Mr Kamp and his sons-in-law, and his grandson Jack
November 05, 2020 | Full Length Video : 22min 34sec

You can keep Charlie Brown: This Thanksgiving orgy is the only holiday special I need. Somebody shoved this video in my mailbox with a note that said "turkey basting," and that's the fucking truth.

It starts when young Cole is playing video games with his friends Jack and Marcus, who shock Cole by talking about how much they love fucking their dads. But the more he hears about these boys taking their father's hard dicks, the more turned on he gets. That's all Marcus and Jack need to see: They get Cole undressed and service his huge cock.

Then Cole returns ...[Read more]

Then Cole returns the favor, laying on his back so that he can suck Jack's dick and get fucked by Marcus at the same time. They're moaning with pleasure when Marcus' father, Mr. Knox, catches them in the act! But instead of getting mad, he gets naked and takes a break from making Thanksgiving dinner to suck and kiss the boys, with special attention for his son.

And then comes the part that makes this one of the best videos in my collection. Jack's dad Mr. Figata hears the commotion and decides to join in, too. He fucks his boy and kisses him deeply while Mr. Knox gets fucked by his own son, praising him for the deep pounding. Cole strokes furiously as he watches the action, loving the way these fathers and sons take each other's holes. By the time Marcus shoots a load inside his dad, with all the men cheering him on, nobody cares about the turkey anymore. They're spent and happy and very, very thankful.


Cole has a secret that's been eating him up. Yes, he's gay. Yes, he fantasizes about men... But that's not it! Many boys his age think about getting fucked by other guys. Some look at hunky men, with their muscular and furry bodies and get wildly turned on. He likes other guys his age, but he also is wildly turned on by "daddies," especially those with big dicks. Hung handsome older men are a huge turn on for the boy. And none fascinate him sexually more than the man who raised him. The young man has been thinking about it for years, but he knows there's almost no way to bring it up or see it come true. It wasn't until Mr. Houser caught him jerking off to his dad's socks and underwear that the cat was out of the bag! He trusts and loves his handsome older daddy completely, but was still too scared to take the lead...and to say what he really wants...

Played by Cole Blue
Jack Figata

Played by Jack Andram
Mr Knox

Played by Killian Knox
Marcus Barrett

Marcus moves around quietly and carefully, trying not to disrupt the lives of others or be seen as a burden. Even with his own dad, he’s shy when it comes to making his presence known. For Mr. Barrett, this has never been much of a problem, but it has meant that he and his boy are growing more and more apart as time goes by. Mr. Barrett wants to be a part of Marcus’ life and to know his inner world. He’s just waiting for the moment to come when the two can relate to each other as men. And it looks like that time is fast approaching.

Played by Marcus Rivers
Mr Figata

Mr. Figata is no dummy when it comes to sex. Clearly, as a father himself, he knows it can be a lot of fun. And looking the way he does, it's not like he's only done it once. He's got all the charm and friendliness of your local, neighborhood dad, but under the polo and khakis, he's a total perv. He loves feeling his cock deep inside a warm, tight hole, especially that of a hot young guy. But as much as he wants to indulge in his more base desires, he wants to be a good dad, too. When his boy started coming of age, he found their connection changed. No longer was Jack rushing to him for advice or telling him all about his day. The handsome young man was beginning to discover the world for himself, leaving Mr. Figata feeling a little left out. He wants his boy to know he can go to him for anything. Besides... the boy has a cute little butt that his old man would love to taste.

