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March 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 22min 43sec

A dilapidated barn in a French farmhouse. Dusty sunlight streams through cracks in the walls. Man mountain, Jeff Stronger, stands confidently, bulging out of his tight soccer kit. He’s approached by Pedro Paliza, a sexy Latino, similarly dressed and every bit as horny. The two guys goof around, having a bit of a play fight. Moments later they’re making out, exchanging deep, wet, lustful kisses.

Overcome by sexual excitement, Jeff drops to his knees and starts to suck Pedro’s rapidly-swelling meat. It’s an impressive tool; heavy, upward-curving and uncut, and as Jeff continues to service it, the two ecstatic men strip naked.

Jeff turns to ...[Read more]

Jeff turns to face the wall and Pedro pushes up against him from behind, teasing the tall guy’s beefy ass and tight, tasty hole with his thick, throbbing dick.

Jeff is soon on all fours with the swarthy latino gritting his teeth and mounting him like a raunchy rabbit from behind. It’s a frenzied encounter. Pedro’s muscular thighs and pendulous balls repeatedly slap against Jeff’s beefy butt cheeks as he bangs the giant with increasing eagerness, speed and depth.

Jeff stands and leans against the wall, one leg up in the air, as Pedro’s pervy onslaught continues deep inside his gaping hole.

The two men lie on the floor, frantically jerking themselves. Pedro is the first to shoot. Thick jets of semen fly onto his tanned, hairy stomach. Seconds later, Jeff’s dick explodes impressively in retaliation.

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