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May 12, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 14sec

Austin has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. He has behaved in an exemplary manner throughout his apprenticeship. The grandmasters have nothing but universal praise for him and believe he will make a fine member of the Brotherhood.

He has been tested, punished, and pushed to extremes in the process of learning the higher purpose of his body. As his training approaches its latter stages, he will be rewarded; built up mentally and physically until he is able to be properly ordained.

He will experience ...[Read more]

He will experience extreme pleasure during today’s anointing. He will feel the respectful, erotic touch of Grandmaster Savage. Every inch of Austin’s body will ache for the older man and he will long to feel Savage’s penis deep inside him.

The intensity of Austin’s emotions scares him. He didn’t know it was possible to feel like this. He longs to serve. Gratifying the grandmasters has become his only goal. It’s the reason he lives and breathes.

Grandmaster Savage’s large hands are warm and masculine. He covers them with sacred oils and runs them suggestively over the boy’s back, legs, feet, and butt. Austin’s skin erupts into millions of goosebumps. He shivers and gasps. He knows what’s coming and he wants it badly.

Savage slowly strips out of his pure white suit and tie. His large dick bulges impressively in his semi-transparent boxer shorts. He runs his slippery palm over Austin’s excited penis, milking it like a cow’s udder as the boy yelps uncontrollably.

Thick pre-cum oozes through the fabric of the Grandmaster’s underwear. He pushes his shorts to the floor and slowly sinks his huge, raw dick into the boy’s clam-tight hole.

Seconds later, he starts to pound the boy with all his might, gritting his teeth, face reddening with pure exertion as he brutally thrusts his manhood into Austin’s innocence.

Pools of sticky cum and frisked-up lube form around the boy’s hole, as the powerful penetration continues. Austin grunts, winded. His head spins. His body shakes.

Savage pushes Austin onto his back and thrusts his dick back into the boy’s welcoming ass, staring down at his smooth, yearning body and wide, trusting eyes.

Austin starts to jerk himself off. He knows he’s gonna bust a nut and, sure enough, seconds later, the semen flies out of his dick and onto his chest with immense force.

The sight of the boy bursting orgasmically sends the Grandmaster over the edge. He instantly explodes deep inside Austin’s body, his thick daddy juices gushing into the boy’s loins like a train whizzing through a tunnel.


Apprentice Young is the newest initiate for the greatly revered, but super secret Masonic Society. His father and grandfather revealed to him on his 18th birthday that not only were they proud members of the Society, but now it was time that the young man join the ancient order.

Apprentice Young now finds himself in the rank of Apprentice. The boy has a reputation for being excitable and quirky, but he quickly finds that The Order requires strict obedience and discipline. While uncomfortable in his surroundings at first, the new Apprentice finds plenty of Grandmasters who are more than willing to help the young man find his way…

Apprentice Young finds himself willing and desiring to master the rites and rituals of the Order—and bravely willing to put his body, mind, and spirit to the test!

Played by Austin L. Young

No one is sure how old The Order is, but those in the higher echelons have the closest understanding to its true nature. Grandmaster Savage comes from a multi-generational lineage: His grandfather participated in his first initiation and he has reason to think that at least his great grandfather was a member as well. As such, Grandmaster Savage is almost fanatically devoted to The Order and its aims and philosophy. He knows from personal experience what a positive impact the Order can have on the young men fortunate enough to be chosen to join its ranks.

Earlier in his life, Grandmaster Savage was married but the demands of a time consuming, successful career, combined with his commitments to The Order, kept him away from home too much. The secretive nature of The Order, whose rituals he could not share outside the organization, resulted in a divorce he both understood and accepted. These are just some of the sacrifices one must make for higher purposes.

