January 27, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 43sec

Tall, Euro-porn legend, Jeff Stronger, finds a quiet corner of a Parisian bar, sits on a leather bench, and slowly pulls his infamously large dick out of his tight jeans. A spectacle like that needs to be observed and he’s soon joined on the bench by sexy Arabic otter, Karl Sensual. The two men sit side by side, exchanging hard, wet, dirty kisses.

Karl is soon on his knees between Jeff’s legs, his sexy mouth keenly servicing the tall man’s thick tool. Jeff grabs Karl’s head and pushes his curved dick deeper into the otter’s tight, hungry throat.

The two men ...[Read more]

The two men switch places and Jeff briefly sucks Karl’s tool. The experience is short-lived. Jeff is a card-carrying top; he’ll suck a bottom for a short while to get him in the mood, but when he’s bored, he’ll guide the salivating sub back onto his dick again. He’s gotta know his place.

As Karl sucks, Jeff gets his fat, long fingers deep into the sub’s chunky ass, slowly opening him up for an unforgettable ride.

Jeff pushes Karl back onto the bench before lining his chunky dick up with the trembling bottom’s peachy ass. Within seconds, Jeff is banging away, focussed, thrusting every inch of himself repeatedly into the otter’s hole, using his powerful, bulky body to nail him harder than he’s ever been nailed, balls making a hollow slapping sound against his ass cheeks. One thing's for certain: Karl is gonna wake up very sore tomorrow!

The two men lie side by side on the couch, kissing passionately while jerking themselves frenetically. Karl is the first to blow - all over his belly. Jeff’s giant dick’s explosion is the film’s big climax. The thick cum spills out of his meaty head and runs down his shaft like glue.

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