March 31, 2014 | Full Length Video : 25min 19sec

D.O. soaks in his bath looking over at Francesco D'Macho shaving.Once he's finished, Francesco walks over to his lover. They start tomake-out, both of them savoring the feel, the smell, the taste of eachother's flesh. Francesco then aims his uncut cock at his man's faceand D.O. sniffs the foreskin, nibbles on it teasingly, then swallows thebig pole all the way down to its base. Francesco grunts with pleasure,enjoying his partner's work. Then D.O. emerges from the tub, his cocklooming hard and majestic; all Francesco can do is kneel and openwide. He sucks it down his throat, lathering it with his spit to help itslide in and out easily. D.O. then targets Francesco's butt, spreadingthe plump asscheeks apart and digging in deep with his tongue.Francesco is putty in D.O.'s hands and happily surrenders his ass fora more invasive assault. D.O. fucks his ass and the big man grimaceswith pained pleasure; his panting grows louder and more labored asthe action intensifies. D.O. fucks, then rims, then fucks Francesco'smanhole some more until, one after the other, the two men jackthemselves off and cum.

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