Played by Dale Savage
Apprentice Young series cover
1. The Interview 34mn
Austin was a little small for his age, but that didn’t change the fact that he was ready to start taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. Austin’s father had high expectations for him, and Austin did not want to disappoint. It was easy for many to look at Austin and see him as a little boy, but his old man knew it was time for him to take part in the traditions that he and his father had experienced. Austin knew his dad was a member of a special club. Different from a bowling league or anything, it was something more secret. Even scary. Austin spent a lot of his childhood watching as his dad and grandpa would go off on retreats and special outings, wondering what they were doing. All he knew was that they would come home late, smelling like campfire, with satisfied smiles on their faces that made him curious. He didn’t know anything about it and was discouraged from even asking questions. It was always, “You’ll know when you get older” or “You’ll see one day.” Years passed with him in the dark until the day came his dad told him he was ready. Austin didn’t know how he was ready. He wasn’t prepared or trained or given any kind of warning. He still felt like the young boy staying up late to watch his dad’s car pull up in the driveway, hoping to get some sign of what he did with his secret nights. He still slept in the same small bed, his body barely changed, and still inexperienced in anything that would classify him as an adult. Nevertheless, he did not want to disappoint. Austin put on his best church attire. Jacket, shirt, tie, even his shiny shoes. His old man dropped him off at a strange building and told him he’d wait for him. Austin felt better knowing his dad was waiting for him in the car, but deep down he wished he could go in with him. After all, he was a member of whatever this club was. He thought he’d feel better if he was just in the room with him, watching him, looking after him. But he told him that he wasn’t going to always be around to shield him from things. That it was part of growing up that he had to face new things on his own. As he made his way into what felt like a giant temple, Austin met a tall, gruff-looking man who introduced himself as Master Kamp. He was dressed all in white, including his shoes and tie, standing about half a foot taller than Austin. He had a deep, European accent and a well-trimmed beard that made him look like a true specimen of masculinity. Austin’s smooth milky face, in contrast, had yet to sprout a single hair. The older man brought him into a private room where he sat the boy down and began asking him a series of questions. Austin hoped that, being the son of a member, Master Kamp would go easy on him, giving him some assurance of safety. But as the questions became more personal, Austin wasn’t sure if it was OK for him to be by himself. Master Kamp probed him about his attractions, whether or not he was interested in boys or girls, or even older men. Austin shook his head no, not sure what this had to do with anything. Kamp asked him more about his thoughts and fantasies, wondering if he watched pornography or masturbated. Austin was very much immature and had yet to even figure out what to do with his erections, let alone seek out opportunities to enjoy their use. Kamp was surprised. Even with Austin’s boyish demeanor and size, he would have assumed the young man had pleasured himself before. Kamp asked Austin if he would be willing to submit to a simple test, something to help him with his introduction to the brotherhood. Austin agreed, hoping he could move past the probing questions and get along with his initiation. After all, his dad was still sitting in the car… he did not want to disappoint. Master Kamp told him to remove his clothes, something that made Austin blush. He’d only ever stripped down in front of his doctor, and that felt very different than this. Master Kamp assured him that it was OK in a very paternal tone of approval. Austin wanted to make him and his dad happy, so he stripped down to his underwear, leaving just a thin layer of clothing between him and the older stranger. Nervously, he followed Master Kamp’s instructions, sitting back in his chair and putting his arms behind him. Austin could feel a soft rope being tied around his wrists, keeping him in place. Once Kamp finished tying the knot, Austin felt frozen with fear. He didn’t know at all what was coming, but trusted that nothing would happen to him that hadn’t happened to his father. And yet, something about this seemed wrong… Master Kamp began running his hands over Austin’s body, feeling his smooth skin beneath his shirt and playing with his nipples. Austin felt his heart jump. No one had touched him like that before. Master Kamp could see every microexpression on his face like it was on a billboard. Every twist, tease, and touch made Austin react in the most amazing way possible, making the older man all the more curious to test him. Sitting down close to him, Kamp began to run his hands over his thighs. They were as soft as silk with the most delicate little hairs. More peach fuzz than actual follicles. Austin gasped, his breath choppy and nervous, all the while feeling his cock begin to grow. Austin watched as his member perked up in his shorts, aroused by the older man’s exploration of his untouched flesh. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. His chest became hot, his loins tingled, and his lips felt swollen and heavy. His mouth watered with each deep breath. Master Kamp watched in delight as Austin’s face contorted and responded. It was very rare to have such a pure boy in his midst. Undiscovered, untested, and unaware of his own desire. When he pulled the boy’s cock out of his underwear, he could see a look of worry in the boy’s face. No one had ever seen him naked before, let alone hard. But there, in Kamp’s hands, was Austin throbbing, rock hard erection. The first man to ever lay eyes on it in Austin’s life. What a gift. Kamp gave it a little slap, watching Austin recoil in pain as he experienced the whipping sensation. He gave it another, harder this time, and Austin let out a moan from deep in his gut. Not wanting to be completely sadistic, he gave the throbbing cock a gentle tug, stroking it and letting it feel the pleasure that followed. Austin’s breath was shallow, cut off by brief holds and inhales as he tried to navigate the feelings between his legs. He didn’t know what was worse: having the man play with his cock, or thinking that he might stop. Master Kamp knew this boy was ripe for pleasure. He needed to feel what it was like to be a man. Not just to grow up and be brave, but to know the feeling of release. He took a finger to his hole, gently pushing it against it was the tight sphincter pushed back against him. Austin was nervous, sweat beginning to drip down his temples, scared at what the older man was doing to his body. The clothed man pushed in, breaking through the boy’s resistance, feeling the warm, soft insides of his rectum. Austin’s eyes went wide. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Feeling the foreign fingers move inside him was unlike anything he’d ever known. He didn’t have the words to describe it. All he could do was moan in a mix of pleasure and pain. It was then that Master Kamp took his other hand and began to work his cock. The boy’s prostate took a deep invading pounding from within as Kamp stroked, pushing him to the threshold of what he could take. Austin felt the pressure building up inside him, but he didn’t know what it meant. He thought he might burst, popping like a bubble. But it was new and terrifying. It felt good, but he felt deep down that it was wrong. Suddenly, he felt something happen inside him. Something that he couldn’t control. It was like a dam breaking inside him and a powerful reservoir busting free. In an instant, he felt his rectum tighten around the man’s finger, gripping it like a vice as a shot of white liquid spewed from the tip of his cock. It came out in waves, one after the other, covering the man’s hand and dripping down onto his body. Austin let out a cry of sheer delight, unable to fathom what was going on inside him. And almost as soon as the moment came, it passed. Austin felt his body tremble, shaking with the man’s finger still inside him. As good as it felt, he remembered where he was. Naked, tied to a chair, alone with a strange, older man… all while his dad sat waiting in the car. Guilt struck him. He immediately began to apologize. He watched in surprise as the older man licked the fluid off of his fingers, tasting and savoring it. Instead of getting upset, the man seemed pleased. He leaned in and gave Austin a kiss. Austin kissed back, unsure of what else to do, tasting the strange, salty taste of his own cum on the man’s tongue. Master Kamp leaned back, telling him that he did exactly what he was supposed to do. It was a relief. Austin played it all back, not sure how much of it was planned or not. But he felt good. He did it. He sat in the chair and endured his introduction all on his own. Like a man. And he did not disappoint.
2. The Calling 24mn
Austin didn’t know what to say to his father after returning from the woods. The experience of being blindfolded, manhandled, and fucked was confusing and bizarre. He’d been told to keep things a secret, even from his father, despite his familiarity with the secret society. Austin didn’t understand fully why, but it was impressed upon him that his silence and discretion were paramount in his membership. He was not to talk about anything, even with those he knew to be present at the time of his breeding. So when he came back to his room, smelling of fire and dripping cum, he removed his clothes and prepared to take a shower. Even as he passed his father in the hallway, also smelling of the woods and the fire, the two said nothing, retreating to their separate beds without saying a word beyond “good night.” After that evening, Austin felt different. Not only did he feel like he had a secret he had to keep above all else, he felt a new stirring in his body. The penetration of the stranger’s cock inside his hole and the insemination that followed gave him sensations he’d never experienced before. He never knew what it was like to be fucked and filled, used by an older man for pleasure and left to carry his seed. It was shocking and terrifying at first, but by the end, he found himself riding a wave of pleasure unlike anything he could have ever imagined. He found himself waking up in the night, rock hard and dripping pre-cum, thinking about the moment his hole was pried open and dominated by the thick member of the older man who possessed him. The fluid on his cock felt amazing, compelling him to stroke himself and bring himself to climax. It was exciting and naughty, playing with himself as he remembered every detail of the night of his first fuck. It wasn’t until he met with Master Oaks that he got the chance to feel that sensation again. Austin was asked to meet with the older man to go through his next inspection, bringing him closer to full membership of the brotherhood. Once again, Austin was driven by his father, leading to an awkward car ride as neither mentioned what was about to happen. Austin felt himself getting aroused as they got closer, feeling his cock begin to harden secretly within his dress pants. But he kept quiet, fulfilling the expectations of the masters. Master Oaks was very different from Master Kamp. He was a little younger, but still crowned with a head of salt and pepper hair. He was clean shaven, smelling like expensive aftershave whenever he got close to Austin. He was fairly tall and lean, reminding Austin of some of the more handsome fathers of his friends growing up. Despite feeling more familiar, Oaks had the same determined and focused look on his face that Kamp had, assessing the boy in his mind as he looked over his papers. Austin sat in silence, waiting for Oaks to address him. It was the same pregnant stillness that he felt in the car with his dad. When Oaks turned to him, he gave him an interrogating look that made Austin uneasy, making it hard for him to answer his questions. “Do you submit that you’re still not attracted to men?” Master Oaks asked. It was the first thing to come out of his mouth, making Austin sweat bullets. It was as if he knew what he was thinking. As if he knew about his fantasies, his late night masturbations, and the way he felt when he was fucked. Austin’s response was to deny it, but his rejection sounded hollow and unconvincing. “Stand up,” Oaks ordered. The older man watched Austin rise to his feet. As he did, Oaks stood as well. The man towered over him, making Austin feel small and helpless. He stood close to him, approaching him and intimidating him with his size. He smelt amazing. Strong and masculine, but refined. He was powerful. Full of authority. It made Austin a little nervous, but his cock practically stood straight up in his pants. Oaks seemed to notice, reaching down and grabbing it without any hesitation. “You sure you’re not aroused by men?” Oaks massaged his bulge, seeing Austin tremble at being groped so freely. Austin had learned to go with the process, let himself be fondled and do what his elders told him to do. After all, he wanted their approval. Master Oaks began to take off Austin’s shirt, watching the boy’s eyes look up at him with trepidation. Austin didn’t know what he would be asked to do, but he’d already resigned himself to it. A mix of hope, fear, desire, and anxiety clouded the boy’s mind, making him practically disassociate from the fact that he was being stripped naked once again in front of a strange, older man. When Master Oaks pulled out his cock, Austin felt goosebumps move up his neck and arms. He played with it for a moment, feeling its warmth and girth. Austin’s nipples were soft and puffy as they became erect on his chest. He was a beautiful boy, so pure and young. Master Oaks was more than pleased, and eager to try him out for himself. The older man placed him on his desk on all fours, examining him as he’d done many others before. Austin was so small he fit perfectly on top, like an ornament. Master Oaks couldn’t believe his size, finding it hard to believe he was as grown as the others claimed. As he walked around him, touching and inspecting him, he came to appreciate his smooth skin, his soft, round ass, and his pouty, kissable mouth. But it was Austin’s hole that grabbed his attention. Master Oaks saw how tight and smooth it was. He knew it had only been fucked once by Grandmaster Angus while the boy was tied up and blindfolded--something not even Austin knew. He wanted to feel for himself, but more importantly, he wanted to see the look on Austin’s face when he could see who was fucking him. He put Austin back on the floor, standing him up before bending him over the desk. He was so short he had to put himself up on his toes to reach the desk’s height. Even then, Master Oaks found it easier to lift up one of his legs and rest it on top. Master Oaks looked at the beautiful way Austin’s cheeks spread, revealing his hole as he tried to keep himself in place. He took off his shirt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was wet with precum, aroused by the boy’s beautiful body. With one hand, Master Oaks stroked himself, getting harder with each gesture as he massaged the boy’s hole with the other. Austin knew what was about to happen, and he wanted