December 15, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 2sec

You don't keep Dreezy Long waiting.

When Sensation arrives late, Dreezy doesn't care for excuses—he expects the tall, toned twink to get down on his knees and suck cock whenever and wherever Dreezy demands it. Luckily for them both, that's exactly what Sensation loves to do!

Dreezy stands on ...[Read more]

Dreezy stands on the couch and grabs the back of Sensation's head, face-fucking his trick until he's moaning and dripping. With a quick slap at the side of Sensation's face, the bottom removes his tank top, and gets back to work on Dreezy's long cock.

When Dreezy orders Sensation to stand up, Dreezy’s more than happy to slobber on Sensation's long, long shaft. But don't get it twisted—Sensation is on Dreezy's time. Even with a dick in his mouth, the tattooed top is in control.

This is a fact that Dreezy makes clear, quickly. He throws his tall twink bottom over the back of the couch and presses his hard cock against the base of Sensation's hole. Sensation pants, legs spread apart, biting his bottom lip. They both know what's next. Dreezy plows in, hips slapping against ass cheeks. Sensation writhes and grunts underneath him.

Dreezy fucks his willing boy-toy in several positions, and finishes by spraying a load over Sensation's face. They call him "Sensation" because this tall bottom loves how it feels to get it from men like Dreezy, in any way that he can. With cum dripping down Sensation’s face, he jerks off to his own climax while Dreezy seals his lips with a kiss. They've fucked like this before, on the couch and elsewhere, and they'll do it again—but it's always going to be on Dreezy's terms.

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