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The boy cole Chapter 10: slave boy

Starring Cole Blue and Myles Landon
June 03, 2021 | Full Length Video : 18min 46sec

I couldn’t be happier with my slave boy, Cole. Not only is he absolutely stunning and beautiful, but he’s obedient. He does what I say, exactly as I say it, even anticipating my needs before I speak. He’s got a beautiful body, an enormous cock, and a tight hole that fits my manhood like a glove. But the thing that makes him perfect is the way he looks at me.

I get attention all the time. People are always looking to either get something from me or to be my next sexual conquest. But oftentimes, the desperation in their eyes turns me off too much. They need me because I am greater than them. Superior. Richer. Stronger. Bigger. But in the end, I satisfy a fleeting desire.

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But for my slave boy, Cole, I am literally everything to him. I’m his Master, his protector, his owner and steward. His pleasure comes from me. His pain comes from me. Everything - including the air he breathes - is a gift from me. And when he looks at me, he worships me like a god. It’s unparalleled. And it’s the only thing that gets my dick as hard as a rock.

Taking him out of his cage, he greets me with a smile that is full of passion and longing. He’s missed me. He always wants to be with me. And it pains him when I crate him away. But it’s good for him. For one thing, it makes his mouth wetter for my cock to leave him wanting. And, for another, it reminds him of who I am and what he is. He’s my possession. Not my equal.

Even when I kiss him, the worship from him is palpable. He takes off my clothes with reverence, wanting to please me, but also aware of my power and wrath. I wouldn’t harm him. He’s too valuable to me. But I do want him to think of me as divine.

As he kisses my muscles, my abs and chest, he obediently and patiently follows my instructions. I know he wants the cock that’s growing and swelling in my underwear, but he must show me devotion first. No one makes me feel more like a god than my slave.

After a time, I give him his reward. My throbbing cock passing his lips is like a holy sacrament, blessing him with a taste of perfection. He sucks on it like it gives him something vital, something essential to his existence. He wants to have all of it in him, making him more complete and greater than himself.

Nothing gets this done quite as perfectly as when I fuck him. His round, smooth cheeks straddle my manhood, awaiting the moment when he can fully receive me. It’s my decision as to how and when, but he’d do anything to have it.

When I slide myself inside him, the intense thickness stretches him out instantly. He can take it. He has no choice. And he’s taken it many times before. But it closes tight each time, letting me feel like I’m taking him anew with every fuck. Once I’m balls deep, he’s not concerned about pain or even pleasure. He just wants me. All of me. Every inch of my cock and drop of my load.

I spread his legs and fuck him harder and harder, milking my cock with his tight sphincter as I feel my loins begin to ready themselves for climax. It’s a powerful feeling to look at someone who is so desperate to be inseminated and filled with your load just as you pick up the pace and prepare to shoot.

He wants it not because he’s simply horny or I’m simply attractive. He wants it because he’s my property. My slave. My inferior and my possession. My load makes him something more, just for a while. He’s a good slave, and he’s earned this load. And many more to come.

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Cole is a handsome young jock, fresh out of high school and unsure of his future. His rosy cheeks and porcelain skin made him a true work of art, worthy of admiration and devotion. He truly is a good, all-American boy.

...But deep down, he has desires different from most of his peers. He’s always fantasized about being someone’s trophy and slave, submitting to their every dark and twisted desire. A mixture of naivete and bravery lead him to search for and find a place where his sexual fantasies can be reality. He didn't know the extent of what was in store for him, and his complete surrender was required up front. He would be an object...a mere toy to be used. Anxiously at first, he gave up his free will. But as things progressed his fears took a backseat to his young hormones as his dick got steely hard and leaked a seemingly never-ending copious stream of precum.

Played by Cole Blue

One look from Master Myles and even the least trained of boys is put in line. It's always been this way. Something about his piercing gaze and masculine presence signals a fundamental and primal message: he's the alpha in the room.

Master Myles knows he has this power and enjoys seeing how the boys who become his property look at him with respect and desire. Most of the boys fantasize about being owned by him. As a member of this elite men's club, no one complains when he makes the winning bid and takes a boy in front of the others in the bidding hall. His lupine instincts when manhandling a boy, and his massive endowment that he screws into a whimpering boy...it is truly a sight to behold. And when it comes to taking a young virgin boy's tight little quim, even the most stubborn and untrained of boys...once they lock eyes with him, they don't just obey, they beg.

Played by Myles Landon
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The Boy Cole