it badly. He was nervous, knowing that he was going to get fucked once more, but was happy that he could see his top. Oaks was a bit cold and controlling, but Austin found that to be so incredibly hot. His cock rested on the desk, leaking its own fluids as he braced himself for penetration. Master Oaks held his cock up to Austin’s hole, feeling it submit to his presence. It didn’t take more than a firm, solid push for it to break into his ass, filling him with a few inches of his manhood. Austin let out a moan from deep inside. He felt the heat of the man’s cock make its way further into his body, controlling him from the inside just as expertly as he had on the outside. Master Oaks pushed further, bringing the fullness of his cock to the boy’s hole, meeting his heavy, cum-filled balls to the mouth of his ass. Oaks didn’t hesitate to begin fucking him. It wasn’t the boy’s first time, and he knew he could take it. He put a hand on his tiny waist, drilling him again and again as the boy’s body learned to take him. Austin looked back, wanting to see Master Oaks as he fucked him. The older man met his gaze, looking deep into his eyes like he was seeing his soul. He was there, hard and firm inside him, and Austin would have no doubt who it was that was taking his hole...
3. Disciplinary Action 24mn
Apprentice Young’s fingers trembled as he began to unlace his shoes. Standing in the dark, black basement of the Temple, he tried to be brave as he obeyed Grandmaster Angus’ commands. Austin was still sorting through the implications of his fucking and breeding from Master Oaks, not sure yet if what he was doing was good or bad. It seemed that every step along the way the men in charge would strip him down, fondle him, play with his cock, and fuck him. The details of Masonry were still opaque and elusive to Austin, even despite his family connection. He always thought his father was busy at church with boring local politics or something like Prayer Group. Now, Austin began to question everything he thought he knew. He wondered if his father knew what the Masters were doing and if Dad, too, had been there before when it happened. Now, in the ominous lair of the Grandmaster, Apprentice Young was sure he was likely to experience more sexual invasion. He had fun before: in the woods and with Oaks. Even the anonymous cum in his hole gave him a special thrill. But seeing Grandmaster Angus’ tall, red velvet throne, the wooden paddle to his side, and a solemn look on his face, the young apprentice knew he was likely in for a very different kind of sexual submission. Angus was a tall, beefy man with a broad barrel chest and a salt-and-pepper beard. He has a shaved head which accentuates his eyes, making them more penetrating and disarming. His white shirt seemed to barely contain his muscles, and his dress pants struggled to contain his thick, powerful legs. Austin felt so small and powerless next to this muscular bear of a man. Austin knew the drill, though. Do as he says. Don’t talk back. Don’t hesitate. And don’t resist. Or else what? The boy didn’t want to find out. Austin took his shoes off as ordered. The older man then had him pull his pants down and rest his small body across the Master’s solid lap. The boy awkwardly did so, leaning over the big man’s body until his underwear-covered ass was up and properly presented. He felt like a kid being punished again, but this time he didn’t know what he had done wrong. None of the “why” behind this was explained to him, it just seemed to be part of the process--part of the rituals of obedience and discipline. As Grandmaster Angus placed his hand on the boy’s buttocks, Austin could not help but think that the big, masculine mitt was almost as large as his entire ass! It caressed him gently, teasing his crack and balls as it teased up and down between his thighs and back. Austin could tell what was coming, but that didn’t lessen the shock and sensation when the first spanking happened. Whack! It shook through Austin’s body. It was light, but the pure weight of the big man’s muscular arm intensified most of the force. Whack! Stronger this time. Not yet enough to make a welt, but enough to make Austin’s eyes go wide. Austin lungs involuntarily fell into a rhythm. He felt like he had to hold his breath whenever the hand rose, preparing for the impact. But as the spanking intensified, he wondered if that did any good at all. The first sting came as he was holding his breath tightly, like he was underwater. The smacks were powerful enough to practically push the air out of his lungs, leaving him breathless as he tried to steel himself. His eyes focused just enough to catch sight of the paddle leaning up next to Angus, ready for action at any moment. Austin tried to mentally pace himself, knowing the worst was yet to come. But before he could even finish that thought, another hand came down. Whack! Angus pulled down the underwear, exposing Austin’s milky white boy-flesh. The cheeks were beginning to glow a pleasing red. The skin was still soft and supple, but it grew more and more tender to the touch. The Grandmaster ordered the apprentice to stand up and remove the remainder of his clothes, leaving just his undergarments in place. Austin was obedient, peeling off the layers of suiting and dress clothes he proudly put on before arriving. It was a funny feeling to be so humiliated and violated while dressed so formally, but it also made him horny as this very situation was something he had jerked off to many times at home. It’s no wonder Austin was finding himself aroused. Angus was still wearing his tie and suspenders, positioned like a king ready to dole out judgment and punishment. His young cock began to twitch, despite knowing the discipline awaiting him once he got back on the older man’s lap. As Apprentice Young put his clothing to the side, Angus grabbed the wooden paddle and waited for Austin to assume the position. He tried not to hesitate as he bent over, but his fears got the better of him. He felt his body begin to shake as if cold, terrified of what was coming next. Angus teased him, running the wooden paddle over his butt. It was cold and smooth, giving a little soothing comfort to his delicate ass. That is, until the older man gave it a quick, hard tap. The young man let out a yelp, pained by the sudden change from comfort to shock. Angus was quick, however, to run his hand over the developing welts, softening the blow after the fact. He repeated this again and again, giving the apprentice a painful blow to his backside, but never leaving him in agony too long. Angus couldn’t help but be impressed. Apprentice Young looked like a soft, fragile young boy but he could take a lot. Inside and outside. That made the older man happy. Very, very happy. And he wasn’t alone. Austin’s cock began to swell up, aroused by the touch of the older man on his buttocks. His cock poked right into the grandmaster’s leg, giving away the effect the spanking had on him. Angus placed the paddle to the side, giving Austin a sigh of relief that was as audible as his earlier gasps of pain. The beefy bear wanted to see the boy’s cock in action, so he ordered him to strip down completely. Austin could hardly move his legs, feeling the sting of the paddles and spanks as he stood up. Removing his underwear, he was embarrassed to be sporting a rock hard cock. The grandmaster reached out and grabbed it, stroking it and feeling it’s smooth, silky surface. Austin flushed red, still getting used to the idea of other men touching his cock, but liking the feeling all the same. Grandmaster Angus brought the boy in close, turning him so their eyes met and having him straddle those powerful legs before tilting him backward. Austin’s head dangled to the floor between his shoes with his ass presented upward to Angus like a platter. Austin’s cock hung down toward his face and his legs spread out. It was a strange perspective, but one that made more sense as Angus continued stroking his young cock. Grandmaster Angus started pulling on Austin’s nuts and gripping the rock-hard shaft in his hairy, masculine hands. The apprentice began to moan from the sensation of being milked. With oiled up hands and a determined rhythm, the older man played with his apprentice’s cock slowly edging him toward climax. It felt amazing for the young guy having the head of his shaft massaged, even after the intense punishment his ass had experienced. He wanted that feeling to go on forever, being pleasured and masturbated, but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long. With every tug of his nuts and pull of his cock, Austin was growing closer and closer to pouring out his load!
