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Austin Chapter 4: dr. wolf's house guest

June 27, 2019 | Full Length Video : 18min 25sec

Austin enjoys the attention he gets from Dr. Wolf. The tall man loves to feel his tiny little body and test out all the ways he can move him around in the bed. But sometimes, the giant doctor just loves showing him that he cares…

Austin was thrilled to receive the teddy bear from the older man, but he knows deep down there is an ulterior motive other than pure generosity. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to objects. The average person might see that bear as just big, but it’s nearly the same size as Austin himself — a fact that gets Dr. Wolf’s cock instantly hard!

Dr. Wolf ...More

Dr. Wolf can’t resist getting aroused when he sees him holding it. He kisses the sweet young boy, caressing his body before pulling down his pants. He’s seen his naked body countless times, but it’s always a true pleasure to be reminded of how tiny he really is. Dr. Wolf his hand on his butt, feeling it completely encapsulated by his palm. It’s intoxicating just how big it makes him feel to have a tiny bottom there in his bed!

He pulls out his cock, keeping his eyes locked on Austin’s. Austin’s expression is always one of wonder whenever he sees the monster rod that his doctor has hidden in his pants. He loves it. He worships it… And he’s just as eager to feel it in him as Dr. Wolf is to sink it deep!

Austin lifts his legs up, holding his ankles in his hands, just the way Dr. Wolf likes. His little boy cock rests on his stomach, growing larger and leaking precum as Dr. Wolf slides his bare cock into his tight hole. There’s always a moment of tension as the mammoth dick meets with the young boy’s sphincter, building up pressure slowly as it tries to work its way in.

The force of the tall man’s piece is more than the little boy can resist, breaking through with heat and intense pleasure. Austin knows Dr. Wolf has sunk himself in when he feels the familiar sting inside his body, met with the feeling of the man’s heavy balls pressing against his smooth ass cheeks.

Austin moans as the big-dicked top fucks him deep, so far inside his body, it forces out the air from his lungs. Dr. Wolf looks down, watching as his manhood impossibly disappears into the tiny body of his horny bottom, watching it fall beneath the flesh and stir up the boy’s loins from the inside. Just the thought is enough to make the big man want to bust his nut…

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Height: 5'2"
Weight: 98lbs
Build: wrestler

Austin's been small his whole life. Even his parents were concerned he was never going to catch up to his peers. At 18 years old, he only stands at 5’2” with a 26” waist, and shops in the "boy's" section of most stores. But Austin doesn't mind since extra small boy clothes are a fraction of price his friends pay for the same clothes. In fact, Austin's found the world from his perspective to be even more interesting. He loves being around very tall men and feeling like their pocket-sized play thing.

Fortunately, most men are taller than him, but his dick gets even harder for the biggest giants around. This tiny twink has found his niche as a small boy for big guys and is eager to play!

Played by Austin L. Young

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 210 lbs

Dr. Wolf is an endocrinologist who specializes in helping young men monitor their growth. And in some cases, their lack thereof. But he understands that nothing about a short or small guy is necessarily unhealthy. In fact, it can be quite desirable. Towering over his patients at an impressive 6'6", he loves seeing the look in their eyes as they look up at him in his suit and tie. Professionally, he wants everyone to feel safe and secure in his office. Personally, he fantasizes about seeing each little guy mount up on his big cock! And when he gets the chance, he loves to make them whimper as he stretches their tiny little holes, and then completely submit under him as he pushes into their much smaller bodies.