Played by Matthew Figata
Family Tradition series cover
2. Everybody Does It 20mn
Jack and his dad have gotten real close over the past few months, but it hasn’t always been this way. Like many teenage boys and their parents, there was a natural division between them. Jack was beginning to feel a desire for independence, forcing him to take steps away from the embrace of his old man. No longer was he the little boy who ran into his father’s arms at every opportunity. Matthew Figata knew this was normal and expected, but that didn’t prevent him from trying to fight back the inevitable separation and keep himself close to his son. Long conversations had been lost a long time ago, but the one thing he knew they could enjoy was sitting together and watching movies. Jack often tried to pretend his dad wasn’t there, experiencing the films inside his mind. Occasionally his old man would laugh or say something silly, reminding the young man that he was sitting next to his dad. Most of the time this was just unavoidable awkwardness for him. But things changed one day when a movie presented an unexpected prompt of conversation. It happened pretty suddenly, but the two characters on screen began to take off their clothes, kissing and grabbing at each other in a very passionate and sexual manner. So much so that body parts were being shown and displays of arousal and desire were filling the screen. Jack was no stranger to this, but he’d never sat side by side with his old men when watching it! The tension in the air was thick as neither father or son seemed to want to make eye contact, let alone say a word. Jack could feel the stirring of his loins, bringing on an untimely erection. He felt his face flush, getting embarrassed by what was happening and praying his dad wouldn’t say anything to make it worse. “Oh, I didn’t know it was that kind of movie!” Mr. Figata joked, trying to release them from the unending silence and bring some levity to the moment. It was as bad as Jack imagined. His old man tried to make him feel better by saying that it was okay to look and that people do it all the time. He offers to change the channel, but Jack knows it would just make things even more embarrassing if he took him up on the offer. Mr. Figata, ever the supportive and loving father, did all he could to try and make Jack feel okay with being open with him about things. He asked if he ever watched stuff like this on his own, making Jack practically choke on his affirmative response. The handsome silver daddy moved in closer, sitting next to his son and telling him that it’s okay to watch it. Even to like it. He even admitted to watching it himself. It was then that Jack could tell that he wasn’t the only one hiding a raging erection in his pants. Looking down at his dad’s crotch, he could see the obvious rise in his shorts. Jack couldn’t believe it. He’d never seen his old man hard before. At first he was mortified, embarrassed and uncomfortable by the clear presence of the older man’s tumescence. He didn’t really ever think about him that way, but now it was hard to ignore. The older man looked at his son, studying him and calculating his next move. He could see Jack’s eyes meeting his bulge, prompting him to take a big swing of bravery. He placed a hand on his son’s thigh, feeling his smooth, athletic body beneath his sweatpants. Even through the thick knit fabric, he could tell his son was soft beneath. Jack let out a deep breath. He wasn’t expecting that kind of touch, or any touch for that matter. His initial instinct was to push the hand away, but he found himself liking it more than he would have guessed. Mr. Figata’s touch was firm but gentle, massaging him and making him feel more relaxed. His old man used to give him backrubs when he was younger to calm him before bed, and this reminded him of those times. “Why don’t you take your pants down?” Mr. Figata offered, whispering the words so softly that Jack wasn’t sure if he heard it right. Jack felt himself freeze, unsure of what to do. It seemed wrong, but the tone of his old man’s voice was so loving and supportive, it was hard to say so no. Slipping his thumbs into the waistband of his pants, Jack lifted up his body to slink off his bottoms. In doing so, he revealed a massive round rise in his underwear. His father had never seen his son hard before, and it made his eyes widen with surprise and delight. His baby boy was all grown up, grown out, and looking more like a man with every passing moment. Seeing the panicked curiosity in his son’s eyes, he slowly brought his hand up to the boy’s crotch. It was warm. Well heated up from the pants and the boy’s body. It had a familiar firmness to his own, but was somehow miraculous and beautiful. He was seeing his boy aroused and longing for something… something most fathers would never even think about. Mr. Figata pulled down the boy’s underwear, making eye contact with Jack as he proceeded, waiting for a sign of protest in the boy’s gaze. Jack looked back, breathless and trembling, but never once telling him to stop. Jack wasn’t sure if he should or even could stop it, but there was suddenly a psychic connection between him and the old man that he did not want to break. Jack could feel the older man’s hand grip his member. It was so weird, but it felt so good. No one had ever touched him there before, and the familiar, pleasant feeling of dad’s hand was like seeing an old friend. Mr. Figata’s mouth dropped a little, amazed by how powerful and big his son’s cock was in his hand. He couldn’t have been prouder. A chip off the old block. Holding it in his hand, Mr. Figata felt his mouth begin to water. He knew what he wanted, but was almost too afraid to say it. As he lapped back saliva, he managed to maneuver his tongue to slip out a question. “Wanna see something that feels