April 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 56sec

Steamy bathhouse sex! Pedro is a go-go boy who knows how to please the customers. He shakes his moneymaker up on the box wearing only a low-cut singlet.

Mike has come ready for this hot show - wearing nothing but a white towel for now. It gives the furry-chested Frenchman easy access to his chubbing uncut cock, and Pedro’s dancing has got Mike stroking his approval.

After a few ...[Read more]

After a few minutes of watching, Mike decides it’s time to take this showboy into his own hands. He climbs up onto the stage and starts dancing with Pedro, right out where everyone can see!

Pedro is also furry and they enjoy feeling each others’ hairy chests as their hungry tongues explore deep inside each others’ mouths. Pedro’s hot uncut cock springs to life and it’s immediately clear that the singlet isn’t going to hold one much longer.

Mike drops his towel so Pedro can have full access to his throbstick and it isn’t long before Mike sets Pedro’s cock free from the nylon constraints.

Mike didn’t come to the club just to watch; he wants a taste. He and Pedro find a comfortable spot and take turns sucking each other. Those chewy foreskins are being stretched to the limit! These otters know how to slurp a dick!

Mike’s ready to blow, so he bends Pedro over and plunges deep into the hairy hole. Pedro is over the moon - growling as well as moaning! Mike picks up on the animal heat, stroking Pedro’s cock in time with his own deep thrusts.

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