Played by Legrand Wolf
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Austin's been small his whole life. Even his parents were concerned he was never going to catch up to his peers, but t 18 years old, he only stands at 5’2” with a 26” waist! Despite his short stature, Austin's found the world from his perspective to be even more interesting. Read more...
Austin: Chapters
1. Dr. Wolf’s Office 33mn
Austin has had the same doctor since he was a boy. Austin’s dad thought his boy might outgrow the need to see an endocrinologist, but at 18 and on the cusp of manhood, Austin was still quite a small guy for his age. At 5’2” with a 26” waist, his growth is something the father has always been curious about. But even if that weren’t the case, Austin’s visits to Dr Wolf’s office were something the young man would eagerly anticipate. Dr. Wolf is handsome, friendly, and always felt like more than a stranger with a stethoscope. But more than that, the man is a giant! Standing at 6’6”, he towers roughly a foot and a half over Austin’s tiny body! Austin’s hormones clearly had no problem developing as his sexual feelings only became more and more intense. As much as he had started to realize that he likes older guys, Austin constantly fantasizes about the idea of being with someone much bigger than himself… Austin waits excitedly to be called into the doctor’s office, ready to see the giant once more. Once in the exam room, the tall doctor greets him warmly and performs his usual routine exam, monitoring Austin’s growth and development and seeing how he’s coming along. The visit is, for the most part, goes like every previous visit. Dr. Wolf is happy to answer Austin’s questions and hear his concerns about his development. But for the first time, however, the doctor can’t help but notice the way the boy is looking at him. He realizes the boy’s bashful glances are mostly directed toward his concealed manhood and long, tall body. It’s clear that the young man is interested in him sexually! The doctor asks Austin to remove his clothes, continuing with his scheduled examination, somewhat distracted by the appealing view of the small, young man perfectly exposed. The little guy has rock hard erection, concealed in his underwear, making the signal clear that he’s aroused. This isn’t a first for Dr. Wolf, but this definitely begins to arouse the taller, older man. Outside of very special circumstances, he would never consider breaching his profession’s prohibition of sexual contact between himself and his patients, but he’s stunned when the young man asks to see the size of his endowment! It’s clear in Austin’s puppy dog eyes that the boy longs to wrap his hands around the doctor’s big cock and feel the weight of his hefty balls. The good doctor doesn’t have the heart to say no… The doctor pulls out his massive organ, making Austin swoon as he grasps it, sensing its size and girth. His physician’s erection is nearly as big as tiny Austin’s entire forearm! Within no time, the doctor has the boy down on his knees; kissing, licking, and worshipping the man’s huge cock! Standing next to him, Austin feels small next to his giant doctor. A rush of sexual energy courses through his body like electricity seeing the handsome face of the towering man looking down from such an impressive height. Dr. Wolf feels momentarily worried for his little patient as he watches him take the fat head and the first inch of his thick shaft into his mouth. Nevertheless, the big doctor can’t resist pushing it further into the little guy’s throat. And as he does, he feels his cock grow bigger in Austin’s tight, virginal throat. Austin is determined, fighting through tears to accommodate the long, thick cock that was expanding inside him! Looking down at the young man’s handsome face, the doctor can’t help but think of how beautiful it would be to see this tiny little guy struggle as he popped the boy’s cherry and sheathed his meat for the first time in his tight, smooth hole…
2. Dr. Wolf's Master Bedroom 19mn
Austin has been spending a lot more time with his doctor friend — even outside the office! Being around Dr. Wolf makes Austin feel safe, but more importantly, he gets the reassurances that he needs to accept that he is perfect the way he is. Austin was thrilled when Dr Wolf first invited him to his home to continue their conversations… The taller man can’t get enough of the small guy’s body and how it feels when the boy is riding his cock. Austin loves spending the night with him, snuggling into his big spoon, feeling Dr. Wolf’s load deep inside him. Nothing makes him happier than being the little spoon. So little, the big doctor treats the boy like a small stuffed animal! After a night of hot sex, the little guy sleeps soundly in the doctor’s bed, sporting morning wood that can’t be ignored. Turned on and ready to play with his toy, Dr. Wolf caresses the boy’s hard cock and smooth ass, feeling his own erection rising to attention. Austin loves seeing the big guy pull out his massive meat. His many inches seem perfectly proportioned to his height. When the tiny boy leans over to take it in his mouth, he gets turned on by feeling his jaw ache to take it all! Dr. Wolf splits the boy’s legs apart, sliding his bare cock inside his hole, holding him tightly in his arms. The tall doctor loves how compact his bottom is, how small his tiny little hole is, and the way his hips feel pressed back against his thrusts! Austin grips onto his teddy bear as the fucking gets more intense, moaning uncontrollably. He knows the doctor’s enthusiasm for being so deep inside his little body, and he loves the sensation of being fucked by Dr Wolf’s great big dick! He does all he can to stay in place, but the tall giant easily manhandles him into whatever position he wants…
3. Dr. Wolf's Private Room 30mn
Dr. Wolf has grown very fond of little Austin. The short boy has come a long way from his quiet, shy demeanor in the sterile office. Now, in the tall man’s home, he feels completely comfortable and relaxed… Even a little frisky! The young boy is constantly thinking about how hot it is to be fucked and filled by the auburn giant, never letting a moment pass where he could be riding his massive cock. The king size bed that Dr. Wolf has is like an ocean for Austin to get lost in. He holds him on the edge, stripping off his clothes, keeping him safe and secure as they explore more of their intoxicating size difference. The giant doctor loves looking down, seeing Austin’s little body against his large hands. Even as his clothes are tossed aside, he can’t help but smile at how tiny they are! Austin’s cock, however, stands upright, fully engorged and ready for action! Austin knows well just how capable the older man is in bringing him to intense sexual limits. He arches his back as Dr. Wolf’s fingers grab and caress his little butt, feeling his hole and the soft flesh around it. As close as he they’ve become, he can’t get enough of the way the doctor fondles his genitals and body, similar to how he examines the boy in the doctor’s office. It makes him feel wanted and desired, while adding a fun curiosity for the doctor to explore… Austin gets up on the bed, lying with his legs completely stretched out, toes curling as he pulls out Dr. Wolf’s thick cock, taking it in his throat as it moves past his tongue. The doctor can tell that Austin doesn’t even extend the full width of the bed, with plenty of room on either side. The visual only makes his cock harder, filling the boy’s mouth more. Austin struggles to take it all down, stroking the long shaft as he comes up for air, eager to feel it inside his tiny pelvis. Dr. Wolf sees the hunger in the boy’s eyes, even as they tear up on his massive meat. He knows the boy’s hole can take much more than his throat, bending him over the edge of the bed, and giving him the perfect view of his tight little hole. He tells the boy to prop it up for him as he wets the tip of his dick with his spit. The boy takes a deep breath, focusing his body to relax and ready himself for the deep penetration he’s about to receive. The doctor goes slow, sliding in one inch at a time. He knows the little guy has been fucked a lot recently and is likely sore from being thoroughly bred again and again. But his own desires conflict with his nurturing instincts. Each thrust forward and back make him want to feel more of the boy’s insides around his shaft! The doctor drives himself deep between the boy’s tight cheeks, listening to his breathy moans muffle into the bedspread as he fucks him harder and harder. With his hands around his tiny waist, he holds the boy in a locked position, giving him nowhere to go as he takes every part of his raw manhood…
4. Dr. Wolf's House Guest 19mn
