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Francesco D'macho
October 02, 2014 | Full Length Video : 17min 45sec

After strolling through the rows of grapevines and picking somebunches of the ripened fruit, Rusty Stevens and Francesco D'Machowander farther down the vineyard to drink each other in. Rusty, hishairy muscular chest drenched in noon-day sweat, pulls the hunkystud's pants open and gets busy sucking down his big cock. He workshis mouth and tongue all over the massive rod, getting drunker andhornier with every generous slurp. Then they move onto a blanketspread out on a grassy field to continue their romantic tryst. Thesexual energy between the two lovers is electric and palpable; bothmen are wallowing in their torrid connection and its sensuality. Managainst man, muscles taught with tension, passion unrestrained--allcontribute to a near perfect sexual experience. Francesco slides hisengorged cock deep inside Rusty's asshole and fucks him hard. Thehappy duo work nonstop in a steady rhythm, celebrating andexploiting each other with fevered abandon until they finally separateand stroke themselves to climax. Francesco splashes his buddy'schest with streaks of cum, and that's quickly followed by Rusty's own creamy load.

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