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January 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 30min 16sec

Michael Flex is fairly new to the scene so when he caught Coach Romano’s eye, he was immediately invited for a private session so the twink’s physical abilities could be further investigated.

Coach Romano ...

Coach Romano prefers to start out with a good stretch and massage so naturally he laid Michael’s lean muscled body out on the couch so the daddy-coach could massage Michael’s out-stretched legs, readying him for the sweaty workout he was about to experience with his new mentor.

Michael was ready for his own warm up, sliding his warm tongue in and out of coach’s hole then warming his coach’s cock with his tight lips until Michael himself was warmed up enough to shove his stiff cock inside his coach’s inviting hole, fucking him hard and shooting a hot load into the furthest crevices inside Coach Romano.


Coach Romano is one of those dudes that you can’t pass in the street without thinking really dirty thoughts. Tanned, muscular, tattooed and hairy, he exudes power and masculinity. As both a sports coach and a physiotherapist, he’s fit, he’s got a well-defined body and he’s great with his hands. In short, Coach Romano has got everything going for him!

Played by Max Romano

Michael has been watching us from afar for a while now. Watching the club members go in and out of the gym, wanting to watch what goes on behind the closed doors. His young slender body with a long cock to match is always ready to take things next-level. Once admitted to the club there’s nothing stopping him from being on top!