Austin enjoys the attention he gets from Dr. Wolf. The tall man loves to feel his tiny little body and test out all the ways he can move him around in the bed. But sometimes, the giant doctor just loves showing him that he cares… Austin was thrilled to receive the teddy bear from the older man, but he knows deep down there is an ulterior motive other than pure generosity. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to objects. The average person might see that bear as just big, but it’s nearly the same size as Austin himself — a fact that gets Dr. Wolf’s cock instantly hard! Dr. Wolf can’t resist getting aroused when he sees him holding it. He kisses the sweet young boy, caressing his body before pulling down his pants. He’s seen his naked body countless times, but it’s always a true pleasure to be reminded of how tiny he really is. Dr. Wolf his hand on his butt, feeling it completely encapsulated by his palm. It’s intoxicating just how big it makes him feel to have a tiny bottom there in his bed! He pulls out his cock, keeping his eyes locked on Austin’s. Austin’s expression is always one of wonder whenever he sees the monster rod that his doctor has hidden in his pants. He loves it. He worships it… And he’s just as eager to feel it in him as Dr. Wolf is to sink it deep! Austin lifts his legs up, holding his ankles in his hands, just the way Dr. Wolf likes. His little boy cock rests on his stomach, growing larger and leaking precum as Dr. Wolf slides his bare cock into his tight hole. There’s always a moment of tension as the mammoth dick meets with the young boy’s sphincter, building up pressure slowly as it tries to work its way in. The force of the tall man’s piece is more than the little boy can resist, breaking through with heat and intense pleasure. Austin knows Dr. Wolf has sunk himself in when he feels the familiar sting inside his body, met with the feeling of the man’s heavy balls pressing against his smooth ass cheeks. Austin moans as the big-dicked top fucks him deep, so far inside his body, it forces out the air from his lungs. Dr. Wolf looks down, watching as his manhood impossibly disappears into the tiny body of his horny bottom, watching it fall beneath the flesh and stir up the boy’s loins from the inside. Just the thought is enough to make the big man want to bust his nut…
5. Janitor's Closet 21mn
Austin knows all about Big Ryan. The 6'8" giant janitor that walks the halls of his school. His intense look makes him intimidating as hell. No one wants to mess with him, fearing what his incredible size could unleash. Austin’s always been small for his age and is frequently picked on by the bigger boys. He can stand up to a point, but sometimes he just needs to escape. One afternoon as Austin tries to evade his bullies, he quickly sneaks into the janitor's office. He doesn’t know what to expect, but he knew he would be safe inside. The bullies might be tough, but they’d never attempt to stir up trouble with Big Ryan! When Austin gets inside, he finds the surly giant sitting at his desk. Even seated, he’s still somehow practically taller than the standing, trembling young boy. Austin could barely get up the courage to ask him if he could stay there, fearing what the big man would say. Luckily for Austin, Ryan has a special affinity for small, short twinks! Austin took a breath and began to feel safe, knowing that no one would be able to fight with him. In that comfortable place, he couldn’t help but find Ryan incredibly attractive. Here was this tall, handsome, intense man who was practically able to put him inside his pocket! Austin didn’t even reach the height of his shoulder fully standing! Big Ryan begins to comfort him by telling him it’s not so bad being small, making Austin chuckle. The gesture compelled Austin to touch him, reaching forward to feel high up on his chest and open his uniform. Big Ryan loves seeing a little guy undress him and it always gets him fully hard. As Austin comes across his massive, monster cock, it was clear he was no exception! Austin knelt down, taking off his shirt and pants, excited at the idea of being able to get closer with his enormous janitor. Ryan ran his hands over his body, feeling his growing boy cock as he leaned down to kiss his ears and neck. Austin can’t help but breathe heavy as he feels his big hands on his privates, a feeling that makes him horny and desperate to take him inside!
6. Austin & The Tailor 30mn
Austin always has trouble finding clothes that fit. Usually he can just pop into the kid’s section of a clothing store to find the sizes he needs... But the more specific the items he needs, the more he needs to get things specially made. When it came time for Austin to get ready for a formal school event, he had to go and get fitted for tux. After a lot of searching, he found a good tailor who could measure him up and find something that would suit him without being too juvenile. Mr. Steele had a good reputation online and was fairly close by. When Austin entered his shop, he was immediately taken with how handsome he was. He looked more like a movie star than a local tailor! He had piercing grey eyes, a strong jaw, and a trimmed, white beard to compliment his silver hair. Even in his white dress shirt, it was apparent just how fit and lean he was. Austin was stunned at just how big his hands were; when he shook his hand, it easily wrapped around his. Even with all that, Austin felt his heart race over one simple fact… The man was a giant! He must have been 6’4” or so, a solid foot taller than Austin. Dallas was friendly and polite, but had a very straight-to-business manner. He was quick to ask Austin to undress and ready himself to be measured. Austin felt a bit turned around, still stunned from the man’s incredible attractiveness. Here he was now stripping down in front of him! Dallas could tell the boy was affected by him. He was fairly used to people finding him attractive. He could also tell the young guy was a little nervous and getting aroused. He smiled to himself, amused by the young guy’s situation. When Austin came out from the privacy divider, he could see just how small he was all over. Small everywhere, but his cock! As Dallas wrapped his measuring tape around the young boy, he was amazed that Austin’s chest was smaller than his own waist! And his waist was almost as small as his thigh! As he wrote down each number in his notes, he found himself getting aroused by the reality of the boy’s size. Before he could get to his inseam, he could see the boy’s cock almost completely hard in his underwear. He was a professional and didn’t make a fuss about it, continuing to get what he needed. He did, however, take a little longer than usual to run his hand up his legs, feeling his smooth skin brush against his knuckles as the plastic tape extended inch by inch. Twitching back and forth, the boy’s hard cock started to become a little hard to ignore. He brushed his hand against it and said playfully, “I think this thing is getting in the way.” Austin laughed, embarrassed to be fully aroused in front of this handsome stranger, but appreciative that he was making him feel okay about it. Dallas stroked it a little with his big hands, caressing it through his underwear. He whispered to him, “Do you like that?” Austin replied with a breathy word, “Yeah.” The taller, older man reached down below his waist band. “I guess not everything is small.” Austin laughed, feeling himself get even harder, warmed up by the man’s touch. Dallas leaned in and looked at him, sensing his openness, and leaned in for a kiss. The soft, silver hairs of Dallas’ beard brushed against Austin’s smooth, bare face. Their lips pressed against each other as their tongues teased back-and-forth. Dallas then held Austin’s head against his hard chest, nestling in between his full pectoral and his broad shoulders. Austin felt so safe and secure in that space. He reached his hand down and felt the tall man’s cock held tightly in his well tailored pants. He rubbed against it, eager to see it and feel it in his mouth and body. He leaned his head back and kissed Mr. Steele, ready for whatever else the silver giant would give him...
7. Big Ryan's Apartment 15mn
Once his shift was done, Big Ryan couldn’t wait to bring Austin back to his apartment. The tall daddy could practically fit Austin in his pocket as he snuck him off campus. Once alone and in the privacy of his home, Ryan knew he wanted to impale Austin's tiny tight little butt back onto his thick cock. And he planned on doing so with the little guy again and again for several hours that evening. The moment they were in his apartment, the boy was eager to play. Austin dropped to his knees, eager to feel the horsehung titan fuck his face and fill his mouth with his meaty big dick. But stuffing that much cock in his soft little mouth wasn't easy. Tears ran down his cheeks as he struggled to fit it in, choking on his massive shaft as it stretched his throat. Ryan loved seeing the boy submit to his size, persisting as he was challenged inch by each girthy inch. Nothing was hotter to him than seeing a little guy swallow him whole. Austin’s throat did what it could, but Ryan knew that it was his ass that could really get stretched and withstand the pounding of his giant penis! And he loved the sounds the little guys make when he opens them up. He stripped the boy of his clothes and bent him over his bed, seeing his perfect, bubble butt pop up before his eyes. His cock grew even harder, just seeing his little boy hole pucker, begging to be stretched and filled. After rimming the funsize boy's little hole, and teasing his tight little sphincter for some time, Big Ryan finally slid his saliva-slicked cock between Austin’s cheeks. Feeling his massive girth stretch the boy as wide as a summer sausage was pure heaven. Once he popped the head of his cock past the boy's tight little sphincter, he slowly slid his monster cock back where it was when he fucked the little guy in his janitor's office earlier. The boy’s hole was just as warm and tight as it was before, only now it was sucking and spasming around his girth, and the boy was literally begging for his seed. Austin moaned as his tiny funsize boy-hole spread open once more, feeling the familiar stretch of Ryan’s deep penetration. It felt so good to be owned and used by the tall kingsize man...the boy was pushed forward by his weighty thrusts. He felt like a toy being tossed about the bed, weightless on cloud nine. The feeling that he was somehow insignificant beneath this dominant top, that thought alone was enough to make him cum all over the place!
8. The Fitting 26mn