really good?” Jack breathlessly responded, “...Yeah.” Pausing for a second to consider the moment before him, the point of no return that would come from doing what he was about to do, Mr. Figata took a deep breath before lowering his mouth to his son’s cock. As it met his lips and was swallowed up by his mouth, he inhaled the natural, magical musk of his boy’s pubes. It was like a woody fragrance that could only come from a young man of his own making. It was heaven. Jack’s eyes rolled back into his head. His dad’s tongue seemed to dance over his hard shaft with precision and dexterity he couldn’t have imagined. Not only had he never been touched there before, but he’d never even considered how good an experienced mouth could feel. Jack was so overwhelmed, he felt himself coming close to climax right then and there; the curse of being an inexperienced teen. Sensing Jack’s tensing loins, Mr. Figata pulled back. He took off the remainder of son’s clothes, leaving him completely. He looked very different now than he had in days past, but no less beautiful. He stood him up on his knees and gave him a slow, loving kiss on the mouth. Jack couldn’t believe he was kissing him back, but it felt so good. Mr. Figata felt his cock throb in his pants, knowing that this was a moment not to shy away from his desires. He bent his boy over on all fours, giving himself a view of his tight, furry hole. Jack was nervous, but he was giving in to his old man completely at this moment. He trusted him and wanted to see where he was taking him. His heart raced as he felt the mature man’s fingers begin to graze his hole, feeling its tautness and texture along each digit. Then, Jack felt one of these fingers, wet with saliva, make its way inside him. He let out a deep, guttural gasp. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. The warm, wet spread of his hole and the foreign feeling of the invading finger was like a dream, disconnected from anything else he’d ever known. He’d fantasized over countless nights what it would be like to be fucked, but he never imagined it would start like this… or with his old man. “I want to show you something that’s going to feel really good,” Mr. Figata whispered. The promise was so sweet and loving, Jack felt a rush of excitement take over his body, causing his cock to harden even more. Mr. Figata continued, “It might hurt a little at first, but I promise it will feel very good.” The paternal tone only made Jack trust him even more. He knew he would take care of him. He was his dad, after all. Jack couldn’t speak, but he managed to nod his head, letting his old man know he was okay to proceed. Taking off his pants, Mr. Figata tried to maintain a slow pace, not wanting to scare his son or make him nervous. He gave him another kiss, deeper and longer this time. Mounting up behind Jack, he lowered the waistband of his underwear just enough to pull out his cock. Jack couldn’t see it, but he could feel it when it slapped down on the smooth rounds of his ass. It was hard and firm, but had a silky smoothness that Jack didn’t expect. It felt nice, but larger than he imagined he could take. His knees and hands began to tremble, indicative of his nerves. He kept his ass presented up, giving his dad full access to his backside, holding his breath as he awaited the moment of penetration. Mr. Figata didn’t want to hurt his boy with his thick cock. He held onto him gently, slowly bringing his cock to the mouth of his ass. It was tight, but he didn’t rush. He was rock hard and not likely to lose that arousal any time soon. Little by little, he slid himself deeper between Jack’s hole, feeling it fight him back before gradually relaxing to take him in. He ran his hand over Jack’s back, relaxing him like he knew he could. And then, with a soft, gentle push, he made his way inside Jack’s body. Jack moaned, pleasantly surprised by how little it hurt and how good it actually felt. His old man worked his way deeper into his gut, pressing up against an unfamiliar part of his loins that made him feel like he could cum again just from being fucked. As Mr. Figata pushed deeper, a trickle of pre-cum escaped the tip of his dick, dripping down on the bed. Jack’s dad massaged his cock with his son’s hole, loving how it wrapped around him. It was like he was made for this, fitting perfectly around him. Even as he moved deeper, he seemed to be able to go in as far as he needed without hurting Jack. He even managed to pick up a steady pace that was sure to lead him to climax. The idea alone was enough to make him want to cum. How many men are so lucky to be able to make love to their boys? And how many of them are lucky enough to leave their life-giving seed deep in them as well? Mr. Figarta tried not to rush, but he knew that it was Jack’s first time and he would have to learn stamina. Jack’s face gently contorted as he felt himself getting close, something that triggered his dad to want to cum even quicker. “You feel great,” Mr. Figata stated proudly, making Jack smile. “Dad…” Jack replied, “I think you’re going to make me cum.” The words sent a rush of blood to Mr. Figata’s cock, making him harder than he’d ever been as he began to thrust even harder into his boy’s hole. With that, Jack began to let out loud sounds of pleasure as he quickly took his cock in his hand. With a few quick strokes, Jack let out a burst of cum, tightening his hole around his dad’s cock as jets of liquid escaped his body. The feeling was so intense and beautiful, Mr. Figata felt like his cock was being sucked of its fluids. He felt the irreversible tensing of his loins and the resulting spasm in his nuts as semen flooded Jack’s hole. As much as he wanted to enjoy his climax, he was solely focused on the pleasure he was giving his son.
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