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September 07, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 21sec

Hakunabad and Marcus Cooper throw on their swim suits and make their way down to the hot tub. But when they get there, the two richly-melanated men can’t even submerge their entire bodies into the warm water before pouncing on each other!

Their makeout ...

Their makeout rivals the hot tub’s temperatures as they let their tongues and lips wrestle. Marcus’s lips wander from Hakunabad’s neck to his perky nipples, tasting him all over as he pulls the man’s blue trunks down just past his cheeks.

He gets up and pulls his own orange swim trunks down, revealing his swollen anaconda. Marcus pulls Hakunabad towards his engorged member and immediately begins to fuck his playmate’s hungry throat. Hakunabad opens wide and makes it look easy as muffled moans escape his body.

But he’s not alone in hunger. Marcus lifts him up out of the water and has him bend over the edge of the hot tub as he goes to eat his beautiful, mahogany ass. Hakunabad moans and coos as he feels Marcus’s tongue prep his starving hole for a big meaty rod. After eating Hakunabad’s ass thoroughly, Marcus points his thick dick at its intended target and slides it all the way in deep and raw, ready to pound mercilessly. There’s about to be a lot more liquid on the ground…

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