Austin couldn’t wait to see Mr. Steele again. It was awkward being fitted and measured, but Mr. Steele made him feel comfortable and special. Especially after their last intimate appointment, Austin was eager to get the older man’s hands on his tiny body again. As soon as he walked in, he saw Mr. Steele’s blue eyes light up and as a big grin came over his face. Austin could have sworn he saw the fabric over his crotch jump up as well. Mr. Steele helped him undress, readying him to try on his suit. He couldn’t resist himself by caressing his body and cock, even tousling his hair a bit. It felt so good! All Austin wanted was to be back in the older man’s embrace, and here he was again, standing naked in front of him. Mr. Steele teased him a bit by having him try on his jacket. The coat was so big that it practically touched the floor as it draped off his tiny shoulders. He leaned in and kissed him as they laughed; grabbing at the boy’s hard dick. He stroked it, feeling it swell in his grip. He wanted to see him cum again, but he had to get to business first. Austin tried on the bespoke shirt and suit that Mr. Steele had carefully prepared for him, feeling it snugly fit all the right parts of his body. Mr. Steele was clearly good at what he did and was careful to remember every detail of his form when he made them. Austin was happy to finally have some fancy clothes that fit him well! Mr. Steele inspected him, making sure everything fit well, taking every advantage to feel up his ass and crotch as he did. Austin didn’t mind, he wanted him more than he wanted the suit. The tall, handsome man was so attentive, so giving, so loving of his small body; and Austin wanted to feel him again as well! As Mr. Steele took off his suit and shirt, carefully peeling them off his body to finish the final alterations, Austin’s heart fluttered. He hoped that the silver-haired man would fuck him again. Steele leaned down and kissed the young boy, sensing his desperation in his breathy, quiet moans. Mr. Steele took off his shirt, giving the boy a view of his muscular chest and arms. He could see Austin wanted him badly and he liked that. He liked having a little guy worship his size and make him feel strong and powerful. As he continued to strip, Austin’s eyes focused on his massive cock, hidden in his tight white underwear. The short boy pulled it out, still impressed with its size and girth. He remembered how it felt inside him and was eager to have it back inside him! He dropped to his knees, taking the big man’s cock in his mouth, savoring its taste and warmth on his tongue. He looked up at Mr. Steele, towering several feet above him. It was like looking at a bronze giant statue, perfectly sculpted and immovable. Mr. Steele looked down at the boy, seeing his desire in his eyes. He was like a little cock sucking toy, so small he could fit entirely in his hand. He couldn’t wait to feel Austin slip over his cock, tight and warm like a sheath to a sword. He wanted to fill him up with his meat, fuck him hard and raw, and leave a load deep inside him that he could take back home and feel inside him for hours...
9. Recruiter's Office Evaluation 22mn
Austin is a growing boy and looking forward to his future. Naturally, he weighs his many different options... A new job, college, even maybe even military service. When he meets Lieutenant Brian Adams, a recruiter who visited his school, he’s all the more intrigued! Lt. Adams is tall... Exceptionally tall! Austin’s getting better at assessing people’s height, and based on his leg length, he had to be about 6’6”. Austin knows it’s just a number, but the thought of Lt. Adams being so much bigger made him willing to be alone with him for an evaluation. Lt. Adams brought him into his office, preparing the usual paperwork that comes from a new potential recruit. Stripping Austin down, Lt. Adams took his measuring tape out and began writing down his various stats. Lt. Adams sees all different types of men all day; from the extremely athletic, to the very inactive… One thing he can’t deny is the feeling of power it gives him to see a smaller guy up on his stool, yielding to his authority, and making him feel like the big man in charge! Austin stands tall, trying to be cooperative and accommodating; all the while watching Lt. Adams stare at his underwear. Austin tries to play it cool, but seeing the rise in the man’s uniform pants makes his mouth water! Lt. Adams catches him sneaking glances, prompting him to reach for the boy’s groin and play with his cock… Mission accomplished! Austin follows the military man’s orders, stepping off the stool when asked, even pulling down Lt. Adams pants. His eyes widen when he sees his massive cock pop out of his pants, bigger and thicker than he could have imagined. His balls, hung nearly as low as the head of his cock, were presented it in front of him like a beautiful gift. Lt. Adams orders him to stroke it, getting his member fuller and harder before Austin takes it into his mouth. The short boy can barely open his mouth wide enough to take it all, gagging on it as it stretches out his tiny throat! Lt. Adams loves seeing Austin struggle on it, wiping away his tears as he tries again and again to keep it down. He gives the boy a reprieve from his mouth by putting the boy up on his desk and lifting up his legs to get access to his smooth, tight hole. Austin trembles, unsure if he’ll be able to take the army giant’s massive weapon. Lt. Adams slides his cock in Austin’s hole, feeling the boy’s saliva help coax it in. Austin strokes his cock, moaning as Lt. Adams’s thick dick moves deeper inside his body. He feels his insides spread to make room for the big man’s meat, turned on and desperate to feel his load empty into his hole.
10. Doctor's Office Trick or Treat 28mn
Austin heads to his favorite doctor’s office for a little Halloween fun, dressed up in a simple cartoon costume. At his height, it’s easy for him to get in on the trick-or-treat fun by throwing on a pair of colorful PJs and going door-to-door. While others his size might be looking for small pieces of candy, Austin’s interests are a little bigger… Dr. Wolf loves seeing Austin at the end of his day, especially seeing him dressed up in his cute, little boy costume. He closes up the office, making sure the two of them are alone and free to play. As he runs his hands over his body and checks out his onesie, he can’t help but notice Austin’s massive bulge popping out from the fabric. Peeking inside, he sees his special, spooky underwear; appropriate for the holiday fun! Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, showing Austin his own festive briefs, struggling to contain the massive erection Austin had worked up. The giant doctor kisses and caresses his smooth patient, eager to get him naked and give him a real treat! Austin gets on the examination table, pulling out Dr. Wolf’s cock and taking it to the back of his throat in one smooth motion. Austin’s little hands wrap around the tall stud’s meat, holding it tightly as it fills his face, tickling his uvula as it bobs back and forth between his lips. Austin worships the bigger man’s body and size, but nothing gets him going quite like Dr. Wolf’s huge member. Dr. Wolf can’t stop smiling as Austin dutifully services him, loving the special bond he has with his little guy. Bending him over, he gives him the ultimate treat — his raw cock up his tight, smooth hole! Austin curls up in a ball with his ass hanging over the end of the table, feeling Dr. Wolf push himself between his cheeks until they give way to penetration. Austin lets out a moan of pleasure as he feels the larger man slip inside him, filling his pelvis with the same ease that it had his mouth. The tall top fucks him deeper, slamming up against his prostate as he grows even bigger and harder inside Austin’s ass. Austin can’t get enough of Dr. Wolf’s fucking, moaning louder and louder as he feels himself leak with excited pre-cum. Dr. Wolf grips his waist, holding him in place like a precious fuck toy. The feeling of the boy’s ass wrapped tightly around him, makes him fuck harder and deeper with each thrust. He doesn’t want Austin to trick-or-treat with a fuck-induced limp, but as he gets closer to cumming, he knows that it might become an unavoidable side affect of his giant cock in Austin’s little boy hole!
11. Little Army Recruit 18mn
Austin takes a break from the strenuous drills of the tall army recruiter, finding some shade and quiet under a tarp cover. It’s hard for him to keep up with everyone else given his size. His light weight makes it easier to do pushups and pullups, but his short legs put him at a disadvantage in other areas. Just as he’s catching his breath, lieutenant Adams comes over to him, seeing the boy all alone. The tall man can’t get enough of his little recruit, attracted to him not just for his size and fuckability, but also his attitude of perseverance and bravery. He knows these tests are hard on even the biggest guys, and Austin has shown he’s not one to give up! As he joins Austin, he can’t resist getting his hands on him. He feels his tight little body and remembers how perfectly it felt with his larger body wrapped around him. Austin, clearly overcome by the man’s authority, size, and good locks, immediately submits to him as Lt. Adams caresses his loins. Lt. Adams loves feeling Austin’s cock. The way it grows so big and fast is a marvel to see it on such a little guy! Lt. Adams quickly pulls it out as he leans down to kiss him, feeling it pulse in his hand. Austin’s heart rate is still raised from the activities of the day, but Lt. Adams has no doubt his heart is now pumping everything it has to the boy’s swollen member. He lays Austin back, taking it into his mouth, feeling it practically hum between his lips. Austin lets out a moan, hearing his pleasure get lost in the rustling of the nearby trees. It’s amazing to be so out in the open, and yet so private. Mr. Adam’s feels his own cock begging to be let out of his shorts, leaking pre-cum into his underwear as Austin’s body trembles with pleasure. The boy sees the rise in his shorts and does his part to help his handsome top. Lifting himself up, Austin pulls down Lt. Adams’ shorts, his eyes widening as Mr. Adam’s massive cock pops out. It seems bigger than he remembers, but everything on his giant top is massive compared to him! Austin takes it into his mouth, enjoying the familiar taste of his recruiter on his tongue. He could suck it all afternoon, working it until it shot the tall man’s load down his throat like a quick afternoon protein shake… But Lt. Adams’ desire to breed is too strong to waste it in the boy’s stomach! Lt. Adams pulls his cock out of the boy’s mouth and places him on his back, lifting his legs up to see his perfect, tight, smooth hole. With a little push and the saliva from Austin’s lips, he breaks through his narrow sphincter; shooting a sensation of absolute pleasure through his body as his cock become enveloped in Austin’s ass. Austin’s moans louder as he feels his insides expand to take his giant into him, eager to feel more of his uniformed top dominate him and fill him with his seed!