Cole is a handsome young jock, fresh out of high school and unsure of his future. His rosy cheeks and porcelain skin made him a true work of art, worthy of admiration and devotion. Read more...
The Boy Cole: Chapters
1. The Merchandise 21mn
Cole is a unique specimen. Unlike the boys I’ve found on the streets, this young man found me. Word had gotten out to him about the work I do and the clients I serve. It was a beautiful thing to see how he approached me, his head low, deferential, obedient. He understood his place before I even told him… A submissive spirit is a tricky thing to maintain in the wild. The world dictates so many expectations and demands, one cannot always survive without some degree of individualism and self-interest. To be giving of oneself, truly and unquestioningly. The largest diamonds are not even so rare and pure! Knowing his desire to be owned and placed at the mercy of a master, I knew I had to make sure he fully appreciated the world he was stepping into. This is not a place for pretenders or immature boys looking to play make-believe. In this place, in this world, one’s flesh is no longer their own. Their holes are no longer private. Their genitals are prizes for worthy collectors, who would enjoy their winnings however they saw fit. On rare occasions, I bring in the high bidders to witness my appraisal. I find that for some, it excites the buyer to see the boys brought in fresh. Farm to table, if you will… I immediately removed Cole’s street clothes as I brought him in. His t-shirt and jeans made it clear he was a good, all-American boy. His rosy cheeks and porcelain skin made him a true work of art, but I needed to know if he was fragile as well! I took off his shirt, exposing his toned, smooth, boyish body. With my heavy, wide hand, I brought it down hard on the boy’s chest. The impact caused the boy’s body to shake, but not fall. He steeled himself instantly, receiving the force of my palm as blood rushed to the flesh. Within seconds, a five pointed mark raised on his pectoral, showing where I’d asserted myself. He did not shy away or retreat. I took my fingers to his nipples, teasing them and twisting them. Slowly at first, but I progressively pinched harder and faster. I could feel every surge of sensation cascade out in response. The boy’s body was so raw, so accessible! It seemed everywhere was sensitive, but not weak… I smacked his chest again. The other side this time. He did not see it coming. He let out a gasp, the air leaving his lungs, causing his torso to bend and fall. He quickly brought himself back up, waiting to receive more of what I could give him. I could hear the soft murmurs of the men watching. They seemed pleased, even excited by the idea of such a beautiful object being able to handle each test so perfectly. Stripped down to his underwear, his legs spread wide, his arms held back, I gentled tapped on his nuts. They were hard and taught in his briefs, tucked away and protected. I smirked, knowing the false promise that the cotton fabric made. I let my hand fall harder on them, feeling the tip of my fingers slap against the fullness of his testicles. The boy was startled, even let out a whimper as I made contact. Yet again, he did not shy away or retreat. I bent the boy over, chest down on the display table. His back lay flat as his ass elevated up toward my view. I pulled down his underwear, showing his ass for the first time. I paused. Such beauty needs to be appreciated! It was beautifully and naturally round, without being excessively plumped or full. The boy was athletic, but it was clear it was his genes that gave him his frame, not an abundance of exercise or training. This was promising! A boy who needed no upkeep, could handle more intense play, and had the willingness to submit… He was a true jackpot! After a careful observation, I brought my hand down fast on his tight, pink hole, watching as it puckered and clenched as the shockwave moved throughout the boy’s body. The smack made a snapping sound as my hand made contact, causing a visible reaction from the onlookers. The boy yelped, surprised by the sudden pain. But within seconds, his hole relaxed, reddened slightly, and his eyes widened up at me. He did not shy away or retreat… It was then that I knew; this boy would make me a fortune!
2. The Auction 27mn
Master Felix made it clear what I was to do. Before I was brought out, I was given a black jockstrap and bow tie. I tried to fidget with it at first, but I could tell it was more than just a decoration. There was a weight to it that was more than what I expected of a simple black tie accessory. It had power to it… Control. It was more of a collar than anything else. And even as I tried to make it fit, I was warned not to mess with it. “You might not like the results.” Stepping out onto the auction block, I was surprised by how many men were around. It hadn’t occurred to me just how active this process would be. But now, seeing the silhouetted figures, I knew more of the situation was out of my control than I’d anticipated. A light shone on me, making myself the only lit object around. It was a little scary, but I couldn’t help but be excited… As the auction began, I could see hands going up. Gestures of power and accomplishment from the men in the audience, each one indicating their prestige to the others. Not just wanting me, but also sending the message that I am important. The idea of being possessed by such a man sent blood to my loins and my cheeks. I could feel myself flush at the thought. The warmth was a welcome reprieve from the chill of my displayed nakedness. I lost track of time as my fate was left to be decided. Master Felix played with my body, teasing my hole and balls, smacking my ass and pinching my nipples. He toyed with my hole like he’d done before, opening me up and showing off my ass. I went deep into a submissive mindset in my head, disconnected from myself and the world around me, all while my cock was hard and the men placed their bids. Before I knew it, I was aroused, sore, and sold! The man who bought me was still unknown to me. As he stepped forward, I hoped to learn his name, but all that was exchanged was the passing of a ring. Words were barely exchanged as the transaction concluded, as if both men were fully aware of what was expected and how to proceed. I waited patiently for my instructions, not sure what was left for me to do. He was a handsome man with striking silver hair. He had the look of a CEO or someone with authority. I could picture him easily in a corner office penthouse, striking awe and fear into subordinates with a picture of his family behind him. I was curious about who he was and what world he lived in. But for now, I was just his property. His prize. His slave… He ordered me to take off his pants. His first command. As I unbuckled his belt and dropped them down, my face was within inches of his bulging crotch. A musk of manhood hit me as the scent of his genitals were released from their designer captivity. Instinctively my face moved forward, sniffing and licking his cock and balls. I wanted to know him more. To take him in and worship him. After all, it was my duty! My heart fluttered as his hand moved to the back of my head, guiding me to take his piece in my mouth. I breathed through my nose, inhaling his strong pheromones as my tongue tasted him for the first time. He was exactly as a powerful master should taste; clean, expensive, and manly. Saliva drenched him as I savoured it, taking him deep in my throat. He seemed to like it. His cock grew harder between my lips and his grip seemed to get tighter. I caressed his balls in my hand, feeling the silky hairs that covered it. It was then he let out a moan and whispered, “I’m going to breed you… I own you…” It was then that my cock began to drip in my jock and my hole tightened. I wanted him, and I was happy to be his…
3. The Prize 19mn
I kept my eyes focused on Cole as he unlaced my shoes. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for any signs of resistance or inconvenience, but he kept his eyes down. He looked intently at my dress shoes, handling them carefully as he carried out my order to have them removed. He did exactly as I said, without even a hint of struggle… I knew this wasn’t a large task for a slave, but it was these small, simple orders that proved one’s dominance over another. He took off my socks and belt with the same readiness. These were all things I could do myself. Things I normally do myself… But now, with Cole here, I could sit back and have even these small things done for me. How great is that? As he stripped me down, I became incredibly and uncontrollably aroused. I had Cole run his mouth over my cock, without any warm up or petition. He just did as I said, through and through. He kissed my crotch, inhaling its musk and kissing my bulge as I became even harder. When I told him to suck it, he gently pulled it out of my underwear and slowly took it deep into his mouth. Fuck! There’s nothing like getting your dick sucked while you sit back like a king. He worshipped my manhood with unquestioned devotion and commitment, knowing that his only purpose in that moment was to serve me. The idea alone was enough to get me hard, but it was especially sweet to have such a handsome, fit, perfect young man between my legs as my possession! As I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure, I thought about all the fun, perverse, creative ways I could use him. All the ways I could prove my dominance and feel the rush of having someone eager to lower themselves for me. Not just eager, but bound… I gave him subtle suggestions of how to suck me off, exactly how I liked it. He took my direction quickly and expertly, improving with each bob of his head and lick of his tongue. I could have cum right there into his mouth. I could have done it without even warning him it was going to happen! But I held back, knowing my load was not going to be wasted getting swallowed down. I ordered him to sit on my wet cock, watching as Cole jumped up quickly to bring his hole to the tip. It was a quick, smooth motion that brought my cock inside him, pushing between this tight, smooth cheeks. He had incredible control of himself to be able to relax his sphincter so that I could penetrate him without much resistance… And once I was inside, he held onto me like a vice, keeping my cock locked in his body. How could it be any more perfect? I pumped my meat deep into him, feeling the sensation of his flesh rubbing against mine. I felt my balls fill with seed, tightening as I ramped closer and closer toward cumming. It felt so good fucking my beautiful boy slave, I held out as long as I could… And even then, I knew it didn’t matter too much. If I shot my load, I could get back in there whenever I wanted. I was in charge, I was the master!
