April 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 52sec

There are some moments in the day when a guy just needs a quick release. Those moments when he’s so horny that he doesn’t care when or where. He just needs to bust his nut before focusing on anything else. That’s how it is for Matt right now.

Hanging out in an old tunnel known for its cruising, Matt wears assless underwear anticipating this deep hunger. Tall top, Greg, comes in and likes what he sees. He’s horned up, too, and can’t move on without finding a deep, hot ass to plunge into.

As they start ...[Read more]

As they start to make out, the hunger deepens. With every flick of their tongues, the need grows, and so does the size of their dicks. They release their fucksticks from their clothing as their hands explore their hot, young bodies. Matt has the cutest treasure trail down to his uncut dick! Greg can’t help rubbing his cock against that discovery.

They’re both craving a taste of each other and the deepthroating reaches a fevered pace quickly. Greg loves to nibble on Matt’s uncut foreskin and Matt loves the sucking so much that he has to switch off just to keep from blowing his load too early.

Matt gives Greg’s cock a deep tongue bath; he wants that rod to be super hard and plenty wet. There’s no other lube in the tunnel!

Greg’s ready to plunge and Matt’s assless underwear gives free access. With a strong push, Greg’s inside and pumping for all the young man is worth.

Matt loves every thrust but tries to keep quiet; you never know who else may be around and, right now, Greg is sliding his slickstick perfectly across Matt’s hotspot.

Moaning too loudly might distract this top and Matt’s too into the pounding to want anything to change. This sneaky tunnel escape is perfect for both of them and the loads they shoot show just how much they needed this!

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