12. Stove Top Stuffing 18mn
While everyone else goes out for Black Friday shopping, Austin and Dr. Wolf are the only ones left in the house. Feeling anxious with nothing to do and not wanting to wake up his handsome host, the young boy straps on an apron and gets to cleaning the kitchen that had prepared their delicious Thanksgiving feast. Dr. Wolf hears the water running in the kitchen, curious to know who else is up and about. He sees just who the good worker is — and to his amusement, he finds him wearing nothing but an apron! The tall man walks up to Austin, feeling aroused and adventurous given their unique situation. Dr. Wolf loves the idea of fulfilling a longstanding fantasy of his; having a tiny house boy service his cock while cleaning his house! He lifts up the boy’s apron, feeling his tiny butt and tight hole, eager to bend him over the sink and fuck him right there! As Austin continues to clean, he can feel Dr. Wolf stroke his hard cock up against him, preparing to penetrate his little body. Dr. Wolf towers over Austin as his cock grows hard against the boy’s back. Austin reaches behind him, stroking and caressing it as it swells to its full power. Unable to restrain himself further, Dr. Wolf pushes in deeper, sliding his cock between the boy’s cheeks, and breaking through the seal of his tight little hole! Austin grips the edge of the counter, feeling the tall man fill him deep with his raw cock. He wants it badly; moaning into the dishes as Dr. Wolf grabs onto his tiny hips. With every bounce of his pounding, Austin can feel the hard invasion of his host’s massive cock, aching to feel him fill his insides with his hot seed!
13. Santa's Little Helper 20mn
There’s very little that Austin wants for at Christmas. He’s grateful for so many things and blessed to have wonderful, loving people in his life! He’s also very lucky to have a network of tall, handsome men who love to use his mouth and ass like he’s their personal plaything… One such a giant is the lean, mean, tatted fuck machine, Dolf Dietrich. The gorgeous older man is happy to stop by for a little holiday fun; taking advantage of the colder weather and time off for a passionate fuck. Sporting a Santa cap, the 6’6” Adonis is quick to grab Austin with his long, strong arms, and kissing him softly before lifting him up off the ground. Little Austin is practically weightless in the big man’s embrace, feeling himself completely possessed by his handsome partner. From this height, Austin’s able to look into Dolf’s loving eyes, feeling his heart burst with desire as his cock begins to swell in his pants! Dolf takes off Austin’s clothes, revealing his compact, smooth, boyish body. His own member stands at attention seeing the dramatic difference in stature between them. Despite his height, it’s rare that Dolf can manhandle and dominate someone as small as Austin, making their relationship all the more special for him… Austin pulls down Dolf’s pants, taking his massive cock in his mouth, trying his best to take it to the back of his throat with each savoring caress of his tongue. Dolf is so tall, however, that Austin has to extend his neck up as high as he can while down on his knees in order to take it all! Dolf’s cock gets even harder seeing his little cocksucker work so hard to satisfy him, thinking ahead to all the ways he can fuck him. With someone as portable and eager Austin, he knows he can pound and breed his young lover in ways he could never do with anyone else!
14. Boys Big and Small 13mn
Austin loves spending time with his other recruits. He feels a real sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that he didn’t expect. Going through such a challenging, shared experience, he feels uniquely close to them… Especially Cole! Cole is a beautiful, handsome young man that has taken a real liking to Austin. He sees him working just as hard and capably as everyone else, despite being almost a full foot shorter than some of the other guys! Cole is a taller man who never really saw himself as into smaller guys, but the more time he spends around Austin, the more infatuated he’s found himself. When the boys have some down time, they sneak off to a clearing in the woods for a little fun. Cole has worked up a sweat and some adrenaline from exercising and training and needs to blow off a little steam. Luckily, Austin’s constant subtle looks always seemed to give him an invitation, quietly asking for more of the tall boy’s cock… Stripping down, Cole gets a look at Austin’s naked body, seeing his tiny ass and big cock. Unable to contain himself any longer, he slides himself inside, mounting the young bottom with ease. The thick cock of the tall top was substantial, but Austin’s training and desire made it slide in like a hot knife through butter. Austin can feel his tiny body pressing hard into the ground with nothing but a thick cloth to keep him from sinking into the mud. Cole’s weight and powerful thrusts make the tiny bottom’s entire body shake, powerless and small in comparison. Despite the power, he wants to be Cole’s little fuck toy… To take every inch and every drop of his load! Austin worships and admires Cole, honored to be bred by such a capable young man!
15. FunSize Boy Workout 22mn
Austin is in absolute awe of Dallas! The tiny boy only comes up to the silver daddy’s chin and is a fraction of the weight in comparison. Still, he loves worshipping Dallas’ massive muscles and strength… Dallas’ size is one of the most recognizable things about him! Not just his height, but also his impressive musculature. He’s worked hard to build his body up and knows a lot about physical training. Not surprisingly, the younger, shorter boys he encounters are interested to learn more from him, hoping to be just as big as him someday. While Dallas loves these little guys just as they are, he can’t resist the fun and flirtation of a little work out. He invites Austin to his studio for a little session, curious to see what the young man can do. Even though he’s little, Austin’s in better shape than he might seem! His muscles might not be as full or developed as Dallas’, but he can certainly hold his own when it comes to push ups and pull ups. The two get started going through some stretching and light exercises, only for Dallas’ shorts to get tighter and tighter with each passing moment. His massive cock reacts almost immediately to feeling Austin’s hands on his biceps and chest, completely enamored with the attention the small boy gives him. He knows he promised Austin a decent workout, but he there’s more than one way to work out the boy’s body! He pulls out his shaft, letting it dangle between his thick, muscular thighs for the boy to see. Austin’s eyes grow wide, never quite able to believe just how big it is whenever he sees it. His mouth waters as he drops to his knees, taking it into his mouth and enjoying the taste of the sweaty man’s junk. Dallas feels like an absolute god, standing tall over his adoring admirer. He wants nothing more than to feel the little boy’s smooth hole wrapped around his unsheathed cock, prompting him to get a little creative with the next round of exercises. He tells the boy to get on the floor to begin more pushups, only this time, he’s completely stripped bare. Dallas, too, takes off all his clothes, ready to do his own set on top of the young boy. With the floor beneath him and a giant on top of him, Austin’s cock grows hard, leaking precum as he prepares himself to lift himself up. Before the young bottom can lift himself, Dallas slides his raw cock into the boy’s butt, locking him into position under his body. Austin moves up and down on his giant top’s shaft as he completes his exercises. Dallas responds in kind, lifting himself up off the floor in order to drive himself deeper in and out of Austin’s tight hole!
17. Little Recruit Hookup 20mn
Austin practically came in his pants when he got the text from his recruiter to come over for a little fun. The young twink had been working hard all week, barely able to jerk off, let alone get laid! And there was no one he needed to get it from more than his hot, hung, giant recruiter... Brian opened the door to his place to let Austin inside, it seemed as if he was at least two feet taller than Austin. The big guy was naturally large and handsome, but in Austin’s horny mind, he was a titan! Austin leaned his head back to look up at Brian as he closed the door and planted a kiss on his lips. Austin could feel his massive cock bulging up against him, trapped inside the man’s tight underwear. He wasted no time in getting it out, hungry to feel it fill his hole. Taking off their clothes, Austin kept his hand gripped around Brian’s cock, feeling its soft, silky texture, ribbed with thick, pulsing veins. Austin moaned as Brian ran his hands over his body, exciting the boy’s nipples with his touch and making him desperate for his manhood! Brian lifted little Austin up, placing him on his high bed — the perfect height to fuck him. Austin followed Brian’s lead, lifting his legs up, bending them toward his chest to present his hole. The smooth, tight sphincter made Brian’s cock grow even harder, throbbing at the thought of being sheathed by the small twink... Brian pressed his lips together, gathering spit on the tip of his tongue, and opening slightly to let it drip down on the end of his cock. It was barely enough to catch the light, but it slid over his member enough to ease into Austin’s hole. The boy might have asked for more, but he wanted his cock so badly that he just closed his eyes as it moved deep inside him. Brian could feel his member completely wrapped up in the boy’s body, tightly gripped and massaged as he moved in and out. Austin’s hole seemed to have a will of its own, sucking in Brian’s shaft and clenching down as he pulled out. It was as if it didn’t want him to leave, doing everything it could to try to hold him in place. Austin’s smooth insides milked Brian’s cock, bringing him to the edge of orgasm deep inside Austin’s hole!
