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July 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 8sec

Enzo Milano sits on a messily made bed in a Parisian tower block. He’s a good looking guy; dark and brooding with cropped hair, diamond ear studs and razor sharp cheekbones. Greg Century enters the room. This European porn god needs no introduction. He’s tall, lean, masculine, and tanned… and he has a dick to die for. Enzo knows he’s a lucky man.

The two men are making out within seconds. The passionate kissing makes it clear that they’re into each other in a pretty major way. Enzo drops to his knees to hungrily service Greg’s legendary dick, which seems to do nothing but grow and grow between his slippery lips. Greg smiles utterly contentedly as Enzo’s talented tongue flickers over the tip of his dick before dancing seductively down its shaft. Enzo knows exactly what he’s doing!

They stand to ...[Read more]

They stand to kiss again, but Greg soon has his long fingers pressing impatiently against Enzo’s expectant hole. Greg turns his friend around, grabs the waistband of his jockstrap and plunges his hard, 9-inch weapon deep into Enzo’s ass. Greg is soon pounding his prey with all his might, using every muscle in his body to thrust himself deep into Enzo, who pants and moans appreciatively as his internal organs are brutally rearranged.

Greg delivers a penetration masterclass, regularly altering the pace of his strokes to keep Enzo entirely on his toes! Enzo’s head begins to spin. He’s never been banged this hard before. Every inch of his body tingles with lustful pleasure.

Greg pulls out and jerks himself off over Enzo’s face. Semen explodes from the head of his dick, coating Enzo’s chest in a sticky layer of love juice. An excited Enzo is quick to follow suit, spraying impressively onto his stomach.

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