4. The Anointing 24mn
The anointing ritual is an essential part of an apprentice’s admission. Not only does it provide for a formalized cleansing and renewal of the flesh, but it also allows for the masters to show they can be gentle as well as tough on their initiates. Much like a baptism, the anointing functions as a washing away of the past and dedication to the calling of the brotherhood. It’s a solemn, time honored practice that dates back many generations. Of course, some of the masters perform it with a little personal touches that deviate from the tradition. Grandmaster Savage, for instance, loves the opportunity to really experience the bodies of the young men that come before him. As he caresses their bodies and prepares them for future ceremonies, he can’t help but take advantage of his position. Apprentice Young stood straight as the older man ran his hands over his smooth body, uncertain and unsure of how he should respond when the handsome, salt and pepper leader began to lustfully bite his buttocks. It was sudden and surprising, not just because it seemed to break from the formality of the moment, but also because he’d not encountered the man before. It was strange to be so coveted and fondled by a stranger of power and prominence, but Young knew it wouldn’t do any good to raise any questions. He found Grandmaster Savage to be incredibly handsome, reminding him of movie stars he’d idolized as a child. Savage seemed to bounce back and forth between performing his ceremonial duties and indulging in his more carnal desires. Even going so far as to take the boy’s cock in his mouth. Apprentice Young wasn’t yet hard, but the feeling of his member in the older man’s mouth was certainly pleasant, albeit unorthodox. He didn’t know if he was allowed to get aroused, but that didn’t stop his cock from beginning to swell up between Grandmaster Savage’s lips. As Savage continued to fellate the young man, he took a finger between his buttocks, gently teasing his sphincter. Savage proved to be much more lustful and devious than Young expected, but he didn’t want it to stop. The older man stood up and told him to stroke his cock, a direction that seemed less like an offer and more like an order. The nervous apprentice did as he was told, watching as the dominant daddy began to take off his clothes. Grandmaster Savage was dressed in all white, making his flesh appear very tan by comparison. Even as he stripped off suspenders, tie, and shirt, his vacationed look never went away. This was a man who knew what it was to indulge himself, and Apprentice Young appeared to be his next decadence. Once down to his underwear, the young apprentice found himself both excited and anxious at the knowledge that he was going to be servicing the older man. Grandmaster Savage pulled out his cock, dripping with precum from having toyed with the initiate just prior. The man was well groomed, very fit, and stood with the bearing of a king. It only seemed right that when he presented his cock to Apprentice Young, the nervous boy should take it in his mouth and begin sucking it. It tasted incredible. The precum dripped on Young’s tongue and went to the back of his throat as he swallowed. It was so hot, but still somehow felt ceremonial. Like he was receiving some kind of communion. Grandmaster Savage stopped the boy from sucking any more, dropping to his knees to continue to suck on the boy’s cock. It was clear what he wanted: he wanted to make the boy cum. He started by ravenously milking his shaft with his mouth, stroking it and swallowing it until it was covered in his saliva. Savage didn’t seem concerned when his spit slobbered all over him and ran down his chin. If anything, it seemed to excite him more. But once Apprentice Young was fully erect, Savage bent him down on all fours, wetting his hole and preparing him to be bred. Within seconds of getting his footing, Young felt the older man’s cock break into his ass. It was sudden and swift, taking no time for the apprentice to give an okay. Savage took the boy’s hole around his shaft and began fucking him hard. Young was so small next to him, practically folding into Savage’s body as he pounded into him. Grandmaster Savage told him to keep stroking his cock, a request Apprentice Young couldn’t have rejected if he wanted to. The fucking was so deep and so intense that the only thing that made it sustainable was the pleasure he was getting from inside and out. With his cock firmly in his grip, the young man continued to stroke himself, watching as the older man had his way with his hole. As Young got closer, he felt a desire deep within him grow. He wanted to get bred. He wanted the older man’s cum inside him. He wanted to feel the jets of cum fill his hole and drive out a load of his own. The look in his eyes must have been clear as Savage picked up the pace, drilling the young man deeper and harder and faster until Apprentice Young could not hold back any longer. Cum poured out of Apprentice Young’s cock, covering his stomach in his milky white excretion. It didn’t stay long, though, as the ravenous grandmaster was quick to lap it up with his tongue, swallowing every drop the boy expelled...
5. Atonement 23mn
Apprentice Young thought the men must have seen how nervous he was. And he had good reason. As he stood still, passively letting them strip him of his clothes and reveal his naked body, Young’s eyes locked onto the piece of furniture beside him. A strange, long bench, glossy and dark, bearing the shiny surface of glass, but studded every foot or so by a large, black object. Looking at them, it was clear to Young what they were for: smooth, semi-phallic objects made for going inside his body. As he looked at them, his body trembled, fearing for what it would be like to go through with the expectations of the older men. He wondered if they would go easy on him and let him off the hook, seeing his trepidation and anxiety. But then again, they hadn’t before. The young man stood in just his undergarments, awaiting instructions. He didn’t know who to turn to, but judging by the room, it was Grandmaster Angus calling the shots. Even though he was in a ceremonial mask hiding his identity, Apprentice Young would never mistake the big brute’s physique and presence. Even in a dark room, Young thought he might be able to identify him just from his scent. It wasn’t that long ago that he’d had his way with his genitals, paddling him and disciplining him over his knee. There were other men there as well. All suited, seated, and wearing similar masks, side by side adjacent to the bench. Apprentice Young felt a strange cold sensation over his neck and scalp thinking about the implications of this. An audience. An audience of unidentified leaders. He wondered if his father was among them. He didn’t know if that would make it better or worse… Grandmaster Angus took his seat at