December 02, 2020 | Full Length Video : 56min 2sec

Part of a young man’s necessary development is stepping away from the comforts of home exploring the larger world. For years, a boy is sheltered completely by his parents or other caregivers. And while it is important to feel the safety and protection of a loving family, it’s those first, unguarded steps that he takes that puts him on the path to manhood.

Take Austin, for example: a fine young man with a passion for scouting. Here he is embarking on a new adventure as he takes his pledge into the elite branch of scouting. Boys like him are brought from all over the country to learn the values and skills that will make them men, learning how to stand brave and strong as they shed themselves of the trappings of childhood.

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With the guidance of tall, strapping men like Scoutmaster Dietrich, Austin will be challenged and tested, made to persevere and grow, all the while getting ever closer to the man he will become.

As his prized pin is placed on his lapel, Austin is understandably anxious as he begins his journey. Away from his friends and family, he must place his trust in the hands of his leaders and fellow scouts. He is not yet sure what will be asked of him, but he must believe that the handsome scoutmaster will always have his best interest at heart. After all, he’s there to see Austin experience his emerging manhood firsthand.


Austin has always loved scouting: the chance to be outside, to be around guys his own age, and to learn from more experienced men. He's worked hard at every task given him, showing an eagerness that has not gone unnoticed by his scoutmaster. Austin is a little bit shy, and a sexy little guy with almost no hair on his body, except for what grows on his head! But the little scout can be outgoing and eager to please once he finally opens up. He'd shown a lot of potential as a scout, which had not gone unnoticed by the scout leaders in the Elite Scouts. Along with his scoutmaster, the leaders are looking forward to seeing how well the boy can handle all the new adventures they're going to throw his way. He's grown under the guidance he's received in scouting, and now he's blossoming as he adapts to the demands of the Elite Scouts.

Played by Austin L. Young

A former member of the Elite Scouts himself, Scoutmatser Dietrich is proud and honored to continue the tradition as one of the scout leaders--the older men guiding the young charges. Having experienced the program from the other end, he knows just how to handle potentially nervous new Elite Scouts in a way that makes them feel safe and secure, while also never allowing them to forget that he's in charge, and they need to obey his orders.

Played by Dolf Dietrich
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