the doctor makes a true connection with one of his patients and a loving friendship develops. Dr. Wolf has known Tom for more than a year now. Before they became lovers, this pint-sized stunner was one of the doctor’s patients. They have a heck of a lot of fun together exploring the endless kinky possibilities which are fueled by the immense difference in their heights. The doctor is 6’6”. Tom is way more than a foot shorter. Dr. Wolf wants to experiment with ultrasound equipment and encourages Tom to visit him in his office one evening to do just that. The idea excites the young twink enormously and, within seconds of the door closing, the two guys are making out enthusiastically, kissing passionately, heads filled with sexy, pervy thoughts. They touch and caress each other hungrily. The beautiful boy shivers with anticipation as the doctor seductively strips him naked, then responds by helping the older man out of his suit and tie. Tom carefully pushes down the doctor’s underpants and exposes his eye-wateringly plus-sized dick! The boy smiles to himself. He may be young, but he knows quality when he sees it. Tom sits himself down on the bed and the doctor guides the boy’s shapely feet into metal stirrups which force his legs wide apart and ensure he’s truly ready for intense penetration. Dr. Wolf prepares the ultrasound equipment, holding the receiver underneath Tom’s belly button and displaying the mysterious dark mass of the boy’s bladder on the screen. Tom is still utterly engrossed in the image when he feels the doctor pushing his giant dick into him. Moments later, the shadow of Dr. Wolf’s mega member appears on the screen, uncompromisingly sweeping the boy’s bladder to one side as it inches its way towards his guts. It’s a truly remarkable, almost magical sight. Wolf picks up the speed of his thrusts. Tom stares at the screen with a mixture of fascination, disbelief, and extreme horniness as he watches his organs being well-and-truly rearranged. The grainy image is almost hypnotic. The two men suddenly become a single, utterly-connected, living, breathing sexual being. The synergy blows their minds. Tom jerks himself as his body enters an erotic trance. Dr. Wolf seems intent on literally banging the boy’s spunk out of him. He pounds harder and faster, almost relentlessly. The entire bed shakes. Sweat pours from the doctor’s forehead. Tom gasps helplessly, desperate to take every inch of the doctor’s massive meat. Dr. Wolf explodes inside Tom, firing off load after load of semen into the diminutive boy’s heaving stomach.
9. Size Comparison 38mn
It was another relaxed and lackadaisical sunny afternoon. Petite little Tom was on the couch, cuddling with his far larger doctor, Dr. Wolf. They had been waking in each other’s arms for months now, their relationship developing far beyond that of normal doctor-patient relations. Despite their remarkable size difference, they fit together beautifully. They had found sex with each other almost reflexive, like two animals in heat. If one glanced at the other in their loose-fitting pants, and saw how the drape of fabric began to tent, they both knew, no matter what time of day it was, that the fabric would be gone, discarded. There was no stopping it, no controlling it, the same way you cannot control your heart, or the weather. Legrand emitted a low, gentle rumble as he ran his colossal hands and fingers all over Tom’s doll-sized chest and abs. The pocket twink purred with pure contentment. You see, no one made little Tom feel more safe and adored than his towering, yet temperate, gentle-giant lover. The way that the hulking doctor would envelop Tom and gaze at his wondrously miniature, perfect physique always made him feel like the only boy in the whole world. Although Legrand was as tall as a skyscraper, Tom honestly never thought that his lover could ever, ever get too big or tall for his liking. As shared passions reached new heights this particular afternoon, Legrand decided that today would be a great day to find out just how much of his impossibly huge cock young Tom could take—and boy, was Tom eager to find out, as well! They tossed and turned through pretzel-like combinations of groping and sex. If one didn’t know any better, one might think that these lovers had studied the Kama Sutra for years together. Tiny Tom was in a blissful state of ecstasy all afternoon long, a state of which was molded by Legrand’s sweet, sensuous groping and feral mounting. In the moments when Legrand’s exceptionally enormous cock was inside of Tom’s itty-bitty bottom, it felt to the young twink that the good doctor was filling his entire being. Every part of Tom ached for more. It also didn’t hurt that the twink was completely obsessed with Legrand’s anaconda-sized cock. And each time that Tom cried out and moaned uncontrollably the massive colossus would bellow in blissful, yet animal lust in response. Inevitably, however, their bodies could withstand only so much pleasure. The twink maneuvered his way into the doggy position, as if guided by instinct. This was Legrand’s absolute favorite way to launch his load into Tom’s teeny little buttocks—he had never told his boy this, but they both knew it on a level far deeper than words. Legrand was beside himself with crazed desire and lust for the boy, and young Tom couldn’t help but shiver and sing with anticipation as Legrand slammed home one final time inside his small patient. He delivered the load Tom desperately craved loudly, brutally. Legrand convulsed and shook from head to toe as his seed shot out. Tom nearly lost consciousness from the force of this doctor’s injection, feeling pushed into a full-blown ecstatic state that intensified with every thrust and blast of Legrand’s massive load. As the giant man and his small lover collapsed into each other’s arms, there was no doubt in either of their minds that, despite their vast size difference, the lovers actually fit together in the most perfect way possible.