the head of the bench, closest to the largest object. He removed his mask, confirming Young’s suspicions. The apprentice couldn’t deny that he was partly happy to see him; having a familiar face made the unknown easier to tread into. But he also knew the man did not go easy on him… and would not accept anything less than exactly what he wanted. Angus pointed Young to the far object, instructing him to begin the process. Young felt his heart race as he made his way to the first plug, not sure if he would be able to do any of it. But the look in Angus’ eyes was direct and stern, communicating that it wasn’t for Young to doubt. The first plug sent a searing pain in the apprentice’s hole, pushing through his anxiety and tension into his ass. He struggled to take it in, but he soon felt his smooth cheeks press flat against the glass-like bench. Angus told him to stroke himself, permitting him that luxury knowing it would make the penetration easier to take. And it did. Young was grateful he was able to trick his body into taking the foreign objects. And before he could get comfortable, Angus ordered him to move to the next one. One by one, Young’s hole stretched and opened to take the bigger and bigger plugs. As he continued to stroke himself, he got harder, progressively becoming more aroused and less afraid. He almost forgot about the onlookers, even though they were no more than a couple feet away. He could occasionally hear them breathing, seeing them look at each other and show their approval. Young thought he was doing well, even beginning to enjoy it, until he reached the end of the line. He had moved so far and come so close to Grandmaster Angus, still seated in his chair with his hands folded and his face expressionless. Even though he didn’t have a mask on, he was harder to read than the unidentified men. It wasn’t until he stood up and gave the apprentice a kiss that Young felt like he’d performed well. He hoped this would be it and that the older man wouldn’t require any more of him, allowing him to cum and be on his way, having proven his worth. Alas, Angus was not yet satisfied. The final plug was more bulbous than it was phallic. It was as hard and round as a pool ball and more intimidating to Apprentice Young than anything he’d taken up to that point. The older man watched as he positioned himself on top of it, Young’s ass molding to attempt to take it. The young man’s face winced as he held his balls up, giving Angus a clear view of the object’s progress. Young tried, but it proved too much. He took a deep breath, trying to use his weight to slide it inside, but he couldn’t take anymore. Letting out a defeated exhale, the apprentice looked into Angus’ eyes, praying for mercy. Angus, however, did not seem pleased. With the same stern face he’d shown before, he explained that the apprentice had not done as he was asked. As such, there were to be consequences. Looking him in the eye while Young still straddled the too-large plug, he asked if the young man was ready to accept his punishment. Feeling like he’d let Angus down, the apprentice was compelled to comply, hoping to stay in the older man’s good graces. It was then that Grandmaster Angus stood up and ordered the young man to present his hole. Apprentice Young did as he was told, bending over the line of toys he’d successfully taken, presenting his backside to the older man. His hole was still a bit tender and raw, but he exposed it to Angus all the same. The older man proceeded to remove his clothes, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his tie, stripping down until he was completely naked. Young was scared, knowing the ferocity and aggression that the older man was capable of. Still, he found himself rock hard, ready to take him and prove his worth. As Grandmaster Angus lubed up his cock and prepared to insert it, the other men began to remove their masks. As Angus began to penetrate the young man’s stretched out hole, Young could see the faces of Grandmasters Oaks and Felix, as well as another familiar face, Grandmaster Savage. Apprentice Young felt the pain of the older man entering him turn to pleasure as he met their gaze, noticing that his father was not one of the men present. He wondered what his old man would think if he saw him like this, curious if he would be proud of what he was able to do. Angus seemed to sense that Young was warming up to his bare cock, holding onto his hips as he picked up the speed and used him to milk his member. Young looked forward at the other suited men, feeling especially naked as they watched on at him being fucked. He found their amused faces exciting, eager to make them happy as much as the man inside him. Suddenly and without warning, Grandmaster Angus’ strong, burly hands dug into Young’s body, gripping him tightly and holding him in place as his cock flooded his insides with his seed. Austin’s tender ass felt every burst whip into him, coating his anal cavity in thick, creamy liquid...
6. The Covenant 17mn
Apprentice Young’s throat was still sore when he met with Grandmaster Angus. It was a blessing he wasn’t asked to speak as his voice was hoarse from the intense physical demands it had endured from Grandmaster Felix’s test. The young man had knelt down and was instructed to suck and swallow the member of an unknown, unseen person behind a white veil. It was one of the biggest cocks he’d ever had to take, not that he’d had much experience before. His nose was a little runny and his eyes were still reddened from the choking and gagging, but he knew it was all part of his journey. For him to make his covenant, he had to show he would not back down. So weakened, weary, and vulnerable, he proceeded to the next chamber where Grandmaster Angus waited. As Young made his way into the ceremonial chamber, it struck him just how handsome Angus was. In the bright, white light of the room, the apprentice was seeing the burly bearded man different from their previous encounter. He was clothed in all white from head to toe, a stark difference from the black he wore before. His face seemed to even have a lightness to it, like the older man himself was in a lifted spirit of some kind. It made the young man feel more at ease. How could anything bad happen to him when everything here looks so peaceful? Immediately, Angus sat on the edge of a bed draped in a red cover. It had the feeling of an altar more than a bed for sleeping, appropriate for the solemnity and ceremony of what was happening. Even beside the bed was a shallow bowl of water and a tray of ceremonial oil. Apprentice Young was ordered to wash the man’s feet as a sign of respect and subservience. The carpeted floor hurt the boy’s knees, but he was happy to do what he was told. When Angus stood up, Apprentice Young noticed just how large he loomed. The young man was used to being smaller than almost everyone he encountered, but something about Angus’ size intimidated him greatly. He wasn’t the tallest man, but his chest was the width of a door. Each of Angus’ muscular thighs were bigger around than Young’s waist. He was covered in dark hair, especially on his forearms and hands that made him look like a beast. The apprentice felt like in any other situation, he would be terrified of a man like him. Terrified and, undeniably, aroused. As the older man began to remove his clothing, Young followed his lead, doing what he wanted without any question or hesitation. Even when Angus presented his exposed cock to him to suck, he opened his mouth and took it. His jaw was still tired and his lips were a little raw, but he looked up at his hirsute master, looking to please him however he wanted. Seeing Young struggle, Grandmaster Angus retreated his member, sitting down on the edge of the bed to focus more on the boy and