4. The Slave Boy 22mn
There’s something special in caging up a young man. Not just having him in restraints or in chastity or anything like that. It’s about actually seeing him that tiny cell like a pet. It sends a message. “You’re my property. You stay put until I need you. When I don’t, you’re set aside.” I’m not cruel or mean. I wouldn’t keep Cole locked up longer than I had to; but it does give me a thrill to see him in there, playing with his cock, watching me, and eagerly waiting for me to let him out. He knows why he’s in there and why I would let him out. Knowing that he’s just sitting, waiting, thinking of a time when he’s servicing me… There’s nothing better! Eventually, my needs become more powerful than my fantasy. I need to cum and Cole’s job is to make that happen. As I fidget with the keys in my pocket, Cole can hear the small sound of metal clanking. In a Pavlovian response, I swear I can see his mouth begin to water with anticipation. As soon as he’s out of the cage, I sit on the bed for him to perform his usual ritual. He kneels down, looks me in the eye, and waits for my command. He’s used to taking off my shoes, knowing now the intricacy of the laces and how to remove them with speed and efficiency. Same with my belt and pants... Smooth and swift. After all, he’s been trained on this routine. Time and again he has undressed me, tending to my needs as he prepares me to be serviced by him. One of my favorite things is when he rests his face on my crotch. Still in my underwear, I make him wait for further instructions with his nose up in my underwear, inhaling the scent of my manhood. It’s like I’m marking him inside and out. He’s masked in my natural fragrance while his lungs fill with my pheromones. I can tell it drives him wild huffing me in this way, and I want him hungry for what I’m about to give him. His hot breath excites my dick, making it hard and ready for sucking. I pull down my pants and give him a view of my cock, rock hard and throbbing. He’s quick to fill his mouth with it, swallowing to the hilt almost instantly. Cole’s an amazing cock sucker with practically no gag reflex, perfectly suited for taking me the way I like. I can feel my inches penetrate past his tongue, sliding into his throat as he worships my cock. This is what it’s about. Being a master. Feeling like a king. Having your piece held in place so beautifully by a young man’s wet, warm mouth. Cole can’t get enough of it either. He looks at me with his sultry eyes, signalling that he’s always ready for more. He would never say it — after all, it’s not his place. But deep down, this boy wants to be owned and used, and I’m more than happy to push his buttons. With his mouth open and waiting, I thrust my hips back and forth, fucking his face as he manages to take me completely. He adapts to my moves, taking me as easily as if I was fucking his ass. And as much as I would love to shoot my load in his throat without any warning, Cole’s actual ass is why I bought him in the first place. I move behind him, looking at his milky white cheeks sitting full and round above his tight, pink pucker. There’s a reason why he came so expensive. A boy like this is truly one in a million. A perfect specimen of submission and substance. As I slip my wet cock in his bare hole, I think to myself, “He’s all mine.”
5. Auction Party Favor 28mn
There’s nothing quite like seeing a boy be of service. When Master Oaks invited us to enjoy some cocktails before the auction of his slave, Cole, I knew we were going to be in for a treat! Master Oaks likes to show off what he has sometimes… And I can’t say I blame him; Cole is an exceptional piece of property. As he walked around the room carrying out drinks, wearing nothing but his jockstrap and collar, I was able to sneak some glances at just how he was built. Very firm, athletic, tall. His ass hung out of the straps like they were sculpted for that purpose. We carried on, finishing up our conversations about work and life until Oaks ordered his boy to show us his hole. As if on cue and perfectly trained, Cole presented himself to us. His ass split perfectly without needing to be touched; showing both his smooth, soft cheeks and tight pucker. The other men and I couldn’t help but give it a feel. He was very accomodating, moving to each of us, giving us a chance to sample his wares. His beautiful face was just as desirable as the cock that hung between his legs! Seeing how the other men played with him, teasing and testing him; I felt myself becoming more and more drawn to him. I placed a finger in his mouth, watching him suck on it as he locked eyes with me. He was currently Master Oaks’ property, but I felt in my gut that he belonged to me. I had to have him! Of course the rules state he can only be bred by his owner, which meant I was about to be out a lot of cash to secure my prize… We placed our bids as we continued to fondle his genitals and test his body. His boy cock was thick and long, resting atop two large balls. They were tight to the shaft, giving it a lift into the hair, but also practically begging to be tapped and smacked. I watched as the others sucked on his cock, getting him aroused and hard, waiting back to observe and appreciate his skills. It was then that Master Oaks ordered him to suck his cock, standing up and pulling down his pants to show that the boy would do anything you asked of him… Anything, anywhere, anytime. Cole sucked his master’s cock, taking it into his mouth and savoring it. The look in his eye was as if he was tasting the most delicious, sweet fruit. It was clear he was worshipping his superior’s cock the way he liked it, swallowing it down and slobbering over its girth and length. Another bidder pulled out his cock, and Master Oaks gave his boy the okay to switch over. Rock hard, Cole sucked the stranger’s meat, giving it the same attention and devotion as he had Oaks’. The bidding continued and I kept myself in the lead, letting the men around me get lost in the thrill of using the boy together, knowing that I had to bide my time and outbid them all. When Master Oaks ordered him to ride his cock, Cole got up on him with haste, taking him immediately into his tight hole using only the saliva he’d left on his shaft. Such a perfect specimen, working his cock on his master’s lap as his heavy cock swung in the air. I wanted him! And I was determined to have him...
6. The Prize 26mn
I get the best! It’s not bragging, just a fact. I work hard, I have high standards, and I only accept the best that life has to offer. And why should I settle for less? When you look like me and have what I have, the world has a way of bending to my will, so I expect a lot... I have to say, Cole did not disappoint me! With his handsome looks, beautiful body, big cock and perfect ass, he was a prize I was happy to claim. Not only did he present a perfect package, but he was keenly aware of what I expected from him. I did not have to stress that he was my property or that I owned and commanded him, but I did enjoy telling him. As I spoke the words, “I own you,” I could see his eyes light up with understanding and submission. And just as he came alive, so did my cock! Watching him fold my clothes and care for my suit like it was more valuable than himself, I found myself becoming almost dizzy with power. Here he was, my property, my object, my slave; to do with how I pleased, without concern for his desires or fears. As lucky as I was to have him, I knew he was lucky, too. I’m aware that I’m a prize in my own right. Tall, tanned, muscular, handsome, worldly, and powerful. Boys beg to be mine from all over the world, willing to give up everything for the chance to grovel at my feet! At least, they say they’d give up everything, but I know it’s all words. Inert and without real meaning... Here, Cole was truly powerless, without anything to concern him but me and my desires. He would worship me and service me not just because he wanted to, but because he had to. I could have been anyone else in that crowd, but fate made it so that I was his master. His king. His god! He was fortunate enough to see me as his owner, a prime specimen of manhood and masculinity. As he crawled on top of me like a puppy, I could feel his enthusiasm and hunger for me swelling inside his tight jockstrap. His hole radiated heat as I ran my fingers over it, begging to be dominated by my cock and marked by my seed. I would take him however I wanted, whenever I wanted; knowing that deep in his heart and his mind, I was his master. Beyond even the transaction of paper and money, he wanted me to claim him. First, I would lie back, feeling my cock grow in his mouth, stretching out his throat as he dutifully serviced me. I was in no rush, I had nowhere else to go. I would take my time, get fully inside his head and his heart. And only then, when he felt the aching void where my cock should be, will I fuck him hard and deep! And then, for the first time, he will truly be transformed. Made whole. Made mine...
7. The Prize 23mn