18. Anal Sex Ultrasound 24mn
Austin practically skipped as he made his way into Dr. Wolf’s office. The young man loved to take any chance he could to see the tall, handsome physician, even if it meant making an appointment! And while he normally came in for a personal medical visit, today came as an unusual request from the doctor himself. The doctor had asked if Austin could participate in a little demonstration, to which Austin happily agreed... Austin didn’t know what was being demonstrated, but he trusted Dr. Wolf completely. After all, the big man knew him better than most. Besides, he would do anything to get in his good graces, knowing his reward might be the doctor’s huge cock! When he arrived at the office, Dr. Wolf surprised him by showing him an ultrasound device connected to his computer. He didn’t know what it could possibly be used for, but he was intrigued nonetheless! When Dr. Wolf explained to him that it was to see how things looked inside him, Austin got a grin on his face, realizing the doctor would be playing with his hole. Dr. Wolf told him that for it to be a thorough demonstration, it would require him to merely conduct and observe, not participate. For that, he brought in a special volunteer, Mr. Landon. Austin removed his clothes, stealing kisses from the tall doctor as he waited for the volunteer to arrive... As the man entered, Austin could see that Mr. Landon was a handsome older man with an amazing body. He stripped down in front of Dr. Wolf, preparing himself for the demonstration just as Austin had. Austin tried to relax on the medical table, but with his legs up in the stirrups, he could feel as his heart started to race. He was excited about this new procedure, but also a bit nervous. Mr. Landon came up to him, his cock out in full display, positioning himself as if he was about to fuck him. It was fairly clinical, but Austin still found it incredibly hot! Mr. Landon took some lube and began to cover his cock with it, knowing that it was going to be going inside Austin’s tight hole. He had a thick, girthy member that clearly needed some help getting between Austin’s tiny cheeks. The older man took some extra and lubed up Austin’s cock as well, knowing it would help the boy receive him better. Meanwhile, Dr. Wolf readied his equipment, feeling his own cock swell at the thought of seeing Austin fucked from the inside... As soon Dr. Wolf was ready, he instructed Mr. Landon to slide his cock in Austin’s hole. Austin was nervous, but took it one inch at a time as the handsome stranger moved his way inside his body. Dr. Wolf placed the ultrasound over his groin, moving it around as his eyes locked on the monitor beside them. Both Mr. Landon and Dr. Wolf watched with amazement as Landon’s giant cock moved inside Austin’s pelvis on the screen! Austin turned his head to watch, but found himself incredibly distracted by the act of being fucked. The man’s bare cock slid back and forth inside him, moving up against his prostate as the two men watched like mad scientists. He stayed in place, not wanting to ruin the demonstration, but all he could think about was the hot man deep inside him!
19. Anal X-Ray Vision 16mn
Austin didn’t call for an appointment, but Dr. Wolf asked the young man to meet him in his office for a “routine checkup.” Austin knew what this meant, especially given that he was in peak health and had been examined many times. That was his first clue that the tall doctor had interests other than purely scientific for the young man — interests that usually led to a thorough fucking and breeding! Once they were alone, Austin couldn’t wait to pull out the handsome man’s enormous cock. It was always big and impressive, but in his small hands, it always seemed even that much bigger! Dr. Wolf looked down on the cute boy as he took it into his mouth, lapping at the big head with his tongue and getting the older man rock hard within seconds. As much as Dr. Wolf enjoyed the young man’s enthusiasm and skill at taking his monster cock in his mouth, he had more exciting intentions than just a simple blowjob! Putting the boy on his exam table, he removed his clothes and spread his legs apart, watching as his cock fell against his body and his hole puckered for attention. Warming up the ultrasound, Dr. Wolf took the head to his groin, resting it about his genitals as he stared into the monitor. Seeing the internal workings of the boy’s abdomen gave the doctor a thrill. He’d been curious about the human body even before med school and residency. Now, he had a willing plaything with whom he could play doctor with! Pressing his cock up against Austin’s hole, he watched intently as he gently slid himself inside. It was hard to see at first, but soon he was able to see his own shaft differentiated on the screen. The visual of his cock making its way into Austin’s body only excited him more, making his already big cock throb at full force. He could see the distinct shape of his manhood with Austin’s ass wrapped tightly around him. And with each thrust back and forth, he could see the boy’s body yield to his presence. It was enough to drive Dr. Wolf to the edge of orgasm! But he took his time, watching himself on the screen as Austin’s toes curled from the deep penetration...
21. Little Workday Distraction 37mn
It’s been a while since I’ve invited a boy to stay with me. I suppose you could say I’ve something of a penchant for the local college boys... and the feeling seems to be quite mutual. They come to see me worried about all sorts of different concerns. I think most of them are quite home sick and perhaps a little lonely, so I listen to them, talk to them, and send them on their way relieved they’re not dying of whatever they’ve decided they’ve got! Austin first came to see me worried that he was too small for his age. It’s a fairly common worry with college boys. And I’m sure I make them feel even more concerned when they see all 6’6” of me towering above them! It’s difficult to know what to say sometimes. They’ve usually done all the growing they’re going to do and just need to accept their size. There are a lot of guys like that think these fun-size guys are sexy as hell… Myself included! Austin is special. I can’t get enough of his smooth, tiny body. His cock is way bigger than a boy his size ought to be and his ass is as tight as a tourniquet! And he gets it! He digs my height as much as I dig his. And he’s getting real experimental. We both get off on finding positions that two guys who weren’t height discordant wouldn’t even be able to even dream of! It turns out the little guy’s insatiable. I invited him to come stay with me for a bit during spring break and he was eager to make himself right at home! I thought it would be fun to have him with me 24-7. On tap as it were! The moment I get home from work, he’s begging me for sex. He’s plainly thinking of very little else when I leave in the morning, because he’ll have a list of sexy, sleazy ideas! I took one morning off to sort out some papers. I told him I had to go to my study and that he wasn’t to distract me under any circumstance. Of course, as soon I started sifting through the spreadsheets, I heard the door opening. I looked up to see a red-faced Austin standing there, almost apologetically, in his sexy little blue T-shirt, almost like he was saying, “Please don’t be angry with me, but I’m horny…” I sighed, pretending to be annoyed, swivelling my chair round, then beckoned him over for a passionate kiss. I love it when he stands between my legs when I’m seated. We’re almost the same height! I love wrapping myself around him, knowing my size could overpower him if I chose to. Trust is such an important thing for us. We can push each other pretty far, but he has to know at all times that he’s safe and that I’ll look after him. He undid my belt pretty quickly. If I was going to stop to get off, I didn’t have time to waste! He wasn’t there to hang around, so the T-shirt came off and I started pulling at, and biting, his tight, twinkie nipples. It goes straight to his dick when I do that. He starts quivering and moaning. I’ve started using it as a short-hand which tells him I wanna fuck real soon. I got him naked pretty quick. I liked the fact that I was still suited and booted. I liked the power. I sucked his dick and, as I ran my hand over his tight little ass, I could feel the goosebumps all over his body. It’s so hot to have such a visceral effect on someone. And when it’s someone that young, you know you’re simultaneously changing their very perception of sex with every sensation. He undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt and played with my chest hair, his hot, rock hard dick pressing into my belly button as we continued to kiss. Pre-cum was pouring out of him and drawing patterns on my belly. I stood up and he knelt down to suck me off, gagging repeatedly on my giant dick as he worked hard to pleasure me. I don’t even know how