10. Home Office 23mn
What a morning! Dr. Legrand Wolf finds himself completely immersed, working on his laptop filling out patient charts. With so much to do, the overworked doctor wonders how he’ll ever get everything done. Dr. Wolf thanks the gods that he is accepting patients at his home office so that he doesn’t have to fight traffic in order to get to his regular clinic in town. Suddenly, Dr. Wolf’s office door opens and in strolls his lover, Tom Bentley! The petite twink is the cutest with his unassuming countenance and timid approach. The good doctor looks up and smiles. Last night’s extremely hot sex marathon with Tom was much needed. But Legrand had incorrectly diagnosed that their mutual needs were completely satisfied. With this incredibly hot and irresistible twink treat standing before him with big, adoring eyes, Dr. Wolf’s morning wood strains mightily in his slacks! Tom shyly asks Dr. Wolf, “Are you very busy?” Had it been anyone else, Legrand might have told the truth, apologized and asked for a raincheck. But the very sight of the lithe-bodied young stud fills the older man with absolute and undeniable lust. Dr. Wolf quickly closes the laptop and coyly answers, “Ah, not too busy”. Tom smirks and falls into his lover’s giant, sexy arms. Legrand feels like a teenager again, hormones and emotions cranked up way off the charts. He kisses Tom deeply and sighs. As the two lovers hold each other and make out, Dr. Wolf is always amazed at how he can literally wrap both hands completely around Tom’s slight frame and torso. The young twink’s smooth body drives the older gentleman completely wild. His hands roam liberally all over Tom’s chest, making the boy gasp and moan with delight. Suddenly, Legrand pulls Tom even closer to him and quickly pulls his shirt off. The good doctor begins to kiss and suckle the highly aroused twink’s nipples. This kind of touch and attention causes the boy to cry out in heightened pleasure. And when Dr. Wolf starts to massage Tom’s growing erection through his pants, the tiny twink knows that his well-fucked ass from the night before is about to receive another helping! But first, Legrand wants to keep his attention on getting Tom fully naked. This King-size man teases and strokes this Fun-size boy’s thick meat. Dr. Wolf can’t help but marvel at the sight of the boy’s generous endowment. “You’re so big!” the older gentleman exclaims - for probably the thousandth time since their very first sexual encounter many moons ago! And for Tom, Legrand fills the boy with happiness and pride because of the genuine awe – Fun-size boy, huge cock!. Not as big as the Doctor’s, mind you. Legrand Wolf certainly has by far the largest, mightiest frame and the largest, mightiest penis that Tom has ever seen- in real life or in film, for that matter! Tom absolutely loves it when Legrand stares ravenously at his boy-body. And he especially likes it when the good doctor kneads and massages Tom’s ass. Dr. Wolf finds the boy to be opulent and delicious, but the tiny twink's perky, baby-smooth bottom is simply mouth-watering. The Doctor recalls his lips and tongue completely devouring the boy’s exquisitely tight, sweet anus just the night before. Legrand would love nothing more than to have a second helping, but he knows full well that his first patient will be arriving soon, and so he and the tasty twink need to get things moving! Dr. Wolf expertly swallows Tom’s thick boy phallus in one luscious gulp. He gently tugs at and caresses the twink’s ball sack. In the meantime, the ultra turned-on young man eagerly begins to pull the good doctor’s tie off and, with trembling fingers, unbuttons Legrand’s shirt. In the twinkling of an eye, both man and twink are standing together completely naked. Tom grasps the giant man’s giant monster of a dick and strokes it lovingly. The tall DILF teases and playfully twists Tom’s ultra sensitive nipples. Legrand finally sits back down with his engorged, pulsating cock and allows Tom to kiss and lick it. And boy, can this twink give a hell of a deepthroat blowjob! Dr. Wolf is again extremely impressed and extremely turned on by his petite lover’s amazing ability to take this entire massive cock down his throat with little to no effort! Tom’s earnest ministrations with both his hands and mouth nearly bring Dr. Wolf over the edge. However, both he and the horny twink know full well exactly where Legrand’s massive load is going to be launched! The good doctor pulls Tom up close and kisses him again and again, massaging the boy’s ass and erotically fingering his hole. Soon, Tom rises and gazes knowingly into his sexy lover’s gleaming eyes. He adeptly turns around and helps Legrand guide his steel-hard, massive erection to his hole and slowly sinks down all the way until he can feel the good doctor’s soft pubic hairs against his delicate young ass cheeks. The feeling for both lovers is simply incredible. Tom and Legrand simultaneously moan and cry out with passionate yearning for one another. As the libidinous twink bounces up and down on Legrand’s cock, the older gentleman liberally fondles his smooth, tight, little body. Dr. Wolf can feel his impending orgasm slowly, but steadily begin to rise in his loins, so he turns Tom back around to face him. Legrand moans and hisses loudly as Tom’s tiny rectum squeezes his huge cock like a fist. His deep thrusting into the wide-eyed boy gets faster and more urgent as their sex reaches new levels of intense sensations and pleasure. Suddenly, Legrand puts his arms around Tom and pulls him close as he sends a monumental load of cum deep inside, filling this tiny boy with a voluminous amount of thick, syrupy semen. Tom’s head falls back and he closes his eyes, loving the sensation of Legrand’s seed completely flooding him and seeping out of his tiny hole. Both Tom and Legrand wish very much that they could spend the rest of the day in each other’s arms making love and enjoying one another’s company and bodies. But this brief but incredibly hot moment will definitely linger in both their minds for the rest of the day and until next time…
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