Cole entered the room so quietly, I would not have noticed him if I hadn’t been facing the door. He seemed to make as much effort as possible to not disturb me. It was clear that a previous owner liked having him off to the side so he didn’t become a distraction when not in use. It made sense, but it was hard to imagine not wanting to take full advantage of such a beautiful young man... Cole’s tall, lean body, delicate chest hair, smooth face, and soulful eyes were truly exceptional! He could have been a beautiful piece of art if he wasn’t already a service oriented slave. I found myself gazing upon him for a long time before finally instructing him to assist me in undressing. And even as he loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling him all over, eager to enjoy my prize! Once I was undressed, I felt strong next to the young man. My smooth, prominent muscles were on clear display, giving Cole an eyeful of my own power and masculinity. He didn’t need a reminder of who was in charge, but it gave me an extra thrill for him to see me like this. I could tell he was turned on by it, making him even more eager to please. Cole’s cock rose in his black jockstrap, begging to be pulled out. I took it in my hand, clenching and groping it, without any hesitation. After all, it was more mine than it was his. I could do anything I wanted with it! As impressive as it was, it was really my cock that I wanted Cole to worship. Lying back on the bed, I sank into the expensive pillows and sheets, spreading out as I claimed it all for myself. As I did, Cole crawled beneath my legs, taking my manhood into his pretty mouth, sucking on it and tasting it, becoming more acquainted with my flavor and feel. It was important that he learn me as his new master. My scent, my taste, the way his mouth would have to widen to take my substantial girth, as well as the way my balls feel in his hand as he cups them. I’m his world; his owner, his everything! And nothing trains a boy better than being bred, of course! Cole’s sweet, soft cheeks were the perfect casing for my massive cock. And once I slid my bare cock inside him, he learned quickly who I am and what he is...
8. Auction Slave Boy 23mn
Cole was certainly a welcome sight! His blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and milky white skin were presented so perfectly. He had the look of a good, wholesome, clean-cut boy from any small town. But as his nipples were twisted and his face contorted, it was clear he was no novice to the auction block’s demands... Seeing his body writhe and his eyes wince, I found myself popping an erection right there in my chair. I was so distracted from his reactions that I almost forgot to indicate my bid! With each inch of swelling I felt in my pants, the more I put myself out there. As I felt my cock throb at maximum, I got relief in the form of a bidding win! But as good as it felt to have this boy claimed, I didn’t want to rush the moment. Taking him, owning him, and breeding him would all come in time, but I didn’t want to lose that excitement. Cole was special. Truly special. And I wanted to savor his obedience and service. The moment I got him alone, I caged him up, keeping him locked up and secure. Seeing him through the bars, I could see his eyes hungry to be used. It was so beautiful! He wanted me. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. But instead of acting on it, I left him alone and went about my day. Running errands, taking calls, having meals, all the while remembering that Cole was there, in the cage, waiting for me. All he wanted was to be let out, knowing that doing so would give him access to my cock. The idea was enough to keep me aroused throughout the day, leading up to the moment when I returned. When I came back, Cole looked up at me like a hungry puppy. His eyes sparkled brightly and his lips parted ever so slightly. Letting him out, I could see he needed to touch me. I was a bit tired from the day, but also knew the purpose of my slave. I instructed him to take off my clothes, watching as he lit up and began to remove each item. When it came time for him to remove my pants, his eyes locked on to my crotch, watching as my bulge revealed itself to him. His face was no more than a few inches away, practically able to smell the musk from my nuts as they hung in my underwear. It clearly went to the boy’s head as he licked his lips, swallowing the saliva that pooled in his mouth...
9. Slave Boy 21mn
After the auction, Master Adams has claimed his slave, Cole, and he is eager to see what the boy can do. In one of the private rooms provided by the Buyer's Group, the tall, lean man removes his Italian leather shoes and beckons Cole forward to retrieve them. It’s all Cole can do not to smell the warm leather, since he knows it will deliver the scent of his handsome new master, but like a good boy, he stays focused on his duty. After putting the shoes aside, Cole instinctively knows what to do next, proof of his excellent training. He removes the man’s blazer, folding it and gently placing it out of the way. As he lowers Master Adams’ pants, he notices the long erection snaking down one leg of the man’s underwear. That makes him break with protocol: Even though he's supposed to be undressing his master, he needs the smell of a real man in his nostrils. He drops to his knees to kiss and tease the large member through the fabric. Master Adams is pleasantly surprised by the boy's initiative, and when he feels his slave's hot breath on his cock, he exhales sharply. Back on task, Cole returns to the buttons of his master’s shirt and slides it off. Master Adams sits back on the bed, still bulging in his briefs. In a thick southern accent, he says, “Take off my underwear,” and Cole complies, aroused by the direct command. The moment Master Adams’ missile-shaped cock springs free, Cole’s jaw drops. It’s thickest in the middle and covered in bulging veins. Practically hypnotized, he starts stroking it while sucking on his master’s balls. When he finally gets his mouth on the big dick, he puts his training to the test by swallowing the monster whole. The curve of his master’s cock is perfect for deepthroating, and Cole locks eyes with Master Adams as he tastes him. By the time Master Adams tugs off the tiny jock that Cole is wearing, the boy is so turned on that he leaks precum all over the bed while his master fingers his hole. Cole wants to give his master his money’s worth, so he climbs onto Master Adams' cock in reverse cowboy. He rides the man deep and hard, with his own large cock slapping loudly against his stomach. The angle of the man’s curve is perfect for punching a boy’s prostate, and the pounding his master gives him makes Cole fling precum across the bed. Soon, Master Adams mounts Cole doggy style, pounding the boy with all the force in his lean, hard body. Cole is so overcome by his master's power that his chest collapses against the bed and his hands go white-knuckled as they grip the blankets. When he sees how well Cole can handle his enormous cock, Master Adams decides to go even deeper. He flips the boy into missionary position, and Cole is grateful because that means he can stare into his master's handsome face while he's getting fucked. When Master Adams says he’s about to cum, Cole is overcome by the desire to be fully owned. He breathes out a quiet “fuck yeah" as his master thrusts harder and harder, finally emptying his load inside the boy's hole. Cole is high with pleasure when the man pulls out of him, and as Master Adams watches a river of cum flowing out of the boy's ass, he knows he has spent his money on a perfect piece of property.
10. The Auction 20mn
I don’t really pick favorites. The boys are all unique and desirable in their own ways, and I don’t want to put any before the others. After all, when it comes time to sell, it’s not really about what I like. As the saying goes, “the market will decide.” But for the boys who come up for auction again and again, I can’t help but notice them in new and interesting ways. Take Cole, for instance. He’s an exceptional young man with a solid body; beautiful, expressive face; massive cock; and an ass that never quits. It’s no wonder he gets passed around the masters, each of them wanting a chance to own such a perfect specimen and have their way with him. Were it not for his incredible profitability, I imagine many would be happy to keep him for life. Personally, I love when he’s back in my hands again. On the auction block, I get the thrill of showing him off to the prospective buyers, but I also get to indulge myself and sample his wares free of charge. I would happily pay a pretty penny for the right to call him my own, but there’s something extra exciting about working him over and playing with him in front of the hungry, eager daddies fighting for him. Perhaps my favorite thing about Cole is his submissive spirit. Everytime he kneels on the black leather display, he knows he’s there to serve a purpose. Not for himself, but for the man who owns him and the masters who covet him. He’s there to be a prize, an object. He’s there to present himself and show what he can do, no matter how intense or exposing it may be. He has no shame or doubt. Any why should he? He’s been freed of his individuality and autonomy. He never has to be embarrassed. After all, he’s just a possession. When I work his body, testing the limits of his nipples and his cock, twisting them, smacking them, and making them hurt, he never pulls back. His stomach tenses, and he makes sounds of pain, but he doesn’t run away. He knows not to, but he also knows he can’t. If he’s going to make his masters happy, he must take it without objection. Even beg for it when he knows that’s what his owner wants. Luckily, Cole is so well trained that his cock grows hard even when he’s smacked around a little. The humiliation and objectication is wired into his slave brain, making him horny for the torture of his cock and balls. And while there’s something exquisite about flicking his heavy balls and massive cock, his hole is what really gets me going. Putting him on his back with his legs stretched over, I present his hole to the group, letting them see the perfect, tight, smooth, pink pucker between his round, milky cheeks. The boy is perfectly fit with long, strong legs, making him the perfect fuckable jock bottom. But what people don’t realize is just how much he can take. Lubing up my fingers, I start by penetrating with just a single digit. My index finger slides inside him, moving around his warm, velvety insides and getting his hard cock even more aroused. As he gets accustomed to my knuckles, I slip in another finger. The two work in tandem to stretch him out, making him moan in ecstasy. The firm hole grips tightly, allowing me to feel the increasing rate of his pulse as I play around. Cole is a hungry boy, loving the deep penetration and the public display of his receptivity. I can see in his eyes that he wants more, but like a good slave, he would never ask for it. He just waits, patiently and respectfully, allowing me to decide how he will be filled. It took everything in my power not to pull out my cock and fuck him right there, but even with my authority, I’m not a bidder. Seeing Cole’s desperation, I lubed up my fingers some more, feeling my power flood my imagination. I took my hand and played around his reddened hole, considering my next move carefully. I didn’t know if I should, but I thought the audience would enjoy a good show. Bringing my four fingers together, I pushed them hard against Cole’s anus, watching as they slowly moved inside, getting sucked up by the slave’s beautiful, hungry hole...
