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Special Sales Carnal+
July 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 15sec

Sam Minotaure squats on a dirty mattress in the dark cellar of a French farmhouse, wearing nothing but a jockstrap and sneakers. This sexy, tattooed scally boy is feeling horny. His ass is lubed. He’s ready for anything.

Cue porn God, Greg Centuri, who appears in the cellar with his dick rampantly sticking out of the fly of his tight jeans. Greg is carrying a rope which he uses first, to gently whip Sam, then to carefully tie-up and semi-incapacitate him.

Greg feeds his ...[Read more]

Greg feeds his rock hard dick into Sam’s mouth, who wantonly sucks it, desperate to please his dominant new master. Greg thrusts his dick into Sam’s throat, causing the boy to choke and gag, utterly humiliated. Undeterred, Sam allows his slippery tongue to flicker and dance over the tip of Greg’s giant member. The sensation pleases the top guy greatly, causing his dick to bounce and throb with lustful excitement.

Greg squats behind his slave and runs his fat rod over the boy’s freshly-lubed ass crack before plunging it, hard, into his hole. Sam winces then focusses on breathing deeply to relax his now-spasming sphincter.

Greg is soon thrusting in and out of it, enjoying the sensation of his dick being squeezed and massaged by such a tight, muscular ass. Greg is a supremely gifted lover and gradually ups the pace and intensity of the penetration until Sam finds himself gasping uncontrollably, head spinning wildly from the intensity of the moment.

Greg pulls out and tosses his condom aside, jerking himself powerfully while slapping Sam’s smooth ass until huge ribbons of semen begin to fly from his overstimulated dick. The cum gathers in a large pool at the top of Sam’s butt before slowly trickling down into his crack.

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