less on himself. Young was grateful to rest his mouth, but he knew his work wasn’t over. Angus stripped him of what little covering he had, feeling his smooth backside with his big, burly hands. They were rougher than Young was used to, but no less arousing as they teased his delicate hole. The apprentice was placed on his back, breathlessly awaiting the moment where the older man would inevitably take what’s his and fuck him. Young knew it was coming, and in a way, he was grateful for it. This man wanted him. He saw promise and potential in him. He was going to help him grow and thrive and become who he was meant to be. Even if the apprentice wasn’t rock hard and turned on by the idea of feeling his thick meat inside, he thought it was a small price to pay to give his hole to someone of his standing. Angus turned Young around, putting him on all fours with his hole in the air. The apprentice looked back, watching as the man provided him with a drop of spit as lubrication to ease the penetration. It fell from the man’s mouth as a white, foamy drop, looking dramatically lighter than the dark beard from which it emerged, falling short on the young man’s hole with an impressive thud. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Angus pushed his manhood between the boy’s cheeks, not rushing the moment but not going too easy either. The apprentice knew why he was here, as did the older man. He put his full weight into the act of breeding, holding the boy in place with his strong, muscular arms, dominating him with his size and making quick work of overpowering his body. For a moment, the apprentice felt a rising fear. He knew he couldn’t fight back should anything go awry. The older man was bigger, stronger, and more experienced than himself. Even as Young moaned with a mix of pleasure and apprehension, the older man placed a hand over his mouth, muffling his nuanced sounds until all that echoed in the room was the indistinguishable sound of a boy breathing hard. It scared Young, but it also shot a surge of energy to his cock. He liked it. He liked being dominated. And he didn’t want it to stop.
7. Ordination 18mn
Apprentice Young knew the moment was bigger than himself. Being ordained into the brotherhood was something he was told he would remember for the rest of his life. Something that would shape him and define him. He understood that for the Masonic Order that this was a special ceremony, but it was hard for him to think of anything but Bishop Angus’ big, strong body. Standing in his white suit and entering the sacred space, his salt and pepper beard and intense look was enough to make Young forget all about the formality of the ritual. He knew that for his ordination to be complete, he would have to once again give himself to the handsome older man. He would have to strip off his clothes, expose himself, and receive the fullness of his manhood deep inside him. And he couldn’t wait. Bishop Angus could see the young man’s face smiling and beaming with anticipation. He placed a hand on the boy’s backside, feeling his tiny, round butt in his pants. The apprentice practically fell back into his palm, wanting to feel every part of his hand on him. When Bishop Angus told the young man to take off his clothes, it seemed more like permission than an order. Apprentice Young was quick to relieve himself of his dress shirt, tie, and pants, leaving just his sheer white undergarments covering his parts. Bishop Angus lifted up his shirt to run his big, hairy hand over the boy’s smooth body. He was so small and so lean, he practically had the delicate quality of a lamb. But as the older man felt up his chest and down to his loins, he could feel the throbbing erection that his touch inspired. Where Apprentice Young was once too timid to even acknowledge his arousal, he was now fully embracing that affect that older man had on him. Apprentice Young then helped Angus out of his suit, still stunned by the appearance of his broad, muscular chest. He was wider across his pecs than the apprentice was in his entire frame. As he saw the older man’s own garments, he was taken with the stark contrast between the crisp white fabric and the dark, dense hair covering his forearms and chest. He was truly one of the most handsome men Apprentice Young had ever seen, and he was eagerly waiting for his opportunity to take him inside once more. Bishop Angus took off the remainder of the apprentice’s clothing, leaving him completely bare and ready for service. The young man followed the older daddy’s commands and leaned over a nearby daybed. Bishop Angus brought his crotch right up to the apprentice’s mouth, giving him a face full of his throbbing meat. The hungry young man happily inhaled the warm musk of the rugged bear, watching as he pulled his thick shaft through his underwear. Apprentice Young didn’t need a second command to know what he had to do next. He brought the veiny tool to his mouth and exhaled on it as it filled his throat. Tears began to trickle down the apprentice’s face, feeling the initial discomfort of having a foreign object lodged in his skull. He quickly wiped his face clear of the wetness, getting back to servicing the older man and keeping him wet and hard. Apprentice Young knew it was going right into his hole shortly after, so the wetter he could make it, the easier it would go inside. Apprentice Young was surprised by how quickly Bishop Angus moved to prepare to breed him. The big man turned the boy around, resting his ass on the arm of the daybed, presented up like it was just a hole for him to use. Apprentice Young braced himself in place, looking forward in a focused stare as he felt the thick, rigid digit of Bishop Angus’ finger stirring up his hole. He was tighter than he thought, feeling the slight sting of the split of his sphincter as Angus tested him out. Young let out shallow breaths, readying himself for what was coming, knowing there was nothing left for him to do but wait to be penetrated. When Bishop Angus brought the smooth tip of his manhood to the boy’s hole, Apprentice Young let out a thrilled breath, excited to be getting what he wanted, but also enduring the intense sensation of being stretched open. Young did all he could to keep himself in place and not fall forward as the beefy man pushed into him. His size and power was enough to fuck him across the room if he wasn’t careful, but Angus and Young were no strangers to each other at this point. Bishop Angus knew how to pace his thrust and Apprentice Young knew how to counter the force of the big man’s penetration. It took a moment for the young man to get relaxed enough to take Angus all the way in, but once he let go of his own concerns and focused entirely on the older man’s he felt a flood of pleasure and purpose that made it feel like something powerful and meaningful. Not only was he about to be inseminated, but he knew he was about to receive his prize: ordination. Of course, all he had to do was withstand the hairy bear’s explosive thrusts…
8. The Sacrament 18mn