11. Slave Boy 19mn
I couldn’t be happier with my slave boy, Cole. Not only is he absolutely stunning and beautiful, but he’s obedient. He does what I say, exactly as I say it, even anticipating my needs before I speak. He’s got a beautiful body, an enormous cock, and a tight hole that fits my manhood like a glove. But the thing that makes him perfect is the way he looks at me. I get attention all the time. People are always looking to either get something from me or to be my next sexual conquest. But oftentimes, the desperation in their eyes turns me off too much. They need me because I am greater than them. Superior. Richer. Stronger. Bigger. But in the end, I satisfy a fleeting desire. But for my slave boy, Cole, I am literally everything to him. I’m his Master, his protector, his owner and steward. His pleasure comes from me. His pain comes from me. Everything - including the air he breathes - is a gift from me. And when he looks at me, he worships me like a god. It’s unparalleled. And it’s the only thing that gets my dick as hard as a rock. Taking him out of his cage, he greets me with a smile that is full of passion and longing. He’s missed me. He always wants to be with me. And it pains him when I crate him away. But it’s good for him. For one thing, it makes his mouth wetter for my cock to leave him wanting. And, for another, it reminds him of who I am and what he is. He’s my possession. Not my equal. Even when I kiss him, the worship from him is palpable. He takes off my clothes with reverence, wanting to please me, but also aware of my power and wrath. I wouldn’t harm him. He’s too valuable to me. But I do want him to think of me as divine. As he kisses my muscles, my abs and chest, he obediently and patiently follows my instructions. I know he wants the cock that’s growing and swelling in my underwear, but he must show me devotion first. No one makes me feel more like a god than my slave. After a time, I give him his reward. My throbbing cock passing his lips is like a holy sacrament, blessing him with a taste of perfection. He sucks on it like it gives him something vital, something essential to his existence. He wants to have all of it in him, making him more complete and greater than himself. Nothing gets this done quite as perfectly as when I fuck him. His round, smooth cheeks straddle my manhood, awaiting the moment when he can fully receive me. It’s my decision as to how and when, but he’d do anything to have it. When I slide myself inside him, the intense thickness stretches him out instantly. He can take it. He has no choice. And he’s taken it many times before. But it closes tight each time, letting me feel like I’m taking him anew with every fuck. Once I’m balls deep, he’s not concerned about pain or even pleasure. He just wants me. All of me. Every inch of my cock and drop of my load. I spread his legs and fuck him harder and harder, milking my cock with his tight sphincter as I feel my loins begin to ready themselves for climax. It’s a powerful feeling to look at someone who is so desperate to be inseminated and filled with your load just as you pick up the pace and prepare to shoot. He wants it not because he’s simply horny or I’m simply attractive. He wants it because he’s my property. My slave. My inferior and my possession. My load makes him something more, just for a while. He’s a good slave, and he’s earned this load. And many more to come.
12. The Prize 29mn
Cole has found himself being regularly passed around the Buyers’ Group for some time now. In many ways, he’s one of the ultimate prizes; tall, blond, devastatingly handsome and incredibly compliant. He commands some of the highest prices at auction. Everyone wants to own him. Master Legrand has been on Cole’s radar for ages. The tall owner has been present at a number of group events where some of the best behaved young men are passed around like precious objects for the enjoyment of the cabal. Master Legrand intrigues the boy. It feels like the DILF’s somehow cloaked in an air of mystery. He says very little yet seems to be the controlling force of the group. When the boys meet, discussion about him is respectfully kept to a minimum. Cole was both excited and deeply apprehensive when he was informed that Master Legrand had become his new master. Legrand had made his bids remotely, so the first time Cole saw him was in an expensive hotel room suite which he’d been driven to by his previous master. Legrand was wearing a dark suit with a gold tie and sitting calmly on the edge of the bed. Cole nervously entered the room, and, as is customary, dutifully dropped to his knees and crawled towards his master. He barely dared to look up at Legrand who seemed to possess an almost mind-bogglingly powerful aura. The Master’s hands, though huge, felt softer than Cole expected. Legrand touched the boy with such extraordinary sensuality that goosebumps immediately started to prickle uncontrollably on Cole’s skin. For a while, everything fell completely silent, but for the rustle of fabric as the boy ran his lips and nose over the rapidly-growing bulge in Legrand’s pants. Cole’s nerves evaporated and were replaced by an overwhelming desire to serve. The encounter felt un-rushed. There was mutual respect between the two of them, almost as though both were aware that the ultimate master had finally encountered the ultimate boy. Legrand stood and removed his clothes while ordering Cole to service his dick. As the slaveboy pulled his master’s monster out of its fabric encasement, Cole felt another flutter of nerves. He had never seen anything that size before. It truly was the most impressive dick he’d ever seen. He immediately set about pleasuring it, employing every trick he knew in the process. Legrand found himself slowly sinking into a reverie of intense sexual satisfaction. Cole was soon on all fours, on the bed, moaning deeply as his Master milked thick strands of precum from his heavily engorged penis. Legrand’s dick rapidly made contact with Cole’s hole, and, seconds later, started to inch itself inside like a hungry snake entering a burrow. Cole’s head began to pound. The sensation was more intense than anything he’d ever experienced. He felt like he was being split in two. The older man was soon pounding his new slave with long, deep strokes, causing the boy to grunt violently as the thick column of rock-hard man flesh relentlessly pumped in and out of him, literally banging the air out of his body. Legrand’s huge balls made a satisfyingly hollow thud as they thwacked hard against Cole’s well-defined ass cheeks. The Master was soon going full tilt, flinging Cole into a variety of different positions to increase the depth and potency of his strokes. Cole attempted to regulate his breathing, but every time he felt he was getting a handle on the situation, his new Master upped the intensity dial and left him unable to do anything but grit his teeth while his internal organs were brutally rearranged. Legrand suddenly exploded, firing off round after round of thick semen deep into Cole's quivering hole. But the Master wasn’t done. He continued to pound his big dick into the boy while jerking Cole off until the boy’s stunning pole burst its top. A volcano of pure spunk cascaded all over his body.
13. The Auction 33mn
The Boy Cole had become one the business’s most lucrative products. The young, well-defined stud knows precisely what it takes to sell the goods. As Master Charger presents the boy to the bidders at the auction, Cole keeps an aloof expression on his face, but his eyes give away just how much he enjoys being on display for all the dominant, lusting, wealthy men ready to shell out the big bucks for his body. Master Charger is keen on ensuring Cole does not get lost in his own desires. He instructs the boy to keep his gaze forward. He rubs the boy down in oil as the bids begin pouring in. However, even as stern and seasoned a salesman as the man is, Master Charger finds it impossible not to get at least a few good gropes of his own in of the boy’s generous flank. This is a true testament to how much of a prize item Cole is; even as Master Charger presents him, he’s unable to resist the boy’s natural charms. Cole is rock hard, his hole puckering, and moans tremble out his lips as the salesman continue to present as their bids, which have easily reached beyond six figures. Master Charger exhibits just what the boy and his hole are able to endure with the aid of a clear dildo, and the demonstration causes a jump in the bidding up to $725,000. The winner of the prize is Master Dixon, a bearded, tattooed man whose towering, masculine form dwarfs Cole’s more slender frame. Dixon approaches his purchase and immediately tests the product, sliding his inked up fingers into the boy’s mouth. The boy’s cock jumps when Master Dixon tells Master Charger that he wants to watch the salesman fuck the boy. Master Charger sees this as an added bonus on top of the sale and acquiesces immediately to Dixon’s request. Master Dixon grabs a chair, sits, and observes as the salesman tongues Cole’s hole. He strokes his cock as he watches his new toy’s face contort in pleasure while Master Charger’s tongue dives deep into his crevice. Master Charger even takes a moment to swallow Cole’s own rigid cock, sucking each one of the boy’s balls. Master Charger stands and oils up his own engorged meat, ready to slide it into the boy’s hungry opening. Cole’s hole yields easily, hungrily to the man’s cock, especially as he sees his buyer, Master Dixon, stand up and approach him. Master Dixon plants a deep kiss on the boy’s mouth, practically swallowing him.. As the salesman begins to slide in and out of the boy, Master Dixon breaks the kiss, then gently guides the boy’s head to his cock to suck it. The boy is owned at both ends, and loves every second. Master Dixon takes the beautiful sight in, noticing the boy’s cock is just as swollen as his own and the one inside Cole, never deflating even once. The two men have the boy turn over, continuing to spit roast him in the new position. The pleasure overwhelms the boy and he asks if he can cum, a request to which both the men permit. Cole shoots his load, moaning pathetically as he does. This, in turn, sends the two men over the edge, with Master Dixon blowing his load in the boy’s mouth, while Master Charger pumps his load into the boy’s hole. The two men fill Cole up completely; another successful transaction has been made.
