February 03, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 5sec

Euro porn legend, Jeff Stronger, is back again, this time paying a surprise visit to his old friend, Atlant Adam. Tall, muscle-bound Jeff turns up at Atlant’s apartment to find his super-cute playmate face down on the bed wearing just a jockstrap with his enticing, tight, pert ass on display.

Horny Jeff runs his hands sensuously over the resting man’s tanned, naked body. Sexy Atlant is soon awake and ready for action, so Jeff strips, lies expectantly on the bed and smiles in deep satisfaction as the horny twink’s soft lips begin to run up and down his giant shaft.

Within minutes, Atlant ...[Read more]

Within minutes, Atlant is hungrily deep-throating Jeff’s enormous meat, while the tall top pushes his large fingers into the younger man’s peachy ass. If he’s gonna take a dick the size of Jeff’s, a tight twink like Atlant will need all the preparation he can get!

Jeff is impatient, however, and is soon kneeling behind the groaning boy, repeatedly thrusting his huge dick in and out of his ass. He goes real deep. Jeff is one powerful fucker. Atlant must feel like he’s being torn apart as he bravely rides the fragile precipice between agony and ecstasy.

Jeff uses his muscular frame to embed his dick in Atlant’s hairless hole. He gets the boy on his back so he can look into his eyes as he ruins his ass. Atlant is rock hard and jerking himself frenetically, lost in absolute rapture. He wants Jeff desperately and with every fiber of his quavering, youthful body. And Jeff is giving it to him with both barrels.

A few more brutal thrusts and Atlant blows his load with Jeff still inside him. Thick, creamy cum squirts out of his dick and rolls down his shaft, sinking into his pubes. Mightily turned on by the spectacle, Jeff pulls out and very speedily creates his own sexy firework of semen.

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