My apprenticeship with the Brotherhood hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I’ve often found myself feeling bewildered, frustrated, lonely or completely out of my depth. On many occasions, I’d considered throwing in the towel. But joining the Brotherhood proved to be something that was really important to me. I’d put so much in now, I couldn’t just leave. Accepting I was attracted to men went against everything that I was raised to accept. Here at the Brotherhood, I’ve been monitored and mentored by very great men. Men I became desperate to please and, latterly, men I became desperate to be with. Through the long months, they’ve taught me to accept who I am and embrace my position in the order of things, understanding my potential while accepting my limitations. I’ve been loved, punished, neglected, and revered. No part of my body has been ignored. I’ve been the focus of mystical rituals and have experienced such carnal pleasure that my body has shaken uncontrollably for days afterwards… There is, however, one individual among the highest ranking members of the Brotherhood who’s always kept his distance. Even after I was fully initiated, Grandmaster Legrand remained completely aloof, barely acknowledging my presence when we passed in the dark corridors. Despite this, I’ve always found him utterly magnetic - almost as though we were lovers in a previous life. I’ve longed for him to share his wisdom with me. I’ve longed to serve him. To give myself entirely to him… One day, I was summoned to his spooky, candlelit office. I was told to dress formally in suit and tie and make sure I was cleansed both inside and out. It took a while for my eyes to become accustomed to the dark, but I eventually saw a tall figure standing in the corner of the room which I knew was him. On closer inspection, I realized he was wearing a white, ceremonial mask with some sort of bird’s beak. I walked towards him, heart pounding uneasily in my ears. He suddenly reached out and grabbed me quite roughly, spinning me around before pushing his ring-covered fingers down the front of my pants. Grandmaster Legrand exudes raw power. He possesses a mind-boggling combination of mental and physical potency which made me feel utterly helpless. For a start, he’s well over a foot taller than me, but there was something about the way that he looked at me that was hypnotic. As his hands ran assertively up and down my body, I realized my entire apprenticeship had been leading me to that moment. My purpose in life was to submit myself fully to Grandmaster Legrand. He stood behind me and undressed me fairly rapidly without any sense of seduction. It felt like he was claiming me as a prize and my dick started swelling uncontrollably at the thought. Then he turned me towards him, reached around and pushed his giant fingers deep into my hole. I tentatively started to rub his bulge, which was bigger than any I’ve ever seen. I felt myself dropping to my knees in some sort of trance before pulling it out of his pants, desperate, not just to suck it, but to get every inch of it deep into my throat. Every time he touched me, I found myself gasping with anticipation. I needed him to use me. He pushed me against an ornate, ceremonial table and immediately started to finger me again, pushing one of my legs up so that my hole was already good and open before using oils and spit to make sure I was wet and as ready as I could be. I knew I had to relax. It was that or suffer excruciating agony as he pushed his huge member into my insanely tense butt. He lined himself up and I took a deep breath. For a moment he remained still, with the head of his dick pushing against my hole, almost as though he were waiting for permission to be admitted inside. Then he started to push into me and it was way too much. It really was. It felt like a knife was being plunged into my body. I kept quiet, of course. I didn’t want to let him - or myself - down, but he sensed it was painful for me, and got me onto my back, telling me to grab hold of my legs so that my hole was as open as it could be. He stood casually between my legs, still in his shirt and pants, and, once again, lined his dick up with my ass. He toyed with my hard dick and asked if I was ready and I knew at that moment that I was. Then I heard myself begging for him to fuck me. Pleading. And at that moment, I finally found myself yielding to him… My ass opened up like a flower and he sank his beautiful manhood deep into me and I knew there and then that I’d finally been relieved of my boyhood. The sensation was remarkable. It may have felt like he was driving a drain pipe deep into my belly, plundering my sphincter, ruining me entirely for his pleasure, but I loved it. He upped the pace and I could hear myself yelling uncontrollably. His face went quite red and he started gritting his teeth. I could tell that he was giving it to me as hard as he could… probably just to see if I could take it. I heard him murmur something about making me cum. I grabbed my dick, which was as hard as iron. The moment I touched it, I realized the semen was already rising, so I let go again because I didn’t want to cum just yet. I didn’t want the ecstatic sensation to end. But it was too late. I let go of my dick but moments later the semen started to squirt out of me. It was almost as though he was pushing it out of me with his dick. I have never cum without touching myself before. It just kept flying out of me. I was sort of orgasming and sort of not, so I grabbed my dick again, at which point he started to yell and grunt and I could feel his semen gushing into me. It was just crazy. For a split second we both entirely lost control. Then everything went still. I guess we were both trying to fathom what had happened and why it had been so intense. Then he kissed me, really simply, with very little emotion, and it was over just like that. Just as soon as it had begun.
9. Second Anointing 20mn
Austin has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. He has behaved in an exemplary manner throughout his apprenticeship. The grandmasters have nothing but universal praise for him and believe he will make a fine member of the Brotherhood. He has been tested, punished, and pushed to extremes in the process of learning the higher purpose of his body. As his training approaches its latter stages, he will be rewarded; built up mentally and physically until he is able to be properly ordained. He will experience extreme pleasure during today’s anointing. He will feel the respectful, erotic touch of Grandmaster Savage. Every inch of Austin’s body will ache for the older man and he will long to feel Savage’s penis deep inside him. The intensity of Austin’s emotions scares him. He didn’t know it was possible to feel like this. He longs to serve. Gratifying the grandmasters has become his only goal. It’s the reason he lives and breathes. Grandmaster Savage’s large hands are warm and masculine. He covers them with sacred oils and runs them suggestively over the boy’s back, legs, feet, and butt. Austin’s skin erupts into millions of goosebumps. He shivers and gasps. He knows what’s coming and he wants it badly. Savage slowly strips out of his pure white suit and tie. His large dick bulges impressively in his semi-transparent boxer shorts. He runs his slippery palm over Austin’s excited penis, milking it like a cow’s udder as the boy yelps uncontrollably. Thick pre-cum oozes through the fabric of the Grandmaster’s underwear. He pushes his shorts to the floor and slowly sinks his huge, raw dick into the boy’s clam-tight hole. Seconds later, he starts to pound the boy with all his might, gritting his teeth, face reddening with pure exertion as he brutally thrusts his manhood into Austin’s innocence. Pools of sticky cum and frisked-up lube form around the boy’s hole, as the powerful penetration continues. Austin grunts, winded. His head spins. His body shakes. Savage pushes Austin onto his back and thrusts his dick back into the boy’s welcoming ass, staring down at his smooth, yearning body and wide, trusting eyes. Austin starts to jerk himself off. He knows he’s gonna bust a nut and, sure enough, seconds later, the semen flies out of his dick and onto his chest with immense force. The sight of the boy bursting orgasmically sends the Grandmaster over the edge. He instantly explodes deep inside Austin’s body, his thick daddy juices gushing into the boy’s loins like a train whizzing through a tunnel.
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