Played by Michael Flex
Michael Flex series cover

Michael Flex

Michael Flex: Chapters
3. Top Training 29mn
I can’t get enough of young Michael. He’s the best player I’ve coached in many years and he’s recently become one of my best ever lovers! He’s the full package; he’s got a great body and an amazing dick, he’s constantly horny and to cap it all off, he’s not afraid to experiment. He’s always up for new experiences and the look on his face when he’s cumming is close to addictive. When I started to suspect he’d been with one of the other coaches, I felt a pang of jealousy. This emotion took me by surprise; it instantly made me want to have sex with him on a more regular basis, just so he didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere. This boy is way too special to lose. I invited him back to my office this afternoon after the training session and canceled a dinner which had been in my plans for weeks. I felt a bit—only a bit—guilty about ditching my friend at the last minute, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do! Within seconds, Michael and I were kissing. He was on top of me on the couch, thrusting his big fat dick against my groin. He wrapped his long, snake-like legs around my body and got me all kinds of up for it! I soon had his dick in my mouth. It’s the damned tastiest dick I’ve ever wrapped my lips around and the boy knows exactly how to get it sliding deep down into my throat. He also gives pretty good head himself. If he weren’t such a brilliant top, I’d be up for swapping roles with him. He can be quite domineering when he wants to be. Lemme tell you, when you do a job which involves calling the shots every day of your life, it can be quite hot to be told what to do for a change—especially by someone so young. He likes me to stick my ass out while he gives my hole a good going over with his dirty little tongue. He wants me to be nice and wet so he can slide himself into me with the least resistance. He was so hopped-up to get it on with me this afternoon that he shoved it in without warning. I had to get him to stop for a moment to catch my breath! I squatted over the couch and allowed him to pummel me with the speed and force his body was calling for. I got onto my back and Michael continued thrusting like a jackhammer, plainly desperate to nut in his coach. It’s hard to explain quite how good he feels inside me. He fucks relentlessly and ruthlessly, often simply gritting his teeth, rolling his eyes to heaven and doing whatever he needs to do to gain maximum pleasure for himself. He came deep inside me, squirting a hefty load right into my guts. I think I can still feel it inside me, even now...
4. Extra Innings 33mn
Michael Flex and I have been fooling around for months now and I don’t see any signs of us slowing down. When that little guy’s cock first went inside me at the recreational facility it was one of the raunchiest moments of my life. Nothing can top it, and our private sessions have become habit-forming for me. So when a fresh player joined our team, I noticed Michael’s eyes gravitating towards the new kid during our practices. In the past I may have felt a ping of jealousy, but given that I knew how wild this boy’s instincts can be, I saw this as an opportunity. I invited the new guy, Andrew Powers, and Michael to my house after practice for a “private session” between the three of us. They both agreed without any hesitation, Michael even shot me a look of gratitude already anticipating what was to come. Ah, youth. These two boys were ravenous! As soon as the doors closed behind me and we settled on the couch, they jumped on me. Both of their tongues twisted around with mine and my only thought was that I wish I could bottle that taste and drink it forever. They rushed to undress me, hungry for my ass and cock. They bent me over, spread my ass cheeks and feasted, occasionally breaking away to kiss each other above my hole. They pleasured me from both sides. Andrew got a taste of my hole for the first time, and Michael’s beautiful mouth worked on my aching cock. I realized they were both still dressed, and that wouldn’t do. I bent down between these two beautiful twinks and pulled down their shorts to expose their sweaty jockstraps. Their cock-stuffed jocks were, to me, like art; I could stare at them forever. The spice of their scent was even better! Next thing I know, I’m on all fours, and Andrew is plunging his hard cock inside my hole while my moans are muddled with Michael’s cock fucking my throat. I didn’t know if it could get better than this, until Michael tagged in for Andrew. I could almost feel the ridges on his cockhead as he inserted himself in my hole, his familiar cock activating nerves that no one else could. All I could do was moan in pure ecstasy. Andrew's cock worked like a pacifier while Michael pummeled my rear then turned me on my back and fucked me even harder than before. I was almost paralyzed with pleasure as Michael pulled his cock out and sprayed his seed all over my chest. His load, thick and copious, shot all across my nipples, dripping off the tip. He shoved his cock back inside me for a few last pumps while drinking in the pleasure of his afterglow. At this point anyone could have come in the room and my hole would be ready for them after a fuck like that. Luckily, Andrew was there to prove just how much of a team player he was. He put his cock inside me for the third time that day, and I could tell by the look on his face that this was, much like with Michael and I, becoming an addiction. His moaning grew to violent growls as he got close to his climax. He raised his voice even more as the first spurts burst inside my hole. It was almost unbelievable the amount of cum he shot inside me; I could feel a river of it dripping down my hole as he pulled his cock out. Andrew put himself inside me one last time that day as we started to collapse on each other, swirling all of our tongues together as we lay in the ecstasy of our afterglows, feeling closer than we had ever before. These two athletes blew me away in their first team effort on me—I’d be sure to run more practice drills with them in the future.
5. Freestyle Top 32mn
By this point Michael Flex was no stranger to private lessons with the Coaches. He had shown off his talents for Coaches Romano and Stone so often that he was sure that they both viewed him as the most valuable player on their team—though not necessarily on the field. He was as excited as ever for a one-on-one training session with Coach Romano. The toned, athletic Twink loved the burly Coach’s enthusiasm for his smooth body and big cock—and also the way the older man held him as they kissed and let their hands wander all over one another. Coach Romano slowly undressed the eager boy. Shirt first, with shorts coming off soon after, leaving the young stud in only his purple ball cap and matching socks. His hard cock jutted straight out; the student needed this lesson as much as the Coach. Coach Romano similarly stripped, revealing his fur-covered body and leaving only his snug jockstrap on. He made the boy lay back on the couch. He tasted the youngster's body, licking and kissing his way down to the hard young cock. The older man, well practiced with blowjobs, gobbled down the entirety of Michael’s rigid meat with ease. Coach then got on all-fours and presented his big, meaty, jockstrap-framed ass. Michael spit on his cock and lubed it up before pointing it at the older man’s hungry hole—he had no hesitation at all! Michael popped the head in first, the rest of his cock slowly disappeared deep into Coach Romano’s hole. After taking a steady pounding from the boy, the man turned over to lay on his back. Michael slid back inside missionary-style. Coach stroked his own hard cock to the rhythm of the boy’s fucking. The two grew close as they bred—both in connection and in approach to their orgasms. Coach Romano moaned and groaned in pleasure as he felt the youngster blast inside him—another successful lesson, well taught!
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