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Special Sales Carnal+
March 30, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 2sec

There’s a workshop in a suburb of Paris. Diego’s there wearing a sky-blue boiler suit. He’s sawing wood. Building up a sweat, he unzips the suit, exposing a tanned, smooth body and a tight pair of underpants. He absentmindedly toys with his dick; he’s been horny all afternoon.

His cute, jockish boss, Sunny, dressed in a dark shirt and tie, appears at the workshop. They’re trying to discuss business, but Sunny can’t take his eyes off Diego’s ripped torso. He’s far more interested in that than his reports.

The two men ...[Read more]

The two men are soon kissing uncontrollably. Sunny falls to his knees to suck and slurp on Diego’s huge, upward-curving dick. Diego almost can’t believe it—he always knew his boss was into him, and always dreamed of doing it with him in the workshop. What he didn’t expect was how brilliantly his boss would give head.

Sunny drops his pants and leans expectantly over the workbench. Diego, famished after a long day of work, buries his face in between his boss’s cheeks. With a hungry mouth and tongue, he preps his boss for the bang of his life. Just before he pushes in, he teases Sunny’s hole with a swirl of his rock hard dick.

Diego goes hard and fast, accelerating with every piston of his hips. Sunny’s eyes roll back in his head. He can’t help himself. The young boss starts to jerk his dick and, with little restraint, fires out a huge load of cum while Diego is still rutting him.

Diego pulls out and shoots into his fist. Both men are spent; what a way to spend time on the clock!

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