March 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 26sec

After a long day at the office, Jeff Stronger waits to be pleasured in a sweaty sex club. He smoothes out a wrinkle in his perfectly-tailored suit. He stands: one hand holding a rum and coke, the other thrust into his pocket, slowly massaging his ever-swelling dick.

Sleek and scruffy Phyzer walks through the darkened corridors of the club. He spots the suited Stronger and instantly knows he wants him. Stronger is tall, broad, and sophisticated. Phyzer is a working class boy dressed in sports gear. We’re very different people but we’ll spark when put together, he thought.

Phyzer heads to ...[Read more]

Phyzer heads to the next-door cubicle and sticks his hard dick through the glory hole. Suited Stronger dutifully sucks it with the same care he nursed his drink. Camera lights glint enticingly on the shimmering fabric of his suit, soon to be scuffed in this dirty club.

But now it’s his turn. Stronger pulls his massive dick out of his pants and feeds it through the glory hole to an astonished Phyzer, who sucks it like a hungry slut. Stronger groans and licks his lips. He removes his jacket as a rush of ecstasy surges through his masculine body.

Phyzer moves into Stronger’s stall and continues to use his mouth, lips, and throat to pleasure this suited God. The taller man slowly strips, seductively loosening his tie and pushing his tight trousers down below his thick thighs.

Stronger knows what he wants. He squats over so that Phyzer can ram his beautiful dick deep into the tall man’s meaty, muscular ass. Phyzer doesn’t hesitate; he ruts with speed and great force, sweat dripping from his forehead.

After some time and exertion, Phyzer pulls out and Stronger drops to his knees to suck the life out of the boy’s swollen meat. It’s inevitable; semen bursts all over Stronger’s shirt and tie. Stronger doesn’t last much longer, squirting spears of spunk onto the now sticky floor.

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