he gets so much of my dick into his mouth, but tears of effort were rolling down his cheeks, so much that I had to keep telling him to be careful. It struck me, as I looked down at him, that his waist is considerably smaller than my thigh! I leaned back in my chair and let him sit down on me until my giant cock had vanished deep into his ass. He’s so thin that in certain positions, I can see the outline of my dick pushing against the inside of his stomach. Man, that feels good. He squatted on my lap, placing his feet on my knees. He rode me like an athlete while I guided him up and down, my hands around his waist, my cock spearing deep into him. Austin weighs next to nothing. I could happily have stayed like that for hours! He turned around to face me without my dick leaving his ass. He wrapped his legs around me and I got stuck right in. I kissed him while bouncing him up and down, getting progressively more aggressive, trying hard to avoid simply pumping him full of my cum. But you can’t keep the intensity of a fuck like that going for long and I could feel the spunk rising in my balls before it exploded into him! We sat still for some moments, my dick still inside Austin, while we tried to catch our breath. It had plainly been just as hair-raising for him. I pulled my cock out and the cum followed, gushing down the length of my shaft. But it wasn’t enough. That boy had me wrapped around his little finger. I sent him off to his room. I had to finish that paper work, but I knew I’d do it at twice the speed if I had the incentive of another fuck hovering over me…
22. Principal’s Office 16mn
Austin had become a bit of a problem. He knew he was quite appealing to some of the bigger students… and even some of the faculty! It was bound to reach Principal Kamp’s attention that he’d been sleeping around. And while the gruff, mature administrator didn't like to meddle in his pupils' affairs, he couldn't ignore Austin’s indiscretions. Calling him into his office, the older man gave Austin a stern, authoritative stare that sent a chill through the boy’s body. He wasn't used to being in trouble, and Principal Kamp was known for giving students a rude awakening when they needed it. When Kamp confronted him about his activities, Austin just stood silent and blushing, embarrassed that he’d been found out as being an insatiable bottom slut. That wasn't the superlative he was hoping to have on his permanent record. To his surprise, Principal Kamp didn’t immediately expel him. Instead, he chose an old-fashioned punishment. The German daddy told him to bend over his desk, resting his elbows on the desktop and presenting his ass. Austin went along with the older man’s orders, not wanting to test him or push him to anything extreme. Austin felt the shock of the man’s hand smacking his backside. It sent a jolt of pain throughout his body, pulsating back to where the palm had made contact. It stung, but slowly it subsided. Then another smack followed. This time there was a bigger sting, building off of the previous pulse of pain. Austin held himself in place, stunned by the man’s corporal punishment. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been spanked. And having it be at the hand of this much older, bigger, more powerful man… it did something to him that he had not anticipated. Suddenly, he felt a stirring in his loins. This punishment made him feel vulnerable and small, but also incredibly turned on. Principal Kamp told him to pull down his pants, and Austin did, both terrified and excited. As he did, he heard the man walk toward his office door and lock it. Clearly, he wanted no one to interrupt them. With Austin’s bare ass glowing red for the man to see, Kamp continued to spank him, sending little moans out of Austin’s mouth as he endured the increasing sensitivity of his soft, boyish behind. The principal got more and more vigorous, seeming to enjoy the way Austin reacted and how his ass welted up from his hand. Austin swore he heard him breathing heavier, something that both turned him on and made him worried for the future of his tender ass. “Turn around,” Principal Kamp ordered, his deep voice making Austin even more submissive and compliant. As he did, he realized his cock was rock hard, pointing up toward the principal and catching his eye. With all the spanking, Austin hadn’t paid any attention to his dick. “Oh… you’re enjoying that, huh?” The older man began gently teasing the boy’s cock, tugging at his heavy hanging nuts and slapping his shaft. He was treating it like it was a toy, batting it around and seeing how it felt while Austin blushed redder than his ass. “That’s not what I expected.” Principal Kamp ordered him to sit up on the desk. The cold wood was a welcome salve for his red behind. He thought his humiliation was over, but the older man had something else in store for him. Kamp began stroking the boy’s cock, feeling it hard and smooth in his mature hand, fixated on how his young balls bounced as he played with it. Austin just sat back, watching as the silver daddy took control of his body. Pulling out a large dildo from his desk drawer, the principal held it in one hand while reaching his fingers beneath the boy’s balls, teasing his hole. Austin trembled in disbelief that his principal was treating him this way. But he couldn’t stop it. And more importantly, he didn’t want it to stop. Principal Kamp took the dildo and placed it next to the boy’s hole. He paused, looking in the boy’s eyes, seeing his apprehension and desire. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, and it was right there on his desk: a hungry, horny, slutty bottom boy desperate to have his hole filled. “You ready?” the principal asked. “Uh huh...” With a firm push, Kamp inserted the toy inside Austin’s hole, making his red cheeks spread apart to take its thickness and length. Kamp’s eye went wide as the first few inches slid in his student's hole, Meanwhile, Austin began stroking his own cock. “That’s it, boy,” Principal Kamp whispered. “Cum for me…”
23. Poolside Pup 26mn
Summer’s here and it’s time to enjoy the heat. It’s Austin’s favorite time of year, where he can be nearly nude all day and show off his favorite bathing suit. Hanging around Dr. Wolf’s place, he lounges out on his deck, enjoying the view of the garden and the greenery while letting the hot, midday air keep him warm. Dr. Wolf loves this little spot as well, coming out to join his tiny houseguest and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Sure enough, Austin’s little body and shorts pique his attention, getting him thinking about building up a good sweat. The two love seeing each other naked, so it doesn’t take much to strip off their bathing suits and start kissing and touching each other’s bodies. Dr. Wolf’s large, muscular body absolutely dwarfs Austin’s making him look even smaller by comparison. Austin loves watching him pull out his giant cock, eager to get it hard and wet in his mouth. Dr. Wolf stands with Austin between his legs, looking down as the young guy swallows him down to the balls. It’s a big task, but Austin’s more than up to the challenge. The warm air has relaxed his body even more, making the intense sword swallowing easier than normal, but still a test of his gag reflex. With the open air around them and the sun beating down around them, they feel a primal urge to fuck that can’t be tamed. Dr. Wolf lifts Austin up onto his body, holding him in place by his cock as he gives a few more kisses. Then, leaning him on his back, Dr. Wolf slides his wet cock between the boy’s tiny hips, planting it at the mouth of his ass, watching as the smooth hole practically sucks him in. Austin is no stranger to Dr. Wolf’s cock, but it’s still a struggle every time. The massive shaft splits him in two as they together work it deeper into Austin’s hole. The little guy whimpers and moans as it impales his body, nearly making his narrow waist wider as that shaft works its way inside. Dr. Wolf is patient, though. He knows that Austin fits perfectly around him, given the right pushing and pacing. Within moments, Austin has every impossibly-thick inch of cock buried deep in his gut, pounding far past his prostate. The sound of birds chirping and bees buzzing echoes alongside Austin’s passionate breathing as he feels Dr. Wolf dominate his hole. The tall man’s heavy, cum-full balls tighten as they get closer to cumming and filling Austin with a thick, creamy burst of seed. Austin holds onto the deck furniture, feeling his body shake from the inside out as Dr. Wolf pounds away, using the boy’s hole to satisfy his shaft while also giving Austin a fuck he’ll never forget!
24. Austin’s Two Daddies 28mn