14. Milking the Slaves 17mn
Ejaculation means something different to each master. For some, it is the right of the powerful, a sign of authority and dominance to be the one to receive pleasure. For others, it is more about control, a reward for their boys for giving good service. And for others still, it is about the marking and claiming of property, an act of consummation of ownership and contract. As such, not every boy is allowed to cum with any regularity. Given the ways they are used, they’re often brought to a state of arousal without release. This can be fine for a time, but at some point, the pressure in their loins becomes troublesome. The slaves are told to endure it, of course, but after a while, it affects their performance, and that cannot be abided. Given that, the slaves are systematically milked to ensure they are still capable of doing what they’re expected to do. I was particularly excited for the opportunity to milk Cole. The handsome young man is built beautifully, tall and long but not too lean. His musculature is practically a work of art, and his face is nothing short of angelic. Having the opportunity to work him over is always a joy. But today, knowing that I can focus just on his larger, beautiful cock… well, that’s a gift in and of itself. As I removed him from the milking wall, seeing him trussed up aside other slaves desperate to be relieved of their aching testicles, I took my time to appreciate Cole’s body. He glistened with perspiration, clearly worked up from being edged for hours. I knew I could solve his problem in moments, but I wasn’t ready to let my satisfaction end so quickly. With him off the wall and on the auction block, I was able to take in the sight of his perfect ass, seeing it spread as he got on all fours and presented it to me. I couldn’t resist. I had to go in for a taste. And just as I thought, he was perfect. Absolutely perfect. My tongue savored every inch of him as my beard grazed against his flesh. I could feel his hole tighten against me as it aroused his pleasure. He was ready. Not just ready, he was begging for release. Putting him up on his knees, I took his throbbing manhood in my hand, teasing the head of his shaft before giving him the long, lingering sensations of wet, warm strokes. I watched his balls pulse upward, clenching as I brought him closer and closer to orgasm. I tried to pace myself, delaying the release as long as possible, but he was dripping pre-cum before I even touched him. His breathing was deep and quick, making sounds of pleasure that escalated the more I touched him. It was unreal to have someone so on the edge of pleasure and have them be solely controlled by my hand. The rush of power to my brain was almost god-like. I listened to his breathing, waiting for the sign that we were past the point of no return, and then I let him go… The eruption from his cock was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Ropes of white fluid gushed from him, pouring out in beautiful arcs through the air. His testicles must have been painfully full before I released him. He spewed all over my hand, his body, and the platform he was on. There was enough there that it should have been saved and bottled. As Cole’s body deflated and he collapsed on his own exhaust, I kept my hand gripped to his member. He stayed propped up because of my hold, but otherwise he could have completely fallen back onto the auction block. Of course, even though he had cum, he wasn’t done. Looking out onto the crowd, Cole could see the several onlookers of masters and prospective buyers, all watching in the darkness at his performance. An orgasm like that was sure to attract some bids. And sure enough, Cole was able to be sold on the spot.
15. The Prize 25mn
In the world of selling boys, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. And when it comes to fulfilling the satisfaction of our customers, Boy Cole was the very epitome of a quality product. This trim, athletic young man was a constant high seller, and at auction, a simple look at his handsome face was enough to quickly bring in the largest of bids. Master Dixon was a frequent customer; he had tried out more than a few of our boys. He’d never once left with buyer’s remorse, and surely had heard of Boy Cole by this time. He seemed quite pleased with winning him in the auction against all the other high bidders. When he watched Master Charger give him a demonstration of the boy’s hungry hole, he was even more certain of the quality of his purchase. He took the boy up to his room with barely contained eagerness. Once inside the private room, Master Dixon was left amazed at just how sexy the Boy looked in the full display of brighter light. Wearing nothing but a bowtie and a black jockstrap that framed his ass perfectly, Boy Cole was the portrait of beautiful servitude. With such servitude in mind, Boy Cole immediately got to work, crawling over to the suited older man and removing his dress shoes. Master Dixon motioned to the boy to give him a kiss, and his new purchase showed no hesitance leaning in to comply. The Master barely needed to give any verbal commands; hand gestures proved enough to guide the Boy through his duties. Once Master Dixon’s fat cock was loose from his pants, Cole wrapped his mouth around it and swallowed. As well-practiced as this boy was at service, he made the task look easy, even despite the Master’s large size. The older man could feel his meat throb against the back of the Boy’s throat as the servant looked up to him eagerly. After a stellar blowjob, Master Dixon knew he needed to get an up-close and personal look at Boy Cole’s ass. The hairy Master had him get up on the bed and onto all fours. He then pawed at the Boy’s inviting ass, rubbing and kneading it, before diving into it face first. His hunger elicited sultry moans from the Boy as he lubed the hole up with his tongue. Once Master Dixon slid his big meaty cock in, he knew why this product was so popular. Boy Cole’s looks, coupled with his natural obedience, were almost all too good to be true. Yet here he was, very real, very well trained, and very exquisite to break in. Master Dixon could feel himself start to get close, so he had the boy turn over. He wanted to see Boy Cole’s face when he blew. Turning him over revealed that the Boy’s very own large dick was also rock hard. Better than that, though, the Boy began furiously stroking his own cock. He blew his load all over his own belly as his Master pumped in and out of him vigorously. This rare and beautiful sight sent the hot daddy over the edge and he exploded inside Boy Cole, filling him to the brim with cum. In the afterglow, the auction house had yet another satisfied customer.
16. Appraisal 28mn
The Boy Cole has become a proven and well-tested product. With a stunning face, taut body, big-boy dick, and perky butt to match—it comes as no surprise to any of the Masters that Cole fetches such high bids. Not to mention, Boy Cole has turned being an obedient, subservient, and willing sex slave into an art form. He’s been around the block and in enough hands to know his routine, and know what to expect from the various stages of selling. The time has come for his appraisal. For this, Master Legrand has Master Snow and Master Patrick join him in evaluating. The three older men bring the subservient stud into the room and get to work. Boy Cole looks a tad more nervous than usual, but as Master Snow and Master Patrick begin letting their large warm hands roam over The Boy’s body—nude except for a black jockstrap and matching bowtie—sends the feelings to his face quickly turning his look into one of soft pleasure. It’s this obvious rapture that has helped the Boy Cole perfect his place as a best-seller. Even before the men bring in the measuring tape, it is clear as day to see the boy is rock-hard, lost in lust even before men slip his jockstrap off. The Boy’s dick appears to bounce and jolt as each of the older Masters makes his way around him, measuring various parts of his body and copping feels as they surround him from all sides. While it may seem like the men are in control by the very virtue of their titles and positions, it is clear Boy Cole has something of a hypnotic effect on older, wealthy men. His gasps, his moans, his swaying hips entrances the men. These Masters, riled up, can barely contain themselves—they simply must taste the boy. With one mouth on his neck, another on his chest, and another on his rigid cock, Boy Cole can’t help but roll his eyes into the back of his head as he’s licked and kissed like an ice cream cone. Soon The Boy is stripped fully nude and the older men take turns in feeling up, prodding at, and tasting The Boy’s flesh. Boy Cole’s own experienced mouth pairs beautifully with his Master’s cocks as they rotate around him. He is splayed as an object between them, his moans muffled in their crotches. When the time comes to test the maintenance of his prized hole, Master Patrick and Master Snow waste no time in slipping their fat cock heads and long shafts into the boy’s hungry, willing chute. Master Snow pounds him on all fours, while Master Patrick takes the missionary route. Just like before, Boy Cole is pushed and turned into positions not of choice, but of servitude. Each of the men pumps their long, stiff rods in and out of the boy until they unload streams of cum into the Boy Cole’s guts, painting his insides with their DNA. For Master Wolf, this appraisal will likely mean a staggering rise in the bidding for the Boy Cole.
17. Auction 19mn
