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June 08, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 42sec

Greg Century is in his Marseille flat, dressed in a black tracksuit which rustles with every move. His young, cute neighbor Illy turns up at Greg’s door with a parcel that had been delivered to the wrong place.

He doesn’t ...

He doesn’t stand a chance. Greg, who’s been edging for hours, pulls the boy inside and, within a millisecond, is all over him, tongue lodged outrageously inside the younger man’s somewhat surprised mouth! Illy melts into the aggressive man's kiss, swayed into the mood for sex. He loves a guy in shiny sportswear, and loves a man to take control—just as Greg’s doing now.

After an intense snogging session, Illy falls to his knees, marveling at the huge bulge in Greg’s track pants. He whips them down to reveal a beautiful beast in all of its throbbing, naked glory. Within moments, Greg rams his impressive dick firmly inside Illy’s mouth. The submissive boy sucks and salivates while horny Greg repeatedly slaps the young man’s face to assert his absolute dominance.

Sportswear is for more than just showing off the body for Greg. He pulls one of his sneakers off of his feet and thrusts his dick inside, savoring the moist, sweaty interior and running the sports shoe up and down his shaft. Illy dutifully sucks his heavy balls. Dominated as he is, he has only reverence for the spectacle of his well-hung top defiling his sneakers.

Greg soon has Illy on his back, legs spread wide, so Greg can slip his tongue deep into the bottom boy’s inviting hole. Greg then stands Illy up and bangs him mercilessly against the door of his apartment. He’s a beast with incredible stamina, and leaves Illy a panting, heaving, sweaty mess.

Greg pulls out seconds before exploding an insanely impressive load all over Illy’s peachy ass cheeks. Illy may not have known Greg well before, but he’ll never forget his neighbor now!

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