It’s no secret that Austin loves his king-size men. He relishes the feeling of their larger bodies wrapping around him, practically caging him in their limbs as they breed him deep again and again. While he’s not one to kiss and tell, his tall companions can’t help but gush over their compact bottoms. Dolf and Dallas have been friends for years, sharing everything from secrets to fluids! When the two of them got to bragging about their recent sexual conquests, the similarities in their experiences were more than circumstantial. Each handsome, muscular, giant daddy described the tight, tiny bottom that they had who could take it like he was born for it, ultimately realizing they were describing the same amazing bottom: Austin! These two guys aren’t the least bit jealous. In fact, their minds went right to the same place. Coordinating their efforts, the two men managed to do something they’d never done before: share their fun-size guy together! When Austin arrived, he practically couldn’t contain his excitement. Seeing Dolf and Dallas sitting side by side on the bed was a beautiful sight to behold. Each man was over 6’4”, covered in tattoos and muscles that made them appear even larger! The striking silver of Dallas’ hair contrasted beautifully against Dolf’s rich, dark beard. Austin knew he was in for a treat and could hardly wait to get it. Standing next to the seated men, he barely stood eye to eye. His little frame was dwarfed by them, becoming even more so as their arms and hands passed over his body. Austin was in absolute heaven, feeling them paw at his butt and kiss up and down his chest. His little hands couldn’t help but gravitate right to their bulging crotches, familiar with what each daddy giant has concealed. Once he had his pants and underwear off, the handsome men wasted no time in teasing his tiny hole. Austin moaned and as their fingers stretched his pucker, exposing the pink of his sphincter as they smiled and laughed with delight. They each loved having Austin’s body naked and completely at their disposable, but the idea of sharing him as a couple of buddies made it all the more fun. The thrill of being dominated and shared between these two titans got Austin rock hard, but it was the shaft of each of his mature masters that he was interested in. He dropped down between their legs, pulling off their briefs and swapping each cock in his mouth. He practically unhinged his jaw to get Dallas’ meat between his lips, taking it down to the balls and trying not to gag. He moved over to Dolf, doing the same, failing to keep his throat from closing in on the big man’s tool. Austin wanted to be fucked, though. He saw the glistening supply of saliva that his throat provided to the knob of the dark bearded top and turned around to sit down on it. His tight ass felt the intense pressure of the thick member as it kissed his hole, resting in place for a moment before it split him in two. Austin stood practically standing, his knees barely having to bend to get completely down on the seated giant’s member. Dolf looked down as Austin expertly milked his tool, loving the way his size allowed him to mount himself and still stand tall. Dallas watched on in glee, stroking his still-wet cock, waiting for his chance to experience the soft insides of Austin’s hole on his cock. He didn’t rush his buddy, though. He knew there was plenty of the tiny twink to go between them. And he wasn’t leaving without a full supply of each of their loads…
25. Lounging Around 19mn
Dallas and Austin are out by the pool, relaxing on a pair of recliners while hot rays of the day’s sun soak into their semi-naked bodies. Austin can’t help but play with himself. The sight of Dallas, tanning his muscular body in a pair of skimpy speedos, has had his pulse racing all day. And he’s not the only one feeling horny. Dallas has been glancing across at his young friend all afternoon, admiring his beautiful, soft skin and remembering how good the boy’s tiny, tight hole felt wrapped around his giant-sized dick. Dallas leans across and starts to run his huge hands along Austin’s delicate thighs before allowing them to seductively glide over the boy’s wash-board stomach. Austin stands. His shorts fall to the ground, exposing an impressively excited, highly-swollen dick which Dallas gently jerks. Before long, Dallas is satisfying the boy with his experienced mouth, adeptly giving Austin a blow job he’s destined never to forget! Austin soon returns the favor, pushing Dallas’ skimpy speedos aside and deep-throating the older man’s king-sized meat. The difference in their size is instantly and thrillingly apparent. Austin’s torso is skinnier than Dallas’ thigh! The boy almost looks like a toy in the older man’s arms. Dallas encourages Austin to climb up onto the sun lounger and present his cute, little ass for banging. The older man wastes no time at all and squats down to get his rough, masculine tongue penetrating the boy’s hole, preparing him for a wild, exhilarating ride. Dallas entirely dwarfs the boy as he leans over to push his big dick inside him. Austin can do nothing but whimper and moan as the older man’s iron rod is inserted nut-deep into his trembling, pint-sized body. Dallas immediately begins to thrust and pump and is soon mounting the boy like a dog on heat. Dallas alternates the pace like a pro; banging fast and hard before relaxing into a seductive, slow grind. He pulls out and lies on the recliner, encouraging Austin to sit on his big, daddy dick like the good little boy he is. Austin carefully lowers himself down onto the older man then starts to ride him like a champion jockey. They change positions one final time. Austin gets on his back with his legs up in the air so that Dallas can get real deep inside him. Austin, in a lust-fuelled trance, simultaneously jerks his own dick with more and more speed until he explodes orgasmically. An impressive arc of semen gushes out of his dick onto his chest and stomach, forming a slippery, white pond in his belly button.
26. Hands-on Training 16mn
Dr. Wolf and Austin go way back. The huge age gap and massive height difference alone ought to make them utterly incompatible, but opposites attract. And it’s a complete understatement to say that these two simply can’t get enough of one another. Dr. Wolf likes nothing more than to watch the teeny boy with other older men. He very much enjoys watching Austin writhing about, struggling to take their giant dicks. Dr. Wolf works with a nurse called Dolf. The two older men have similarly impressive builds and heights and both get a kick out of banging younger, pint-sized boys, so they’re pretty perfect wingmen for each other. Dr. Wolf introduces Dolf to the boy in a private room at his office, having told the nurse all about his outrageous experiments with ultrasound. Dr. Wolf has developed a unique technique which enables a hard dick - mid-fuck - to be watched on the screen thrusting deep inside a boy’s body. The moment Dolf heard about it, he was hooked on the idea and desperate to see it in action. The doctor immediately orders Austin to take off his clothes. The boy obediently does as instructed, knowing that his familiar buddy Dolf is going to end up inside him before any of them leave the room. Dolf has had a lot of fun with Austin before, but he’s never had the chance to see his hard cock in him like this! The doctor scoops him into his arms and kisses him passionately, fondling the boy’s dick and groping his ass simultaneously. By the time Austin’s underpants are pulled down, the boy is good and hard and ready for anything. Austin is soon groaning and moaning in a state of deep arousal. Dolf sits and watches the floor show, running his fingers slowly over the giant bulge in his loosely-fitted pants. The boy barely comes up to the doctor’s shoulders and Dolf finds the huge contrast highly exciting, knowing his enormous, throbbing member is likely to stretch Austin’s tiny little hole in an almost obscene manner! Austin sits down on a hospital bed and the doctor places his feet in stirrups which force his legs sluttishly wide apart. Dolf is then invited to stand up and drop his scrubs. The boy watches Dolf as he moves over to the tables, hugely turned on by the wanton look in the older man’s eyes. Dr. Wolf guides the boy’s trembling hand to the rock hard bulge in Dolf’s underpants and encourages him to squeeze and play with it to get a clearer sense of what’s coming his way. Austin is plainly excited by the thought of having Dolf's massive member inside him. The older man purrs appreciatively and runs his enormous, tanned hands over the boy’s smooth, porcelain-white belly. Austin soon finds himself gagging for Dolf’s dick. He can’t wait to feel it… and more importantly see it… on the inside! Dolf drops his underpants and his cock bounces out excitedly. This is a medical experiment and time is ticking, so there is no time for foreplay. Dolf casually lines his dick up with Austin’s hole and starts to push himself inside. His dick is particularly thick. Austin closes his eyes and shivers as his ass muscles are inexorably forced apart. He whimpers helplessly as Dolf pushes himself deeper and deeper inside. Dr. Wolf issues calm instructions at all times to make certain that his two subjects are hitting the right physical angles for the experiment to be at its most effective. Once satisfied that everything is in order, the doctor switches his ultrasound equipment on. A small screen by the exam table instantly lights up and a grainy image appears showing Austin’s bladder. Dolf pulls out before pushing his plus-sized dick back into Austin’s tight hole again. The outline of his thick member suddenly appears on the screen, moving gently along the side of the boy’s bladder. It’s a fascinating sight, one which makes Dolf super horny. The nurse slides his dick in and out of the boy, varying the pace and intensity of his strokes to see how the visuals change in response. Dr. Wolf continues to give orders. He’s on a quest to record the clearest and most arresting internal footage yet. Watching the images link Austin and Dolf in a most profound way which they both feel with great intensity. Dolf quickens the pace as the waves of lustful excitement start to engulf him. Austin’s body is now humming with sexual excitement. Dr. Wolf asks Dolf if he’s up for shooting his load inside the boy to find out if the ejaculate can be seen on the screen. It’s the ultimate goal in this particular experiment and the doctor has not yet caught this most intimate of moments on camera. Dolf is excited by the thought and willing to try so, continuing to thrust with increasing force. The table starts to shake. Austin grunts and wails as precum drips from his dick. Dolf suddenly feels the semen rising. He stops dead and allows the cum to explode out of him. Grainy white clouds instantly form around the tip of his dick on the screen. It is beautiful and highly valuable footage which Dr. Wolf is excited to publish when the right time comes. In the meantime, there is plenty more experimentation to be done…
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