The Boy Cole has been owned by many men from the Collective, and he’s learned not to form attachments to his Masters, or to even have expectations about his future for that matter. For most of the Buyers, he is little more than a plaything to be used and then sold when they want something new. Selling a boy when they are done with him is part of the thrill for owners. However, as experienced as he is, even The Boy Cole has not gotten over being put on display. He’s never ready for the feeling of suspense, uncertainty, even dread, that knots up his stomach as he kneels on the block looking out through the haze of bright lights at the shadowed forms of the wealthy powerful men willing to pay a small fortune to own him. He only knows that, once again, his future will change dramatically and a new life will be given to him. Master Legrand has owned many SlaveBoys, Boy Cole among them The tall handsome DILF sometimes even stands on this stage to lead the auction off. He knows his way around the bodies of the handsome young men he transacts. He’s an expert at showing them off to their best advantage on the auction block. Having Boy Cole back in his giant hands on the auction house stage is a privilege and a pleasure. For a moment, he almost wishes he could own Boy Cole again, but only for a moment. They had their time, and there are many new boys to be used and savored. Boy Cole is distracted from his nervous concerns when his former Master steps up behind him, grabbing The Boy’s pecs and pinching hard, rolling the swelling nipple nubs between his finger tips. He knows Boy Cole can take it, and pushing him to his limits pushes the bids. He gives the boy a break, stroking his chest with gentle caresses, enjoying the feel of his soft skin, just as much as Boy Cole enjoys the gentle touch of strong hands on his body. Moving downward, Master Legrand teases The Boy’s swelling cock through his jock. His manhood is as perfect as the rest of this ideal male beauty. Already swelling from the attention his Master has given him, it grows to its full hardness and Master Legrand releases it from its confines to reveal it to the bidders. Dramatically removing the jacket of his suit and turning back his cuffs, Master Legrand pours a palm full of oil into his hands and lets it drip down onto The Boy’s chest before spreading it across the graceful curves of his muscles and throbbing cock, bringing them to life under the hard spot light. With a snap of the Master’s fingers, Boy Cole is on his knees presenting the fine round globes of his ass and tight hole to the crowd. After making sure that The Boy’s cock, too, is on display, quivering at full arousal,Master Legrand unbuckles his pants. A veteran slave like Boy Cole is valued for his skill and experience. Few things can demonstrate that better than his ability to handle Master Legrand’s legendary cock, which the man presents for him to suck. While he does, Master’s thick fingers plunder his well-oiled hole, preparing it for the assault to come. As Master Legrand pushes past his tight ring, Boy Cole, having taken this cock many times before, does not struggle as most inexperienced boys do. He still struggles to restrain himself to the soft grunts that are allowed to a boy on the auction block, but he’s better equipped than most for this. Master Legrand is proud to show off his big dick and power as a top by fucking such a desireable Slaveboy in front of the gathered crowd. Once he is balls deep in The Boy’s hole and has him well opened up, he flips The Boy over, spreads his legs wide, and rides him hard. As Boy Cole struggles to take the large cock punching into his guts, Master Legrand struggles not to come too quick. That is a battle he can’t win, though, and soon he is blasting his load deep into Boy Cole’s quivering body. Even after he comes, he continues to fuck the exhausted boy, unwilling to give up his fleeting access to this exquisite slave. Boy Cole would like nothing more than to close his eyes and collapse onto the block for a well-deserved rest., but he knows he must remain awake and alert as the auction bell rings. Moments later, his new owner, Master Snow, steps onto the stage. He’s a strong man with a strong grip, which he immediately uses on Boy Cole’s well teased pecs…
18. Auction 22mn
The day had finally arrived. The Buyers’ Auction House was packed—not a seat, nor standing room remained. The anticipation for the Slaveboy who waited behind the auction-block curtain was as intense as it ever had been. The fervently desired, submissive twink-masterpiece known as The Boy Cole would be someone’s prize today, but at a very steep price. Everyone in attendance knew this. No one cared. Buyers will sell off precious valuables if that is what was required to acquire the beauty. All breathing seemed to stop as the curtain was suddenly pulled away. What every Buyer would tell you is that every man’s wet dream knelt on the block before them. The youthful countenance cast slightly down, yet crystal clear blue eyes twinkling, smiling. Boy Cole’s pouty red lips glistened in the spotlight above that fully illuminated his spectacular body. The bid began at ten grand. Blessed by the Gods with thick, meaty thighs and porcelain pecs, Boy Cole was timeless and flawless in every way. His gorgeous body and personality were persistently hungered for by every Buyer who ever had laid eyes on him, especially now. The bid climbed to twenty-five grand. The showcase host, Master Snow, appeared from behind Boy Cole and immediately began groping the panting lad. Sultry lips puckered; the young twink cooed and moaned while every inch of his body was explored. The bid climbed quickly to fifty thousand. Every Buyer’s default understanding is that to obtain the Boy, you need cash, sure. But it’s also every Buyer’s strict expectation that each slave showcase their submission: with a hot, “fondle-me-endlessly-daddy” smile. Boy Cole smoldered with intensity as Master Snow pulled out a bottle of oil to slather and rub into the flawless, baby-smooth skin. The adept sex-servant flexed his well-crafted and defined musculature as the Master covered him all over. The bid jumped to nearly six-figures. The moment that Boy Cole got himself into doggy position, that figure went well past one-hundred thousand dollars. Master Snow dribbled copious amounts of sex oil all over the slave’s gaping, hungry boy-hole. The bid rocketed up to quarter of a million. And it wasn’t stopping there! Next, as Master Snow fingered the sex oil into Boy Cole’s tender, pink entry, he simultaneously squeezed, choked, and pulled on the keening slave’s sensitive cock and sizable testes. In spite of the surely overpowering sensations coursing through the twink’s now-glistening frame, Boy Cole somehow held himself together and stayed in position for his Master. However, for a brief moment, Boy Cole nearly keeled over when Master Snow suddenly poured the sex oil all over the soles of both of the succulent slave’s feet. The Boy sucked in a sharp breath as his Master deeply massaged the oil into his heels, soles, and toes. The bid lurched up another 50K during this simple act alone. Master Snow chuckled to himself because he knew full well that there were several Buyers in attendance with a powerful twink foot fetish. They’d pay fifty-grand just to have the fleeting pleasure of touching The Boy’s feet, let alone rubbing oil into them all night. The next phase of the auction would involve showcasing the Slaveboy’s talents pleasing a Master. Boy Cole remained dutifully in the doggy position as Master Snow granted his slave a few sensuous kisses on the lips. The twink slipped his tongue into the Master’s mouth. The bid jumped another twenty-five grand. Master Snow slowly, deliberately unbuckled his slacks and pulled his giant DILF cock out. No instruction as to what to do next was necessary. Boy Cole was not only well-versed in the act of sucking off hung daddies, he naturally craved it. The bid jumped yet again. As the suckling slave showed the Buyers just how gifted he was in handling the long, thick, massive shaft of Master Snow, the bid quickly got to half-a-million dollars. The Boy could really deepthroat a daddy dick with the best of them! After allotting several hot minutes showcasing the Boy giving voracious head, Master Snow finally pulled his cock out of the slave’s watering mouth. Boy Cole spun around and exposed his pucker once again. Master Snow slapped his pulsating penis against The Boy’s hole several times, resulting in yet another jump in the bidding. Master Snow sunk his footlong shaft into the twink’s tight love tunnel. The boy rolled his head back and moaned loudly. The bid was now at well over six-hundred-thousand dollars. The Slaveboy received a very thorough fucking. Master Snow placed Boy Cole into several positions and rammed the horny twink slow, fast, hard, deep. The bidding was frenetic at this point, and so were Master Snow’s thrusts. Sweat dripped from the DILF’s forehead and splashed onto the slave below. The bidding launched past nine-hundred-thousand dollars as Master Snow launched his massive daddy load into the howling, happy slave. He pumped every last drop into The Boy before slowly sliding out of the miraculously still-tight hole. Still rock-hard, Master Snow watched as his thick, creamy spunk oozed out of Boy Cole’s twitching entry. The panting DILF emitted a primal purr, then pushed the semen back into the trembling slave. The bid leapt to nearly one-million dollars. Once Master Snow was satisfied that his lust was momentarily culled, he backed away from the Slaveboy and grabbed his pants. The experienced slave knew that he must collect himself and immediately get back into position on the block. Now that the Showcase had concluded, the bidding had been closed. The winning buyer would be announced within minutes. As Master Snow put his clothes back on, he peered over the Slaveboy with a withering gaze. The boy was a fine prize, but was a slave first-and-foremost. Boy Cole kept his own gaze downward and patiently, obediently knelt on the block, waiting for Master Snow to call forth the lucky Buyer. The subservient slave had to choke back a gasp as Master Patrick stepped up to the block. It was well-known by all Slaveboys that Master Patrick was quite serious about his purchases. The ambitious buyer had a resounding reputation for being strict, unyielding, and extraordinarily well-endowed. Boy Cole gulped as Master Snow handed over the famous ‘ring-of-possession’ over to Master Patrick. The Slaveboy took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Master Patrick silently approached Boy Cole from behind and quickly began to disrobe. The young slave could barely keep his composure as the handsome hunk daddy let his shirt drop to the floor and unzipped his pants…!
