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It takes a real act of bravery to try something new. Not all challenges are the same, but for a young man discovering his way in the world, it can be a real leap of faith to place oneself in unfamiliar territory and trust that he can thrive.

For Mark, elite scouting is quite the adventure. Away from his home and the troop he grew up in, he must now see himself as more of an individual, navigating his own journey toward manhood. But before he can claim himself a man grown, he must learn from his leaders and scoutmasters.

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For a young scout like Mark, scoutmasters are models of masculinity and competence. With their age and experience, they have the tools to help a young man develop and grow.

Take Scoutmaster Wolf, for example. He’s a tall, strong, handsome man with a firm grip and a proud smile. A model of what it is to be a man of character. Mark looks up to him and respects him, following his every word and instruction in hopes to be just like him.

And while Mark might be nervous about beginning this journey, he trusts that his scoutmaster will watch him and guide him, pushing him when he must, while nurturing his potential. Scoutmaster Wolf has a good feeling about young Mark and is eager to surprise him with what he’s capable of.


Scoutmaster Wolf has fond memories of scouting, and he takes great pleasure in seeing the faces of the young men he's handling at the ranch as they discover the same joys with him. His ability to help them accomplish what at first seems impossible to their wide eyes is well-known and widely respected within The Order of Elite Scouts both leaders and boys alike. And to be sure, he's proud of his ability to induct these boys into The Order after they have taken the oath and made their pledge.

Played by Legrand Wolf

When Mark first joined the scouts, he was looking for a sense of community and a father figure. He happily found both, and it wasn’t long before his dedication to his tasks attracted the attention of the men in charge of the Elite Scouts, who were impressed with such an eager boy. Now that he’s at the Ranch after years of hearing the stories, he’s just as determined to show these handsome older men that he deserves to be there. He taken the oath and made the pledge to the Elite Scouts that he’ll always serve and obey in a way that proves he deserves to be admired and valued for what he brings to every situation, no matter how big or small—and he couldn’t be happier to prove his devotion to The Order of Elite Scouts over and over again.

Played by Mark Winters
Series: Scout Mark
Scout Mark series cover
2. Outdoor Adventuring 17mn
It’s another exciting day in the wilderness for Mark, an eager scout. He’s studied the manual and learned his necessary survival skills, knots, and plant identifications. Before he can advance to more advanced adventuring, though, he has to prove his knowledge to the scoutmasters--a challenge that calls for practice, patience, and perseverance. As Mark begins working some rope to fashion a suitable line, he finds himself being watched by one of the scoutmasters he’ll have to impress, Scoutmaster Angus. Mark is no stranger to Angus’ presence around the campsite. Angus believes firmly that there’s no substitute for hands-on learning, no matter how much time a scout spends with his manual. Scoutmaster Angus was impressed with how well Mark handled his knots, prompting him to test his knowledge. Mark was a little nervous, but happy to get the encouragement from his leader. As Mark moved through different knots, he felt Angus’ hand move to his shoulder. It was a comforting, paternal gesture that was supposed to make him feel less nervous, but it only made his heart race. He hardly knew what to do with his fingers as his mind focused on Angus’ touch. Mark fumbled up a bit, unable to remember the next steps of his knots. Angus’ hand moved down to his lower back, making Mark let out a deep exhale. The air from his lungs escaped him as Angus’ big hands seemed to navigate his back like he had a compass pointing south. Mark didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t want it to stop. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, becoming very aware that the two of them were alone. Suddenly, Angus’ hand went down to his ass, grabbing at it gently but still kneading the meat of his cheeks. It was more than Mark ever thought would happen in that moment, and it sent a rush of excitement and anxiety through his young body. Mark turned and looked at Angus. The older man looked at him in the eye, unapologetic and firm. He knew the reaction Mark would have and he stood by it. He cracked a devilish smile across his scruffy, salt and pepper face, giving Mark no doubt about the man’s intentions. “Come on,” Angus began. “You know you want it.” “I--I’m not sure what to do.” Mark was shaking, looking at his scoutmaster and hoping not to disappoint him. He knew all about knots and leaves, but he wasn’t an expert on what the older man was looking for. Putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder, Angus looked into the boy’s nervous eyes and replied, “I’ll show you.” Angus leaned in and gave Mark a kiss. His soft, bristly beard brushed up against Mark’s smooth face. The boy savored the feel of totally matured masculinity teasing his lips, making him eager to kiss back. Angus practically sucked the air out of his lungs again with the deep kiss he was given, and Mark held onto him tightly to make sure he wouldn’t fall over. Mark clumsily put a hand on Angus’ crotch, feeling the bulge in his shorts. He didn’t know what else to reach for, thinking primarily of what the man’s cock would taste like. Angus smiled again, pleased with Mark’s receptiveness. He brought the young man back to his ropes, telling him that they needed to make a special hammock. After tying a couple of sheets to some nearby trees, Scoutmaster Agnus had the perfect swing to let Mark lay back and lift up his legs. First, though, he took off the daddy bear’s shorts. Angus held his hands on his hips as he watched Mark reveal his big, throbbing cock. He loved seeing Mark’s eyes go wide. Angus put Mark on his back, resting him on the makeshift hammock they’d fashioned, presenting the boy's hole up to meet his manhood. Mark was nervous, but he wanted it more than anything else at that moment. He could hear the trees rustling around him as if they were whispering “do it,” and he felt compelled to keep going. Angus let a drop of spit fall from his mouth onto the tip of his cock, making it glisten in the sun before he let it kiss the soft, smooth sphincter of Mark’s ass. The delicate hole was tight as a knot, but Angus slowly eased himself between his beautiful cheeks. Mark felt his stomach clench up as he was penetrated, feeling the beefy daddy bear enter him and slide back and forth. It hurt for a moment, as if the insides of his body were fighting back. But after he took a deep breath, his muscles relaxed, making a warm, cozy place for the older man’s thick, bare cock.
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