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Fabien Roley and Clem Boy

April 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 3sec

Steam rises. The hot room is filled with the sounds of the other men enjoying themselves, the squishy thud of feet on the floor, and the murmur of voices. Fabien had just finished wiping the sweat from his face when he noticed Clem Boy enter the sauna, and he didn’t hesitate to follow him in.

A chance encounter in a cheap adult sauna on the outskirts of Paris leads to two like-minded, kinky dudes hooking up for what promises to be mind-blowing sex.

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Wild boy Fabian, a man into sports gear, sneakers and severe submission, subdues submissive Clem Boy in a matter of moments. Pervy Clem Boy sluttishly worships Fabien’s footwear with his snake-like tongue, desperate to please his sleazy master.

After a session of slurping and spitting, sexy Clem Boy gets his sweet lips firmly wrapped around Fabien’s big, curved dick. He only breaks away from giving head to take long, deep sniffs of the rubbery, sneaker stench he’s been addicted to his whole life.

Rock hard, Fabien throws Clem Boy onto all fours and slams himself into the sub guy’s tight-yet-accommodating ass. It’s clear from the panting, and gasping, and the echoing sound of Fabien’s immense dick mercilessly breaking his ass, that young Clem is getting the ride of his life. He buries his face in Fabien’s sneaker as his hole is brutally ripped apart.

Fabien pulls out and squirts a big load all over Clem Boy’s cheek. Fabien then allows the well-used bottom to cum all over the sneaker--only, of course, if the dirty boy neatly licks every last drop of it off afterwards!

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