19. Party Favor 25mn
I’ve been a dominant man for as long as I can remember. When I was in my teens, I was a bit of a bully. I realize now that it was a desire to have other boys cower in front of me that I didn’t fully understand. After I got older and discovered BDSM, I learned that there were healthier ways to experience those desires. It was all slightly unfulfilling, though. Most of the so-called submissives that I met were not actually interested in submitting to my desires. They had a fantasy narrative of submission in their heads that they expected me to play out. I hired some escorts and at least they were mostly serious about serving me, but we both knew that they were going through the motions for a few hours just to get my money. I wanted a real hot young man that I owned. Someone who would actually be my property, my fuck toy. Someone who lived for my needs, my desires, and the small gestures of approval that I was willing to offer. Those small gestures are important. A successful Master cannot be too self-absorbed and greedy. Boys are slaves and fuck toys, but they think and feel. Just like dogs and horses, they must be trained and used with an appropriate balance of punishment and rewards. A good Master inspires worship from his property. The deeper the worship, the better the service they will offer. When I discovered the Collective, and managed to get an invitation to join, it changed my life. Participation in the auctions is expensive… very expensive! But it’s worth every dime. The boys on the block are real slaves who take being bought and sold as seriously as the men who buy and sell them. Aside from access to the kinds of exceptional boys that I’ve always wanted to have, the collective offers other benefits, too. The men in the collective are very wealthy and very powerful. The social connections to be made are priceless—and potentially very profitable. I feel self conscious, though. I’m younger than a lot of the other men. Most of them are “self-made,” while I inherited my fortune. When Master Legrand invited me to dinner I was flattered and a little bit intimidated but I knew how important making a good impression was. The Master is one of the leaders in our small community and having his friendship was essential. He asked me to bring my slave Boy Cole with me to help his Boy Serg serve. Cole is amazing! My first real slaveboy. I bought him partly because he is stunning and partly because he is very experienced and I’m aware that I’m not. At least, not as experienced in owning a piece of property as magnificent as he is. Now that I have him, I’m positively drunk on the experience. I have to stay in control of myself. He might not respect me if he knew how absolutely helplessly smitten I am with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at Master Legrand’s house. Boy Cole was immediately directed away to undress and report to the kitchen where the staff was fixing the dinner he would help serve. I was taken to the living room where Master Legrand and his friend Master Snow waited. While Master Snow and I barely know each other, he has always been friendly and we have spoken several times at various events. His presence made me feel a little bit more relaxed. We had cocktails and began to chat. Master Legrand is far less imposing in person than he seems from afar. I was secretly relieved that both men seemed to already have a good impression of me and were eager to get acquainted. I was feeling much more comfortable by the time we were called into the dining room. The meal was very pleasant and, by the time it was over, I felt that the seeds of friendship had been planted. After dinner, it was a bit different. Master Legrand invited us back to his library for an after-dinner whiskey, which The Boys served us, of course. I had realized that some playtime might be part of the evening, but I wasn’t sure. It all happened rather suddenly. The boys brought the drinks in and, moments later, Master Legrand and Master Snow had pounced on Boy Serg. Boy Cole looked at me for direction. I wasn’t sure exactly where we fit in, so I motioned him over and started to make out with him. Of course, almost the instant my fingers touched his smooth skin and the hard young muscles underneath it, I was in my own world. Master Snow reached out to fondle Boy Cole. I think he was actually Snow’s Slaveboy at some point in the past. I didn’t mind at all but I was caught up in my own pleasure. After a little while Master Legrand, Master Snow, and Boy Serg left the room. Not that I cared at that point; my mind and my cock were focused on my wonderful, beautiful boy. I positioned Boy Cole on his knees on an armchair. He presented his ass to me and I dove into it like the best dessert on the planet. If there is such a thing as a perfect ass, my Boy has it, and I enjoy eating him out almost as much as fucking him. Almost. There is nothing like forcing my cock into the tight hole of a Slaveboy, especially if he’s mine. After a while, I moved him to the couch on onto his back, partly because I couldn’t fuck him as hard as I wanted to on the chair without turning it over, and partly because I like looking a Boy in the eye when I fuck him. I love seeing a Boy there with his legs spread open, giving me his body. I want him to know who is taking his ass and breeding his hole. I let Boy Cole beat himself off. Some people might think that I spoil him but he’s only allowed to cum while I’m fucking him and I love the feeling of his guts quivering around my cock when he shoots his load. Then it’s my turn.
20. The Prize 33mn
I had seen Master Patrick at events but, other than passing greetings, I had never had an opportunity to actually get to know him until Grandmaster Legrand invited us to his house for dinner and some fun. I was quite impressed with Master Patrick. He was friendly, well-educated, seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, and wasn’t at all bad looking. He was rather shy, but that’s understandable; he’s a new addition to our exclusive club, as well as new to actually owning a Boy in the way that we do. From the things the young Master said, he seemed self-conscious about having inherited his wealth, although he seemed more than capable of tending to it and making his fortune grow. He reminded me of myself at his age, and I felt the inclination to take him under my wing. I started out by inviting him to dinner at my Gentlemens Club, a nice sophisticated way for two adult men to become acquainted. Perhaps he’ll join. As we talked, I became more and more impressed by him. At Grandmaster Legrand’s party, it was almost cute how into each other he and Boy Cole were. They hardly even noticed us leave the room. I’m glad he bought Boy Cole: The Boy was like a well-trained horse that knew the trail so well that he didn’t really need to be guided. He seemed to know what his Master wanted, and was discrete enough to let his Master think that it was his idea, when really Boy Cole offered it to him. I sort of teased Master Patrick when I asked how things were working out with Boy Cole, knowing how smitten he was with him. I could tell Master Patrick was trying very hard to be reserved and “dominant,” but there were fireworks of excitement in his eyes, and perhaps a little romance as well. In an effort to give a little bit of subtle advice, I told him how much I had enjoyed owning Boy Cole, but how much I was also enjoying The Boy that I own now. I was pleased to discover that Master Patrick wanted to pursue a further friendship with me, but was kind of surprised when he suggested that I might like to come over one afternoon and spend some time with him and Boy Cole. Of course I wasn’t going to say “no.” It’s an understatement to say that The Boy was always a pleasure and I had no doubt Master Patrick would be as well. I suppose that having your cock inside another man, fucking him, or being fucked, is the most intimate bond two man can experience together, but two dominant men sharing a Boy is almost equal to that. It is an entirely different kind of connection, physical and emotional, when two dominant men share their alpha male power by fucking together. We had drinks and a cigar on Master Patrick’s pool deck to relax a little before we went back to the bedroom and summoned Boy Cole to come serve us. The young lad crawled into the room, an impeccable vision of submission and youthful virility presenting himself for our use and pleasure. How can a man who commands a slave like Boy Cole not feel like the most powerful man on the planet? We took our time having him undress us. Master Patrick and I kissed each other, expressing our mutual anticipation of sharing this amazing fuck toy. He took Master Patrick’s underwear down first, revealing an impressive long uncut cock. Boy Cole didn’t even hesitate taking it down his throat to the balls. It was a thing of beauty to watch such a perfect Boy service such a handsome man. Soon enough, it was my turn to have my cock in Boy Cole’s mouth again. I couldn’t resist sitting down on the bed while this Slaveboy sucked my cock, because then I could taste Master Patrick’s cock for myself. I was glad I did. The young Master was obviously ready to fuck, though. We got Boy Cole up on the bed, and I had a quick taste of his sweet hole before I pushed my cock into him and started to fuck his ass while Master Patrick fucked his throat. I finished my turn and then let my fellow Master take over. After he had fucked Boy Cole for a few minutes, I decided to give him a surprise. I know what Boy Cole is capable of, so I suggested that I wanted to see The Boy ride his Master’s cock. Cole obediently sat down on his Master’s throbbing shaft. Just as Master Patrick was starting to fuck, I got down behind Boy Cole and slid my cock in as well! I’m not sure if Master Patrick had ever shared a hole with another man before or not but he was clearly enjoying sharing this hole with me. I just hoped he would enjoy the sensation of our loads mixing together in BoyCole’s ass as much as I knew I would.
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