January 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 32sec

When other men see Mack Daddy, they fall over themselves to be on his good side. That's because his good side is the front—this handsome man has one of the longest, most beautiful black cocks the world has ever seen. Men don't just want to be him, they want to be his—his friend, property, his plaything.

Mack Daddy's got a lot of friends and admirers that come by his place. He loves them all, but he also needs special attention from someone that can really handle him. Frankly, as beautiful as that big black dick is, it's borderline intimidating—unless you're Quake.

Quake is a ...[Read more]

Quake is a tatted up, green-loc sporting bottom with a toned body and insatiable appetite. Other men might filter in and out of Mack Daddy's presence (giving him a blow job or a kiss before leaving) but Quake wants to go all the way.

He swallows Mack Daddy to the hilt. His flexible form melts over the couch, and presents itself in any position that Mack Daddy bends it to. When the big cock top demands a taste of Quake’s hole, Quake presents himself eagerly. Whatever Mack needs, he needs.

And Mack Daddy needs someone to fuck. Having proven he's up to the task, Quake lowers himself all the way down the pole, the long, uncut cock pressing against, and beyond, his prostate. Quake bounces his ass up and down on Mack’s BBC, sweat dripping down his forehead as he takes a rod few men have the courage to attempt.

In return for this effort, Mack gives Quake what he craves: domination. Mack Daddy throws Quake onto his back and drills into him, balls slapping against his cheeks until the moaning, tattooed bottom can take no more.

Quake doesn't even try to hide how much he likes being taken. When Mack’s done and ready to burst, he pulls out and slaps the panting, moaning bottom across the face with his cock. He jerks until he shoots his seed across Quake’s face, adding another marking to the tattooed bottom. Mack Daddy has many friends, but after this, he may just have a favorite.

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