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Jess Royan and Sofiane Latino

April 24, 2024 | Full Length Video : 19min 44sec

Euro porn Legend Jess Royan wanders into a ruined farmhouse on the outskirts of Bordeaux. This bald-headed hunk is feeling horny and he knows there’s a treat waiting for him inside. Trees partially cover the building’s entrance. The floors are strewed with rubbish, the walls lined with graffiti. It’s the perfect place for the sort of sleazy sex Royan enjoys. As luck would have it, the tanned, scally hunk, Sofiane Latino is lurking in a darkened corner of the house. He’s feeling super aroused and soon has his lips wrapped around Royan’s 8-inch meat. And boy does this kinky bastard know how to suck! Royan groans ecstatically, giving the cameraman a cheeky thumbs up.

The two men kiss passionately. Royan jerks his dick, which feels like it’s about to explode with lustful excitement. He instantly throws Latino over a trough and casually lines his throbbing penis up against the stranger’s crazy-tight ass. Seconds later, the heavily tattooed Royan sinks his impressive manhood into Latino’s hole, holding it deep inside for a few moments before beginning to thrust.

Royan delivers ...More

Royan delivers the perfect penetration, banging Latino with relentless, rock-hard strokes until the sleazy, cheeky bottom boy is groaning with pleasure. Royan ruts with power and great intensity until his balls are ripe, tingling and ready to blow.

Royan pulls out. Latino drops to his knees and, once again, orally services his new master’s dick. Royan’s breathing becomes more labored. He’s close. Very close. He starts to jerk himself hard. His dick explodes. Countless ribbons of semen fly from its tip and splatter onto the ground.

Director:Frank Romeo
Producer:Frank Romeo
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